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The Tribal Consultation Opportunities Tracking System (TCOTS) publicizes upcoming and current EPA consultation opportunities for tribal governments. TCOTS allows users to view and sort information, and to submit comments on a tribal consultation. TCOTS is a key feature of EPA's new Consultation and Coordination Policy with Indian Tribes (PDF) (10 pp, 213K) that was released by Administrator Jackson on May 4, 2011. The goal of TCOTS is to provide early notification and transparency on EPA consultations with tribal governments.

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TopicCan be sorted ascending or descendingContact Can be sorted ascending or descendingScope Can be sorted ascending or descendingStart Can be sorted ascending or descendingNotificationDocumentationComments
Show details for OAROAR
Hide details for OLEMOLEM
CERCLA Section 108(b) Proposed Rule for Hardrock MiningLinda Barr
Jessica Snyder
Consultation Letter and Plan - OutreachNotification Letter and outreach material (PDF)
(4 pp, 784 K)
CERCLA 108b Webinar Powerpoint PresenationPPT for Webinar on HardRock Mining (32 pp, 122 K)
UPDATED date and resources for Consultation on RCRA Public Participation ManualKathy Rafferty
Toshia King
UPDATED Tribal Consultation and Coordination Process and TimelineNew Timeline (PDF)
(2 pp, 77 K)
RCRA Public Participation Manual consultation versionRCRA PPM (190 pp, 2 Mb)
Public Participation Manual Advantages of Public InvolvementPPM Public Involvement (4 pp, 101 K)
Notice of Consultation and Coordination with Timeline and Process June2016Notice of Consultation June 2016 (4 pp, 770 K)
Powerpoint for tribal webinar on RCRA PPMPowerpoint (14 pp, 578 K)
Show details for ORDORD
Show details for OWOW
Show details for Region 1Region 1
Show details for Region 2Region 2
Show details for Region 4Region 4
Show details for Region 5Region 5
Show details for Region 9Region 9
Show details for Region 10Region 10

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