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83254501-1X4Manual and Workshop on Cleaner Production for Central America Leather Processing Industries$25,000Kelley BoatwrightPam Teel
83499401-0XACapacity Bldg Energy Prodctn-Landfills-Philippines$105,000Nicole RobertsChris Godlove
83449001-1XAHandbk/Tng & Capcity Bldg-LFG Utiliztn-Poland$170,000Stephanie SaelzlerThomas Frankiewicz
83450801-0XAStudy:Anaerobic Digestn Tech Implemntatn-Ukraine$30,000Stephanie SaelzlerChristopher Voell
83176901-1XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Pilot Project$150,000Michael LitwackBrenda Doroski
82860301-4RViral Analysis of Shallow African Groundwaters$120,285Jill ClarkShay Fout
83372701-1XAMethane Capture & Use - Colombia$102,450Kelley BoatwrightVictoria Ludwig
83539601-0XAKnowledge and Information Base to support Methane Recovery and Utilization$75,000Ben VauterThomas Frankiewicz
83439401-0X4Environmntl Complance Assurance Systems$20,000Stephanie SaelzlerDavis Jones
83397301-2XAMethane Capture Agricltral Wastes-Korea$98,500Stephanie SaelzlerKurt Roos
83611401-0XALandfill Gas Recovery & Use thruout SE Europe$100,000Kristen ArelThomas Frankiewicz
83406301-5CRPUBLIC HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT (PHE)$1,595,000Kristen ArelAbdel Kadry
83442901-2XACMM Recovery & Utilization Initiative-Guizhou China$210,730Nicole RobertsFelicia Ruiz
83395701-1XACharactrstcs-Ventilatn Air Methane Emissions$250,000Alison HanlonJayne Somers
00J32301-0X7Salish Sea Research$60,250Kathy Tsing-ChoyLisa Chang
83397101-6XAAdvance Methane Recvry & Use-Oil & Gas Indstry$299,468Kristen ArelCarey Bylin
83061701-3X4Children's Environmental Health and Environmental Policy and Firm Level Management Project$354,493Stephanie SaelzlerSylvia Correa
83446001-0XAIRRI-Advnce Methane Recovery & Use as Clean Air$99,866Melissa RangasammyKurt Roos
83505401-1XAVentilation Air Methane (VAM) at Russian Coal Mines$349,083Ben VauterFelicia Ruiz
83227901-1XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Pilot Project$61,965Stephanie SaelzlerJohn Mitchell
83446801-3X4Sino-US Coopratn on Environmental Protectn$340,000Ben VauterJoshua Novikoff
83126401-2X5Environmental Policy: Decoupling and Technology Change$75,000Stephanie SaelzlerKevin DeBell
83142001-3X4Improving Environmental Management Under the Nonproliferation Program in the New Independent States$2,270,000David AckTroy Rutkofske
83538001-0XACoal Mine Methane (CMM) Recovery$200,000Kristen ArelFelicia Ruiz
83450101-0XAAnalyz Obstacls-Xstng Biogas Projects-China$31,000Alison HanlonKurt Roos
83457301-0X3Envirnmntl Mangmnt-Newly Indepndnt States$305,849Ben VauterTroy Rutkofske
83416701-8X4Promtng Envirnmntally Soung Mgmt Worldwide$1,245,000Kristen ArelYuolanda Tibbs
83246101-8X4Support for Environmental Protection Activities in India$1,024,789Ben VauterPam Teel
83089401-9X4Promote Environmental Sound Management Worldwide$1,200,000David AckGilbert Castellanos
83604601-0XAMethane Atlas Energy Gen. in Brazilian Landfills$160,000Matthew BellChris Godlove
82871901-AXOECD Chemical Control Program$921,300Robert DenegalDenise Adams
83505601-2XAMethane Recovery Potential-Solid Waste-Ukraine$240,000Ben VauterSwarupa Ganguli
83499701-1XACMM Emissions Inventory Devlopment in Mongolia$229,530Ben VauterFelicia Ruiz
83445201-0XAPre-fesiblty Study/Landfill Commercial Gas Use-Russia$94,160Stephanie SaelzlerSwarupa Ganguli
82945501-3XCanada Atmospheric Deposition Measurement and Database Activities$208,023Kelley BoatwrightGabrielle Stevens
83369001-1XACapacity Building/Rural Energy in China$150,000Robert DenegalKurt Roos
83199501-7CRDevelopment of a Metabolic Simulator Computer Program$900,000Kelley BoatwrightJack Jones
83217101-2X4Addressing the Environmental Burden of Disease and Injury in Children in the WHO Europe Region$65,000David AckAnna Phillips
83105701-5CRInternational Programme on Chemical Safety$1,504,248David AckStan Barone
83445901-0XAEstablish Baseline Data-Methane Reduction Potential$20,761Kelley BoatwrightKurt Roos
83498601-0XALandfill and Greenhouse gas recovery program in People's Republic of China$150,000Ben VauterThomas Frankiewicz
83397601-1XAStudy:Landfill Recovery & Use in Nigeria$90,000Kelley BoatwrightSwarupa Ganguli
83255801-0X3Pilot Study on Clean Products and Processes$25,000Robert DenegalCarolyn Wieland
83246901-0X3FLUOROS: International Symposium on Fluorinated Alkyl Organics in the Environment$10,000Jennifer BogusSusan Laessig
83366001-1XARecovery/Livestock Waste-ReduceMethane Gas$75,000David AckKurt Roos
83365501-2XASmall Scale Direct Utilization, Landfill Gas$125,000Kelley BoatwrightThomas Frankiewicz
83299401-3XACoal Mine Methane to Markets Partnership in China$375,000Kelley BoatwrightPamela Franklin
83133701-1X4Educational Tool for Environmental Protection System in China$25,000Michael LitwackMarilyn Engle
96559301-1GLBird Studies Canada-Marsh Monitoring in AOCs$167,318Prentiss DixonJohn Schneider
83379801-1X4Russian Fed Support to the Natl Prog of Action for Protection of the Arctic$368,300Stephanie SaelzlerEleonora Barnes
83278901-0X4Remediation Study of the Laguna Escondida in Reynosa$49,694Stephanie SaelzlerLisa Almodovar
83460201-2X4INTERPOL Environmental Crime Program$300,000Ben VauterThomas Sharp
83544001-0X3CRESSIDA$495,000Ben VauterJose Zambrana
83397501-1XALandfill Gas Utilization Feasibility Studies-China$175,000Kelley BoatwrightRachel Goldstein
83605001-0XADemonstration Pilots-Livestock Waste Mgmt-Vietnam$150,000Ben VauterKurt Roos
83446401-2XACapacty Bldg-CBM/CMM Devlpmnt & Utilization$199,805Matthew BellFelicia Ruiz
83369501-0XAFeasibility/Methane Recovery/Landfills in Korea$80,000Stephanie SaelzlerRachel Goldstein
00E29401-0X7Beach Sanitary Survey Program$28,426Prentiss DixonRachel Webb
83122301-2X4Preparation and Dissemination of the Environmental Law Textbook for Central America$49,989ThuyT NguyenPam Teel
83372501-0PIEnvironmental Policy Analysis & Valuation-Canada$57,000Stephanie SaelzlerBrett Snyder
83338601-0X4Feasibiity Study of Solid Waste Treatement in Tianjin, China$13,100David AckSuzanne Giannini-Spohn
96029601-2X5Strengthening the Links Between USA and Central and Eastern Europe on Environmental Health Issues.$120,651John SchaubDavid Tetta
83265701-1CHBuilding Children's Environmental Health Capacity among Health Care Professionals$149,999Kelley BoatwrightElizabeth Blackburn
83397401-0XAUNIDO-ITPO: Feasibility Study of Pig Manure Biogas Power Generation in Xiangtan, Hunan Province$100,000Stephanie SaelzlerKurt Roos
96555301-2GLUniversity of Windsor-Zoobenthos-Lake Erie$110,000Prentiss DixonDavid Rockwell
82928801-5RDevelopment of the IARC Monographs of the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans$125,000Michael LitwackStephen Thompson
83449901-2XAMethane Degassing in Poland durng Coal Mining$340,000Kristen ArelJayne Somers
83178001-3XADevelopment of Coal Mine Methane Projects in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States$205,000David AckPamela Franklin
00E99401-2GLStudies of Binational Importance for the Great Lakes$300,000Marco SantosJohn Haugland
83102801-6CRProtection of the Human Environment$3,263,705David AckStan Barone
83323401-6X8Developing Product Inventories and a Pollutant Release and Transfer Register for Mercury$1,007,025Stephanie SaelzlerThomas Groeneveld
83268501-0X5Policy Instrument Mixes to Address Mercury Emissions$25,000Stephanie SaelzlerKevin DeBell
83338401-1X4Environmental Compliance Assurance Systems: A Cross-Country Analysis$99,275Stephanie SaelzlerDavis Jones
00E00995-1GLBinational Stakeholder Engagement for Nutrients in the Lake Erie Basin$150,000Krista GalvinJohn Haugland
83505501-1XAPromote Anaerobic Digestoin Technolnogy for Manure Management in Mexico$164,565Ben VauterKurt Roos
83103701-1X4Implementation of a PRTR Design and Capacity Building Project in Chile$250,000Jennifer BogusJohn Dombrowski
83412701-3X1Environmentally Effective & Economically Efficient Mgmnt of Materials & Waste$190,000Ben VauterMarie Boucher
83399701-0X3Trans-Atlantic R&D interchange\Sustainability$10,000Kelley BoatwrightNorma Lewis
83319801-0X3Pilot Study on Cleaner Products and Processes$25,000Stephanie SaelzlerGeorge Moore
83449001-1XAHandbk/Tng & Capcity Bldg-LFG Utiliztn-Poland$170,000Stephanie SaelzlerThomas Frankiewicz
83415201-9X4UNEP - Clearing-House/Partnership-Clean Fuels$1,626,841Kristen ArelAngela Bandemehr
83096601-2CREPA and GWRC Cooperative Agreement for Collaboration on Water Research Issues$95,000Stephanie SaelzlerDanielle Tillman
83389901-0XAInterntnal Cnfernc-Indoor Air Quality & Climate$25,000David AckSean Carter
83537901-0XAAgricultural Waste Sector in Poland$120,000Ben VauterAllison Costa
83262801-2X4Support for Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment$605,800Kelley BoatwrightBill Freeman
96548901-4GLIntegrated Atmospheric Deposition Network Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program$99,896Prentiss DixonTodd Nettesheim
83505701-1XASmallScaleDirect Use-Landfill Gas-On-site Energy Needs$151,025Matthew BellThomas Frankiewicz
83396101-2XAPoland Methane-to-LNG Project-Zory Coal Mine$399,913Stephanie SaelzlerJayne Somers
83173101-2X4Environmentally Sustainable Trade: National Environmental Assessment of Free Trade$180,400Robert DenegalJan Gilbreath
83361701-0XACoal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization Initiative$63,503Stephanie SaelzlerPamela Franklin
83198201-3XABangkok Diesel Retrofit Demonstration Project$120,000Robert DenegalJohn Guy
83367601-0XALandfill Inventory for Nigeria$35,000David AckSwarupa Ganguli
83106201-5CREffects of Land Use Changes on the Functioning of Soils and Watersheds of Central Brazil Savannas$285,664Alison HanlonRichard Zepp
83459701-0X3Improvmnt-Environmntl Management in NIS-Russia$505,850Ben VauterTroy Rutkofske
97948201-2X4US-Mexico Border Grant - Implementation of Border 2012 Program$3,237,651Martha VillarrealLorena Lopez-Powers
83295901-0XAHealthy Buildings 2006 - International Conference on Indoor Air Quality$25,000Robert DenegalLaura Kolb
83415801-2X4T/A for Jordan MoEnv Support US Jordan Free Trade$397,000Stephanie SaelzlerShereen Kandil
83365801-2XAMarket Development/Ethanol-Fuel Cook Stove$191,638Nicole RobertsJohn Mitchell
82851801-8XEnvironmental Assistance, Information, and Training Programs$474,000David AckEleonora Barnes
83165201-2XAMexico City Diesel Retrofit Pilot Program$365,000Robert DenegalJohn Guy
83604701-1X4OECD Work on Adaptation to Climate Change$80,000Matthew BellYuolanda Tibbs
83179301-1XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Pilot Project$133,710ThuyT NguyenJohn Mitchell
83165101-1XAVentilation Air Methane/Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization in China$120,000Brian DrozdPamela Franklin
83450201-1XAID-Bio Digesters-Livestock Busnss-Mexico$104,225Alison HanlonKurt Roos
83361401-2XAMitigating and Utilizing Diluted Mine Methane$200,102Kelley BoatwrightFelicia Ruiz
83478001-5X4Collaboration/Electronics & Sustainable Productn$675,000Kristen ArelStephanie Adrian
83372801-0XAWorkshop/Biogas Technology, Policy Development$55,000Kelley BoatwrightKurt Roos
83396401-0XAAdvnc Methane Use-Clean Enrgy Source-Ecuador$192,600Robert DenegalVictoria Ludwig
83221701-0CHUS/India Asthma Project on Children's Environmental Health$25,000Robert DenegalMartha Berger
83502501-0XASetting-up Landfill Database for use in Serbia$80,000Kristen ArelThomas Frankiewicz
83515001-0X3Trans-Atlantic Research & Dev$14,000Ben VauterGeorge Moore
83397701-2XALFG Used as Pyrolisis Furnace Fuel-Argentina$150,000Rogers GrossThomas Frankiewicz
83605101-2XACapacity Bldg-Anaerobic Digstrs-Methane Use$130,236Matthew BellKurt Roos
83445801-0XAAssessmnt-Landfill GasRecvry & Use-Bulgaria$80,000Alison HanlonThomas Frankiewicz
83396001-0XAMaster Plan-Landfill Mgmnt in Espirito Santo Brazil$250,012Alison HanlonChris Godlove
83502401-0XAMunicipal Waste Analysis-Mexico's SE Region$150,000Ben VauterVictoria Ludwig
83367801-1XAPre-feasibility Study on Electricity Generation$80,000Kelley BoatwrightJayne Somers
00E00576-0GLImproving Great Lakes Bird and Amphibian Indicators$156,493Marco SantosJohn Schneider
00E04101-4GLQUALITY ASSURANCES FOR AIR MONITORING NETWORK$125,000Francisca RamosTodd Nettesheim
83285501-0X3Ninth International Symposium on Fish Physiology, Toxicology, and Water Quality$25,000Jennifer BogusBrenda Rashleigh
83604501-1XAAssessmnt-Methane Resources-Agri Wastes-Mongolia$90,000Matthew BellKurt Roos
83397901-1XADevlpmnt Asst Reduce Methane From Swine Frms$700,000Stephanie SaelzlerKurt Roos
83554001-1CREPA & WHO on Health and Environment$575,000Kristen ArelAbdel Kadry
83500301-0XALandfill Gas Assessmnt & Educatnal Wrkshp-Nigeria$80,000Ben VauterSwarupa Ganguli
83179401-1XALeveraging Stakeholder Resources for Clean Indoor Air in Bundelkhand$98,640Jennifer BogusJohn Mitchell
83341201-0X3Pilot Study Meeting on Clean Products and Processes$20,000Stephanie SaelzlerGeorge Moore
83448901-0XAProcurement-3 Biogas Power Generators China$110,000Alison HanlonKurt Roos
83069201-6XGlobal Climate Change: Economic Modeling in Mexico$527,127David AckJack Fitzgerald
83126601-7X4Partnership for Clean Fuels$1,675,862David AckJane Metcalfe
83506501-0XAMonitrng Methods-Quantifyg Greenhouse Gas-China$141,450Ben VauterKurt Roos
82839501-2XReducing Child Illness and Child Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke$472,500Jennifer BogusLynn Schoolfield
83505801-1XAFurther Promotn-M2M-Coal Sector of China$140,000Matthew BellFelicia Ruiz
83368901-0X4Sustainable Financing for Affordable Access to Water and Sanitation.$100,000Ben VauterChris Herman
83372201-0XABolivian Scale up of Improved Rocket Stoves$198,000Kelley BoatwrightBrenda Doroski
83344701-AX8OECD Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Projects$949,000Kristen ArelAlison Pierce
96597101-3GLLake Erie Millennium Network Research Review, Synthesis, and Five-year Plan$100,000Prentiss DixonDaniel Oriordan
83395801-1XADevelopment-Technical Standards-Anaerobic Digesters$148,190Stephanie SaelzlerKurt Roos
83366201-2XAScale-up of Biomass Stoves in Western China$230,000Kelley BoatwrightJohn Mitchell
83192101-8X4Managing Pollution from Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Other Toxic Substances in China$718,000Kelley BoatwrightSuzanne Giannini-Spohn
83372001-2X3Co-operative Marshall Scholars Programme$425,008Ben VauterJayne Michaud
83271601-0X4Preventing Lead Exposure in Children in Africa$12,000Michael LitwackWendy Graham
83445301-2XAStudy Tour & Visits-Landfills in US$21,100Matthew BellSwarupa Ganguli
83397001-2XAStudy:Methane Recovery& Use in Mongolia$100,000David AckFelicia Ruiz
83448801-1XACapcty Bldg/Methan Recvry & Use-Phillippines$106,600Stephanie SaelzlerKurt Roos
83521301-0XAUNEP Regional Program-Climate Benefits-Asia Pac$480,250Kristen ArelElisa Rim
83254501-1X4Manual and Workshop on Cleaner Production for Central America Leather Processing Industries$25,000Kelley BoatwrightPam Teel
83449101-1XAMethane Capture & Use Projects in Colombia$125,000Matthew BellVictoria Ludwig
83377001-1XAScaling-up/Smoke Alleviating Technology in Nepal$150,000Stephanie SaelzlerBrenda Doroski
82967801-1XTechnical Assistance Project to Implement the London Convention 1972$130,000Robert DenegalEllen Delaney
83371601-2XAWorkshop-Control of Methane Emissions/Animals$100,000David AckKurt Roos
83541501-0XAPilot Methane Utilization Project$100,000Kristen ArelThomas Frankiewicz
83371901-1XAImplementation-Methane Usage Systems-Colombia$64,350Kelley BoatwrightKurt Roos
83369901-0X4Provide Technical Assistance/ElSalvador on Air...$117,000Robert DenegalOrlando Gonzalez
83604101-1XAInstitutnl Strengthning thru Capacity Bldg$399,937Kristen ArelKurt Roos
00E26601-0GLLake Huron Symposium - Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society$10,000Prentiss DixonJames Schardt
83368001-3XAInfrared Heater- Landfill Gas in the Ukraine$175,000David AckSwarupa Ganguli
83520901-1X4Improving Public Participatn in Costa Rica$50,000Matthew BellOrlando Gonzalez
83368101-3XAClean Energy Technology Information Center$150,460David AckSwarupa Ganguli
83481901-2X4"Breathe Easy, Jakarta" Stakeholders Group$15,000Ben VauterRakhi Kasat
83502301-0XAPre-Feasibility Study-Creatng Cmputr Spport Systm$180,000Ben VauterThomas Frankiewicz
83512801-1X4Envirnmntl Ed-Central American Free Trade Countries$50,000Matthew BellOrlando Gonzalez
83446501-0XATraining Workshop - Sanitary Landfill Operatns$100,000Kelley BoatwrightThomas Frankiewicz
83298401-0X4Environmental Performance Review for Non-OECD Member-China$25,000Stephanie SaelzlerSylvia Correa
83350501-2X4The Clean Water for Sustainable Cities Project$120,000Ben VauterSuzanne Giannini-Spohn
83516101-0X4Agreement-Support Arctic Counsel Activities$1,000,000Ben VauterKennethJ Davis
83482701-3X4Water Safety Plans-East Africa$410,000Ben VauterTeresa Kuklinski
83396501-1XAFeasibility Study-Flare Installation-Rivne Ukraine$199,950Stephanie SaelzlerSwarupa Ganguli
83234001-2XAIndoor Air 2005$34,955Brian DrozdJohn Mitchell
83367901-1XALandfill Inventory for Russia$35,000Alison HanlonSwarupa Ganguli
83321901-0X4Hospitals for Healthy Environment in Mexico$25,000Kelley BoatwrightAna Corado
83368601-0XAPower Generation Using Low Quality Coal Methane$100,000Kelley BoatwrightFelicia Ruiz
83557501-0CRDifferentiating Physical from Chemical Dispersion$348,650Kristen ArelRobyn Conmy
83173701-5X4US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement Capacity Building Training$97,528Ben VauterShereen Kandil
83512701-1X4Municipality of El Paraiso, El Paraiso Dept$48,100Matthew BellOrlando Gonzalez
83416601-1X4Costl Mgmnt Plan-Daymanlyat:Nature Resrv-Oman$72,933Alison HanlonTeresa Kuklinski
83538201-0XACountry Specific Profile & Strategic Plan$30,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
96510101-4GLSupport Binational Program Implementation$326,300Prentiss DixonDeborah Lamberty
83443901-1XATechnical Assessment of Coal Mine Gas Recovery & Utilization in China$180,000Kelley BoatwrightPamela Franklin
83329001-1X7Technical Cooperation and Assistance Support to the IMO for Prevention of Marine Pollution$80,000David AckEllen Delaney
83380401-1X8Environmentally Sound Mgmt-Hazardous Waste$270,000Kristen ArelSue Slotnick
83396601-3XAFeasblty Study:Use Coal Mine Methane India$311,875Matthew BellJayne Somers
83396701-0XALandfill Gas in Poland: Capabilities & Awareness of its Potential for Energy Generation$100,000David AckThomas Frankiewicz
83499601-1XATraining Center & Demo Project-Landfill Gas Recovery-Siberia$162,330Ben VauterSwarupa Ganguli
83167901-1X4NATO/CCMS Pilot Study Meeting in Budapest, Hungary - May 2004$20,000Brian DrozdCarolyn Wieland
83167201-5XANatural Gas System Emissions Reduction Opportunity Assessment$249,496David AckRoger Fernandez
82809701-2RPulmonary Toxicity of Trichloroethylene$57,020Jennifer BogusJean Parker
83163701-4X1Environmentally Sound Management of Waste$290,000Stephanie SaelzlerMarie Boucher
83146301-5X4Improvement of Environmental Management in the Newly Independent States$7,636,274David AckTroy Rutkofske
83539501-0XAPolish Landfill Gas to Energy Consortium$80,000Ben VauterThomas Frankiewicz
83398501-1XAMarket Access Clean Cooking Technology in Kenya$150,000Rogers GrossJohn Mitchell
83367101-4XAMechanisms for Advancing Methane Recovery$150,016Kristen ArelHenry Ferland
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