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1995 News Releases



Release Date: 2/1/1995
Contact Information: Ann Hardison, (202) 395-7600

(Washington, D.C.)--Through a unique public-private
partnership, thousands of U.S. students are forming an
international network using state-of-the-art technology to take
environmental measurements and share their observations with
other students and scientists around the world.

      The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the
Environment Program (GLOBE) -- funded and administered jointly by
six federal agencies -- announced today the selection of over
1,500 U.S. elementary and secondary schools that will initiate
the hands-on, school-based science education program.

     GLOBE students will contribute to a better understanding of
the planet by making regular environmental observations at
thousands of locations around the world and sharing their
information via the Internet. Attached is a list of the schools
in your area selected to participate in GLOBE this year.  A list
of the U.S. schools selected is also available on the World Wide
Web at

     "GLOBE builds excitement about science and math among our
young people and helps all of us to better understand our global
environment," Vice President Al Gore said.  The Vice President
announced the GLOBE program during the 1994 Earth Day
celebration. "The thousands of letters we have received from
students and teachers about GLOBE are strong indications of the
need and desire for hands-on science education programs in our

     GLOBE funding and program administration is jointly provided
by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National
Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the
State Department, and the U.S. Department of Education. In
response to growing private sector expressions of support, GLOBE
is seeking proposals from non-profit environmental education
entities to raise private funds to support the GLOBE program in
future years.

     At their schools, students will routinely take measurements
of selected features of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and
biosphere. Using IBM-compatible or Apple Macintosh computers,
students will send their data on the Internet to a GLOBE
processing facility in Boulder, Colorado and receive back
environmental images vividly depicting their observations and
that of all other GLOBE schools around the world. GLOBE
educational materials will guide students in understanding their

   "GLOBE is a superb infrastructure on which to link existing
environmental education projects, and with which to create
science education methods that bring students enthusiastically
into the 21st century," stated President of the National Science
Teachers Association Marvin Druger. "GLOBE will let kids get
their hands into real world science, exploring the way their
earth's systems work GLOBE is an excellent vehicle to put the new
National Science Education Standards into practice."

      All GLOBE schools will receive teacher training,
educational materials, and state-of-the-art graphic images of
GLOBE data. About 800 of the schools registering to participate
in GLOBE did not seek any additional Federal assistance. The
remainder of the U.S. schools participating this year
successfully competed for Federal assistance in the form of
computers, Internet access, teacher training travel costs, and
scientific instruments. Assistance was awarded on a competitive
basis based on school need and commitment to the goals of GLOBE.

     A distinguished group of international scientists selected
the set of GLOBE measurements based on the contributions the
student data will make to improving the scientific understanding
of the planet. Four Nobel Prize-winning scientists have issued a
joint statement of support for the objectives of the GLOBE

     Training for teachers in measurement procedures, data
reporting, and the use of GLOBE graphical images as instructional
materials will begin this March. Students will begin officially
reporting their GLOBE data on April 22, 1995, in recognition of
the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day.

     Over 100 countries have expressed interest in having
students participate in GLOBE. The United Nations General
Assembly adopted a resolution supporting GLOBE. Last December,
Russia became the first formal GLOBE international partner.
International GLOBE participants are responsible for acquiring
the resources necessary to equip their schools and conduct the
activities of the GLOBE program.

     Schools selected in Southern California are:

                  School            City            Principal

Baldwin Stocker School             Arcadia          Nancy Hogg
Dana Middle School                 Arcadia          Joseph A. Fox
Round Valley Joint ESD             Bishop           Linda Keating
Gateway Community School           Camarillo        Phillip Gore      
Chula Vista Junior High            Chula Vista      Larry Perondi    
Clear View Elementary              Chula Vista      Ginger Hovenic
Mary Buren Elementary              Guadaline        Jose Nichols
Hesperia Jr. High School           Hesperia         Ralph Dudley
Joshua Circle School               Hesperia         Mark McKinney
Lime Street Elementary             Hesperia         Gil Gebo
Imperial Beach Elementary          Imperial Beach   Ronald Bechtel
Mar Vista High School              Imperial Beach   Gloria Samson
Owens Valley High School           Independence     Joel Hampton
La Puente High School              La Puente        Phyllis Wiersma
F. D. Roosevelt School             Lawndale         Dorinda Dee
Rossmoor Elementary School         Los Alamitos     Laurel Telfer

K.E.E.P. Ocean Outdoor School      Los Osos         Rick Hewett
Lost Hills Elementary              Lost Hills       David W. Day  
A.F.U.E.L. Acad. at Lynwood HS     Lynwood          Shirley Lidell
Harvard-Westlake School            No. Hollywood    Thomas Hudnut  
Mountain Shadows Middle School     Nuevo            Vincent Ponce
Olancha Elementary School          Olancha          Diana Jones
Creek View School                  Ontario          Rand Shumway
Grace Yokley Middle School         Ontario          Bruce Perry
Mountain View School               Ontario          Terry Weatherby
The Ontario Center School          Ontario          Gary Temkin
Charles Blackstock School          Oxnard           Robin Freeman    
E.O. Green                         Oxnard           Deloris Carn
Garden Road Elementary             Poway            Kathy Cleveland
Midland Elementary                 Poway            Abby Gray
Edward M. Fitzgerald Elementary    Rialto           Robbin Valles
Helen Dollahan Elementary          Rialto           Jerry Rucker

Kolb Middle School                 Rialto           Tom Cultile
Kucera Middle School               Rialto           Mitch Hovey
Palos Verdes Peninsula H.S.        Roll. Hills Est. Kelly Johnson
Emory Elementary                   San Diego        Helen Steel
Park Village Elementary School     San Diego        Jack Troxell
Lillian Larsen Elementary          San Miguel       Robert McLaughlin
Crossroads School                  Santa Monica     Ann Colburn
Harbor Math/Science Gifted Magnet  San Pedro        C. Hoyard-Walker
Sea View/West Shores High School   Salton           Joe Ladd
South Pasadena High School         South Pasadena   Ben Ramirez
South Pasadena Middle School       South Pasadena   Marsha Aquirre
Katherine Edwards Int. School      Whittier         Monica Sena
Orange Grove Elementary            Whittier         Jeanette Kelly