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00199102-8MNEIWPCC FY02 Consolidated Grant$3,112,020Janet BartlettJean Crocker
00199103-5MFY'03 Consolidated Water Grant$1,443,545Janet BartlettJean Crocker
00199104-8MConsolidated Water Program Support$1,777,119Janet BartlettJean Crocker
00199105-5MEnvironmental Protection Consolidated grants Program Support$1,698,613Janet BartlettJean Crocker
00199106-4OCFiscal Year 2006 consolidated program grant.$1,522,511Monique LloydJean Crocker
00199107-2IFY07 Section 106 of the CWA Grant$1,305,200Monique LloydSandra Brownell
00199108-1IFY07 Section 106 of the CWA Grant$1,231,900Monique LloydSandra Brownell
00199109-2IFY09 Section 106 of the CWA Grant$1,100,100Monique LloydSandra Brownell
00199110-3IFY10 Section 106 of the CWA Grant$1,411,200Monique LloydSandra Brownell
00199111-3ISection 106 of the CWA Grant$1,371,500Monique LloydSandra Brownell
00199112-3ICWA Section 106 Grant - Program Support$1,384,700Brian TocciSandra Brownell
00199113-1ICWA Section 106 Grant - Program Support$1,323,000Brian TocciSandra Brownell
00199114-2IClean Water Act Section 106$1,308,000Brian TocciSandra Brownell
00227415-1TNew York State Operator Training and Technical Assistance$75,950Frank BaroneRay Kvalheim
83038001-6TFederal and State Implementation for LUST Program$3,018,543Jennifer BogusLynn Depont
83158201-7RMDesigning and Implementing a Program to Evaluate New England's Lakes and Ponds$800,000Alison HanlonWalt Galloway
83203001-3X7Demonstration Project to Calibrate A Watershed Model for New England and New York$175,000Jennifer BogusStuart Lehman
83236501-0CRNitrogen Attenuation Research in the Connecticut River Watershed$100,000Robert DenegalJim Latimer
83263001-0USUpdate of MtBE Survey--State Experiences$41,462Robert DenegalHal White
83314501-0USFederal and State Implementatioin for Underground Storage Tank Program$500,000Jennifer BogusLynn DePont
83344101-1AWNutrient Removal Mechanisms and Efficiencies of Constructed Gravel Wetlands in Treating Stormwater$100,000Matthew BellBryan Rittenhouse
83384301-7USImplementation Support for the LUST Cleanup Program$1,736,250Jacob BurneyErin Knighton
83384401-3USImplementation Support for the Compliance/Prevention UST Program$1,961,948Jacob BurneyErin Knighton
83384401-4USImplementation Support for the Compliance/Prevention UST Program$1,961,948Jacob BurneyErin Knighton
83418301-1WDNortheast Regional Floristic Quality Index$75,000Jacob BurneyChris Faulkner
83555901-1USImplementation of State/Tribal Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program$370,500Jacob BurneyErin Knighton
83556001-1USCompliance/Prevention of Underground Tank Storage$518,500Jacob BurneyErin Knighton
96127601-2TYouth in the Environment Grant$43,000Brian TocciMark Spinale
96133701-1LCLake Champlain Basin Program 2011$4,822,014Brian TocciJeanne Voorhees
96136501-0X7NEPA - Climate Change and Energy Policies$15,000Monique LloydRegina Lyons
96144501-2LINEIWPCC LISS Enhancements FY2011$959,263Brian TocciLeah ONeill
96147501-0X6Drinking Water$60,207Monique LloydSandra Brownell
96155601-4CDNew England Bio Assessment of Wetlands Workgroup$118,090Brian TocciBeth Alafat
96157401-2TCWA 104g Grant - Operator Training and Technical Assistance$80,370Brian TocciMark Spinale
96159701-2LILong Island Sound Study$959,933Brian TocciLeah ONeill
96162901-1LCLake Champlain Basin Prog CWA Sect 120$1,649,750Brian TocciJeanne Voorhees
96172201-2CENarragansett Bay Estuary Program$512,000Brian TocciCaitlyn Whittle
96180901-1CDRegional Floristic Quality Assessment Phase 1$142,042Brian TocciErica Sachs
97105501-3X7Lake Champlain Basin Program$3,552,460Monique LloydErik Beck
97117601-3TWastewater Operator Training$46,000Janet BartlettDavid Chin
97130601-3LILong Island Sound Program$404,950Monique LloydLeah ONeill
97143601-7LCLake Champlain Basin Program$963,330Monique LloydJeanne Voorhees
97161501-1X7Wetlands Programs$85,000Janet BartlettJeanne Voorhees
97167101-4X6Drinking Water$231,331Monique LloydSandra Brownell
97176401-1X7Wetlands Bioassessment and Monitoring$98,200Monique LloydKate Renahan
97187301-2X7Lake Champlain Basin Program$2,627,927Monique LloydJeanne Voorhees
97188101-4LILong Island Sound Enhancement Support$816,542Monique LloydLeah ONeill
97188201-4LILong Island Sound Technical Assistance$1,621,479Monique LloydLeah ONeill
97195801-0CDWetlands$17,950Janet BartlettJeanne Voorhees
97226109-3CDLI Tidal Wetlands Trends Analysis$350,974Michele JunkerKathleen Drake
97230300-3CEFFY 2011 Peconic EstuaryProgram - State Support$310,000Michele JunkerSheri Jewhurst
97230301-2CENEIWPCC Peconic Estuary Program$900,954Michele JunkerSheri Jewhurst
97280500-4CPWater Quality Assessment and Management in NY/NJ Harbor$414,126Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
97280800-2X7Nutrient Criteria for Non-Wadeable Streams & Rivers$74,958Maria FloresIzabela Wojtenko
98158301-5CENarragansett Bay Estuary Program$478,036Janet BartlettMargherita Pryor
98160801-4XDevelopment of a Connecticut River Nitrogen Reduction Strategy$959,825Janet BartlettJohanna Hunter
98170701-3X6Safe Drinking Water Act Training Grant$225,000Diane CulhaneChris Ryan
98173701-5TOperator Training Grants for Wastewater Security$291,000Janet BartlettDavid Chin
98177701-2EATribal and State Wetlands Inspector Training$147,600Janet BartlettMary Dever
98182901-8X7Multiple - 104(b) of the CWA$315,059Janet BartlettJean Crocker
98198801-4LILong Island Sound Technical Assistance$1,323,856Monique LloydLeah ONeill
98272000-6CENY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program$1,178,118Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
98272001-3CEHarbor Estuary Program Partnership$591,750Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
98272003-3CENew York / New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program$2,035,800Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
98272004-0CENew York / New Jersey Estuary Program - HEP Partnership$597,200Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
98297403-4INYSDEC CWA 106 Program Support$6,174,101John OwenMartha Isaac
98297408-AIFY08/09/10/11 CWA 106 Support&NEIWPCC Special Projects$4,898,455Maria FloresMartha Isaac
98297411-6INEIWPCC CWA 106 Program FY11-16$5,490,919Maria FloresMartha Isaac
98299200-2XRandomized-Design - Assessment of Wadeable Streams$985,513Michele JunkerDarvene Adams
99166901-ACPWater Quality Projects$1,526,196Janet BartlettJean Crocker
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