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EPA Postpones Public Hearing on the Marjol Battery Site

Release Date: 11/17/1999
Contact Information: Joan Schafer (215) 814-5143

Joan Schafer (215) 814-5143

THROOP, Pa - The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced that the public hearing to discuss the proposed remedy for the Marjol Battery Site scheduled for November 22 has been postponed until January.

The postponement was made so that the meeting would be closer to the end of the public comment period, which has been extended 45 days to run through Jan. 15. EPA received a request from Gould Electronics, Inc., the owners of the land where the site is located, to extend the public comment period beyond the Dec. 1 deadline. Although EPA will usually grant a 30-day extension, the extension was increased to 45 days because of the holiday season and because EPA wants to obtain maximum public participation.

EPA is coordinating with the Throop Borough council to schedule a new date for the public hearing.

Comments will be recorded at the public hearing and considered as part of the public record. Comments may also be submitted in writing and sent to: U.S. EPA Region III. Sibyl Hinnant, 1650 Arch Street, Phila., Pa. 19103, 3WC22 or via the Internet at:

EPA has worked with Gould Electronics since 1988 to conduct investigations and cleanups at the site and nearby residential properties that were once contaminated with lead. The lead contamination was the result of battery recycling operations conducted by the now defunct Marjol Battery and Equipment Co., which operated at the site for 18 years between 1963 and 1981.