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12/05/2008EPA enforcement actions in Arizona reduce nearly 18 million pounds of pollution / Agency announces environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2008
12/05/2008EPA Receives Highest Management Honor for Second Year in Row
12/05/2008By the Numbers: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Releases 2008 Environmental Enforcement Report/ Violators to invest nearly $2 billion for pollution control and cleanup
12/05/2008EPA and Maine Take Action to Reduce Stormwater Pollution in South Portland Ecosystem
12/04/2008EPA announces Pacific environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2008 / Hazardous waste cases highlight year in CNMI, Guam and American Samoa
12/04/2008EPA announces Hawaii environmental enforcement accomplishments for 2008 / Water pollution, pesticide cases and investigation into illegal dumping highlight year
12/04/2008Utah gold and silver refinery sentenced for Clean Water Act violation
12/04/2008EPA 2008 enforcement efforts drive big pollution reductions in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska
12/04/2008Hecla Mining Company agrees to pay $85,000 for federal Clean Water Act and hazardous waste violations
12/04/2008Bellingham Schools Clear the Air for Student Health
12/04/2008U.S. EPA proposes to renew San Diego wastewater permit variance for the Point Loma treatment plant
12/04/2008EPA takes action against Nevada Onion for failing to protect workers from pesticide exposure / Nevada Onion to pay more than $50,000 for 64 counts
12/04/2008Katy ISD Assistant Director Receives Honor from EPA
12/04/2008San Antonio Educator Receives Honor from EPA
12/04/2008EPA Honors North East Independent School District for Exceptional Commitment to Indoor Air Quality
12/04/2008In it for the Long Haul: Helping Large Trucks and Buses Maintain Clean Air Benefits
12/04/2008U.S. EPA awards $1 million to reduce pesticide risk, promote natural pest solutions/ California grants will promote effective and environmentally sensitive approaches to pest management
12/04/2008School Districts Get Top Grades for Indoor Air in Classrooms
12/04/2008New Partnership Grants Demonstrate Integrated Pest Management
12/04/2008EPA enforcement in Texas continues to cut pollution
12/04/2008EPA enforcement in Oklahoma continues to cut pollution
12/04/2008EPA enforcement in New Mexico continues to cut pollution
12/04/2008EPA enforcement in Louisiana continues to cut pollution
12/04/2008EPA enforcement in Arkansas continues to cut pollution
12/04/2008Environmental Policing Nets Gains for West Virginia Worth $1.9 Billion
12/04/2008Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Virginia Worth $1.9 Billion
12/04/2008Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Pennsylvania Worth $1.4 Billion
12/04/2008Environmental Policing Nets Gains for Maryland Worth $10 Million
12/04/2008Environmental policing nets gains for Delaware worth nearly $1 million
12/04/2008Record Pollutant Reductions From Environmental Enforcement in 2008
12/04/2008Record Pollution Reduction Reached in the Southeast Due to Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Efforts
12/04/2008EPA Cites National Lime and Stone for clean-air violations
12/04/2008North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. Awarded Nearly $900,000 for Research
12/03/2008Wetlands and Stream Project Grants Available
12/03/2008Agencies Revise Guidance to Protect Wetlands and Streams
12/03/2008Wissahickon Charter School Unveils EPA Funded Biodiesel Project
12/03/2008$1.75 Million Grant To Strengthen Tribal Partnerships
12/03/2008$490 Million Pledged in the Fight to Protect the Ozone Layer
12/02/2008Florida Utility Recognized for Outstanding Water Quality Achievement
12/02/2008EPA Grant to Spur Restoration Efforts in New York’s Saw Mill River Watershed
12/02/2008Comment Period Extended for Omaha Lead Superfund Site Plan
12/02/2008EPA - WDNR Meeting on cleanup options for Ashland, Wis., Superfund site, Dec. 10, 6:30 p.m.
12/01/2008PVC Manufacturers Agree to Reduce Air Pollutants and Strengthen Control of Hazardous Wastes
12/01/2008U.S. EPA inspections result in notice of violation to Naval Base Guam / Navy cited for lack of stormwater controls, permit violations, unpermitted discharges
12/01/2008EPA Administrator Works to Advance Environmental Partnerships with China
12/01/2008U.S. Stimulates Global Market for Methane Recovery and Use as Fuel
- The Way to Go Clean, Green and Fight Climate Change
11/28/2008Portuguese Shipping Company and Two Employees Found Guilty of Enviromental Crimes
11/26/2008Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Receives $200,000 EPA Grant to Enhance Cleanup Program
11/26/2008Celebrate the Environment: Go Green This Holiday Season without Going in the Red
11/25/2008$1.17M in Wetland Program Development Grants Awarded
11/25/2008Good Reason for Thanks: EPA Grants Help New England
11/25/2008Follansbee, W.Va., Company Joins EPA Voluntary Program to Reduce Chemicals
11/25/2008Green Savings Start at Home by Going Blue
11/25/2008AstraZeneca earns top billing for green buildings
11/25/2008Formaldehyde Emissions from Pressed-Wood Products to be Investigated
11/25/2008Industry in the Southeast Steps Up Recycling and Reducing Waste
11/24/2008Blog Question of the Week: How did you minimize environmental impacts while making holiday travel plans?
11/24/2008U.S. EPA Highlights Ways Everyone Can “Go Green” during the Holidays / Easy and effective ways to reduce and reuse
11/24/2008EPA sponsors climate change symposium for tribes
11/24/2008Celebrating the Environment: Trading up your Sleigh this Holiday Season?
11/21/2008EPA awards $271,278 in grants to 11 Midwest environmental education projects
11/21/2008EPA Outlines Plans to Set Pollution Caps for the Chesapeake Bay
11/21/2008Nation's First WaterSense Labeled Home Unveiled in Chapel Hill
11/20/2008Celebrate the Environment: Look for the Energy Star, the Gift that Keeps on Giving
11/20/2008Agreement to Help Improve Water Quality
11/20/2008EPA Seeks Public Comment on Proposal to Add Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste to Universal Waste Rule
11/20/2008Settlement Locks In Funding for Clean-up of Beede Site in Plaistow, N.H.
11/20/2008Roxbury Group Measures Up on Smart Growth
11/20/2008EPA to Continue Soil Removal in Peterborough, N.H.
11/20/2008Proposed Settlement Would Recover $2.7+ Million in Cleanup Costs from Berkshire Gas
11/20/2008U.S. EPA takes action against catalytic coating manufacturer for not providing toxic chemical information needed by first responders, community / Catalytic Solutions, Inc., fined nearly $17,000
11/20/2008Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Rule Gains New Amendments
11/20/2008Two Mass. Developers and Excavating Company Pay Fine for Clean Water Violations
11/20/2008Student Brain Power Wins EPA Grant for MIT Design of Alternative Energy Systems
11/19/2008Proposed Guidelines to Control Pollution from Construction Sites
11/19/2008UCSF, UC Irvine honored for outreach on environmental hazards associated with wildfires, affects on children /
U.S. EPA honors two California universities as Champions of Children’s Health
11/19/2008U.S. EPA honors Postal Service for pledging to remove nearly 8,000 pounds of lead from its vehicle fleet /
First USPS region in nation to voluntarily replace lead wheel weights from its flee
11/19/2008U.S. EPA presents prestigious national water award to Bay Area city / City of Santa Rosa places second in nation in large wastewater pretreatment category
11/19/2008Collection of Soil and Water Samples Underway in Camden County, Mo.
11/19/2008EPA awards Smart Growth Achievement to Bay Area senior housing development / Mercy Housing and San Francisco Housing Authority recognized for Mission Creek Senior project
11/19/2008Atlanta Grows Smarter
11/19/2008State, Local Governments Get More Say in Federal Environmental Decision-Making
11/19/2008EPA Asks Community for Input on Passaic River Cleanup Proposal
11/19/2008Communities Measure Up on Smart Growth
11/19/2008Vermont Hotel Project Awarded Grant to Reduce Waste
11/19/2008Seeking Good Ideas: Environmental Education Grants Available
11/18/2008DOJ, EPA sign stipulated orders to improve water quality and control pollution in CNMI / Action follows Commonwealth Utilities Corp. violations for wastewater and drinking water systems, and for oil spills and oil spill prevention
11/18/2008New Rule Will Improve Environmental Performance of Academic Labs
11/18/2008Changing the Climate: Looking Toward a More Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Future
11/18/2008California Companies Correct Environmental Violations, U.S. EPA Forgives Fines/ Nearly $2 Million in penalties reduced for 15 California-based companies who self-reported violations
11/18/2008 Arizona Companies Correct Environmental Violations, EPA Forgives Fines / Businesses avoid $66,000 in penalties by self-reporting environmental violations
11/18/2008Report Lists Environmental Progress
11/18/2008Sierra Club Recognizes EPA Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg For Outstanding Environmental Leadership
11/18/2008Celebrate the Environment:
Remember Mother Earth this Holiday Season
11/17/2008Blog Question of the Week: How are you going green for the holidays?
11/17/2008U.S. EPA leads efforts to protect Guam water supplies from leaking underground tanks / Inspections educate tank operators, protect water supplies
11/17/2008Progress Continues in Cleaning Up Hazardous Waste Sites
11/17/2008Webcasts Planned for CAFO Rule
11/17/2008International Partnership Opens Doors to Methane Reductions in India
11/17/2008Renewable Fuel Standard Increased for 2009

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