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96119401-1CDAssessing Wetland Functions and Values$102,007Brian TocciBeth Alafat
83318601-0SUEvaluating Point-Nonpoint Source Water Quality Trading in a Raritan River Basin Sub-Watershed$10,000Adriana AlvarezCynthia Nolt-Helms
97802401-1XInitial Propoals to be Funded from the Indoor Air Quality Allocation$32,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
00F38301-0XAClean Air Act for Indoor Air Quality to Reduce Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases$38,000Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
96625201-0T'05 Wastewater Outreach Operator Training Program$32,800Brian BerryMargaret Osbourne
83043101-3RDermal Absorption From Contaminated Sediments Measurements And Prediction$365,000ThuyT NguyenJohn Schaum
97339901-1CBFiscal Year 2006 Agricultural and Scientific Coordination of the Nutrient Subcommittee$97,780Kinshasa Brown-PerryKelly Shenk
83434301-1SUUrban Food Coop to Support Local Food System$9,946Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83334801-2RDPartnership For Industrial Ecology In Central Ohio-$299,581Joselynn HawkinsDale Manty
82860201-1RCenter For Environmental Health Sciences-$780,000Barbara ProctorBarbara Glenn
96630201-3EMMechanical Biological Treatment for Solid Waste Management$396,800Laverne BakerDeanna DeBose
97447702-1XDevelopment/Implementation of a Hand-Operated, Metered, closed system Applicator$12,952Shirley GrayerMaryP Echols
97441301-2MXGulf of Mexico Program$49,943Elaine LewisFred Kopfler
83249001-0SURenewable Resources to Power a University - A Model for Regional Sustainable Development$9,960Devon BrownJulie Zimmerman
83422101-0X3Outreach Resulting from the International Water Conference$14,000Kelley BoatwrightGeorge Moore
97141901-2TNew England Lake Beaches Workshop$5,000Brian TocciMatt Liebman
98062001-5X1Solid Waste Management Workshops for Alaska Tribes$437,200Michael AdlerJoseph Sarcone
95414009-0MXGulf of Mexico Program - Evaluation of Ecosystem Services of Coastal Habitats$199,762Margaret CroweDiane Altsman
97621201-0XBorder Pollution Prevention Project$10,000Darlene CoulsonJoy Campbell
83157901-3TRRMRHSRC Training and Technical Assistance to Brownfields$195,000Adam FettMitch Lasat
83271701-1CRMethods Development & Preliminary Application for Leptospira Spirochete Detection in Water$79,579Joselynn HawkinsFrank Schaefer
97821401-1X1Recycling and Jobs through Recycling$41,000Sherron HollowayLinda Walters
96455206-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant - Environmental Discovery within Rural Communities$41,714William LundyKathy Armstrong
83338901-3X3Vulnerability Indicators and Association Between Adverse Birth Outcomes and Traffic Exposures$100,000Kelley BoatwrightEricS Hall
96955101-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Brick Kilns$40,000Linda StrunaMaeve Foley
98463809-3EConsolidated Pesticide Compliance Monitoring$311,238William LundyAngela Isom
83183701-2RDFDP - Intergrating Land Use, Transportation and Air Quality Modeling$700,000Jill ClarkBryan Bloomer
98817301-3XPilot Indoor Envirn. Study In Day-Care Centers & Grade Schools To Reduce Childhood Asthma Symptoms$25,686Tempa GravesKathleen Craig
83084101-1RDPotential for Increased Bioavailability of Mercury in Selenium Contaminated Sites$199,802Connie MilesNora Savage
83110201-2CRAtmospheric Mercury In Vermont And New England -$667,300Stephanie SaelzlerEricS Hall
83500101-0RDOntologies for Data and Models of Liver Toxicology$749,705Alison HanlonPasky Pascual
83089701-1RDFDP-Ecocomposites Reinforced with Cellulose Nanoparticles-$303,109Jill ClarkBarbara Karn
96484807-1CDRegional Wetlands Program Development Grants$162,019Sherry MilesMorgan Jackson
82725101-DRNational Pesticide Medical Monitoring Program$800,497Kelley BoatwrightFrank Davido
83448701-1NEHawaii Coastal Ed & Stewardship(HICES)$66,590Alison HanlonKaren Scott
82943601-2RPhthalates in Pregnant Women and Children$2,137,933Phillip SchindelIrwin Baumel
97726801-0VSt. Francois County Superfund Job Training$100,000Connie AllenIna Square
96410604-9X7Water Quality Monitoring Project for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary$3,295,000Sharonita JohnsonMorgan Jackson
82900301-4RSouthern Oxidants Study -$420,000Joyce BlakeJeffrey West
83322501-1RDFDP - The Impact of Aerosols, Clouds, and Ozone$292,309Joselynn HawkinsMel Peffers
83455801-0RDCharacterization of Ship Particulate Emissions$249,999Karen BassSherri Hunt
97311101-0XTranslating St Mary R. Water Quality Data$198,800Bernie McCullaghSteve Preston
98172001-3PEReducing the risks associated with Herbicides$40,000Monique LloydAndrea Szylvian
97339201-0CBChesapeake Bay Blue Ribbon Finance Panel$45,000Kinshasa Brown-PerryKimberly Scalia
97300301-1XAProject Using the LeapFrog Interactive Learning Tool.$11,799Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
98667701-4XEnhancing Energy Efficiency in the El Paso Area Buildings$39,662Jeraldine EnglerthCynthia Brown
97854401-1CDDeveloping a long-term, rotating basin, wetland assessment and monitoring strategy for Montana$125,228Melisa DevincenziToney Ott
97435101-1PEPesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP)$37,255Christine McKayRayna Brown
83315101-0SUFDP - Application Of Natural Surfactants In Paper Recycling -$10,000Joyce BlakeCynthia Nolt-Helms
97982601-4XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Passive Ozone Pilot Project$50,000Fareed AliSara Bartholomew
97829401-0T104(G)(1) Technical Assistance$34,946Carol OdonnellBruce Cooper
83150401-1RDCarbon Dioxide Soluble Binders$350,000Karen BassDiana Bauer
96427805-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$10,962Laura FowlerKathy Armstrong
82671001-7RFDP - Michigan Center for the Environment and Children's Health$3,712,815Karen BassNigel Fields
97158901-0NPEnvironmental Results Programs (ERP)-Technical Assistance and Measurement$75,000Henry BurrellMary Dever
83558601-1CRResearch Training for College & Univ. Students$1,516,000Matthew BellKimberley Johnson
83382501-4RDFDP - Carolina Center for Computational Toxicology$3,400,000Alison HanlonPasky Pascual
96589901-0X9UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA - MNTAP P2 & ENERGY EFFICIENCY$34,808Ronza JordanPhil Kaplan
83499801-1RDModel of Toxicant Response in Engineered Liver$750,000Joselynn FountainPasky Pascual
97321901-0CBFiscal Year 2005 Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Survey$175,000Elizabeth JanuaryMike Fritz
83271701-1CRMethods Development & Preliminary Application for Leptospira Spirochete Detection in Water$79,579Joselynn FountainFrank Schaefer
96812001-1CDUniv of Mon 2011 WPDG Headwater Wetlands$119,849Angela MendiolaMitra Jha
83551801-1SUWater Quality and Bioassessment of Agr Streams$15,000Karen BassGregory Lank
83108601-1RDUnderstanding Thermal and Optical Carbon Analysis Methods$449,456Karen BassSherri Hunt
96051601-1CDWetlands Protection Program$45,215Evelyn HoltzendorfYvonne Vallette
96590101-0X1UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO - SOLID WASTE$58,356Frances ShieldsSusan Mooney
95417709-2CDRegional Wetlands Program Development Grants$233,317Connie RutlandMorgan Jackson
00E00324-0X9Waste to Profit Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Augmentation$48,000Bart MosierRonza Jordan
83052501-3XImplementing Green Engineering In The Chemical Engineering Curriculum-$105,000Adriana AlvarezSharon Austin
83530601-0SUWastewater Treatment & Energy Production$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
95413609-1MXGulf of Mexico Program$329,766Margaret CroweJeanne Allen
96069201-2NELane Community College Sustainability Infusion Project$14,673John SchaubAlan Henning
83256601-1X7Developing a Fish Biomonitoring Pilot Project for Western Virginia$25,000Jennifer BrooksSusan Holdsworth
83532101-0SUFacade & Window Design Using 3-D Printing$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
96919501-1BFBrownfields Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$200,000Renee ChanCarolyn Douglas
99T19601-0NPPollution Prevention Grants - Greener Solutions$115,406Martha VillarrealWendi Shafir
83238501-0AWIncorporating Stream Erosion and Restoration into Watershed Models$74,000Jennifer BrooksStuart Lehman
83188601-1SUReduction of Use of Petroleum Energy Resources by Conversion of Waste Cooking Oils into Diesel Fuel-$9,949Connie MilesJulie Zimmerman
98242101-1NEEnvironmental Education Program$6,076Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
83274601-0CRTaqman-Based Realtime RT-PCR Assay For The Sensitive Detection Of FRNA Coliphage Subgroups -$55,000Cheryl ClarkSteve Jordan
83275601-0X1Review of State Regulations, Standards, and Practices - Use of Coal Combustion Products.$15,000Robert DenegalJohn Sager
99T05201-0NPPOLLUTION PREVENTION GRANTS - Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network$99,088Elizabeth ArmourWendi Shafir
97251408-0NPWater Conservation Program for New Jersey$150,000Janeime CastroLorne LaMonica
97178801-1NPTechnical Assistance and Measurement$80,000Henry BurrellRobert Guillemin
82900801-3RFDP - Fate And Effects Of Fluoroquinolone Antibacterial Agents In Aquatic Ecosystems -$587,147Robert DenegalAngelaD Page
97747701-0NPFiscal Year 2014 Pollution Prevention Grant Program$45,872Robert BukatyJennifer Dawani
83537101-0X3Toward an Eco-LCA Model of New England Region$14,999Alison HanlonBrandon Jones
83475401-0SUVirus Removal with Sand Filters$75,000Alison HanlonCynthia Nolt-Helms
97719101-2NEUniversity of Nebraska-Omaha- Davis Prairie Data Project$48,724Donna BloeckerDenise Morrison
83432901-1SUHarvesting Roadside Wind Energy$9,958Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
97977901-1NEEnvironmental Education - Lake Tahoe Media Campaign$12,704Elizabeth ArmourBill Jones
83499001-3CREnvironmental Research Apprenticeship Program$417,000Matthew BellMary-Sue McNeil
83374401-2RDHealth Effects of Coarse Particulate Matter/NE CO$1,200,000James DaviesSherri Hunt
83223501-4RDPerceptions and Exposure to Arsenic in Private and Public Drinking Water$310,017Stephanie SaelzlerWilliam Wheeler
00T02701-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Envirovet Summer Institute$29,897Maria RoversoSharon Jang
83475301-1SUChitosan Coagulation for Water Treatment$75,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
83603301-0SUGreen Technology for Pharmaceuticals$15,000Karen BassGregory Lank
00E54501-0X7Purdue University - L-THIA & Bacterial Exposure in Beach Setting$30,000Alicia WardFelicia Gaines
97873801-2CDDevelopment of a Regional Restoration and Protection Program for Mountain Fens$142,380Angela MendiolaBrent Truskowski
83277501-2CRThe National Coastal Assessment in Rhode Island Waters$200,000Alison HanlonWalt Galloway
00J46601-2NEIDAH2O Master Water Stewards$77,000John SchaubJayne Carlin
00J01001-0XAMulti-priority Indoor Air Quality Program$35,000Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
83572901-0SUGreen Oak as a Sustainable Building Material$89,973Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
97724501-2X1Resource Conservation Challenge$24,000Donna BloeckerJeannette Kerr
83538601-1XATurkey's Landfill Inventory & Methane Emissions$100,000Carl DavisSwarupa Ganguli
97680401-2XAHELP for Kids: In-home Asthma and Risk Reduction Education For Border Children$44,971Jeraldine EnglerthDonnaL Cooper
83351401-0SUFDP - Sustainable Soy Protein-Based Plastics$10,000Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83318901-0SUOptimizing Green Roof Technologies in the Midwest$10,000Jennifer BogusCynthia Nolt-Helms
83576301-0XANational Radon Program Services$175,000Jessica DurandGina Bowler
83560501-0RDIndoor Air Quality in Tents – Woodsmoke Exposure$700,000James DaviesCynthia McOliver
83519801-3X8Schl IPM Consortium Reachng 1 Million Children$244,372Ben VauterCara Finn
83283501-1RDFDP- Instrument for Real Time Speciation of Water Soluble Tracers in Atmospheric Particulate Matter$492,354Joselynn FountainSherri Hunt
83377801-1RDFDP-Role/Avian Host Dynamics & Anthropogenic Stressors$763,963Matthew BellMontira Pongsiri
99961101-1NPPOLLUTION PREVENTION GRANTS - Informational Resource and Webinar Education and Training.$130,000Elizabeth ArmourWendi Shafir
83062801-4RWillingness to Pay to Reduce Asthma Episodes for Adults and Children$152,169Kelley BoatwrightChris Dockins
83322201-1RDFDP Quantifying Grazing on Harmful Algae with Novel Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique$409,856Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
83159601-2RDFDP - Integrated Modeling and Ecological Valuation$386,213Alison HanlonAndrew Manale
97104501-1NEWorms Go To High School$15,450MaryEllen StanisKristen Conroy
82933001-5XUnderground Tank Technology Update UTTU Newsletter$322,384Phillip SchindelHal White
83059701-2RDFDP - Watershed Classification System for Tiered Diagnosis Of Biological Impairments -$1,149,266Joyce BlakeIris Goodman
00E64901-0NPS-E-W-R: Strategic Energy and Water Reduction Program$76,000Annette VineRita Garner
96615401-1TWastewater Outreach Operator Training$32,800Darlene CoulsonMargaret Osbourne
96400204-2MXStrategic Assessment for MBNEP Habitats$26,099William LundyDiane Altsman
83334401-2RDSustainable Lake Management$299,249Karen BassDale Manty
00E68701-0X9Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois$45,000Frances ShieldsJoel Morbito
98778101-1X9PBT and Source Reduction in R7 Healthcare Facilities$47,500Annora OgletreeGary Schlicht
96055401-0AARegional Geographic Initiative$100,000Greg LucheyCarolyn Gangmark
83458301-0AEQuantitatv Assessmnt-Mercury Influx-Salt Lake$200,000Ben VauterRussell Long
83168201-4CRProgram for Cooperative Research on Aquatic Indicators$1,789,252Kelley BoatwrightTony Olsen
83413501-1PIMeta Analysis-Econ Research Workshop$67,705Alison HanlonMarrietta Haggins
96817001-2X9MT State University Source Reduction FY12$101,000Sam FernandezKim Bartels
00J23501-2XAIndoor Air Quality Projects in EPA Region 10.$93,000Greg LucheyDebbie Kline
95469410-3X7Water Quality Monioring Project for the Florida Keys$1,000,000Sharonita JohnsonJennifer Shadle
00E00730-1CDTHE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS$317,205Michelle BeckerDertera Collins
97376301-0X5Environmental Compliance Workshop$6,500Bernie McCullaghAnita Provenzano
83497601-0PICurrent Issues Workshop-Environmental Economics$94,282Matthew BellAlecia Harvey
97982201-3CPWater Quality - Alternative Swine Waste Management System in the Pacific$70,000Renee ChanMichael Lee
83418401-4TRBest Mgmnt Practcs-Redvlopmnt Brownflds/TA$675,000Shana EtheridgePatricia Overmeyer
83487001-0RDAssociation-Pathogens w/Biofilms-Drinkng H2O Systems$600,000Alison HanlonAngelaD Page
83479601-4RDUniveristy of Washington Center for Clean Air Research$8,000,000Alison HanlonMichael Hiscock
00839307-0EPesticide Certification$47,800Carol OdonnellMargaret Collins
97876701-1X8Pollution Prevention$43,450Tempa GravesPeg Perreault
83171201-1RDTransformations of Biologically-Conjugated CdSe$332,099Nicole RobertsMitch Lasat
00F75301-0NPFY2013 Pollution Prevention Grant$100,000Debbie DorseyDavid Bond
97688001-1TOutreach Operator Training Program$27,000Belenthia EppsBilly Black
95426109-42ANational Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B)$1,713,235Shevella WilsonMaryP Echols
97687901-2TOutreach Operator Training Program (On-Site Wastewater Vunerability Assessment Training)$22,000Belenthia EppsBilly Black
00E39301-1XPOhio University - Lancaster Regional Campus$211,600Kimberly Houston-WilliamsSteffanie Crossland
00E01180-0PEPollinator Mapping Mobile Application$50,000Karen SykesMartha Robinson
83245801-2XSmall Water Systems Technical Assistance Center-$988,600Adam FettMeghan Klasic
98735601-1TCrowder College Operator Outreach$48,750Annora OgletreeKelly Beard-Tittone
98123401-4XEMS Service Program Training Workshops, Client Assessment.$25,671Paul TrevinoJean Holbrook
83372301-3CRInvestigation of Land-use Activities and Ecosystem Conditions Pertaining to Biofuels Production$100,000Alison HanlonTim Johnson
98871201-2X8CO State University$50,804Carol OdonnellPeg Perreault
83492901-1XAAssisting OH/EPA's Mandatory Reporting Requirements$250,939Carl DavisRachel Schmeltz
96478407-1TWastewater Operator Training Grant Program$42,950William LundyJennifer Shadle
82850901-4XNAU-Uranium And Radiation Educational Outreach In Navajo Nation$324,992Jessica DurandJacolyn White
83383801-1RDClimate and Landuse Change & Invasive Species$595,852Joselynn FountainMichael Hiscock
96185001-0LICT Sea Grant LISS$121,939MaryEllen StanisJoseph Salata
00J78401-2CDRegional Wetlands Program Development Grant$299,874Mary GutierrezTracie Nadeau
01E01044-0NPIllinois Conservation of Resources and Energy Program$109,000Michelle BeckerRita Garner
00D22614-0NPPollution Prevention Incentives States$64,150William LundyPamela Swingle
83300801-1RDFDP-Development of High-Throughput and Real-Time Methods-$600,000Alison HanlonAngelaD Page
83365601-2XAThe Process Optimization Review to Include Methane$225,000LaShaun PhillipsCarey Bylin
83512501-0X3Environmental Justice Workshop$15,000Karen BassDevon Payne-Sturges
83246301-1SUFDP - Three Sustainable Point Of Use Drinking Water Treatment Technologies For Developing Nations$75,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
00F38301-0XAClean Air Act for Indoor Air Quality to Reduce Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases$38,000Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
83245701-1XStudy of Train Noise in Teaneck, NJ$299,907David AckCatrice Jefferson
83057601-4NEAdapting Anchorage School District Middle School Curricula to Incorporate Alaska Stream Team Methods$35,973Jessica DurandDiane Berger
97158601-0NPNew England Lead Free and Halogen Free$12,100Brian TocciLinda Darveau
82794201-5RHome Intervention Regarding Mold and Moisture and Impact on the Health of Children -$917,542Barbara ProctorStephen Vesper
83479401-1RDCumulative Environmental Exposure Index - Arsenic$176,686James DaviesMaggie Breville
83487201-0RDPotable Reuse-WasteH2O-Forward Osmosis$300,000Alison HanlonAngelaD Page
00F23201-0NPFY10 Pollution Prevention Grant Program$150,000Debbie DorseyDavid Bond
83569601-0SUSE Mass Student Network for Biodiesel$14,068James DaviesAnne Sergeant
98866001-5MMDiscover A Watershed: The Red River / Devil's Lake$30,000Sherron HollowayStacey Eriksen
95402908-2NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$15,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
00E01128-0GLImproving Water Quality Restoration Partnerships in Michigan's Shiawassee and Flint River Watersheds$299,674Krista GalvinNicole Singleton
83470001-0SUReal Time Monitor for Energy Conservation$10,000Karen BassGregory Lank
96423305-0MXDevelopment of Bayou Segnette Watershed$149,968Laura FowlerJohn Bowie
83194901-5XADesign of Environmentally Conscious Vehicle Systems$68,565LaShaun PhillipsAndrew Moskalik
83529301-0X3Intrntl Socierty Envirnmntal Epidemiology-Confrnce$10,000Ben VauterElizabeth Sams
98212300-6CEBarnegat Bay Estuary Program (BBEP)$25,016Michele JunkerRobert Dieterich
97323801-0X8Reducing Food Quality Protection Act - Targeted pesticide use in Peppers$81,354Donna ArmstrongJohn Butler
83470301-0SUPowering Monitorng Equpment w/ Microbial Fuel$9,994Kristen ArelGregory Lank
96325901-0CBUMCES; Cloud Computing$282,447Julie DietrichBrian Burch
96646801-0X6Capacity Development - Drinking Water Systems$222,222Linda LyonsMichael Vaughan
83532601-0SUExtracting Nutrients from Urine in Wastewater$15,000James DaviesBarbara Levinson
95459710-2MXGulf of Mexico Program$497,663Margaret CroweLaKeshia Robertson
96801101-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$157,690Matthew NullWendy Dew
97827301-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$29,070Carol OdonnellChristine Vigil
00D15113-0XANorth Carolina State Integrated Prescribed Fire Curriculum$5,000Sherry MilesMiya Smith
96809301-2ENDSU Pesticides Certification and Training Grant$153,000Sarah HulsteinMargaret Collins
97094701-0X7Developing a Typology and Biologically Based Nutrient Criteria for Streams in the Pacifc Northwest$31,000Joanne BrendleRalph Vaga
97924501-2XSpecial Appropriation - Santa Ana River Watershed Research & Training$250,000Martha VillarrealMary Butterwick
00F40801-1CEBarataria-Terrebonne FY 12 National Estuary Program$623,800Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
96113701-1LILong Island Sound Research Program FY09-10$603,826MaryEllen StanisJoseph Salata
00F39701-2NPPollution Prevention Program$170,000Debbie DorseyDavid Bond
95496112-3UWUrban Waters Small Grants$59,934Kenny RichardsonKaren Gardner
96625001-0JTBrownfields Program Training Grant$199,999Brian BerryCamisha Scott
00E73601-2WSTARGETED WATERSHED INITIATIVE$199,705Mirchell PhillipsAlex Schusler
00F06001-1NPPollution Prevention Information Network/Zero Waste$198,400Debbie DorseyDavid Bond
83183901-2RDFDP - Predicting the Impacts of Urban Development Policies on Air Quality.$650,000Jill ClarkBryan Bloomer
83266901-0X3Northwestern University Sixth International Conference on Legionella$10,000Jennifer BogusGerard Stelma
83434101-0SUWaste Information Modeling (WIM) for Construction$10,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
00T42101-1NEEnvironmental Education - Tribal Sand Dunes$19,447Danielle CarrSharon Jang
97819801-1X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach$60,000Tempa GravesPeg Perreault
97264001-0PEPesticide Environmental Stewardship Program$45,523Cynthia PabonAudrey Moore
00E69601-0NENorthern Illinois University$26,689Donna StingleyMegan Gavin
98799301-2REEnvironmental Sustainability for Salina$90,927Jacob NichollsKathleen Fenton
83368201-1SUSystem for Bioremediation/Agricultural Chemicals$75,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83322501-1RDFDP - The Impact of Aerosols, Clouds, and Ozone$292,309Joselynn FountainMel Peffers
83393901-1SURainwater Catchment to Offset Groundwater Depletion$9,950Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
97145501-1PEImproving Sustainability - Potato Production$46,745MaryEllen StanisAndrea Szylvian
83543201-2RDCenter for Children’s Environmental Health (CCEH)$2,299,392Karen BassNica Louie
97325501-0CBImpact of Phosphorus$49,024Kinshasa Brown-PerryVeronica Kuczynski
83521501-1RDDynamic Air Quality Management Framework$499,934Joselynn FountainWil Wilson
97821401-1X1Recycling and Jobs through Recycling$41,000Sherron HollowayLinda Walters
96989301-0NPPollution Prevention Grants - Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network (WRPPN)$93,955Elizabeth ArmourWendi Shafir
83383301-2RDPredctng Risk/Invasn by Saltcedar & Mud Snails$599,748James DaviesMichael Hiscock
83471901-0SUPatch-burn Grazing for Ecological Management$10,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83478501-2CCCompliance Assistance Centers-Metals, Paints, Coating & Trans$120,000Jessica DurandTracy Back
83516301-0RDMouse/Human Stem Cell Assays$1,198,244James DaviesPasky Pascual
83356101-0SUArchitecture as Pedagogy$10,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
82805901-3RParticulate Matter "Supersite" Research with the University of California$3,549,856Nicole RobertsBrenda Millar
97651801-1PEPesticide Economic and Environmental Tradeoffs (PEET) Multiple Objective System$39,935Belenthia EppsJerry Collins
83415501-3X8TA for Mercury Reduction-Hospitals-Other Countries$412,304Kristen ArelEllie McCann
97547113-2EPurdue University 2013 Pesticide Cooperative Agreement$723,139Karen SykesMartha Robinson
83379601-3RMDeveloping and Refining Ecological Indicators, Assessment Methods,$383,982Kristen ArelRichard Sumner
83557401-0NPOperate the ESRC P2RX Center$110,000Ben VauterNatalie Hummel
97245908-1CDInvasive plant management program$150,498Michele JunkerKathleen Drake
96405104-2TWastewater Operator Training Grant Program$82,685Barbara StrotherMalikah Byars
97127801-1X7Examination of Thermal Impacts & Stormwater BMP's$85,954Brian TocciJennie Bridge
83044901-5TAir Pollution Training Program$775,000Kenneth SylvesterJerry Yarn
96992001-1XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory$200,252Susan ChiuRoy Ford
97340701-0NEFor The Birds: Invasive Species and Environmental Stewardship$17,054Eleanor SullivanKathleen Kirkland
00E90901-0NPIllinois Conservation of Resources & Energy Program$79,000Donna StingleyRita Garner
83529201-0SUConverting Waste Rice Husks to Useful By-Products$90,000James DaviesCynthia Nolt-Helms
82935801-2RFDP - Mechanistic Evaluation Of The Toxicity Of Chemical Mixtures -$465,281Joyce BlakeNigel Fields
83184501-2RDSpatial Exposure Models for Assessing the Relationship$449,966Nicole RobertsChris Saint
83474001-0SUHarvesting Potable & Storable H2O$10,000Kristen ArelGregory Lank
83604801-1AEImproving Total Maximum Data Load & Waste Loan Allocation Permit Limits$184,998Ben VauterRoger Burke
96408704-1X7Building Foundation for Water Quality Trading in Gerogia$99,400Connie RutlandMarjan Peltier
96615701-5X4Waste Tire Reuse Technology for Highway Construction Applications$45,896Jeraldine EnglerthRobert Snowbarger
96958401-0NPPOLLUTION PREVENTION GRANTS - Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN)$232,226Elizabeth ArmourWendi Shafir
97829101-1X8Minor & Speciality Crops Integrated Pest Management:$126,400Tempa GravesPeg Perreault
00E01294-0GLImplementing Trap-based Control of Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes$495,396Prentiss DixonDarlene Funches
97311701-2TOPERATOR OUTREACH TRAINING$90,515Nancy SchrubyJim Kern
83353401-0SUFDP- Green Engineering to Reduce Petroleum Energy Use$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
96183701-0NPGreening the Visual Arts through Pollution Prevention$69,181Jean CrockerLee Fiske
83138401-5CRPrediction of Chemical Parameters by Computer$500,000Stephanie SaelzlerJackson Ellington
96480107-0XAGeorgia Tech Research Corp. (CAMSAT)$58,300Connie RutlandSerdar Ertep
96455106-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant - Ohio River Basin Consortium$5,700William LundyKathy Armstrong
83333902-1RDNanoparticle Toxicity in Zebrafish$231,674James DaviesMitch Lasat
99171114-1CEPiscataqua Region Estuaries - Year 14 Workplan - 2010$600,000Brian TocciJean Brochi
83332801-1RDFDP - Impact of Physicochemical Properties on Skin Absorption of Manufactured Nanomaterials$391,617Joselynn FountainPaul Shapiro
83429901-0SUCommunity Ed to Reduce Waterborne Illness/Tanzania$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
96018701-1BFUofW Brownfield Cleanup 06/07$0Bob PhillipsAnne McCauley
96141301-1CECasco Bay Ecosystem Mgmt.$668,799Diane CulhaneMatt Liebman
97269705-1CPIntegrated Approach to Wastewater Management and Implementation$80,000Michele JunkerElizabeth VanRabenswaay
83252601-2RDFDP - Fate and Transformation of C60 Nanoparticles in Water Treatment Processes$375,000Joselynn FountainMitch Lasat
97150101-2LILinking Seafloor Habitat Mapping Protocols$179,029Monique LloydJohanna Hunter
82867501-6RGreat Lakes Diatom and Water Quality Indicators$6,397,971Jessica DurandBarbara Levinson
83451301-4RDUniv of CA Berkeley-Children's Environmental Health Research$3,585,534Karen BassRichard Callan
83458501-6X8National Pesticide Information Center$4,180,000Matthew BellJeanne Kasai
96691701-0AIAppropriate Solutions to Environmental Changes$222,222Laverne BakerMichael Vaughan
83410001-0X7Future Water Project - West Virginia University Research Corporation$300,000Shana EtheridgeStephanie Thornton
97713501-2NPPollution Prevention Regional Information Center$202,700Michele MillerJeannette Kerr
83214401-1RDResponses to Fresh Aerosols in Susceptible Subjects-$1,521,398Nicole RobertsStacey Katz
00J30301-6PCUniversity of Washington Puget Sound$4,405,648John SchaubChris Castner
83531101-1SUImproving Water Purification w/ Humic Acid$14,917Karen BassGregory Lank
83346201-BXANational Internet-based On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Information Exchange$498,986ThuyT NguyenPatty Klavon
82971601-3ROhio Mercury Monitoring and Receptor Modeling Study$1,133,703Karen BassMatthew Landis
00E75701-1GLUNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO$101,304Prentiss DixonVergel Santos
83554101-0RDDevelopment/Use of Adverse Outcome Pathways$799,496Joselynn FountainMitch Lasat
83295601-1EMProposal To Establish The Visual Grid$485,000David AckGene Stroup
83023501-3RGreat Lakes Center for Environmental and Molecular Sciences$3,598,750Jill ClarkDale Manty
82938801-5RFDP - Children's Health Research Center - Environmental Factors in the Etiology of Autism$3,658,700Nicole RobertsChris Saint
97349401-0CDRefinement of Method for Tidal Wetlands$112,000Douglas RobertsAnita Provenzano
83561201-0RDToxicogenetics of tetrachloroethylene$800,000Joselynn FountainMitch Lasat
98779601-1CDRestoration and Protection of Missouri River Wetlands$93,288Christine SchmaltzJeannette Kerr
83275001-3RDFDP - Health Risks from Climate Variability and Change in the Upper Midwest$598,560Karen BassBryan Bloomer
83432301-1SUApplication of Adaptable Design in Apparel$10,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
97486103-1MXAL Dauphin Island Sea Lab$31,500William LundyDiane Altsman
97975701-1X1RCRA 8001 - NATIONAL PAINT PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP INITIATIVE$43,804Veronica AdamsRebecca Smith
96549701-1GLCalibration of the Dynamic Mercury Cycling Model-Bd. of Regents - University of Wisconsin-GLNPO FY04$118,520Robert FieldsMarc Tuchman
97322601-0NPPollution Prevention Incentives for States Grant Program$25,000Evelyn VelazquezDavid Byro
98786001-1TFY07 IA 104(g) Outreach Operator Training Program$24,650Jennifer EricksonKelly Beard-Tittone
97689901-1PEReducing At-Risk Pesticide Use & Enhancing Pecan Integrated Pest Management$40,000Jeraldine EnglerthEugene Thilsted
83532801-1SUA Web App for Sustainable Landscaping$14,746Karen BassBarbara Levinson
83354701-1SUWater Treatment and Education in Villahermossa, Mexico$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
97707001-22ANational ARRA Clean Diesel Funding for University Of Nebraska-Lincoln$1,000,000Michele MillerElizabeth Kramer
83498901-0XATraining Sessions-Landfills & Landfill Gas in China$100,000ThuyT NguyenRachel Goldstein
99171109-2CENew Hampshire Estuaries Project$1,004,084Brian TocciJean Brochi
83569401-0SUAnaerobic Co-Digestion of Food Waste & Manure$14,874Alison HanlonAnne Sergeant
83239901-5X8National Pesticide Medical Monitoring Program$647,499Karen BassFrank Davido
97736201-2X6St. Louis Community College Drinking Water Operator Training$181,638Jennifer EricksonKarla Asberry
82689701-9XNational Center For Sustainable Water$3,837,800Jessica DurandRobert Bastian
83507701-0SUBringing Clear H2O to Haiti$15,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
98170501-5CECasco Bay Estuary Project$1,530,669MaryEllen StanisDiane Gould
83405801-1ABCommunity Lead Awareness Partnership (CLAP)for Healthy Kids$215,887Nicole RobertsSineta Wooten
98756601-1XInnovative Technologies for Nutrient Management$994,099Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
82725101-DRNational Pesticide Medical Monitoring Program$800,497Kelley BoatwrightFrank Davido
99T04101-0NPPOLLUTION PREVENTION GRANTS - Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network$180,000Elizabeth ArmourJohn Katz
97640101-2X7Hydrogeologic and Water Quality Study of the Hueco Bolson Aquifer$15,000Jeraldine EnglerthBarbara Schrodt
97267305-0XResearch Foundation - ESF Science$290,200Cynthia PabonIrene Boland
83553101-0SUDrinking Water System for Developing Countries$15,000Karen BassGregory Lank
83025101-2RAnaerobic Microbial Reductive Debromination Of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers -$235,683Robert DenegalMitch Lasat
83184301-1RDFDP - Bayesian Methods For Characterizing Complex Multivariate Exposure -$389,248Joselynn FountainChris Saint
97737601-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development and Job Training Grant$199,998Connie AllenAlma Moreno-Lahm
00J88901-0NPPSU FY 15 EE Grant$102,000John SchaubRobert Drake
97666701-1X8LSU-Chemical Management of Stem$86,000Brian BerryEugene Thilsted
83045501-3XAProduct Stewardship Stakeholder Dialogue on Industrial Smoke Detectors and Fixed Nuclear Gauges$148,850Emmanuel EkwoSally Hamlin
83346301-ECRHuman Health Effects of Environmental Pollutants$8,201,470Ben VauterSteve Jackson
96316401-2CDVIMS VA Wetlands$1,014,640Tina WithelderDanielle Algazi
98154201-4CARight-To-Know and Environmental Education$59,581Cheryll ScottJuan Paez
97688301-0X1Waste To Energy: Strategic Geographic Planning Tool Development$65,000Jeraldine EnglerthDeanna DeBose
97830101-1X7Monitoring and Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems$794,200Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
97744301-0CDA Condition Assessment Protocol for Iowa's Prairie Pothole Wetlands$196,769Jennifer EricksonJennifer Ousley
00E01126-1GLMichigan State University-CANR$392,823Prentiss DixonLaura Evans
83374601-2RDSOA Volatility Evolution: Formation & Oxidation$599,990Kristen ArelSherri Hunt
99171117-0CEPiscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership Year 17 Workplan$597,200Brian TocciJean Brochi
83444501-2XAMethane Emissions from Abandoned Coal Mines in China$400,000ThuyT NguyenFelicia Ruiz
83242101-1RDMeta-Regression Analysis of Recreation Valuation and Demand Elasticities$409,947Alison HanlonWilliam Wheeler
97085801-2NPPollution Prevention Education and Assistance for Small Businesses$111,253Deborah LarsenCarolyn Gangmark
00F74801-0JTSUSLA Environmental Workforce Development$215,000Brian BerryCamisha Scott
83553501-0SUPackaging Based on Biodegradable Plastics$14,994James DaviesGregory Lank
97211401-0PEImplementing IPM-based Tools to Increase Adoption of New Reduced-risk Insecticides in Cranberries$53,000Cynthia PabonAudrey Moore
83516401-0RDIn vitro to In vitro Screening of Thyroid Hormone Receptor$655,064Karen BassPasky Pascual
83401801-0SUProd. of Natural Plastics in Wastewater Treatment$75,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
97302103-0CBFiscal Year 2006 National Atmospheric Deposition Program$5,542Elizabeth JanuaryDebbie Embleton
97214511-0JTSUNY Brownfields Job Training Program$200,000Arlene ChinSchenine Mitchell
83521101-1CRSource Attrubution-Radiative Forcing-Univ CO$244,446James DaviesJohn Dawson
82735501-7RNorthwest Research Center For Particulate Air Pollution And Health -$9,938,976Jennifer BrooksGail Robarge
83539201-0XAAssessment Methane Res.Mun.Wastewater Chile$99,748Carl DavisChris Godlove
83244301-2RDRetrospective Analysis of a Multidecadal Phytoplankton Time Series in Narragansett Bay$296,574Karen BassAnne Sergeant
97342504-0CBFY 09 VA TECH Data Management$161,856Julie DietrichGreg Allen
83157701-4TRTraining and Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TTAB) Communities for the South and Southwest$420,000Robert DenegalMitch Lasat
82908801-3RIndividual Variability, Environ Stressors, & Sampling Uncertainty in Wildlife Risk Assessment$437,455Goshu WoldeBrandon Jones
83307401-1EMRegional Program to Promote Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Technology Diffusion$967,200Karen BassDouglas Grosse
00F24601-1NPFY10 Pollution Prevention Grant Program$75,000Debbie DorseyDavid Bond
83542401-2RDCooking & Lighting Impact on Air Quality & Climate$1,500,000James DaviesJohn Dawson
97352201-1PEBuilding IPM Capacities in Latino Daycare Centers in Philadelphia$50,898Lisa WhiteRalph Brogdon
82644001-5RTexas Regional Institute For Environmental Studies$2,181,563Devon BrownBrian Westfall
82871702-2REnvironmental Risks To Children's Health -$249,450Kenneth SylvesterWilliam Wheeler
83177601-3RDDesigning Incentives for Private Maintenance and Restoration of Coastal Wetlands$288,942Stephanie SaelzlerClay Ogg
83503901-3RDDevelopment of a Quantitative Accounting Framework$899,600Karen BassWil Wilson
99171118-0CEPiscataqua Estuaries Partnership Year 18 Workplan$512,000Brian TocciJean Brochi
98886201-5X1Solid Waste Management$0Sam FernandezKim Bartels
83276501-3TRTechnical Assistance for Community Based Organizations to Participate in Brownfields Redevelopment$282,000Jennifer BrooksJoseph Bruss
00F01201-1NPFY 2009 Pollution Prevention Grant Program$90,000Debbie DorseyDavid Bond
83431801-0SUAnaerobic Co-Digestion of Animal Wastes$10,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
82980001-4RFDP - Assessment of Natural Source Mercury Emissions$891,545Kristen ArelWilliam Stelz
96646601-1PEIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) in Public and Native American Schools$50,900Belenthia EppsEugene Thilsted
98187701-2EAHealth and Safety Refresher Course for New England Tribes$27,885Cheryll ScottLen Wallace
83296801-1EMDelta Center for Agricultural Water Use$0Kristen ArelBrandon Jones
83569801-0SUTechnology for Reducing BBQ Particulate Matter$15,000Karen BassAnne Sergeant
83500101-1RDOntologies for Data and Models of Liver Toxicology$749,705Alison HanlonPasky Pascual
00E00920-0X1Regents of the University of Minnesota$35,064Frances ShieldsRita Garner
83522001-1AERain Garden Capacity Demo Project$82,000Kristen ArelMike Borst
83330401-0X3Naphthalene State-of-the-Science-Symposium (NS3)$75,000Nicole RobertsLu-Ann Kleibacker
83298601-0X3The 5th International Conference on the Analytic Element Method -$5,000Joyce BlakeStephen Kraemer
00E00939-0NEStewardship and the Family Home Environment (SAFE)$81,392Krista GalvinMegan Gavin
83454701-2RDStudies Of Impacts Climate-Allergic Airway Disease$900,000Alison HanlonJohn Dawson
83249101-0SUDevelopment of a Bi-National Groundwater Management Model within the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez Region$10,000Robert DenegalCynthia Nolt-Helms
97546710-1AIGreat Lakes Environmental Finance Center Project$84,520Donna StingleyChristopher Choi
82948301-6RWestern Region Haz. Substances Research Center- Collateral Grant$365,000Kelley BoatwrightMitch Lasat
83235101-2X3FDP - Benchmarking Sustainability Engineering Education$350,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83354301-0SUSustainable Water Supply--La Garrucha, Guatemala$9,994Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83319201-0SUDesigning and Demonostrating Sustainable Multi-Family Attached Housing$10,000Robert DenegalCynthia Nolt-Helms
83479901-4RDEmory/GA Tech Collaborative:Assessmnt-Health Effects$7,999,779Joselynn FountainSherri Hunt
82943601-2RPhthalates in Pregnant Women and Children$2,137,933Phillip SchindelIrwin Baumel
83534501-0SUCommunity-Scale Water Treatment$15,000Alison HanlonBarbara Levinson
96465706-0X7Identification of Land-Based Pollution in South Florida Corals: Viruses as Markers for Human Sewage$49,990Connie RutlandMorgan Jackson
96981401-1CDWetlands Protection Development - Assessment and Monitoring$143,713Martha VillarrealWendy Wiltse
00T22201-4NPPOLLUTION PREVENTION GRANTS - Source Reduction$395,456Elizabeth ArmourJessica Counts-Arnold
00F73001-0X9Energy Management System - UTA$73,073Debbie DorseyAnnette Smith
97725701-2NP2010 Pollution Prevention Program$127,881Donna BloeckerJeannette Kerr
83190001-1X3To develop a Mold Remediation Process using hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by FE(II) Ions.$261,500Kenneth SylvesterTimothy Dean
83182801-1SUFDP - Cross Border Water Technology Collaboration$10,000Jessica DurandJulie Zimmerman
96055301-0AARegional Geographic Initiative$100,000Greg LucheyClaire Schary
97106701-2NEEducation and Action through Lake Leaders$4,177Paul TrevinoKristen Conroy
83433401-0SUAnaerobic Digester:Dairy Waste & Stormwater$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
98739801-4EABoise State - Stakeholder Meetings$12,745Annora OgletreeRobert Dunlevy
83601501-0SUBiological Grey H2O Treatment System$14,988Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83126201-5TROur Town: Enhancing Brownfield Redevelopment through Community School Partnerships -$522,205Robert DenegalJoseph Bruss
83154001-5RDFDP-Methods Development for exposure related behaviors$5,352,434Karen BassDevon Payne-Sturges
97546709-0AICleveland State University$165,000Donna StingleyChristopher Choi
97376001-0X8Strategic Agricultural Initiative Grant Program$54,379Donna ArmstrongJohnJ Butler
83483001-1X8Soil-Based Biopesticide & Nutrient Delivery-Orchards$249,939Ben VauterCara Finn
83400001-1EMSmall Public Water Systems Technology Assistance Center (SPWSTAC)$344,540Matthew BellStephen Hogye
00E00559-3GLGreat Lakes Coastal Wetland Mapping$852,483Prentiss DixonJohn Schneider
95400008-2X7Water Quality and Watershed Management Support$33,800Kenny RichardsonMaryjo Bragan
96998001-2X8TSCA Special Purpose Activities - Protocol for Screening Imported Candies$96,798Maria RoversoDavid Tomsovic
97824801-2X1Solid Waste Management Assistance Grants$55,000Jasmin GuerraBenjamin Bents
00F10401-1X82010 Targeted Grant Reduce Childhood Lead Poisoning$99,975Sharon BeetsAnnette Smith
83475801-1SUEnhancing Urban Sustainability w/ Permaculture$75,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
83451101-3RDIntegrative Research-Childhood Leukemia & Environmentt$3,704,598Karen BassNica Louie
83570501-0SUEnv Friendly Flame Retardants Based on Nanosheets$15,000Alison HanlonAnne Sergeant
98153401-5XCorn Herbicide Use$57,565Monique LloydAndrea Szylvian
83084501-2RDField Evaluation of Evapo-Transpiration (ET) Caps$395,548Nicole RobertsNora Savage
83416101-6TRSustainable Local Gardening Redevelopment at Brownfields Sites$900,000Shana EtheridgeAnn Carroll
96484607-0CDRegional Wetlands Program Development Grants$236,810Sharonita JohnsonMorgan Jackson
83393401-0SURemoval of Arsenic from Aquifers$9,999Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
97277805-1X1Dissolving Barriers to Successful Food Waste and Organics Recycling$45,000John OwenRachel Chaput
83184801-1RDFDP - Systems Biology Modeling of Flathead Minnow Response to Endocrine Disruptors$765,817Nicole RobertsDeborah Segal
96122501-5AIThe New England Environmental Finance Center$756,836Diane CulhaneErik Beck
83333901-1RDNanoparticle Toxicity in Zebrafish$166,624Karen BassMitch Lasat
97546704-0EMCLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY$307,222Karen SykesFrances Dean
83439701-0SUSustainable Bldg Design & DW System in Nigeria$9,978Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
95439909-0BFBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$200,000William LundyNicole Bates
00T54301-0CDWETLANDS PROTECTION DEVELOPMENT - California Rapid Assessment Method$350,000Linda StrunaPaul Jones
96604501-0X4Binational Community Action for Environmental Clean-up and Education$82,989Linda LyonsRobert Snowbarger
83530001-0SUOptimizing Photo-Voltaic Cells$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
83110201-2CRAtmospheric Mercury In Vermont And New England -$667,300Stephanie SaelzlerEricS Hall
83051301-4REconomic Valuation of Avoiding Exposure to Arsenic in Drinking Water$274,824Robert DenegalKelly Maguire
83230201-2XScience and Policy Application for the Coastal Environment$1,452,400Kristen ArelBrandon Jones
83371701-2CRBioenergy Industry Implication on Ecosystem Services$149,723Kelley BoatwrightTim Johnson
00T80201-1X7CWA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Marine Debris$15,000Vernese GholsonAnna-Marie Cook
83130201-1RDDevelopment and Application of A Bioluminescent Yeast-Reporter System for Screening Chemicals$391,506Cheryl ClarkDeborah Segal
98463805-1ES. Carolina Clemson U. Certif. and Trgn. FY'05$167,444Laura FowlerRayna Brown
83037701-1RDevelopment of Joint Multi-Pollutant Air Quality Modeling Facilities & Air Monitoring Stations$3,500,000Devon BrownDarrell Winner
95464510-5CENational Estuary Program$2,068,467Laura FowlerTina Lamar
83394501-0SUSolar Desalination Array$9,840Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
96030901-0NEClimate Change Workshops for Teachers: Moving from Information to Action$11,000Julie JodockMike Letourneau
83170901-5RDFDP - Center for Child Environmental Health Risks -$3,651,710Joselynn FountainRichard Callan
96484707-1CDRegional Wetlands Program Development Grants$497,989Margaret CroweMorgan Jackson
00J06001-3AIEnvironmental Finance Center Grants Program$613,555Greg LucheyWilliam Chamberlain
96963201-1EMSPECIAL APPROPRIATION - Fallon Leukemia Studies$677,000Elizabeth ArmourBruce Macler
83334601-0RDFDP - Reality Check Plus$274,060Karen BassLinda Bishop
83169701-9RDStudy of Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease, and Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter$32,999,090Alison HanlonVito Ilacqua
97835401-0CPSD State Univer/FY05CFP/NPDES$100,100Tempa GravesBruce Suchomel
97686101-1X6Financing Water and Wastewater System Security$222,222Darlene CoulsonMichael Vaughan
97834401-0SGRegional Geographic Initiative$21,484Tempa GravesPeter Ismert
00F48601-0X7Development of Energy Management Plan$70,000Lisa KapshSondra McDonald
83409701-1NEWA State U - SEEP Project$85,347Kelley BoatwrightSally Hanft
83478401-0SUSolar Powered Watering System$9,985Alison HanlonGregory Lank
97142401-3XRoots and Shoots$198,400Monique LloydMartha Curran
83517901-0RDPoint of Use DW Treatment in Paso del Norte Region$498,906James DaviesAngelaD Page
83250501-1SUFDP - EcoMOD Post-Occupancy$10,000David AckCynthia Nolt-Helms
83345901-1RDValidation of Benefit - Transfer Functions$194,374Karen BassWilliam Wheeler
83506301-1X8State-wide Bed Bug Education - NJ$99,688Kristen ArelSusan Jennings
96173401-1NPPollution Prevention$68,000Brian TocciLee Fiske
96555501-7GLEVALUATION OF ELECTRIC DISPERSAL BARRIERS$66,771Robert FieldsElizabeth Murphy
96456906-4CENational Estuary Program$2,102,350Laura FowlerMorgan Jackson
83354001-0SUFDP Project Small Grant - Creating a Sustainable Project Dashboard$10,000Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83571901-0SUPrevention of Pharmaceutical Water Pollution$15,000James DaviesGregory Lank
96662901-0TTAMUS Facilities$25,660Jeraldine EnglerthMargaret Osbourne
83320201-1SUFDP- Growing Alternative Sustainable Buildings$75,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83350601-0SUComparisons of Engines Operated on Canola$9,674Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
98790101-1NPPollution Prevention Information Network 2007$109,064Jennifer EricksonMarcus Rivas
83447401-0NEStudent H20 Monitoring Program-Montana State U$77,579Kristen ArelWendy Dew
83314401-7XANational Radon-Focused Risk Reduction Training Project$499,589Jessica DurandSusie Shimek
99171119-0CEPiscataqua Estuaries Partnership Year 19 Workplan$538,000Brian TocciJean Brochi
83322401-1RDEffects of Clouds and Tropospheric Pollution$299,988Ben VauterBryan Bloomer
83476201-0SUSteep Green Roofs in Cold Climates$10,000Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
82948501-3RFDP - Not All Deaths Are Created Equal Understanding Indiv Pref for Reduction in Morbidity-Mortality$430,308Robert DenegalWilliam Wheeler
83566501-0OSLouisiana - FY2014 Environmental Exchange$299,325Jennifer BrooksJustin Hathaway
83107101-2RDRisk Assessment of Phosphate-based Remedial Technologies$397,975Nicole RobertsNora Savage
97527401-3XNorth Carolina State University$520,000Alicia WardKristen Faulhaber
96481707-0X8Lead Poisoning Risk Reduction in Pediatric Medicaid Population$100,000Laura FowlerStan Kukier
96136901-0CENarragansett Bay Estuary Program$306,310Monique LloydMargherita Pryor
96632301-5EMLSU Red River Management Institute$198,400Brian BerryArlene Gaines
00T80001-0PEPESTICIDES ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM - Website Template Development$50,000Vernese GholsonMary Grisier
97968801-1XSpecial Appropriation - Santa Ana River Watershed Research and Training II$223,500Martha VillarrealMary Butterwick
83248201-0SUFDP: Phosphorus Recovery From Sewage -$10,000Barbara ProctorJulie Zimmerman
83383601-3RDBeach Grass Invasions & Coastal Flood Protection$599,980Karen BassMichael Hiscock
00E00444-2GLVerification of Ballast Water Treatment Technology$519,564Prentiss DixonRajen Patel
99835710-1TWastewater Operator Training Grant$48,000Carol OdonnellBrian Friel
98391201-1NEProject Contain, Maintain and Connect Outdoor Environmental Workshop$4,938LaRonda KoffiBonnie Lomax
83177501-1RDFDP- Testing for Efficiency of the SO2 Allowance Market$133,194Stephanie SaelzlerWilliam Wheeler
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