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All Awards by Recipient & Type

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96625201-0T'05 Wastewater Outreach Operator Training Program$32,800Brian BerryMargaret Osbourne
96625201-0T'05 Wastewater Outreach Operator Training Program$32,800Brian BerryMargaret Osbourne
98798001-1BF'Brownfields Hazardous Substance Assessment for Liberty Square$200,000Michele MillerStephanie Doolan
82806201-2R'PARTICULATE MATTER (PM) SUPERSITES' Monitoring Program$3,700,060Devon BrownBrenda Millar
98368201-1CP02 PADEP National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program$262,300Elizabeth JanuaryPatricia Iraci
00739916-1K105 INDOOR RADON ASSESSMENT AND MITIGATION$149,782Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
00349905-2C905 VA NPS Program$3,962,400Bernie McCullaghAnn Carkhuff
96996408-2I08-10 Water Pollution Control Program$115,000Martha VillarrealLoretta Vanegas
00349608-0C908 DC DOE Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$1,298,300Bernie McCullaghCatherine King
97120606-0CU08/09 Beach Monit. & Notific for Connecticut Coastal Beaches$223,000MaryEllen StanisAnn Rodney
97192201-1BF1-5 Riverside Drive Brownfields Cleanup$200,000MaryEllen StanisJoe Ferrari
82689601-6X1 Mw Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Demonstration Plant$8,571,000Robert DenegalRobert Bastian
96132601-0BF10 Wall Street Cleanup Project$200,000MaryEllen StanisDorrie Paar
99851201-AX103 Air Special Studies$145,263Joyce BrameDouglas Marshall
97140801-1T104 (g) (1) Operator Training Grant$35,000Janet BartlettDavid Chin
98176801-3X7104b3 - Suppl. TMDL Funds - FY02$153,937MaryEllen StanisWarren Howard
97473003-2T104g Onsite Operator Assistance Program$86,000Seema RaoJames Adcock
97472903-2T104g Onsite Wastewater Operator Assistance Program$102,500Shirley GrayerJames Adcock
97469202-2T104g SecurityTraining$40,000Seema RaoJames Adcock
97468402-2T104g Wastewater Operator Training in Security Issues$77,500Laura FowlerJames Adcock
98137701-5T104(g) Outreach Operator Training Program$39,000Monique LloydDavid Chin
99113701-6T104(G) Wastewater Operator Training Program$193,500MaryEllen StanisDavid Chin
99835911-0T104(g)(1)$24,000Carol OdonnellBrian Friel
97153401-1T104(g)(1) Operator Training Grant$29,000MaryEllen StanisDavid Chin
98173501-5T104(g)(1) Security Funds Grant$66,000Janet BartlettDavid Chin
97829401-0T104(G)(1) Technical Assistance$34,946Carol OdonnellBruce Cooper
97829401-0T104(G)(1) Technical Assistance$34,946Carol OdonnellBruce Cooper
99836111-0T104(G)(1) Technical Assistance$27,000Carol OdonnellBrian Friel
97438905-1A105 Air Programs$252,743Stephanie LankfordSean Flynn
00854407-0I106-CWA$129,730Joyce BrameGregory Phillips
00854406-0I106-CWA$189,905Joyce BrameGregory Phillips
00E01319-0I106 Coastal Survey Monitoring Initiative$160,000Robert FieldsDertera Collins
00J50301-1I106 Monitoring funds to support WA Monitoring Strategies.$173,200Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
00J06301-4I106 Monitoring funds to support WA State's monitoring strategies$205,523Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
00J87901-0I106 Monitoring funds to support WA State's monitoring strategies.$160,000Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
00J64301-1I106 monitoring funds to support Washington State's monitoring strategies$302,943Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
00J10901-1I106 monitoring funds to support Washington State's monitoring strategies.$174,000Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
97895301-1I106 Monitoring Initiative$160,000Tempa GravesPenney Trujillo
96555710-1I106 Monitoring Initiative$325,300Michelle BeckerFelicia Gaines
96820601-2I106 Supplemental$38,000Danette QuickJennifer Wintersteen
97891101-2I106 Supplemental$15,000Danette QuickJennifer Wintersteen
96821801-2I106 Supplemental$74,815Danette QuickJennifer Wintersteen
97890901-0I106 Supplemental$19,000Danette QuickMaureen Kiely
97891001-2I106 Supplemental$88,000Danette QuickJennifer Wintersteen
97891201-3I106 Supplemental$40,000Danette QuickJennifer Wintersteen
96822801-0I106 Supplemental Monitoring Initiative$160,000Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
96821001-0I106 Supplemental Monitoring Initiative$421,200Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
97889201-0I106 Supplemental Monitoring Initiative$174,100Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
96821601-1I106 Supplemental Monitoring Initiative$1,005,300Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
97890001-1I106 Supplemental Monitoring Initiative$174,000Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
97832901-1I106 Supplemental National Lakes Survey$240,000Danette QuickTina Laidlaw
00635005-6I106 Surface/Groundwater for FYs 05, 06 and 07$4,894,789Linda LyonsArlene Gaines
00399106-1I106 Water Pollution - SRBC (FY06)$570,300Elizabeth JanuaryAgnes White
97497705-1I106 Water Pollution Control Groundwater Program$729,462Barbara StrotherLarry Cole
00486204-1I106 Water Pollution Control Program$14,179Stephanie LankfordAraceli Bonilla
00D07313-1I106 Water Pollution Control Program$2,114,800Marsha HumphriesJennifer Shadle
83454501-0X310th Conference-The New Green Economy$15,000Joselynn HawkinsLinda Bishop
83454501-0X310th Conference-The New Green Economy$15,000Joselynn FountainLinda Bishop
98795101-2XP10th Street Sewer Repairs in Great Bend, KS$768,000Michele MillerDon Gibbins
97735501-3V10th Street Superfund Site$1,424,259Connie AllenWhitney Rawls
99083906-0FS10th year (2006) of Drinking Water State Revolving Fund$17,642,800Cathy ReeseMargo Partridge
97840901-0BF10th & Osage Revitalization$200,000Sarah SourkWilliam Rothenmeyer
96166101-0BF116 Cook Avenue - Brownfields Clean Up Project$200,000MaryEllen StanisKathleen Castagna
83341601-0X311th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference$45,000Joselynn FountainDiana Bauer
83487801-0X311th Natl Confrnce-Science Policy & Envirnmnt$14,900Joselynn FountainJohn Dawson
99083907-0FS11th year (2007) of Drinking Water State Revolving Fund$17,643,000Cathy ReeseWilliam Chamberlain
97699301-0BF1201 Main Street Cleanup Baton Rouge LA$178,000Brian BerryGwen Albert
96520004-0RP128a State Response Program Cooperative Agreement$1,377,500Marco SantosKeary Cragan
83485201-1X314th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conf$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerDonna Witherspoon
99083910-1FS14th year of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program.$34,650,000Cathy ReeseWilliam Chamberlain
97321801-3XP15th Street Sanitary and Related Sewer Rehabilitation$433,700Donna ArmstrongValerie Breznicky
96133601-0BF167 Bearfoot Road Cleanup$200,000Jean CrockerJames Byrne
99381803-1FS16th & Alaska Pumping Station Upgrades$1,136,000Donna ArmstrongKenneth Pantuck
83234501-0X1:5000-Scale Land-use/Land-cover Mapping for Vermont-$97,000Barbara ProctorKeith Endres
98793301-1R72 Million Mile Haul B20 Biodiesel Test$15,000Debbie TitusLinda James
98682201-2X2 percent set aside$27,642Jeraldine EnglerthJavier Balli
98009001-3FS2001 Capitalization for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund$11,558,800Cathy ReeseWilliam Chamberlain
00349701-6C92001 Nonpoint Source Implementation Program 319(H)$2,958,486Bernie McCullaghEugene Mattis
00349701-6C92001 Nonpoint Source Implementation Program 319(H)$2,958,486Bernie McCullaghEugene Mattis
97031701-1X2002, 2003, and 2004 Pacific Northwest Pretreatment Conferences$8,283Evelyn HoltzendorfJoel Salter
83140001-1X62003 Assistance to States in Ground Water Protection and Conservation$993,500Bobak ZarrinnahadNhien Pham
98183601-1CU2003 Beach Monitoring and Notification Project$223,921Monique LloydAnn Rodney
83127301-1X42003 Commission on Environmental Cooperation Meeting$20,025Phillip SchindelDona Harris
98271100-1X72003 New York Spring Fest and Wetland Fest$14,850Michele JunkerKathleen Drake
00740510-1C92003 Non Point Source Pollution Section 319$4,300,800Michele MillerSabre Germano
83191401-4CR2004 Assessment of Oregon's Estuaries$468,000Robert DenegalJanet Lamberson
83184901-1X62004 Assistance to States in Ground Water Protection and Conservation$745,600Bobak ZarrinnahadNhien Pham
98361803-3CB2004 Chesapeake Bay Monitoring$1,054,315Elizabeth JanuarySteve Preston
98382502-2CB2004 Chesapeake Bay Program Monitoring$828,731Elizabeth JanuarySteve Preston
83197001-1OS2004 Environmental Exchange Network Implementation$300,000Phillip SchindelMaryane Tremaine
83210201-2OS2004 Exchange Network Challenge Grant - Michigan DEQ$750,000Karen BassDeborah Steward
83196801-2OS2004 Exchange Network Implementation Grant$300,000Kenneth SylvesterGlynis Zywicki
98350603-2CB2004 Fish Passage Implementation and Coordination$57,318Elizabeth JanuaryKeely Clifford
98327504-2CB2004 Fish Restoration Coordination and Monitoring$37,331Elizabeth JanuaryKeely Clifford
97307701-2CB2004 Implementation Grant$2,287,000Kinshasa Brown-PerryDanielle Algazi
98749001-1X92004 Industrial ByProducts Beneficial Use Summit.$30,000Annora OgletreeChilton McLaughlin
98345204-3CB2004 Modeling, GIS and Data Analysis$730,295Elizabeth JanuaryGary Shenk
97302101-1CB2004 National Atmospheric Deposition Program$5,495Elizabeth JanuaryCarin Bisland
00740511-0C92004 Non Point Source Section 319(h)$4,257,400Michele MillerRegina Kidwell
98338604-2CB2004 Support of Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee$867,381Elizabeth JanuaryNita Sylvester
98344604-2CB2004 Technical and Scientific Writer$79,674Elizabeth JanuaryLori Mackey
98360903-1CB2004 Training and Outreach Coordination$160,661Elizabeth JanuaryMichael Burke
98011903-1L2004/2005 UST Program$335,000Julie JodockErik Sirs
83264001-0CP2005 and 2006 National State and Federal Biosolids Regulators' Conferences$145,000Phillip SchindelJacqueline Rose
83274501-0X32005 Aspen Cancer Conference$12,000Devon BrownSharon Leavitt
97812501-0CH2005 Children's Regional Environmental Health Summit$8,000Olive HofstaderGerard Bulanowski
00349605-2C92005 DC Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$1,252,600Bernie McCullaghFrank Ciambrano
98312805-3C92005 Delaware Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$1,438,100Bernie McCullaghTiana Blount
98768601-0X62005 Groundwater Foundation Annual Conference$5,000Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
97143301-0CE2005 Narragansett Bay CCMP Implementation -- URI$311,988Henry BurrellMargherita Pryor
83277701-1CP2005 National Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Workshop$45,000LaShaun PhillipsJennifer Chan
00349805-1C92005 PA Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$5,900,100Bernie McCullaghSusan McDowell
99751005-5BG2005 Performance Partnership Grant$7,714,347Sabre GermanoToni Gargas
98734003-2NP2005 Pollution Prevention$151,453Annora OgletreeGary Schlicht
96004401-0NE2005 Salmon Country Institute for Journalism/Natural Resources$10,000Julie JodockMike Letourneau
00350005-2C92005 WVDEP Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$2,232,201Bernie McCullaghLeo Essenthier
97120603-1CU2006 Beach Monitoring and Notification Project$223,370Monique LloydAnn Rodney
97164301-1SB2006 Clean School Bus$55,823MaryEllen StanisJeri Weiss
29000111-1CS2006 Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund$24,299,648Karen SherrillJudy Novak
00349606-1C92006 DC Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$1,252,600Bernie McCullaghFrank Ciambrano
83291101-0X32006 Environmental Endocrine Disruptors Gordon Conference$10,000Bobak ZarrinnahadSusan Laessig
83314101-0X32006 Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology$23,000Nicole RobertsDiana Bauer
97161001-1CE2006 Implementation of Narragansett Bay CCMP-RINHS$131,867Henry BurrellMargherita Pryor
83313201-0X32006 International Aerosol Conference$23,412Adriana AlvarezMichael Bender
83313101-0X32006 International Neurotoxicology Conference: "Neurotoxicity in Development & Aging"$12,100Jill ClarkEdie Coates
19000106-0CS2006 Iowa Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)$11,851,686Jennifer EricksonJudy Novak
97159201-0CE2006 Narragansett Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Implementation$133,733Henry BurrellMargherita Pryor
98771901-5CP2006 Nebraska Tools for Environmental Results$125,000Michele MillerKimberly Hill
98782901-1T2006 Operator Training Outreach$24,875Christine SchmaltzKelly Beard-Tittone
00350006-3C92006 WV Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$2,251,826Bernie McCullaghLeo Essenthier
97170301-2XA2007 Clean Air Act (CAA) Section 103$289,748Diane CulhaneDonna Smith
83344401-1X32007 EastFIRE Conference$22,376David AckBritta Bierwagen
83385301-0X32007 Ecosystems Services Valuation Workshop$14,906Alison HanlonStephen Kovash
83358501-6OS2007 Exchange Network Grant Program$299,171Carl DavisTim Siwiec
83347801-1OS2007 Exchange Network Grant Program$465,097Matthew BellKen Blumberg
99759307-1FS2007 IDNR Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Grant$10,252,000Christine SchmaltzChristopher Simmons
96497908-0XA2007 Indoor Air Environments: IAQ TFS for Scott and Fayette County Kentucky Schools$47,884Laura FowlerSeema Rao
00740514-0C92007 Kansas 319 Nonpoint Source Program$3,557,800Michele MillerRegina Kidwell
98792701-1EA2007 Missouri Municipal SSO Training$210,318Michele MillerLinda McKenzie
98790901-0CD2007 Missouri Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment$299,279Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
97185501-0CE2007 Narragansett Bay Implementation - URI$207,500Henry BurrellMargherita Pryor
99158106-3BG2007 Performance Partnershlip Grant (PPG) for Passamaquoddy Indian Township$209,000Diane CulhaneWilliam Nuzzo
98790401-1CD2007 University of Kansas Wetlands Development$325,499Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
00350007-2C92007 WV Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$2,215,310Bernie McCullaghLeo Essenthier
83379401-5X92008-2010 NEPS and NPPR Support$220,000Kelley BoatwrightMichele Amhaz
98795701-1XP2008 Atchison County Drinking Water Treatment Plant$300,000Robert BukatyDon Gibbins
97363601-0CB2008 Chesapeake Bay SAV Aerial Survey Program$240,000Julie DietrichMike Fritz
98312808-2C92008 Delaware Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program$1,669,815Bernie McCullaghTiana Blount
99878408-0FS2008 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund$8,146,000Angela MendiolaBrian Friel
83399401-1X32008 Joint Annual Conference of the ISEE and ISEA$50,000Stephanie SaelzlerRaina Porras
00740515-0C92008 Non Point Source Section 319$3,568,500Michele MillerRegina Kidwell
83390201-0X32008 Oceans & Human Hlth Gordon Research Conf$10,000David AckAlfred Dufour
99158107-3BG2008 Performance Partnership Grant for Passamaquoddy Indian Township$266,669Diane CulhaneWilliam Nuzzo
00E43001-2BF2008 RLF CITY OF Milwaukee$1,500,000Karen SykesKyle Rogers
00349908-0C92008 VA Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$4,319,521Bernie McCullaghAnn Carkhuff
97254901-0PM2008 VIDPNR - PM2.5$66,125Cynthia PabonMarlon Gonzales
98799601-1WP2008 Water Protection Coordination$94,500Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
00350008-1C92008 West Virginia Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program$2,215,403Bernie McCullaghLeo Essenthier
34000209-02W2009 ARRA CAPITALIZATION GRANT FOR NJ-CWSRF$160,146,900Yvette MarCardonaMichael Shaw
36000209-22W2009 ARRA Capitalization Grant for NY-CWSRF$432,564,200Yvette MarCardonaJane Leu
97237909-12F2009 ARRA CAPITALIZATION GRANT FOR PR-DWSRF$19,500,000Yvette MarCardonaAlex Rivera
97233209-02F2009 ARRA CAPITALIZATION GRANT FOR VIDPNR - DWCIG$1,999,000Yvette MarCardonaEdna Villanueva
97846601-1CH2009 Children's Environmental Health Summit$10,000Melisa DevincenziDale Murphy
55000109-1CS2009 Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund - Wisconsin DNR$18,396,477Alicia WardClarence Hawkins
17000109-0CS2009 Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund Program - Illinois EPA$30,775,833Alicia WardClarence Hawkins
39000109-0CS2009 Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund Program - OHIO EPA$76,616,793Alicia WardAndrew Lausted
18000109-0CS2009 Clean Water Revolving Loan Program - Indiana Finance Authority$16,399,548Alicia WardDemetrius Wilson
78003309-22C2009 CWA ARRA for VIDPW Ammendment$1,962,700Yvette MarCardonaEdna Villanueva
98312809-1C92009 Delaware Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program$1,384,600Bernie McCullaghTiana Blount
98548609-0FS2009 Drinking Water Revolving Loan Program - Indiana Finance Authority$11,367,000Alicia WardDemetrius Wilson
98548609-0FS2009 Drinking Water Revolving Loan Program - Indiana Finance Authority$11,367,000Alicia WardClarence Hawkins
97724001-1WP2009 Iowa Water Security$50,000Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
97714501-4CD2009 Kansas Wetland Assessment Method$200,028Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
97701101-2CD2009 Kansas Wetland Restoration and Protection$177,400Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
97701701-1CD2009 MDNR Wetland Nutrient Monitoring and Assessment$266,600Michele MillerKarla Asberry
97379301-22A2009 Mid-Atlantic Diesel Emission Reduction Campaign$4,320,831Douglas RobertsMegan Goold
97701501-2CD2009 Missouri Remote Sensing of Wetlands and Impervious Surface$80,600Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
00349809-3C92009 Nonpoint Source Implementation 319(h) Program$5,698,000Bernie McCullaghSusan McDowell
00J15101-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Clarks Creek$554,362Evelyn HoltzendorfBryan Fiedorczyk
00J13701-2PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Dungeness/Sequim Bay Watersheds$600,000Evelyn HoltzendorfDiana Boquist
00J13801-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Ediz Hook$581,257Evelyn HoltzendorfDiana Boquist
00J14701-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Fall City Park$251,520Yvette DownsSally Hanft
00J14801-3PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Hood Canal/Strait of Juan de Fuca Assessment$205,592Yvette DownsBryan Fiedorczyk
00J15001-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Nisqually Delta$600,000Yvette DownsAlan Moomaw
00J15801-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Quilceda Creek$550,000Yvette DownsWestley Foster
00J15701-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Red Creek$598,619Evelyn HoltzendorfWestley Foster
00J15201-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Samish River$449,961Evelyn HoltzendorfLisa Chang
00J15501-1PA2009 Puget Sound Tribal Implementation Project - Stillaguamish River$335,011Yvette DownsSally Hanft
97704801-1WS2009 Raccoon River Watershed Assessment$200,000Michele MillerKarla Asberry
98597709-1FS2009 Safe Drinking Water Loan Program - Wisconsin DNR$15,770,000Alicia WardAndrew Bielanski
98577709-0FS2009 Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program - Illinois EPA$33,226,000Alicia WardAndrew Bielanski
97701401-0CD2009 University of MO Wetlands Riparian Buffers$399,995Michele MillerBenita Hamilton
97704901-1WS2009 Walnut Creek Watershed Assessment$200,000Michele MillerKarla Asberry
98799102-3L2010-2011 Iowa Department of Natural Resources Leaking Underground Storage Tank Prevention$1,151,866Marc KingstonPaula Higbee
99257409-2BG2010-2011 PPG Decrease$13,636,361Cynthia PabonMartha Isaac
97390501-2XA2010-2013 Indoor Air Quality Projects in Region 3$220,000Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
97725701-2NP2010 Pollution Prevention Program$127,881Donna BloeckerJeannette Kerr
83421601-1X32010 AAAR Pollution & Hlth Speclty Confrnce$150,000Alison HanlonPaul Solomon
00J06601-0XJ2010 Census EJ Demographic Mapping Project$5,000Greg LucheySheryl Stohs
96632901-3GA2010 Cherokee Nation General Assistance Program$1,156,756Kenneth McIntoshIra Hight
00349610-2C92010 DDOE NPS Program for DC$1,205,900Bernie McCullaghCatherine King
00J19501-0EQ2010 DEPAVE N. Portland School Re-Greening$13,350Greg LucheySheryl Stohs
99762910-4FS2010 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$21,434,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
99759310-1FS2010 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$23,169,000Michele MillerChristopher Simmons
83472001-0X52010 Good Jobs-Green Jobs National Conference$35,000Alison HanlonSherri Walker
83457201-0X32010 GRC: Biogenic Hydrocarbons & the Atmosphere$14,990Karen BassSherri Hunt
83468101-0X32010 Green Chemistry Gordon Research Confernces$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerDonna Witherspoon
83468801-0X32010 Joint Annual Confrnces of Internatnl SES & SEE$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerRebecca Clausen
00740517-1C92010 Kansas Nonpoint Source Pollution Control$3,568,500Rachel WaltersRegina Kidwell
98716105-0LS2010 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Corrective Action$795,000Michele MillerVictoria Matthews
83481801-0X32010 National Sustainable Design Expo$15,000Joselynn FountainCynthia Nolt-Helms
00349810-2C92010 Nonpoint Source Implementation 319(h) Program$5,713,000Bernie McCullaghMichael Hoffmann
97725101-3NP2010 Pollution Prevention Program$140,220Michele MillerJeannette Kerr
97725001-1NP2010 Pollution Prevention Program$134,711Donna BloeckerJeannette Kerr
97717401-9AI2010 R7 Environmental Finance Center$791,555Jennifer EricksonKarla Asberry
97223610-1X12010 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy (4Rs) in Schools$29,500Janeime CastroRachel Chaput
97223510-1X12010 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy (4Rs) in Schools Program$30,000Janeime CastroRachel Chaput
83486201-0X32010 States/EPA Biosolids Coordinators Workshop$75,000Ben VauterLaurel Staley
83468401-0X32010 Symposium-Air Pollutn & Cardiovascular Dises$14,500Alison HanlonJohn Dawson
00F10401-1X82010 Targeted Grant Reduce Childhood Lead Poisoning$99,975Sharon BeetsAnnette Smith
00793604-0L2010 Underground Storage Tanks Program Operations$119,200Michele MillerVictoria Matthews
96152501-0RP2011-2012 Brownfields 128a Tribal Response Prog.$130,000Diane CulhaneAmyJean McKeown
99732910-3BG2011-2012 Kansas Department of Agriculture Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$1,384,372Michele MillerHeather Duncan
99733111-3BG2011-2013 Nebraska Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$1,985,369Rachel WaltersDick Wiechman
00740320-0C92011 319 NPS Implementation Program$2,757,000Rachel WaltersKarla Asberry
83498401-0X32011 Atmospheric Chemstry Gordon Research Conference$15,000Karen BassJohn Dawson
96132901-3XA2011 Clean Air Act (CAA) Section 103$521,735Diane CulhaneDonna Smith
44000111-0CS2011 Clean Water Capitalization Grant$9,915,000Monique LloydJames Bourne
29000116-0CS2011 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$40,936,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
50000111-0CS2011 Clean Water State Revolving Fund CWA Title VI$7,222,000Katonya ParkerKatie Marrese
20000111-0CS2011 Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund Program$13,328,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
99759311-1FS2011 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$16,077,000Debbie TitusChristopher Simmons
99762911-1FS2011 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant.$18,204,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
97390301-3XA2011 Indoor Air Projects$158,000Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
83504801-0X32011 ISES Confrnce:Advncng Exposure Science$15,000Kristen ArelRebecca Clausen
98716106-3LS2011 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program$925,000Marc KingstonLinda Garwood
97728201-1DE2011 National Clean Diesel Assistance Program, Clean Up Missouri Grant$999,460Christine SchmaltzJan Simpson
97728301-1DE2011 National Clean Diesel Breathe Easy Missouri$947,338Christine SchmaltzJan Simpson
00740418-0C92011 Non-Point Source Management Program$3,837,000Rachel WaltersBenita Hamilton
00349811-2C92011 Nonpoint Source Implementation 319(h) Program$5,003,815Bernie McCullaghMichael Hoffmann
99293411-0BG2011 PPG$2,473,883Cynthia PabonYasmin Laguer
97814701-5BF2011 Supplemental Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (Section 104K)$878,500Sarah HulsteinStephanie Metz
00793511-1I2011 Supplemental Clean Water Act Section 106 Monitoring Initiative Funding$173,200Jennifer EricksonRegina Kidwell
00E00987-0I2011 Watershed Monitoring Program$405,200Karen SykesFelicia Gaines
99353007-3BG2011/12/13 PA Pesticides PPG$1,297,691Bernie McCullaghJacqueline Guerry
96153201-2GA2011/2012 NE Tribal Environmental Training Conferences$47,000Diane CulhaneDonna Smith
98799103-2L2012-2013 Iowa Leaking Underground Storage Tank Prevention$657,000Christine SchmaltzMichael Pomes
00740023-2K12012-2013 Iowa State Indoor Radon Program$528,808Michele MillerRobert Dye
97735901-1DS2012-2013 Missouri State Clean Diesel Program$336,794Virginia WatersPaula Higbee
00J63601-1I2012-2013 Natl. Rivers & Streams Assessment in Oregon$448,000Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
97023203-4V2012-2014 Idaho Preliminary Site Assessment$400,000Kathy Tsing-ChoyKen Marcy
29000117-0CS2012 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$57,679,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
97315408-2CU2012 DNREC Beach Monitoring & Notification$243,440Lorraine FleuryClarissa Poole
00E01052-0X82012 Drift PIRT- Purdue Univ.$100,000Elizabeth MazrekuMartha Robinson
99762912-1FS2012 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$17,348,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
83513101-0X32012 Gordon Research Conf/Gordon-Kenan Res Semina$15,000Kristen ArelMichael Loughran
83522101-0X32012 Green Chemistry Gordon Research Conf$15,000Kristen ArelDonna Witherspoon
99781711-4BG2012 Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$819,510Michele MillerKatherine Howard
00740419-0C92012 Iowa Non Point Source Management Program$3,585,000Rachel WaltersBenita Hamilton
98716107-2LS2012 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program$732,000Marc KingstonLinda Garwood
96316001-2DE2012 Mid-Atlantic Clean Diesel Assistance Program$1,326,204Douglas RobertsCatherine Magliocchetti
98799804-2L2012 Nebraska Prevention Underground Storage Tank Program$436,830Michele MillerTina Wilkins
00349812-0C92012 Nonpoint Source Implementation 319(h) Program$4,609,000Bernie McCullaghMichael Hoffmann
00J65601-1I2013-14 National River and Stream Survey$368,000Cathy ReeseJanette Knittel
99732911-3BG2013-2014 Kansas Department of Agriculture Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$1,251,984Rachel WaltersDamon Frizzell
00742907-4LS2013-2014 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Corrective Action$1,785,200Christine SchmaltzMichael Pomes
98724006-4LS2013-2015 Missouri Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cooperative Agreement$2,367,000Christine SchmaltzDouglas Drouare
96170801-0X92013 Activities of the NE Assistance and Pollution$43,000Monique LloydMary Dever
29000118-0CS2013 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$37,009,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
83544401-0X32013 Coordinated Isolated Wetland Research$14,000Ben VauterGreg Toth
97315409-2CU2013 DNREC Beach Monitoring & Notification$243,440Lorraine FleuryClarissa Poole
99762913-1FS2013 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$16,277,000Rachel WaltersSabre Germano
00740420-0C92013 Iowa Non Point Source Management Program$3,398,000Rachel WaltersBenita Hamilton
00792606-0L2013 Iowa Underground Storage Tank Program Operations$158,000Michele MillerJeannette Kerr
98716108-6LS2013 Leaking Underground Storage Tank TRUST Fund Program$896,600Christine SchmaltzWilfredo Rosado-Chaparro
97742301-0DS2013 Nebraska State Clean Diesel Program$73,890Virginia WatersPaula Higbee
00349813-1C92013 PA Nonpoint Source Implementation 319(h) Program$4,379,000Bernie McCullaghMichael Hoffmann
99182904-8BG2013 Performance Partnership Agreement$20,082,035Diane CulhaneStacey Johnson
96128602-1CU2013/14 Beach Monitoring and Notification Project CT$210,000MaryEllen StanisAnn Rodney
99781712-2BG2013/14 Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$1,599,150Rachel WaltersKatherine Howard
98728511-0K12014-2015 Missouri State Indoor Radon Grant$185,500Christine SchmaltzRobert Dye
98799104-0L2014 - 2016 IOWA Leaking Underground Storage Tank Prevention Program$321,725Christine SchmaltzMichael Pomes
96193501-0TX2014 CAA Section 103--Comprehensive Fish Tissue Analysis$20,147Katonya ParkerEllie Kwong
96181501-1XA2014 CAA Section 103 Grant Application$304,165Diane CulhaneDonna Smith
97746901-0DE2014 Clean Air Missouri$162,454Christine SchmaltzGregory Crable
99759314-0FS2014 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Capitalization Grant$13,229,000Rachel WaltersChristopher Simmons
00635414-1E2014 FIFRA Cooperative Agreement$552,005Wendy RossJerry Collins
96192901-0HC2014 Healthy Communities Program$25,000Katonya ParkerMarge Miranda
00740421-0C92014 Iowa Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Non-Point Source Program$3,476,000Rachel WaltersBenita Hamilton
99783814-1C62014 Kansas 604(b) Water Quality Mgt Planning$128,000Jennifer EricksonRegina Kidwell
98716109-3LS2014 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program$807,000Christine SchmaltzWilfredo Rosado-Chaparro
97745401-0DS2014 Nebraska State Clean Diesel Program$79,218Christine SchmaltzPaula Higbee
00349814-1C92014 Nonpoint Source Implementation 319(h) Program$4,672,162Bernie McCullaghMichael Hoffmann
97593514-0C92014 Nonpoint Source Implementation Program$2,394,867Robert FieldsDertera Collins
98770609-1G2014 Underground Injection Control Program$81,079Jennifer EricksonRegina Kidwell
99732912-1BG2015-2016 Kansas Department of Agriculture Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$807,988Rachel WaltersKatherine Howard
99781713-1BG2015 Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Pesticides Performance Partnership Grant$800,187Rachel WaltersKatherine Howard
98799806-0L2015 Nebraska Underground Storage Tank Program$417,039Christine SchmaltzWilfredo Rosado-Chaparro
98389612-0CU2015 VADOH Beach Notification & Monitoring$309,761Lorraine FleuryClarissa Poole
00E72711-0C6205(j) WATER QUALITY PLANNING PROGRAM$641,000Krista GalvinSteffanie Crossland
00E76803-1C6205(j) WATER QUALITY PLANNING PROGRAM$804,000Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
00E72710-1C6205(j) WATER QUALITY PLANNING PROGRAM$885,000Krista GalvinSteffanie Crossland
00E54801-0C6205(j) WATER QUALITY PLANNING PROGRAM FISCAL YEAR 2008$295,549Krista GalvinEdward Pniak
00E72701-0C6205(j) WATER QUALITY PLANNING PROGRAM FISCAL YEAR 2009$295,548Krista GalvinEdward Pniak
83546801-0OS24/7 Node Publishing and the Web$298,470Jacob BurneyKen Blumberg
97186301-0BF26 Shipping Street Brownfields Cleanup$200,000Monique LloydJoe Ferrari
97176201-0BF291 Jackson Street Cleanup, Lowell MA$200,000Brian TocciAlan Peterson
72000209-22W2W - ARRA State Revolving Fund$51,114,200Yvette MarCardonaYasmin Laguer
98348401-3XP3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program$4,845,000Donna ArmstrongKenneth Pantuck
98380001-4XP3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program$4,981,300Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
97325801-2XP3 RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. 04 & 05$5,636,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
96599801-2BF30th Street Industrial Corridor Site Assessment Cooperative Agreement$400,000Marco SantosKyle Rogers
99610112-5C9319 Implementation FYs 05 06 and 07$7,219,500Laverne BakerSharon Daugherty
96802901-0C9319 Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants$85,000Jasmin GuerraCynthia Gonzales
99818709-0C9319 Nonpoint Source Program$1,119,400Sam FernandezGary Kleeman
00863099-5C9319 Nonpoint Source Program - Project Grant$1,571,800Moye LinPeter Monahan
00863098-3C9319 Nonpoint Source Program Fy98 - Project Grant$595,847Sherron HollowayPeter Monahan
97547414-1C9319 Nonpoint Source Program Pass Through Projects$2,293,500Krista GalvinEdward Pniak
99445802-2C9319(h) NonPoint Source Implementation$5,416,700Connie RutlandSharon Brown
99451402-1C9319(h) Non-Point Source Implementation Program$180,000Barbara StrotherYolanda Brown
99445899-1C9319(H) Nonpoint Source Implementation$4,664,600Connie RutlandSteven Blackburn
99445800-XC9319(h) Nonpoint Source Implementation$4,721,656Connie RutlandSteven Blackburn
97585702-1C9319(h) NONPOINT SOURCE PROGRAM GRANT - FY2002 - CEP$8,540,100Darlene LewisFelicia Gaines
97171801-2BF34 Lloyd Street Brownfields Cleanup$200,000MaryEllen StanisDorrie Paar
83554701-0SU3D Printing Sustainable Bld. Components$89,819Karen BassGregory Lank
83277001-0X33rd International Congress on the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease$9,963Robert DenegalSusan Laessig
96624501-3XP3% Set-Aside Grant for Managing the SAAPs in the State of Texas$1,052,600Jeraldine EnglerthDena Hurst
97046001-4XP3% Set-Aside to manage the Infrastructure Grant Program$1,143,400Aimee MunziMike Lehner
98358601-2XP3% Set Aside for Management of STAG Grants$1,171,300Hana JonesFran Andracchio
98358101-4XP3% Set Aside for Management of STAG Grants$1,009,600Hana JonesFran Andracchio
97350101-4XP3% Set Aside for Management of STAG Grants$1,637,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
97111701-1EA40 Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Health and Safety Training Course for New England Tribes$19,980Cheryll ScottLen Wallace
99319817-0PB404g State Lead Licensing and Lead Enforcement Programs (Statewide)$178,717Bobbi RobinsonApril Bowie
99319815-0PB404g State Lead Licensing and Lead Enforcement Programs (Statewide)$188,480Bobbi RobinsonDemian Ellis
99319816-0PB404g State Lead Licensing and Lead Enforcement Programs (Statewide)$178,717Bobbi RobinsonApril Bowie
00E01336-0EC48210 Clean-Up Collaborative$119,996Krista GalvinLara Lasky
83310101-0X34th IUCN Academy Colloquium-Compliance and Enforcement$24,800Robert DenegalMichael Bender
97886601-0BG5 grants combined in to PPG$668,425Tempa GravesRandy Brown03
83493101-0X35th GEOS-Chem Scientific & Users' Meeting$15,000Kristen ArelJohn Dawson
83228401-1X35th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment.$25,000LaShaun PhillipsPortia Britt
00E00658-2GL60 Hour Beach Forecasting Models$140,586Prentiss DixonEdward Pniak
96198201-0BF60 King Street Cleanup Program$200,000Monique LloydAmyJean McKeown
00E72013-1C6604 (b) 205(j) WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLANNING PROGRAM$337,750Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
00E00929-1C6604 (b) 205(j) WATER QUALITY PLANNING PROGRAM FISCAL YEAR 2011$840,000Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
99783806-1C6604b Water Quality Management Planning 2006$100,000Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
00477102-2C6604(b) Water Quality Management Planning$211,441Shirley GrayerGlenda Miller
00856307-1C6604(b) Water Quality Planning$200,000Moye LinMarcella Hutchinson
00E76805-0C6604(b) & 205(j) WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLANNING PROGRAM$797,000Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
00E76804-1C6604(b) & 205(j) WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT PLANNING PROGRAM$759,000Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
00F21901-0XP66.202 City of Heber Springs - West End Sewer Project$325,000Sharon BeetsTung Nguyen
98388001-3BG66.605- Performance Partnership Grants$2,594,538Lisa WhiteEugene Mattis
83119401-6PI6th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference-$407,500David AckKevin Nelson
97210410-1XP6th Street Green Corridor$291,000John SvecDenis Durack
00F45701-0X88 Northern Pesticide Trng Program FY2012$40,000Kenneth McIntoshElizabeth Reyes
00F63001-0X88 Northern Pesticide Trng Program FY2013$54,800Kenneth McIntoshElizabeth Reyes
96655901-0CP8 Northern Pueblos Water Quality Support Assistance$30,500Kenneth McIntoshGeorge Craft
96656901-1X18 Northern Solid Waste$102,954Kenneth McIntoshRoger Hancock
96656101-0L8 Northern Underground Storage Tank Grant$100,000Kenneth McIntoshAudray Lincoln
00F07801-2L8 Northern UST FY2012$450,000Kenneth McIntoshAudray Lincoln
00F57601-0L8 Northern UST FY2013$150,000Kenneth McIntoshAudray Lincoln
97196601-2BF86 Fay Street Cleanup$150,000Jean CrockerAlan Peterson
97614601-2GA8n Indian Pueblo Council General Assistance$437,500Kenneth McIntoshDale Roy
00E59301-2XP8TH STREET AND OHIO AVENUE SEWER SEPARATION$110,800Elizabeth SpohnSteffanie Crossland
83535201-0SU9th Annual P3 Awards$15,000Karen BassBarbara Levinson
99083905-0FS9th year of Washington Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program (2005)$20,447,100Cathy ReeseMargo Partridge
83315801-0SUA Bio-Diesel Baja Vehicle and Student Competition$10,000Cheryl ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
82960101-1RA Bioengineering Approach to Nanoparticle Based Environmental Remediation$399,979Connie MilesMitch Lasat
00E00554-2GLA Comprehensive Communications Program for Chicago Beaches$99,340Michelle BeckerAlex Schusler
97116601-2CDA Comprehensive Wetland Program for Intertidal marshes in the York River.$60,000Janet BartlettJeanne Cosgrove
97744301-0CDA Condition Assessment Protocol for Iowa's Prairie Pothole Wetlands$196,769Jennifer EricksonJennifer Ousley
83159201-3RDA Consistent Framework for Valuing Latent Morbidity and Mortality Risks to Adults and Children$244,519David AckWilliam Wheeler
83513001-1SUA Continuous-Operation Variable-Feedstock Biomass Gasifier Design Based on Indigenous Materials.$14,935Alison HanlonGregory Lank
83145401-1RDA Coupled Measurements-Modeling Approach to Improve Biogenic Emissions$750,000Kristen ArelBryan Bloomer
83535101-0SUA Decision-Making Tool for Water and Sanitation$15,000Joselynn FountainBarbara Levinson
97286104-1LIA Decision Support Tool to Facilitate Nitrogen Load Reductions in the Long Island Sound Watershed$80,800Janeime CastroMark Tedesco
82980201-0RA Dynamic Spatial Socioeconomic and Ecological Model to Assess Environmental Impacts$248,265Cheryl ClarkDinah Koehler
83171701-2RDA Focus on Nanoparticulate Aerosol and Atmospherically Processed Nanoparticulate Aerosol$335,000Jill ClarkMitch Lasat
83382701-1WDA Geographically Scalable Approach for Comphrehensve Wetland Protection$119,582Matthew BellRebecca Dils
83250901-0SUA Green Mind: A Sustainable, Smart Growth Plan for Muramba, Rwanda$9,996ThuyT NguyenCynthia Nolt-Helms
82972101-1RA Methodology for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Watershed-Scale Non-Point Source Pollution$500,000Dionne HolmesJill Neal
97169201-0NEA Mountain Classroom$15,000Brian TocciKristen Conroy
83036801-3CPA National Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program for Manure Analysis$352,100Jessica DurandGregory Beatty
83316501-0SUA New Approach for Biodeisel Production from Algae$10,000Phillip SchindelCynthia Nolt-Helms
83382001-5X7A new Water Quality Standards (WQS) Forum$399,965Shana EtheridgeSharon Frey
83315001-0SUA Novel Environment Friendly Method for Expansion and Molding of Polymeric Foam$10,000Cheryl ClarkCynthia Nolt-Helms
83391801-0SUA Novel Solar Thermal Combined Cycle$10,000Kristen ArelCynthia Nolt-Helms
98339308-3IA Project to Control Water Pollution in the Delaware River Basin$1,550,001Douglas RobertsSuzanne Hall
00E00831-0GLA Protective Barrier to Improve Public Health at Chicago Beaches$243,465Michelle BeckerAlex Schusler
83332001-1RDA Rapid In Vivo System for Determining Toxicity of Manufactured Nanomaterials$400,000Karen BassPaul Shapiro
96191001-0BFA Regional Approach to Assessment of Brownfields Properties in Franklin County, MA$300,000Jean CrockerJames Byrne
98398201-3X7A Regional Approach to the Development of a Response-Based Nutrient Criterion for Wadeable Streams.$148,000Bernie McCullaghTiffany Crawford
98398201-3X7A Regional Approach to the Development of a Response-Based Nutrient Criterion for Wadeable Streams.$148,000Bernie McCullaghTiffany Crawford
96549601-1GLA Sediment Trend Analysis of the Buffalo River AOC$126,753Prentiss DixonMarybeth Ross
97244708-0XAA Series of Community Workshops by Solar One$25,000Maria FloresRabi Kieber
83244701-0RDA Statistical Modeling Methodology For Prediction of Ecological Thresholds$278,876Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
83250801-0SUA Student Design Project on Mobility in the Post-Automobile Era$9,891Adriana AlvarezJulie Zimmerman
83248301-0SUA Sustainable Apparel Design and Production Conceptual Framework$10,000Bobak ZarrinnahadJulie Zimmerman
97389201-7AIA Sustainable Approach-Chesapeake Bay and Green and Healthy Schools$1,372,141Donna ArmstrongChristine Mazzarella
83251001-0SUA Sustainable Residence and Living Laboratory-$10,000LaShaun PhillipsJulie Zimmerman
97127501-5LIA Synthesis of Water Qual. & Planktonic Resource Mon.$121,908Monique LloydMark Tedesco
00E00819-1GLA Targeted Landowner Approach to Watershed Restoration$300,000Robert FieldsBart Mosier
83093101-CCTA Training Partnership in Support of Terrestrial, Aquatic, and Coastal Ecosystem Research Programs$618,104Kelley BoatwrightPriscilla Hoobler
83342501-1AWA Watershed-Based Approach to Implementing Low Impact Development in the Illinois River Watershed$25,000Kenneth SylvesterRobert Goo
00E01396-0CDA Watershed Approach to Wetland Conservation Planning – FY 2014$424,702Frances ShieldsLee Phan
83136501-4RDA Watersheed Classification System and Geomorphic Tool -$869,440Joselynn FountainAnne Sergeant
83532801-1SUA Web App for Sustainable Landscaping$14,746Karen BassBarbara Levinson
97201401-0PEA webinar series and interactive grower outreach for pesticide resistance management in greenhouses$50,000Cynthia PabonAudrey Moore
97001501-4CDA Wetland Conservation Stategy for the Lower Kootenai River Watershed$99,758Christina MillerJohn Olson
83229601-1X7A Workshop And Monograph On Adaptive Implementation Of Water Quality Management Plans -$30,000Joselynn FountainTim Icke
00847305-1AA008473 Southern Ute Tribe C: 02 A: 1 C: 05$167,776Tempa GravesBernadette Gonzalez
00J02401-3AA00J02401-0 Tulalip Air 105$255,619John SchaubDebbie Kline
96084703-1AA96084703 IDEQ Air 105$1,609,431Paul SteeleMichael McGown
98055707-2AA98055707 LRAPA Air 105 FY 13 and 14$562,546Cathy ReesePaul Koprowski
82839201-FRAAAS-EPA Envir. Science & Eng. Fellows Program$6,394,919Karen BassMaggie Breville
83232801-CX3AAAS Environmental Science and Engineering Fellowship Program$10,476,856Joselynn FountainBrandon Jones
83466801-4XAAAFA's IAQ Asthma Management & Education$484,999Jessica DurandTracey Mitchell
83138701-2XAAAFA's IAQ Communication, Education, and Outreach Program$1,183,622Karen BassTracey Mitchell
83118701-4XAAASA School Health Program$621,256Kenneth SylvesterMichele Curreri
83291001-0CRAb initio Investigation of Heterogeneous Mercury Kinetics with Bromine-Embedded Surfaces$10,000Michael LitwackNick Hutson
00039302-41ABC TAG$29,000Bob PhillipsDebra Sherbina
96198001-0HCAbove Ground Storage Tanks Near Merrimack River$25,000Monique LloydTed Lavery
00F52801-1IAbsentee-Shawnee Tribe WPC Program FY2012$91,462Kenneth McIntoshSamuel Reynolds
96697701-0RPAbsentee Shawnee-Brownfields Response Program$40,000Lisa KapshAmber Perry
96640701-1GAAbsentee Shawnee General Assistance Program$516,410Kenneth McIntoshCurtis Hicks
00F74701-1RPAbsentee Shawnee Tribal Response Program$185,000Lisa KapshAmber Perry
00F18801-3GAAbsentee Shawnee Tribe GAP FY14$484,988Kenneth McIntoshCurtis Hicks
96681701-3BFAbsentee Shawnee Tribe Lillard Site Project$200,000Belenthia EppsAmber Perry
00F83601-0GAAbsentee Shawnee Tribe of OK GAP FY15$112,000Kenneth McIntoshCurtis Hicks
97620301-2GAAbsentee Shawnee Tribe of Ok Gen Assistance$442,500Kenneth McIntoshEve Boss
00F23701-0IAbsentee Shawnee Tribe Water Pollution Control$151,552Kenneth McIntoshSamuel Reynolds
00F23701-3IAbsentee Shawnee Tribe Water Pollution Control$151,552Kenneth McIntoshSamuel Reynolds
00F68701-1IAbsentee Shawnee Water Quality Monitoring FY 13-15$197,868Kenneth McIntoshSamuel Reynolds
96636101-1BFAcadiana Regional Development$200,000Brian BerryCamisha Scott
97383604-2CBACB- Multi-media Communication$231,200Julie DietrichTom Wenz
97383602-0CBACB Multi-media Communication$74,034Julie DietrichLori Mackey
97391902-0CBACB; FY11 Communications$431,554Julie DietrichLori Mackey
97383603-0CBACB; Multi-media Communication$74,800Julie DietrichLori Mackey
98163501-2XAcceleration of Agric BMPs in the Poultney-Mettowee Watershed$250,000Janet BartlettEric Perkins
96604201-2X9Accepting the H2E Challenge-Starting with Mercury!$40,000Brian BerryDavid Bond
83158001-1TAccess to Careers in Environmental Policy (ACEP)$74,823Diane GreeneLinda Zarow
97182901-1CDAccessible Database of Significant Wetland Sites$74,624Diane CulhaneBeth Alafat
99630216-0PBAccrediation Plan for Lead Based Paint$318,391Debbie DorseyDonnaL Cooper
99630212-0PBAccreditation Plan for Lead-Based Paint Related Activities$302,779Debbie DorseyEstella Sugawara-Adams
99630210-0PBAccreditation Plan for Lead-Based Paint Related Activities for State of Texas$388,947Jeraldine EnglerthDonnaL Cooper
99630213-0PBAccreditation Plan for Lead Base Paint Related Activities$299,762Debbie DorseyEstella Sugawara-Adams
99630214-0PBAccreditation Plan for Lead Base Paint Related Activities$318,131Debbie DorseyDonnaL Cooper
99630211-0PBAccreditation Plan for Lead Based Paint Related Activities$337,558Jeraldine EnglerthEstella Sugawara-Adams
99630218-2PBAccreditation Plan Lead-based Paint Activities$636,798Debbie DorseyAnnette Smith
83407201-1CRAcctng for Temporal/Spatial Variations in Infiltratn$199,999Rogers GrossHaluk Ozkaynak
98791501-BVAce Services Superfund Site$4,352,235Michele MillerWhitney Rawls
83243101-2XAAcheiving Radon Risk Reduction in Low-Income Rental Housing$78,807ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
83119901-1XAAchieve Emissions Reductions with Geoexchange Technology by Consumer Awareness$178,800Robert DenegalJane Kurtz
83115201-2XAAchieving Cost-Effective Greenhouse Gas Reductions within New England Universities$29,787Diane GreeneNikolaas Dietsch
97671101-2NPAchieving Zero Waste for Region 6$353,250Jeraldine EnglerthJavier Balli
96180301-0TXAcid Rain Deposition Monitoring$28,266Diane CulhaneWilliam Nuzzo
83283201-4CRAcid Rain Long-Term Lake Monitoring Program -$555,047Stephanie SaelzlerJohn Stoddard
96621301-0IAcoma's Water Pollution Control Program$87,945Kenneth McIntoshGeorge Craft
96650701-1IAcoma 106 Grant$227,155Dannell BrownGeorge Craft
96659601-0C9Acoma 319 Non-Point Source Program$49,992Kenneth McIntoshGeorge Craft
00E20001-1X8Acountability and Credibility Together$85,007Donna StingleyGeorge Stone
00E20001-1X8Acountability and Credibility Together$85,007Donna StingleyGeorge Stone
83436001-1RMAcreage & Condition Trends-Marshes DE Inland Bays$60,000Kristen ArelMarty Chintala
98198702-5DActivities and information programs$418,000Monique LloydLynn Hanifan
98183701-2CUActivities Regarding Federal Beach Act$771,279Diane CulhaneMatt Liebman
83511401-2XAActivities State & Local Air Pollution Control Agencies$2,897,818Carl DavisDaniel Hopkins
98121601-3CPAcushnet River TMDL Surface Water and Nitrogen Load$30,000Diane CulhaneMaryJo Feuerbach
83284201-1RDAcute and Developmental Toxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles to Fish and Frogs$375,000Nicole RobertsMitch Lasat
82827901-3RAcute to Chronic No Observable Effect Concentration Software$92,900Phillip SchindelFoster Mayer
83424701-7ABAd Council Lead Poisoning PSA Campaign$2,150,000Kristen ArelDarlene Leonard
00F33501-3XPAda Highway 99 Lift Station Replacement - FY 2009 Special Appropriations$485,000Belenthia EppsDena Hurst
96041501-1XAAdapt and install CARB Muffler Technology on Off Road Construction Equipment in California.$280,000Cathy ReeseAsia Yeary
83057601-4NEAdapting Anchorage School District Middle School Curricula to Incorporate Alaska Stream Team Methods$35,973Jessica DurandDiane Berger
83088301-2RDAdaptive Implementation Modeling And Monitoring For TMDL Refinement -$694,662Jennifer BrooksIris Goodman
97172401-3BFAddison County Regional Planning Commission$200,000Katonya ParkerChris Lombard
97146601-2EMAddition of Septage Disposal Capacity$595,200Brian TocciDavid Chin
97667801-1CHAddress Environmental Factors at Home (Children's Health Protection Program)$50,000Belenthia EppsDonnaL Cooper
96666001-0XAAddressing Children's Environmental Health$10,000Jeraldine EnglerthMonica Wilson
83373501-1CHAddressing Enviromental Health Issues/Pregnancy$100,000Alison HanlonLaVonne Switzer
83373601-0CHAddressing Environmental Health Issues-Pregnancy$97,204Alison HanlonLaVonne Switzer
83373401-0CHAddressing Envrnmntl Health Issues-Pregnancy$117,747Alison HanlonLaVonne Switzer
83387901-0CHAddressing Envrnmntl Health Issues/Pregnancy$100,000Alison HanlonLaVonne Switzer
00F60101-2ABAddressing Lead Exposure Awareness in McLennan Co.$25,602Debbie DorseyAnnette Smith
97159301-0EMAddressing Lowering Groundwater Levels in Boston$199,992Cheryll ScottDavid Chin
83217101-2X4Addressing the Environmental Burden of Disease and Injury in Children in the WHO Europe Region$65,000David AckAnna Phillips
96071201-2IADEC - Water Quality Monitoring Strategy$339,800Cathy ReeseKenneth Fisher
96091101-1XPADEC Alaska Native Villages (ANV) Program FY2009$15,037,790Tony FournierDennisx Wagner
96031601-3CUADEC Beach Monitoring$595,367Greg LucheyRob Pedersen
97055604-0RPADEC Brownfield Response Program for Fiscal Year 2006$464,684Kathy Tsing-ChoySusan Morales
00J85601-0VADEC CERCLA PA$100,000Kathy Tsing-ChoyKen Marcy
96036603-0EADEC Consolidated Pesticides 09$287,249Bob PhillipsTheresa Blaine
96036605-0EADEC Consolidated Pesticides 2011$303,513Bob PhillipsTheresa Blaine
96036606-0EADEC Consolidated Pesticides 2011-12$302,213Bob PhillipsTheresa Blaine
96036607-0EADEC Consolidated Pesticides 2012 - 13$311,000Bob PhillipsGabriela Carvalho
96036608-3EADEC Consolidated Pesticides 2013 - 14$302,680Yvette DownsJuliann Barta
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