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1999 News Releases



Release Date: 12/23/1999
Contact Information: Alice Kaufman, EPA Community Affairs Office, (617) 918-1064 Sarah White, EPA Community Relations Officer, (617) 918-1026 David Newton, EPA Remedial Project Manager, (617) 918-1243

Boston - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announced an $18 million, two-year cleanup solution for the Rose Hill Regional Landfill Superfund Site in South Kingstown, Rhode Island today. EPA's decision is a phased cleanup approach. Actions under this decision include controlling the sources of environmental contamination caused by the Site. Management of the migration of contaminants to surface- and ground water will be addressed under a future decision document.

Included in the Record of Decision are the following activities:

    • Excavate and consolidate the Bulky Waste materials onto the Solid Waste Area landfill;
    • Collect and effectively manage leachate and waters collected from the runoff and de-watering operations during the excavation of the Bulky Waste Area;
    • Construct a multi-layer hazardous waste cap using innovative and cost efficient cover materials over the extent of the Solid Waste Area landfill and consolidated Bulky Waste Area materials;
    • Inspect and monitor the integrity and performance of the landfill cap throughout the life of the remedy, provide long-term monitoring of surface water, groundwater, air and leachate emergence, and collect data to assess the need for taking further response actions;
    • Assess, control, collect and treat landfill gas emissions by an active internal and perimeter gas collection system and thermal treatment of gasses through the use of an enclosed flare and continue monitoring land gas concentrations to assess the need to modify the landfill gas collection treatment system as necessary;
    • Install a chain link fence or other physical barrier to prevent access to portions of the Site; and
    • Control future use of the Site with deed restrictions for land and groundwater use.
"The citizens of South Kingstown and Narragansett have given us valuable input into the cleanup alternatives for the Rose Hill Site," said Patricia Meaney, Director of the Office of Site Remediation and Restoration. "This is their community and we believe that in addition to meeting EPA's objectives of protecting the public health and environment, this decision and phased cleanup approach will also meet State and local expectations for the overall cleanup and expected improvement to affected natural resources."

"The Department of Environmental Management looks forward to a continued cooperative effort with the EPA and the Towns of South Kingstown and Narragansett to ensure that the remedial process continues to move forward," said DEM Director Jan. H. Reitsma. "We are confident that the chosen remedial alternative, in conjunction with the phased approach, can meet the environmental cleanup goals for the site and the Saugatucket River, and allow the cleanup to be done in the most efficient and timely manner possible."

At an informational meeting held last February, representatives from the EPA proposed eight cleanup alternatives for the Rose Hill Site. Community members had an opportunity to give input on the remedy selection during the public hearing and extended public comment period that followed the remedy proposal. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management also made several recommendations on the proposal. EPA incorporated many of RIDEM's recommendations and carefully considered all public comments in making the final remedy selection.

The Rose Hill Superfund Site was listed on EPA's Superfund National Priorities list in 1989. The Site served as a municipal landfill from 1967 to1983. Investigations revealed elevated levels of Volatile Organic Compound's (VOC's) and other contaminants in the landfill's soil, groundwater, surface water and gas.

Citizens are invited to view the Record of Decision which is available in the Rose Hill Site Repository at the Peacedale Public Library in South Kingstown, RI.