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1995 News Releases



Release Date: 8/4/1995
Contact Information: Lois Grunwald, (415) 744-1588

Where:     Casmalia Resources Inc., Santa Maria

What:      U.S. EPA is removing about 260,000 gallons of
         landfill leachate from Casmalia Resources Hazardous    
         Waste Management Facility and shipping it to a facility
         in New Jersey for treatment. Interested media will be  
         able to watch U.S. EPA transfer the liquid from vacuum  
         tanker trucks into rail cars. The entire operation will
         take between 10 and 12 days.

When:      Preparation for the transfer will begin on August 8.
         There will be good visuals of trucks loading and
         unloading the groundwater on Wednesday, August 9, and
         Thursday, August 10.

Cost:      The entire operation will cost about $500,000. Other
         actions:  There will be monitoring for air emissions, and
         precautions taken for worker safety.

Contact:   For more questions, or to set up a time to
         film the operation, call Lois Grunwald at (415) 744-