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1995 News Releases



Release Date: 6/5/1995
Contact Information: Paula Bruin, U.S. EPA, (415) 744-1588

  (San Francisco)--The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(U.S. EPA) today announced that work will begin onsite to
complete the design of the cleanup for the Waste Disposal Inc.
(WDI) Superfund site, Santa Fe Springs, Calif.  The work will be
performed by eight companies who U.S. EPA believes are
responsible for the site contamination.  The eight companies are
Chevron Corp., Dia-Log Co., Dresser Industries, FMC Corp., Mobil
Oil Co., Santa Fe Energy Resources Inc., Texaco Oil Co., and

     The field work includes collecting additional information on
site conditions so that the final construction plans can be made
for the site cleanup.  While the field work is being performed,
pick-up trucks, drilling equipment and sampling personnel will be
present on the site.  The surrounding community should not
experience any inconveniences due to the sampling activities.

     Public input also will be solicited to determine the final
cleanup design and ultimate use of the property.

     The cleanup plan calls for excavating contaminated soil at
some underdeveloped areas of the site and consolidating the soil
in an area that includes a 42-million gallon concrete-lined
container previously used for industrial waste disposal.  The
area will also be capped and landfill gases will be vented and
treated, if necessary.

     The 43-acre WDI site is a former landfill that accepted
waste from oil well drilling, oil refining and other industrial
operations from the late 1920s until 1964.  The site includes the
concrete-lined container and several unlined pits where waste was
also dumped.  The soil is contaminated with arsenic,
polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs), lead, pesticides, benzo-(a)-
pyrene and benzene.

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