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83189301-0SUDemonstrating the Feasibility of a Biofuel-$7,560Barbara ProctorJulie Zimmerman
83344601-3XAIntegrated Assessment of Multiple Greenhouse Gases, Climate Impacts and Pollution$600,000Jessica DurandLesley Jantarasami
83450301-1RDMonitoring CO2 Biogeochemical interactions in DW$899,997Joselynn HawkinsAngelaD Page
83600001-0XAIntegrated Assessment of Greenhouse Gases$400,000Jessica DurandSara Ohrel
83248801-0SUBiodiesel as a Sustainable Alternative to Petroleum Diesel in School Busses$9,588Adriana AlvarezJulie Zimmerman
82980201-0RA Dynamic Spatial Socioeconomic and Ecological Model to Assess Environmental Impacts$248,265Cheryl ClarkDinah Koehler
82639601-5XAdvancing Risk Assessment For Water Quality Issues$3,453,844Brian HanlonLisa Almodovar
83375801-2SUFDP- Solar Photovoltaic & Wastewater Trtmnt Sys/Panama$74,093Alison HanlonCynthia Nolt-Helms
83454901-1RDAtmospheric Ammonia Emissions from Livestock$483,827James DaviesAlan Leinbach
83425701-2PIMarket Influncs-Green Tech: CA Dry Cleang Indus$41,600Matthew BellBrett Snyder
97292204-1NPWeb-based P2 and EMS Resources for Marinas and Boatyards$65,831John OwenAlex Peck
83130101-1RDHigh Throughput Zebrafish Embryo Gene Expression System for Screening Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals$400,000Kristen ArelDeborah Segal
83475101-0SUFarm Waste to Energy$74,544James DaviesCynthia Nolt-Helms
83540501-0RDSensitivity of Organic Aerosol Concentrations$399,998James DaviesMichael Hiscock
83359201-2PIThe Appropriateness of Panel Based Findings$278,513Rogers GrossBrian Heninger
00E01147-1GLImproving eDNA-Based Surveillance Programs for High-Risk Potentially Invasive Species$599,930Karen SykesVergel Santos
96297512-0NESyracuse University-FFY12-EE$131,050John CiorciariWanda Ayala
83311601-4XAReducing The Risk Of Residential Indoor Air Pollutant Exposure Among Children In Latino Families$330,000Carl DavisCarmen Torrent
97871901-2XASurveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations.$64,170Tempa GravesRon Schiller
83251501-2RDFDP- Current-use Pesticides: Assessing Exposure and Spermatoxicity$672,821Jill ClarkDevon Payne-Sturges
97836801-2XAAir Quality Projects$52,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
00E75401-1GLHeidelberg University$100,000Prentiss DixonVergel Santos
83551701-1SUTurbidimeters for Monitoring of H2O Quality$14,527Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
98876501-5XSpecial Studies - Modern Stream Eutrophication Model and Interface$315,206David HarrisKathryn Hernandez
83475501-1SUDeveloping Solar Power for Aquaculture System$74,785Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83497501-0PIAligning Envirnmntl & Transprtatn Policies-Climate Chng$80,233Kristen ArelAlecia Harvey
83429101-0SUCook Stoves for Haiti Using Thermoelectrics$9,976Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83409301-1RDNatural Organic Matter/C60 Fullerene Interactions$399,996James DaviesPaul Shapiro
83249801-0SUApplication of Bioretention, Native Plants and Low Impact Storm Water Management Strategies$9,444Michael LitwackJulie Zimmerman
97201911-1NERochester Institute of Technology-FFY11-EE$40,000John CiorciariWanda Ayala
83476101-0SUNitrogen Selective Membrane/Carbon Capture$10,000Karen BassGregory Lank
83609801-1OSFY11 Exchange Network - IN - Purdue University$197,676Shana EtheridgeGlynis Zywicki
96158701-2X8Integrated Chemical Mgmt Greater Boston Public Schools$105,600Jean CrockerLen Wallace
83300701-2RDRobust Cantilever Sensors for Detecting Pathogens in Drinking Water$562,215Kristen ArelAngelaD Page
83513901-0RDCompact-Network Accessible Optical ParticleCounter$250,000Karen BassMichael Hiscock
83385701-2RDFDP- Aggregation of Carbon Nanotube$399,467Karen BassPaul Shapiro
83391801-0SUA Novel Solar Thermal Combined Cycle$10,000Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83532001-0SUSustainable Housing for Communities in Need$15,000Joselynn FountainBarbara Levinson
97380501-0NESCHOOLS FOR POOLS$15,066Eleanor SullivanKathleen Kirkland
95457010-1XAUniversity of Tulsa Indoor Air Quality$140,000Kenny RichardsonMiya Smith
83075801-3RDFDP - Children's Vulnerability to Environmental Immunotoxicant Exposure$754,467Phillip SchindelKathleen Deener
00F56501-1XAIndoor Air Quality (IAQ) Project$48,636Belenthia EppsStacy Murphy
00E00652-1GLLake Superior Binational Forum$144,623Michelle BeckerDeborah Lamberty
83224501-2XUnderstanding Mechanisms of Oxidation Catalysis by Iron-TAML$484,100Kenneth SylvesterCynthia Nolt-Helms
83285001-4RDEvaluating The Impact Of Public Disclosure On Polluter Behavior$235,040Rogers GrossCarl Pasurka
83232401-0PISeminar in Environmental Economics and Policy$10,850Michael LitwackClay Ogg
83508501-0SUGreen Infrastructure-Protection-Coastal H2O Quality$15,000James DaviesGregory Lank
83550701-0SUTextile Waste Reduction$11,923Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
97101501-1LILIS Assessment of Effects of Bottom Water Temperature on Sediments in LIS$80,186Monique LloydJoseph Salata
83570901-0SURoad Salt Management & Application Techniques$5,000Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
83435801-1RDProjecting Pollen Allergens & Health Implications$900,000Karen BassVito Ilacqua
00E00514-2GLChequamegon Bay Area Habitat Restoration Project$251,414Michelle BeckerBart Mosier
83540201-0RDNovel Measurements of Organic Aerosol Composition$298,747Alison HanlonSherri Hunt
83162901-1RDFDP - Drinking Water Quality and Emergency Visits for Gastroenteritis in Atlanta$1,223,366Joselynn FountainAngelaD Page
83432001-0SUAlternative Power for an Aquaculture System$9,834Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83247501-1SUKnudsen Cell Reactor for Catalyst Research Related to Hydrogen Technologies$10,000Devon BrownCynthia Nolt-Helms
83433501-0SUGreywater Delivery from Residence to Garden$9,976Ben VauterCynthia Nolt-Helms
83484401-2NECollaborative Conservation Through Birds and Citizen Science$121,953Kristen ArelTeresa Ippolito
82873301-3RFDP - Modeling Heat and Air Quality Impacts of Changing Urban Land Use and Climate.$1,531,418Adriana AlvarezDarrell Winner
97262206-1NEIntegrated Curriculum Unit Centered Around Invasive Species, Phragmites Australis (Common Reed)$10,600John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
00E01317-1UWReducing Stormwater in Lower Grand River Watershed through Training & Regional Rainscaping Planning$60,000Krista GalvinEdward Pniak
83435001-0SUAlkali-activated Slag Cement as Building Material$10,000Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83242801-2XIntegrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium (IPEC)$2,760,100Karen BassBarbara Levinson
00E36001-1GLAssessing factors in the decline of the native amphipod Diporeia$53,481Prentiss DixonGlenn Warren
83429301-0SUFarm Waste to Energy:Sustainble Solutions$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83531801-0SUConverting Ag Waste to Biofuel & Feed$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
83478601-0RDAmbient Air Pollution & Health Outcomes$250,000Karen BassMaggie Breville
96319401-0X9Greening the Shale Gas Supply Chain$76,882Eleanor SullivanEvelyn Velazquez
97273601-0XAUNIVERSIDAD DEL TURABO$25,000Maria FloresAmeesha Mehta-Sampath
83157501-5TRTraining and Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TTAB) Grants for HSRC.$465,000Robert DenegalMitch Lasat
95418309-0X7Fractionation Factors of Stable Nitrogen Isotopes During Assimilation by Macro-Algae$100,000Sharonita JohnsonMorgan Jackson
83602101-0SUScalable Low-impact Hydropower Generator$14,936James DaviesGregory Lank
83054801-1RDFDP - Chronic and Acute Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter and other Air Polluntants$1,033,646Nancy KokBarbara Glenn
83354101-0SUWest African Technology$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83459901-1RDCenter for Childrens Environmental Health & Disease Prevention at Dartmouth$1,079,663Karen BassRichard Callan
83354901-0SUWater Supply and Distribution System$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83344601-3XAIntegrated Assessment of Multiple Greenhouse Gases, Climate Impacts and Pollution$600,000Jessica DurandLesley Jantarasami
83171801-0RDAdsorption and Release of Contaminants onto Engineered Nanoparticles$333,797Robert DenegalMitch Lasat
83362202-0RDStatistical Models for Estimating Health Impact$237,295Kristen ArelNica Louie
83209601-2RDFDP- Biomarkers of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Exposure and Asthma$764,872Jill ClarkDevon Payne-Sturges
97273805-0XMonmouth University Center for Coastal Watershed Management - Watershed Initiatives$248,000Maria FloresRobert Dieterich
97682101-1XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Implementation Program$31,000Belenthia EppsDonnaL Cooper
97341401-0NEField Institute for Environmental Learning$11,228Shareef PraterAndrew Kreider
83333401-1RDFDP Life-Cycle Analysis of Nano and Bulk Materials in Photovoltaics$199,885Jill ClarkMichael McKittrick
83555501-0RDPerformance/Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure$1,000,000James DaviesAngelaD Page
83095901-1RDFDP - Application of A Unified Aerosol-Chemistry-Climate General Circulation Model$0Joselynn FountainDarrell Winner
83082701-1RDMarkers of Individual Susceptibility and Outcome Related to Fetal and Infant Growth and Development-$748,511Phillip SchindelSusan Laessig
97126501-0NEYale Peabody Museum Env. After School Pgm$34,945Monique LloydKristen Conroy
98272400-1CPNutrient Management Planning on New York State Farms$99,996Michele JunkerElizabeth VanRabenswaay
97282500-0X7Impacts of Invasive Plants on Wetland Habitats$28,968Oriana MendezKathleen Drake
83224401-3RDFDP - A Longitudinal Assessment Study of Human Exposure to Pesticides$1,883,248Joselynn FountainChris Saint
83392401-0SUNear Infrared Scattering Architectural Coatings$9,999Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83531401-0SUSolution to Biodiesel Production Wastewater$14,999Alison HanlonBarbara Levinson
00E01029-1NEHarrisburg University-GLISTEN$150,000Prentiss DixonMegan Gavin
96291113-0CELISS NY Public Outreach Program$294,459Janeime CastroJoseph Salata
83407301-2CRAlterntve Metrics/Air Pollutn Exposure-Atl,GA Study$226,515Rogers GrossHaluk Ozkaynak
98934101-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program$32,523Veronica AdamsShelly Rosenblum
83315701-0SUHarnessing Ocean Wave Energy to Generate Electricity$10,000Adriana AlvarezCynthia Nolt-Helms
83493101-0X35th GEOS-Chem Scientific & Users' Meeting$15,000Kristen ArelJohn Dawson
00E00545-1GLSustainable Approach for Wetland Biodiversity$449,603Robert FieldsRajen Patel
98748201-1XAIn-Home Asthma Education for High-Risk Children and Caregivers$26,448Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
82815602-0RDEffect of the Gasoline Oxygenate Ethanol on the Migration and Natural Attenuation of BTEX Compounds$80,301Devon BrownBala Krishnan
97273505-2LILI Sound Study-Public Outreach$417,377Janeime CastroJoseph Salata
83489001-3XAIndoor Air Quality Champion Puerto Rico II$138,143Carl DavisCarmen Torrent
97359201-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$97,226Donna ArmstrongDavid Rider
99251911-0XMaxwell School Environmental Finance Center$222,445Michele JunkerStephen Vida
98215201-2XStudy of Env. Issues in South Bronx Ph 3$1,972,535John OwenGavin Lau
97354901-0X8Targeted Grants to Reduce Childhood Lead Poisoning$100,000Donna ArmstrongArtencia Johnson
83360101-1CRDevelopment and Evaluation of Pathogen Concentrators and Microbiosensors$400,000Joselynn FountainAnn Grimm
83251301-0SUSolar Decathlon 2005$10,000Adam FettCynthia Nolt-Helms
83240101-6XADynamic Modeling of Emissions from Land-Use Activities$1,100,000Jessica DurandStephanie Waldhoff
97201401-0PEA webinar series and interactive grower outreach for pesticide resistance management in greenhouses$50,000Cynthia PabonAudrey Moore
83471001-0SUBriquettes from Agricultural Wastes$10,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83534101-0SUPyrolytic Cookstoves & Biochar Production$14,990James DaviesBarbara Levinson
83096101-1RDImpacts of Climate Change and Global Emissions on US Air Quality$896,524Adam FettDarrell Winner
83352701-0SUSewage Off-Gas-Driven Fuel Cells$9,975Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
97168902-0X8Lead-Based Paint Risk Education$75,000Jean CrockerJamesm Bryson
83089801-1RDDeveloping Functional Fe(0)-Based Nanoparticles for In Situ Degradation of DNAPL$358,000Nicole RobertsMitch Lasat
83531001-1SUDesalinization System for Drinking Water$14,950Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
97643301-3XLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program FY 03$1,987,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
83222202-2RDLinking Impacts of Climate Change$383,288Kristen ArelBrandon Jones
83246701-2SUFDP - Encouraging Toxic Use Reduction in Academic Laboratories: Phase II$39,852LaShaun PhillipsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83506601-2SULightweight Green Roof H2O Retntn System$75,000James DaviesCynthia Nolt-Helms
83084301-1RDRisk Communication in Remedy Selection: Comparative Evaluation of CERCLA and Everglades Restoration$192,029Kenneth SylvesterNora Savage
83475201-1SUAguaClara Drinking Water Purification$75,000James DaviesCynthia Nolt-Helms
96819401-0X9Trustees of the Univ of Penn Source Reduction FY12$25,000Sam FernandezKate Gregory
83340101-1RDPromoting Sustainable Pollutant Control Policies$299,968Karen BassLinda Bishop
83269201-0TSMALL GRANT- Washington Internsips for Native Students$20,773Karen BassRodges Ankrah
83529801-0SUSmall-Scale Rural Hydropower Generation$14,944Karen BassGregory Lank
97851201-5RERocky Mountain College - CARE$299,974Jasmin GuerraNancy Reish
83068501-1RFDP-Neurokinin Receptors and Environmental Lung Injury$848,306James DaviesNica Louie
98224702-2CENY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program Education/Outreach$109,242Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
00F17601-0XAFY 2011 Health Indoor Environment - Tools for Schools (TfS) with Ponca City, OK and Harligen, TX$40,000Belenthia EppsStacy Murphy
00E00816-3GLInvasive Species Surveillance of the Bait Trade$276,150Karen SykesBart Mosier
97206401-0DEPuerto Rico Clean Trucks Project$886,095Maria FloresReema Loutan
83571301-0SUDevelopment of an Affordable Solar Thermal Pasteurizer$14,520Karen BassGregory Lank
83539001-2XAEnergy Modeling Forum Climate Economics$270,001ThuyT NguyenEric Smith
83246601-2SUDeveloping And Assessing The Impact Of A Socio-Technological Resource-$74,991Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
00E01133-1GLLake Ontario Headwaters Watercraft Inspection Program$399,891Francisca RamosMario Paula
97298703-1XAAmbient Concentrations of PBTs and Mercury$50,000Douglas RobertsBarbara Belasco
82962401-3RSynthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Studies of Transition Metal Carbide$395,000Diane GreeneNora Savage
83345501-0X3Environmental Change and Human Security: Recognizing and Acting on Hazard Impact$13,933David AckMichael Bender
97652101-1CPNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)$63,579Jeraldine EnglerthSharon Daugherty
83470801-0SULatrine Tech/Human Waste Managmnt/Rural Ghana$9,988Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
83551601-0SUWater Treatment Facility for Arsenic Contamination$14,999Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
98248702-3XLake Ontario Regional Monitoring - Option 2$192,100John OwenBarbara Belasco
96414304-0X7Endocrine Disrupters and Pharm. Metabolites in Waters of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary$50,000Shirley GrayerFred McManus
83401401-0SUBiodiesel Education BE:GREEN$75,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
97220910-2X9Encouraging WET Cleaning as alternative to PERC$69,470Janeime CastroLorne LaMonica
83054701-2CRRelating Cardiovascular Disease Risk to Ambient Air Pollutants-$949,436Nicole RobertsBarbara Glenn
83569901-0SUCoatings for Steel-Reinforced Infrastructure$14,982James DaviesAnne Sergeant
00E01116-0GLReducing Amounts of Toxic Flame-Retardant Chemicals in the Great Lakes$100,000Prentiss DixonLaura Evans
83390601-1SUAgriculture for Overpopulated Regions$0Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83351801-0SUSmall Grant - Nanostructured Material Design for Hg, As, and Se$10,000Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
82979501-3RFDP - Laser Based Studies of Atmospheric Mercury Transformation$559,363Kenneth SylvesterWilliam Stelz
98224703-2CENY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program - Outreach$183,462Michele JunkerRobert Nyman
97275505-2NETeachers Institute for Environmental Studies$7,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
83509901-1SUWind Energy for Haiti$15,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
82735401-6RUltrafine Particles Characterization Health Effects and Pathophysiological Mechanisms-$9,952,447Adriana AlvarezGail Robarge
83433801-0SUDose Controller for AquaClara WaterTreatmnt Plants$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83248101-0SUDeveloping a Turnkey Vegetative and Container Assembly for use with Extensive Roofs$9,792Michael LitwackJulie Zimmerman
83455401-0RDChemical Transport Predictions of Organics$500,000James DaviesAlan Leinbach
83171101-4RDInner City Toxicants, Child Growth and Development$4,005,842Joselynn FountainRichard Callan
83317601-1SULow-Cost Water Purification System$9,920Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83186301-1SUFDP - Farm to College: Reducing Food Miles through Direct Purchases$10,000Bobak ZarrinnahadJulie Zimmerman
99251909-1CPFFY-2004 MAXWELL SCHOOL - ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE CENTER$222,219Michele JunkerElizabeth VanRabenswaay
83352201-0SUInnovative Biodiesel Production$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
97330401-3X9Pollution Prevention of Pharmaceutically Active Chemicals$133,750Eleanor SullivanVirginia Thompson
83214701-1CREvidence-based risk analysis:Learning from our experience with genetically modified crops.$232,347LaShaun PhillipsBob Frederick
83539901-0RDAnthropogenic Influence on Biogenic VOC Oxidation$299,995Karen BassSherri Hunt
83572401-0SUDeveloping a Wireless Device for Hotel Water-Usage Monitoring$15,000Karen BassGregory Lank
83508101-0SUWase to Fuel: Landfill Algae Bioreactor$14,999James DaviesGregory Lank
83365701-0CRAir Quality Symposium on Climate Change$15,000Kristen ArelCarolA Sanders
83449501-0X3Mitigtng Humn Risk LoneStar Tick-Associatd Pathoge$237,439Nicole RobertsMontira Pongsiri
83407501-0NERegional Collaborative f/Sustainability Ed Project$124,845Kelley BoatwrightMegan Gavin
83247701-0SUHigh Albedo And Environment-Friendly Concrete For Smart Growth And Sustainable Devel -$10,000Barbara ProctorCynthia Nolt-Helms
83503501-1RDBlack Carbon Air Quality & Climate-Local to Global$900,000James DaviesVito Ilacqua
82735301-7RAmbient Particle Health Effects: Exposure, Susceptibility, And Biological Mechanisms$9,447,015Michael LitwackStacey Katz
97210101-0X5Columbia University Earth Institute Conference$15,000Stephanie MontralloCecilia Echols
97463102-2XIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Implementation Project$48,135Shirley GrayerMaryP Echols
83554401-0SUStacked Rapid San Filtration$90,000Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
83321701-4XAStudy and Analysis of Policies to Induce Technology Innovation in the Transportation Sector$995,823Jessica DurandElizabeth Etchells
83319101-0SUFDP- Constructing Sustainable Homes Following Natural Disasters -$10,000Jennifer BrooksCynthia Nolt-Helms
95468410-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$36,527William LundyKathy Armstrong
83314901-0SUFDP - TA Brown Mechanical Aerator$10,000Jennifer BrooksCynthia Nolt-Helms
97285801-1XSupport for Biomedical Research on Environmentally Induced Cancers and Immunological Responses$670,600Douglas RobertsMartha Isaac
00T97701-2XACAA Special Purpose Activity - Asthma Outreach and School Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Improvement$53,336Veronica AdamsShelly Rosenblum
96297912-0CEBehavior Change Tools for Lawn Care Practices$35,000Janeime CastroJoseph Salata
98192601-2CHCompliance with Lead Based Paint$117,726Brian TocciLen Wallace
83216201-1RDGC-MS for Source Apportionment of Organic Aerosols$450,000Nicole RobertsDarrell Winner
97390501-2XA2010-2013 Indoor Air Quality Projects in Region 3$220,000Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
83088201-1RDFDP-Developing Regional-Scale Stressor-Response Models for Managing Eutrophication-$744,882Jill ClarkIris Goodman
97262606-0NESaturday Environmental Academy$39,297Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
83088301-2RDAdaptive Implementation Modeling And Monitoring For TMDL Refinement -$694,662Jennifer BrooksIris Goodman
00E00819-1GLA Targeted Landowner Approach to Watershed Restoration$300,000Robert FieldsBart Mosier
83533201-1RDMembrane Liquid Phase Plasma Reactor$499,779Joselynn FountainBarbara Klieforth
83040201-1RAvian Risk Assessment through Citizen Science Monitoring of Bird Populations-$288,028Jill ClarkDiane Nacci
99251916-7AIEnvironmental Finance Center Program - FFY 2010 through FFY 2016$1,105,455Michele JunkerMichael Shaw
83425001-1RDDistribution Systm H2O Quality-Health Outcomes-Atl$599,756Joselynn FountainAngelaD Page
00E35901-0GLFluorProbe Assessment of Great Lakes Phytoplankton$26,777Prentiss DixonFrederick Luckey
82735101-7RHealth Risks of PM Components-$9,762,583Adriana AlvarezStacey Katz
97824001-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance Grants$49,999Jasmin GuerraMatthew Langenfeld
83330301-0X3Environmental Health is a VERB! Building Healthy Children$20,000Stephanie SaelzlerMichael Bender
97200812-0NETeachers College, Columbia U. FFY12-EE$149,930John CiorciariWanda Ayala
96638001-2EMLake Whitney Comprehensive Assessment Project Phase 1C$197,000Jeraldine EnglerthSharon Daugherty
83253401-0RDMicrobial Impact of Catalytic Nanoparticles$374,998James DaviesPaul Shapiro
83530401-0SUPretreatment of Food Waste for Fuel Synthesis$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
83332601-1RDEffect of Surface Coatings on The Environmental and Microbial Fate of Nanoiron.$400,000Kristen ArelMichael McKittrick
97292804-1XCoastal Watershed Management Center$198,800Maria FloresRobert Dieterich
83386201-0RDBioavail Transform and Detox of Nanomaterials$400,000Karen BassMichael McKittrick
98245001-2X9Schools and Universities Go Green$21,225Janeime CastroMarcia Seidner
96312301-0PEAn Integrated IPM Program. Using Non-Chemical Controls to Manage Parasites in Honey Bee Colonies$50,000Donna ArmstrongEvelyn Velazquez
83572501-0SUHydroponics to Remove Phosphorus from Urban Lakes$15,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83324101-0X3Air Quality Symposium on Air Emissions from Large Industrial Sources$15,000Robert DenegalCarolA Sanders
96932701-1EMSpecial Appropriation - Environmental Finance Center$222,222Martha VillarrealZac Appleton
83246501-0SUDesign Development and Implementation of Low Cost Solar Ovens in Latin America$75,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
97366201-0XAHampton Roads Virginia Air Quality Initiative Project$49,995Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
83485801-1RDPhotochmicl & Fungal Transfrmatns-Carbon Nanotubes$600,000Alison HanlonNora Savage
97731001-0X9Drury University Source Reduction 2011$46,682Michele MillerJeannette Kerr
83385301-0X32007 Ecosystems Services Valuation Workshop$14,906Alison HanlonStephen Kovash
83215801-2RDFDP - Bayesian and Adjoint Inverse Model Analyses of Particulate Matter Sources$450,000Kristen ArelDarrell Winner
83241501-6RDFDP - Source-Specific Health Effects of Ultrafine/Fine Particles$8,000,000James DaviesMel Peffers
83082401-3RDFDP-Value of Reducing Children's Mortality Risk: Effects of Latency and Disease Type$278,315David AckWilliam Wheeler
00E00710-2GLChequamegon Bay Beach Sanitary Surveys$192,116Michelle BeckerDaniel Samardzich
00T67301-0AIEnvironmental Finance Centers$190,000Martha VillarrealZac Appleton
00919201-4X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Green Waste Reuse Feasibility Study$30,000Martha VillarrealErica Yelensky
83315301-1SUSMALL GRANT- Effectiveness of Energy Generating Exercise Equipment$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83457702-2RDRisk Assessmnt in Low-Income Community$749,662James DaviesDevon Payne-Sturges
96566501-0NECALVIN COLLEGE - ENVIRONMENTAL ED$14,996Francisca RamosMegan Gavin
83394001-0SUPermeable Parking:Green Apprch to Managing Runoff$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83213601-2RDFDP - Low Dose Effects of In Utero Exposure to Cadmium on Puberty$738,798Joselynn FountainIrwin Baumel
97293601-0NERaccoon and terrapin management issues at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge$5,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
83479801-5RDAir Pollution Mixtures:Health Effects-Life Stages$7,997,562James DaviesVito Ilacqua
83149501-2RDFDP - Electrocatalysis for Environmentally Friendly Energy Production Systems$375,000Joselynn FountainDiana Bauer
83158301-2X7Development of Rapid Assessment Methods for State Wetland Monitoring Programs-$83,064Jessica DurandChris Faulkner
83317501-1SUDecentralized Waste Treatment and Energy Recovery in Kigali, Rwanda$10,000Robert DenegalCynthia Nolt-Helms
83229701-2XAOvercoming Technical Barriers to Reduced Emissions Through Lighting$850,000Robert DenegalPeter Banwell
83220901-2X3Sustainablity of Land Use In Puerto Rico, Region 2$287,401Kristen ArelDale Manty
83575001-0RDClimate change & weatheriz. Impacts on indoor air$272,569Alison HanlonVito Ilacqua
83419101-1RDImpact of Climate on Stream Water Qual in West US$250,000Karen BassMichael Hiscock
83143301-2RDEnvironmentally Benign Synthesis$319,996Nicole RobertsApril Richards
98215205-1XStudy of Environmental Issues in the South Bronx, Ph. V$248,335John OwenGavin Lau
82939602-6RDFDP - Measurements of Dietary Intake of Pyrethroid and Organophosphate Insecticides by Children$974,594Joselynn FountainDevon Payne-Sturges
97140201-1BFJohnson & Wales Brownfields Cleanup$200,000Henry BurrellDorrie Paar
83172501-5RDFDP - Metal Mixtures and Children's Health$3,947,095Kristen ArelRichard Callan
83376701-4XAClimate Modeling Workshops & Study @ Stanford$1,000,000ThuyT NguyenEric Smith
97286104-1LIA Decision Support Tool to Facilitate Nitrogen Load Reductions in the Long Island Sound Watershed$80,800Janeime CastroMark Tedesco
83366501-1RD"Uncertainty Analysis and Air Quality Planning"$299,770Jill ClarkPasky Pascual
97294501-2XAIndoor Air Quality Informal Education Training$94,300Maria FloresAmeesha Mehta-Sampath
83531301-1SUWater Disinfection for Bangladesh$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
83557301-1TIIncreasing Community Awareness & Use of Environmental Information through Education and Outreach$450,000Jacob BurneyChristine Arcari
83428301-2RDRegional Infrastr/Air Qual Planning & Global Chnge$591,683Joselynn FountainJohn Dawson
83348101-2X3JIE Special Issue on Applications of MFA$14,994Joselynn FountainDale Manty
83450301-2RDMonitoring CO2 Biogeochemical interactions in DW$899,997Joselynn FountainBarbara Klieforth
97257206-0NPAgricultural Plastic Films$99,250Janeime CastroMaureen Krudner
83065401-2RDImproved Science & Decision Support for Managing Watershed Nutrient Loads$749,179Robert DenegalGina Perovich
83107701-1RDFDP - Particle Sampler for On-Line Chemical and Physical Characterization of Particulate Organics$410,000Nicole RobertsSherri Hunt
83475701-0SUSustainable Year Round Food Production$74,643James DaviesCynthia Nolt-Helms
83190201-2CRPulsed UV Versus Low To Medium Pressure UV: Evaluation Of Drinking Water Treatment Efficiency -$200,000LaShaun PhillipsLucille Garner
83382901-2RDDeployable Cyanotoxin Sensor using DNA-Signatures.$599,999James DaviesBarbara Klieforth
97710701-0NENo Stream Left Behind$27,082Donna BloeckerDenise Morrison
83430201-3SUMultifunction Energy Platform Pilot$75,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
83359001-1PIAgricultural Best Management Practices$62,162Alison HanlonClay Ogg
83429201-0SURural Energy Optimization in Himalayan Region$10,000Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83248001-0SURemoval of Dissolved Arsenic at the Point of Entry$10,000Adam FettCynthia Nolt-Helms
83602701-1SUHarvesting Power From Cookstove Exhaust$15,000James DaviesGregory Lank
83459401-2RDEvaluation of Environ Impacts on Fetal Development$1,189,575Karen BassNica Louie
96126401-0NEElementary Teacher Training in Sustainable Energy$18,503Diane CulhaneKristen Conroy
83507801-0SUConverting Algae to Biodiesel$15,000James DaviesGregory Lank
83552201-0SUGreenplex -A Sustainable Urban Form$15,000James DaviesGregory Lank
97720401-2XAAsthma and Indoor Air Quality in Southwest Missouri$29,872Donna BloeckerGregory Crable
97232601-22ADiesel Emissions Reduction and Voluntary Construction Equipment Retrofit Program$1,997,279Maria FloresJenna Salomone
00F60101-2ABAddressing Lead Exposure Awareness in McLennan Co.$25,602Debbie DorseyAnnette Smith
00D04912-2XAIndoor Air Quality$119,914Kenny RichardsonGwendolyn Graf
00E01303-0GLFacilitation of the Lake Superior Binational Forum$100,000Robert FieldsDarlene Funches
00E01293-0GLFurthering Capacity to Maintain High Quality Coastal Wetlands in Northern Michigan$499,727Robert FieldsMarcia Damato
83530901-0SUDrinking Water from Solar Distillation$15,000James DaviesBarbara Levinson
83569701-0SUAffordable Pedal Generator for Low Load Applications$15,000Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
83159301-2RDFDP - Valuing Morbidity Using Willingness to Pay and Health Utility Measures$333,396David AckBrian Heninger
97269601-0LIDevelopment of a Riparian Buffer Toolbox of Existing Resources$36,499Janeime CastroMark Tedesco
00E54701-1XPOUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTER WATER AND WASTEWATER IMPROVEMENTS$143,350Kimberly Houston-WilliamsSteffanie Crossland
83600001-3XAIntegrated Assessment of Greenhouse Gases$1,570,000Jessica DurandLesley Jantarasami
82940201-5RFDP - Center for Integrating Statistical and Environmental Science$6,250,049Nicole RobertsBrandon Jones
83359301-2PICharacterize Uncertainty for Economic Analysis$211,090Alison HanlonKeith Sargent
83331801-1RDBehavior of Nanoparticles in Saturated Porous Media$399,035Joselynn FountainMichael McKittrick
96435505-0XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Implementation Project - Region 4$37,800Connie RutlandMaryP Echols
83374201-1RDComparative Toxicity of Coarse Particles$1,199,927Joselynn FountainSherri Hunt
83370601-2RDDev. of Risk Assess. Methodology for Crow Res.$329,532Karen BassCynthia McOliver
00T47601-0AIEnvironmental Finance Center Grants$190,000Martha VillarrealZac Appleton
83337101-1RDEffects of Future Emissions and a Changed Climate on Urban Air Quality$899,984Karen BassJohn Dawson
83244701-0RDA Statistical Modeling Methodology For Prediction of Ecological Thresholds$278,876Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
96316601-1XARegional Indoor Environments: Reducing Public Exposure$118,900Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
83188101-1SUFDP- City in a Box: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Living$10,000Jill ClarkJulie Zimmerman
96940101-0XSpecial Appropriation - Salton Sea Database$99,200Darlene FernandezSara Bartholomew
83278501-0TRImpact of State Level Brownfields Program Public Participation Mechanisms on Community Involvement$92,131Jennifer BrooksJennifer Wilbur
00D06712-1A2Southeastern Multi-Media and Geographic Priority Projects Region 4$25,000Connie RutlandDeborah Carter
83522801-1RDModeling of Extreme Weather Events & Air Quality$749,931James DaviesAlan Leinbach
97590101-3GLLake Erie Trophic Status$379,188Prentiss DixonGlenn Warren
97263001-2NEEnvironmental Education Program$13,614John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
83320101-1SUSMALL GRANT-The Green Dorm-$75,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83366701-4RDFDP-Uncertainty Analysis in Integrated Assessments$348,582James DaviesPasky Pascual
83392501-0SUSelf-contained Human & Solar Powered LED Lighting$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83432101-0SUYear-Round Food Production in Cold Climates$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
98432097-AEQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program$162,000Stephanie LankfordMargaret Crowe
83252801-0RDRole of Particle Agglomeration in Nanoparticle Toxicity$375,000Jill ClarkMichael McKittrick
00D06912-1A2Southeastern Multi-Media and Geographic Priority Projects Region 4$36,247Kenny RichardsonDeborah Carter
82964201-1RAssessing the Interactive Effects of Land Use, Climate and UV Radiation on River Ecosystems.$825,850Brian DrozdBrandon Jones
83549301-0SUSolar Power-based Thermal Cooling System$15,000James DaviesAnne Sergeant
00E55901-2GLChemical Analysis of Fish Tissue for the Great Lakes Fish Monitoring Program$200,000Prentiss DixonElizabeth Murphy
83550801-0SUSafe Drinking Water for Rural Guatemala$14,965James DaviesAnne Sergeant
83529001-1SUPortable Solar Water Purification System$89,669James DaviesGregory Lank
83353801-0SUSolar Lighling for Remote Rural Communities$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
82802001-6RFDP - National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research$4,870,500Kenneth SylvesterGina Perovich
83394301-1SUMulti-Disciplinary Platform for Water Sys-Honduras$9,700Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83450901-3RDColumbia Center for Children's Environmental Health$3,953,320Joselynn FountainRichard Callan
83479301-0RDAssessing Impact Environmental Hazards$492,103Alison HanlonMaggie Breville
83227801-0X3Educational Grant for E.Hormone 2004 Symposium$10,000Cheryl ClarkSusan Laessig
97316101-1XPSpecial Appropriations Project$303,600Hana JonesDave McAdams
96292814-0X9Toxics Reduction and Sustainability in the Southern Tier$84,147Janeime CastroLorne LaMonica
83319301-1SUInteractive Planning Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning$9,683Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83186701-1SUSustainability on Ithaca College Natural Lands$10,000Jill ClarkJulie Zimmerman
83406701-0RDRole of IgG in Mouse Models of Food Allergy$433,100Alison HanlonCynthia McOliver
83249201-0SUFDP. Scale-Up Implementation of a Sustainable Arsenic and Microbial Removal Filter in Nepal$10,000Michael LitwackJulie Zimmerman
83603201-0SUSmall Scale Solar Energy Generation$14,995Karen BassGregory Lank
83337001-1RDFDP - Global Change and Air Pollution Phase 2$900,000Kristen ArelJohn Dawson
83340401-2EMSyracuse University Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems$1,921,300Joselynn FountainBarbara Levinson
83533701-1SUImproving the Design of the Ram Pump$15,000Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
82868601-2RSpatial-Temporal Models For Environmental Health Effects -$557,859Joselynn FountainChris Saint
83249501-0SUSmall Grant - Manufacturing Facility for Activated Carbon and Ceramic Water Filters$10,000Robert DenegalCynthia Nolt-Helms
83392201-0SUGreen Energy for a Dorm in Kitale Kenya$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
97222501-0X8Grower partnerships to develop resources increasing biocontrol in NYS greenhouses$95,939Cynthia PabonAudrey Moore
82900401-1RFDP - Pharmaceuticals and Antiseptics: Occurrence and Fate in the Environment$524,894Nancy KokAngelaD Page
83220401-1X3Multi-Objective Decision Model for Urban Water Use$254,999Nicole RobertsDiana Bauer
83378901-3XAReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Providing Technical Expertise to Build the Market$1,050,000Carl DavisPeter Banwell
83438501-1RDFramework for GeoSequestration of Carbon$870,009Alison HanlonBarbara Klieforth
83326401-1RDThe Economic Value of Health Improvements to Drinking Water$675,173Alison HanlonBrian Heninger
97240408-0NEEnvironmental Science Training Workshops$12,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
83107801-1RDDevelopment of Advanced Factor Analysis Methods for Carbonaceous PM Source Ident. and Apportionment-$450,000Asher WeinbergDarrell Winner
97386701-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$269,374Donna ArmstrongDavid Rider
00T15101-1AIEnvironmental Finance Center Grants$222,222Martha VillarrealZac Appleton
82935601-1RFDP - Toxic Metal Ion- Synthetic Chelating Agent Interactions in Aqueous Media$333,057Nancy KokNigel Fields
83473001-0SULightweight Green Roof Systems$9,952Kristen ArelGregory Lank
83471401-0SUWatershed Management at Duke University$10,000Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
83569001-0SUDiesel Emissions Test Stand to Improve SCR$15,000James DaviesAnne Sergeant
83271901-1XThe Ecology of Disease Vectors in the Northeastern US$193,400Jill ClarkBrandon Jones
00E00828-0GLEastern Lake Ontario Headwaters Watercraft Inspector Program$332,869Marco SantosMario Paula
83515601-0SUWatershed Management at the Basin Scale at Duke University$75,000Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
83098901-4RDFDP-Experimental Economics Examination of Incentive Mechanisms for Reducing Ambient Water Pollution-$279,999Stephanie SaelzlerWilliam Wheeler
97284504-0NESustainable Communities Roundtable$8,775Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
83513201-0RDMiniature Electrical Ultrafine Particale Sizers & Sensors$499,130Alison HanlonMichael Hiscock
00F37701-0XAIndoor Air Quality - Tools for Schools Project$49,991Belenthia EppsStacy Murphy
83172201-1RDFDP- Iron-Oxide Nanoparticle-Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation$335,000Jill ClarkNora Savage
00E01184-0GLGreat Lakes Biological Monitoring$3,867,525Francisca RamosGlenn Warren
00E39901-1WSHoney Creek Targeted Watershed Project$899,938Mirchell PhillipsAlex Schusler
97286704-0NEMaster Classes in Environmental Studies$5,800Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
83216001-1RDSource Apportionment of Particulate Matter$238,721Jill ClarkDarrell Winner
96677601-2NECoastal Wetlands Stewardship Projects in Greater New Orleans Schools$17,514Sharon BeetsLance Nixon
83292301-1CPPresence, Fate & Treatability Of Estro-And Audrogenic Contaminants In Wastewater And Biosolids$100,000Robert DenegalRobert Bastian
83571701-0SUSustainable Algal Biofuels Solution$15,000Karen BassGregory Lank
83356401-0SUReducing the Waste Stream$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83090901-2RDGraft Polymerization as a Route to Control Nanofiltration Membrane Surface Properties-$349,000Jill ClarkMitch Lasat
83401501-1SUReactor Design for Biodiesel Production$74,960Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83063301-3RIntegrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium$2,820,300Nicole RobertsBala Krishnan
83241601-5RDFDP - Novel Exposure Scenarios to Define the Health Effects of Particle Sources$7,999,609Kristen ArelMel Peffers
98786501-1XASpringfield Public Schools Tools for Schools$46,798Debbie TitusRobert Dye
96996901-0EMPublic Private Partnership - Environmental Finance Center$222,222Martha VillarrealZac Appleton
83570701-0SULimestone to Concrete to reduce CO2$15,000Joselynn FountainGregory Lank
83435901-1RDPredicting Regional Allergy Hotspots-Future Climates$898,634James DaviesVito Ilacqua
83433101-0SUSolar Energy Heater for the Developing World$10,000Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83290801-1XAFellowship Support for Graduate Students in Engineering and Science$12,500LaShaun PhillipsGreg Janssen
83329301-5RDFDP - Southern Center on Environmentally-Driven Disparities In Birth Outcomes -$7,735,637Joselynn FountainRichard Callan
82941201-3RAdvanced Oxidation Processes For The Treatment Candidate Contaminant List (CCL) Chemicals -$315,000Joselynn FountainMichael Elovitz
97886801-2XASurveys Studies Research Invest. Demonst. & Special Purpose Activities Relating to Clean Air Act$93,000Sarah HulsteinRon Schiller
96296012-2X9Conservation in Puerto Rico's Hospitality Industry$146,989Janeime CastroJuan Gutierrez
83228301-1XACyberinfrastructure for Air Quality Management$348,257LaShaun PhillipsCatrice Jefferson
83457701-1RDRisk Assessmnt in Low-Income Community$0Kristen ArelMaggie Breville
96327201-0UWVILLANOVA UNIVERSITY 2015$60,000Eleanor SullivanMarion White
83291001-0CRAb initio Investigation of Heterogeneous Mercury Kinetics with Bromine-Embedded Surfaces$10,000Michael LitwackNick Hutson
97241608-4LILIS NY Public Outreach Program$772,023Janeime CastroJoseph Salata
83284601-0RDFDP -Corporate Responses To Infomation Disclosure -$284,724Stephanie SaelzlerJohn Davidson
83045401-5XAEnergy Modeling Forum's (EMF) Studies on the Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy Issues$480,001LaShaun PhillipsEric Smith
83250701-0SUMoving Towards a Sustainable Compus: Design of a Green Roof Monitoring Experiment$10,000Adriana AlvarezJulie Zimmerman
96613701-2CPLinking Observational and Experimental Approaches$155,000Jeraldine EnglerthSondra McDonald
99251912-0EMMaxwell School Environmental Finance Center$222,223Frank BaroneAlicia Reinmund
83551401-0SUImproved Toilets for Sanitation in Rural Environs$14,992Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
96982901-0X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Data Collection of Recycling Industry$49,972Linda StrunaTimonie Hood
83432801-1SUThermoelectric Power Harvesting Systems$10,000Jill ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83237401-1GRFDP: Nanostructured Catalysts for Remediation of Chlorinated Compounds$320,000Joselynn FountainNora Savage
83457801-1RDEffects of Metals & Stress on Nervous System$1,250,000Joselynn FountainMaggie Breville
99251914-0EMEnvironmental Finance Center$257,222Frank BaroneAlicia Reinmund
83254101-2XCenter for Environmental and Energy Research (CEER)$1,494,900Jill ClarkMitch Lasat
98788101-0BFCreighton Brownfields Cleanup$200,000Jennifer EricksonStephanie Doolan
98798401-1XATools for Schools in Three Kansas Counties$34,552Michele MillerTina Wilkins
83351901-0SUEngineering the Biosynthesis of Styrene in Yeast$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
82877101-5RFDP - Center for Hazardous Substances in Urban Environments$4,438,160Kristen ArelMitch Lasat
83536401-1SUPower in a Box: Sustainable Energy Production$90,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83088702-1RDFDP - Bayesian Methods for Regional Scale Stressor-Response Models$251,841Jill ClarkAnne Sergeant
97743901-0DEClean and Green in the Ozarks$99,133Christine SchmaltzGregory Crable
96117501-2TIMoving Public School Science Departments Toward Green$15,000Jean CrockerDarlene Checchi
83209001-1CRDeveloping the Next Generation of Great Lakes Lower Foodweb Assessment Tools$108,348Jill ClarkJohnr Kelly
83559601-0RDFrom Home to School Asthma Intervention Study$919,988Karen BassCynthia McOliver
97226901-1PEPesticide Environmental Stewardship Program$49,999Cynthia PabonAudrey Moore
83409201-1RDInfluence of Water Quality - Carbon Nanoparticles$400,000James DaviesPaul Shapiro
83221401-2GRPathways of Mercury Evasion from Contaminated Wetlands$324,767Kristen ArelNora Savage
83473901-0SUSustainable College Communities:The Food Loop$10,000Kristen ArelGregory Lank
83241701-6RDFDP-Johns Hopkins University Particulate Matter Research Center$7,993,276Karen BassMel Peffers
83229601-1X7A Workshop And Monograph On Adaptive Implementation Of Water Quality Management Plans -$30,000Joselynn FountainTim Icke
83227501-2RDFDP - Effects of Changing Climate on Fires and the Consequences for United States Air Quality$750,000Kristen ArelBryan Bloomer
83362201-1RDFDP - Statistical Models for Estimating Health Impact$500,000Karen BassMaggie Breville
83199201-1CRNY STAR Center for Env. Quality Systems/EPA Indoor Environmental Research Program Collaboration$4,468,876Kelley BoatwrightRonald Mosley
98215206-1XNYU South Bronx Study Phase VI$248,000John OwenGavin Lau
97294301-0NEEnvironmental Education Program$21,671Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
83352001-0SUSmall Grant - Sustainable Energy for Developing Nations$9,995Stephanie SaelzlerCynthia Nolt-Helms
83600701-1SUDevelopment of apparel & footwear$74,999Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83469303-0RDJoint US/UK Research Program:RAMNUC$884,890Joselynn FountainMitch Lasat
97142201-0EGSW Mgmt - Special Wastes on Tribal Lands$15,000Brian TocciGeorge Frantz
83091201-3CRDevelopment of Alternative Approaches to Assessing the Impact of Pollutants on Env. Syst.-$0Jill ClarkMitch Lasat
82943602-2RFDP - Phthalates in Pregnant Women and Children$641,231Jill ClarkBarbara Glenn
83412601-1PIBiofuel Trade-Offs - Fuels Forests and Food$90,000Melissa RangasammyChris Dockins
83151301-3RDFDP-A Novel Adsorption Technology for Small-Scale Treatment of Arsenic-$49,794Adriana AlvarezApril Richards
83182001-1SUSynthesis of a Polymeric Hybrid Ion Exchanger with Iron$10,000Adam FettCynthia Nolt-Helms
82868801-7XNational Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)-$8,469,172Barbara ProctorKathleen Graham
99251915-0EMEnvironmental Finance Center - FY09$267,222Michele JunkerStephen Vida
83508801-0SUTechnologies for a Kitchen in Kenya$15,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
97279801-0XResearch Training on Environmentally Induced Cancers$198,800John OwenMartha Isaac
83300301-1RDQuantitative Assessment of Pathogens in Drinking Water.$600,000Kristen ArelBarbara Klieforth
83425901-0PIThe Adjustment Costs of Clean Air Act Amendments: Evidence from Administrative Data$34,650Kristen ArelBrett Snyder
83417301-2TRAssessing Brownfield Sustainability: Life Cycle Analysis and Carbon Footprinting$525,000Shana EtheridgePatricia Overmeyer
00E00616-2XAUniversity of Tulsa$60,739Alicia WardJeanette Marrero
96810001-2XAReducing Indoor Pollutants$67,600Sarah HulsteinRon Schiller
83251001-0SUA Sustainable Residence and Living Laboratory-$10,000LaShaun PhillipsJulie Zimmerman
00E00454-5GLFISH MONITORING AND SURVEILLANCE$6,500,000Francisca RamosElizabeth Murphy
83385801-0RDQuantum Dot Weathering$399,889Kristen ArelPaul Shapiro
99T01301-1AIEnvironmental Finance Center West$68,555Martha VillarrealJessica Counts-Arnold
83242401-1CRScreening Tools For Young Children At Risk For Environmentally Mediated Neurobehavioral Disorders -$120,000Alison HanlonJoann Fuller
98228700-2SDPuerto Rico's Road to Smart Growth$239,518Douglas RobertsRabi Kieber
83149101-1CRKnowledge-Based Ground Level Ozone Map$25,000Matthew PetersT Slonecker
00D06812-1A2Southeastern Multi-Media and Geographic Priority Projects Region 4$39,861Laura FowlerSheryl Good
97348901-1EMCrabby Creek Stream Project$98,600Bernie McCullaghSusan McDowell
00E67701-1XAUNIVERSITY OF TULSA - INDOOR AIR$76,444Karen SykesJeanette Marrero
83340701-1AWNutrient Loading in a Mature Constructed Stormwater Wetland$100,400Jennifer BrooksSteve Settle
98205701-3BTBrownfields Job Training - Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez (SUAGM)$200,000Jennifer ChernowskiLarry DAndrea
96905701-4XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Implementation Project.$55,000Veronica AdamsShelly Rosenblum
00T88101-0AIEnvironmental Finance Centers$165,000Martha VillarrealEric Magnan
83572701-0SUPervious Concrete Water Filters$14,957James DaviesGregory Lank
82902201-1RPopulation Signatures of Immunogenetic Adaption To Environmental Stress$318,084Kristen ArelDale Manty
83214101-5RDFDP- Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health$3,607,182Joselynn FountainRichard Callan
97686501-0X4Effects of Diesel Exposure and Traffic-Related Air Pollution On Asthmatic Children$126,000Jeraldine EnglerthMaria Sisneros
98292600-1X7SHARK RIVER ESTUARY WATERSHED$30,656Maria FloresKathleen Drake
83142901-1XASponsor Clean Air Act Workshop and Environmental Justice Conference$70,000Kelley BoatwrightGrecia Castro
83427901-3RDAir Pollution Hlth & Econmc Impacts/Global Chng Policy$600,000James DaviesJohn Dawson
83602301-0SUDeveloping a Point-of-use Drinking Water Fllter$15,000James DaviesGregory Lank
00E19801-2X8REDUCTION IN CHILDHOOD LEAD POISONING$98,935Francisca RamosGeorge Stone
83317801-1SUContainment of Highly Concentrated Arsenic Laden spent regenerant on the Indian Subcontinent$10,000Nicole RobertsCynthia Nolt-Helms
83430001-1SUSelective-IR Scattering Arch Coating$61,830James DaviesCynthia Nolt-Helms
00E00825-0GLAssessment of Lake Sturgeon Blood & Tissue for Pollutants in the Rochester Embayment Area of Concern$307,487Francisca RamosFrederick Luckey
97211701-0REInter American Univeristy of PR (CECIA) CARE Grant$81,402Stephanie MontralloCristina Maldonado
97100801-2LIUnderstanding the role of nutrient enrichment in tidal march loss in Long Island Sound$125,372Monique LloydTillie Luzzo
00E00340-1NEMONMOUTH COLLEGE$35,137Madeline RuckerMegan Gavin
98245501-2LILONG ISLAND SOUND STUDY - PUBLIC OUTREACH$630,002Janeime CastroJoseph Salata
98277901-1EQUsing Geographic Information Systems to Identify Environmental Justice in the Mid-Hudson Valley$18,185Douglas RobertsTerry Wesley
96636701-0NEExpanding Community Awareness: Benefits of Native and Restored Blackland Prairie$9,880Sharon BeetsBonita King
83300201-1RDFDP - Quantitative Assessment of Pathogens in Drinking Water$600,000Karen BassAngelaD Page
83056701-2RThe Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Environmental Policies$230,000Michael LitwackClay Ogg
97246208-1SBPuerto Rico Clean School Bus Initiative$228,703Janeime CastroMatthew Laurita
97282801-1X5PACE UNIVERSITY GREEN ROOF PROJECT$60,000Frank BaroneRabi Kieber
83426701-0X3NATO Workshop: Achieving Environmental Security$14,000David AckDarryl Keith
83506801-1SURenewable Energy Activities in the Classroom$36,500Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83602901-0SUImproving Energy Efficiency for Buildings$15,000Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83042801-3XAIntegrated Assessment of Multiple Greenhouse Gases and Policies Studies$595,000Michael LitwackJason Samenow
83185401-1SUFDP - Healthy and Energy Efficient Housing in Hot and Humid Climates: A Model Design$10,000Kenneth SylvesterJulie Zimmerman
83602201-0SUBiohybrid Solar Cells for Power Production$14,999Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83573201-0SU"Smart" Turbidimeters for Remote Monitoring of Water Quality$89,933Karen BassCynthia Nolt-Helms
83322101-2RDThe Future of Harmful Algal Blooms$564,472Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
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