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All Awards to Non-Profits

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Forgotten People Community Development CorporationAZ00T04401-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Dine' Without Access to Piped Water$20,000Linda StrunaZoe Heller
Alliance for a Clean EnvironmentPA98337201-41TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL SUPERFUND SITE$170,000Tanya ThomasZeradian Kelly-Abrams
Midwest Environmental Enforcement Assoc.IL83414501-0EACommunications for Regulatory Inspectors Trng$200,000Brian HublarZena Aldridge
Mothers for Clean AirTX96677901-0NESetting the Stage for Air Pollution$12,133Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
Galveston Bay FoundationTX96692501-0NEGalveston Bay Foundation-Get Hip to Habitat$20,000Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
Martinez Street Women's CenterTX96677301-0NEMartinez Street Women's Center$30,433Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
S Central RegionVA00F16801-0NEEnvironmental Education Capacity Building in Texas$40,721Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
Lower Columbia Estuary PartnershipOR00J76201-1CELower Columbia Estuary Project$1,080,725Greg LucheyYvonne Vallette
Lower Columbia River Estuary PartnershipOR96010601-5CELower Columbia River-National Estuary Program$2,029,266Evelyn HoltzendorfYvonne Vallette
Lower Columbia River Estuary PartnershipOR96033001-0X5Dissemination of Toxiics Water Quality Data to Stockholers$30,000John SchaubYvonne Vallette
Tillamook Estuaries PartnershipOR96095201-7CETillamook Estuaries Partnership$2,048,800Greg LucheyYvonne Vallette
Lower Columbia River Estuary PartnershipOR00J05601-0WDLower Columbia River Estuary Partnership Wetlands$130,037Evelyn HoltzendorfYvonne Vallette
Lower Columbia River Estuary PartnershipOR96097301-5CELCREP Estuary Program$2,629,837Greg LucheyYvonne Vallette
Center for Watershed Protection Inc.MD83362101-1WSDirect Assistance and Training and Eduction for Watershed Leaders$569,711Matthew BellYvonne Smothers-Pressley
River NetworkOR83371201-2WSNational Watershed Support Network$643,946Jessica DurandYvonne Smothers-Pressley
River NetworkOR83490301-1WSReclaiming America's Urban Waters through Capacity Building and Equity$600,000Shana EtheridgeYvonne Smothers
St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation CorporationNY97263506-0JTSt. Nicholas - Brownfields Job Training$141,748Kevin HurleyYocasta DeJesus
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83367301-2RDCan Markets/Development Rights Improve Land Use$199,994Joselynn FountainWilliam Wheeler
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83242201-4RDValuation of Regional Ecological Response to Acidification and Techniques for Transferring Estimates$796,547Kristen ArelWilliam Wheeler
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83358801-6PICan Panel-Based Internet Surveys be Trusted for Determining Willingness to Pay?$241,543Kristen ArelWilliam Wheeler
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83215401-2RDVolunteering for State Cleanup Programs$275,072David AckWilliam Wheeler
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83099001-2RDDynamic Adjustment to Incentive-based Environmental Policy to Improve Efficiency & Performance$168,794LaShaun PhillipsWilliam Wheeler
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83082201-3RDFamily Decision Making and the Value of Preventing Childhood Developmental Impairment$344,698David AckWilliam Wheeler
National Bureau of Economic ReasearchMA83177701-2RDEnvironmental Liability, Corrective Expenditures, and Redevelopment of Industrial Sites$149,237Alison HanlonWilliam Wheeler
Research Triangle InstituteNC83092301-4RDStructural Benefits Transfer for Ecosystem Valuation -$260,000LaShaun PhillipsWilliam Wheeler
Research Triangle InstituteNC83346101-5RDDemonstration and Evaluation of Structural Benefit$199,111Joselynn FountainWilliam Wheeler
Mineral County Fairgrounds AssociationCO97811601-5BF$200,000Sarah SourkWilliam Rothenmeyer
Kit Carson Rural DevelopmentCO97882801-12BStimulus Brownfields Cleanup Grant$200,000Joyce BrameWilliam Rothenmeyer
Environmental Community Action Inc.GA95412608-2RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$100,000Shantel ShelmonWilliam McBride
Caffee Caffee and Associates Public Health Foundation IncMS95487012-1RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$100,000Shevella WilsonWilliam McBride
Center for Environmental & Economic JusticeMS95467610-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$100,000Shevella WilsonWilliam McBride
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83366801-2XACoordinate activities of State/Local Air Pollution Control Officials at the national level.$3,154,207Brian HublarWilliam Houck
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83449801-1XANACAA - 2 Year Cooperative Agreement$3,180,596Brian HublarWilliam Houck
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83265801-2XACoordinate the Activities of State & Local Air Pollution Control Officials$2,464,402LaShaun PhillipsWilliam Houck
National Association of Wastewater TransportersPA83282301-1CPPumper Training$100,000Jennifer BrooksWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV83176801-3XNational Environmental Training Center for Small Communities-$1,966,260Robert DenegalWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV82913601-3XPhase 7 of the National Onsite Demonstration Program:$1,247,200Barbara ProctorWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV82802801-3XNational Onsite Demonstration Project V$1,250,000Barbara ProctorWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV83251801-1XNational Small Flows Clearinghouse -$1,944,320Robert DenegalWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV82878001-5XNational Small Flows Clearinghouse-$1,187,400Robert DenegalWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV82979101-5XNational Small Flows Clearinghouse-$5,885,600Robert DenegalWilliam Hasselkus
Snowy Mountain Development CorporationMT96809001-0BFSnowy Mountain Development Coporation$1,567,428Danette QuickWendy Thomi
Front Range Earth ForceCO97861901-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$20,150Moye LinWendy Dew
National Jewish HealthCO96800301-0NENational Jewish EE FY12$150,000Matthew NullWendy Dew
Colorado Allergy & Asthma CenterCO97816901-0NEColorado Allergy & Asthma Centers P.C.$10,000Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Front Range Earth ForceCO97828501-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$15,000Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Colorado Association of Conservation DistrictsCO97898201-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$15,000Matthew NullWendy Dew
Wildlands Restoration VolunteersCO97897701-0NEYouth and Community Stewardship Initiative$27,000Matthew NullWendy Dew
Yampatika Educational PartnershipCO96830201-0NEYampatika EE FY14$80,273Matthew NullWendy Dew
Cottonwood InstituteCO97860101-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$19,935Moye LinWendy Dew
Environmental Learning for KidsCO97828901-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$48,100Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Colorado Alliance for Environmental EducationCO83483701-0NEEnvironmental Education for Everyone7$76,461Ben VauterWendy Dew
Eco-Cycle IncorporatedCO97860601-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$50,000Moye LinWendy Dew
National Wildlife FederationCO97819901-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$31,438Moye LinWendy Dew
Environmental Learning for KidsCO97898101-0NELeadership Corps Career Development Program$50,000Matthew NullWendy Dew
Freshwaters IllustratedCO97828601-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$24,200Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Sun River Watershed GroupMT97828801-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$9,990Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Bitter Root RC&DMT97897901-0NEEARTH STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM$26,088Matthew NullWendy Dew
Montana Audubon IncorporatedMT97861701-1NEYellowstone River Education and Stewardship Project$31,440Matthew NullWendy Dew
Ecology Project InternationalMT97896801-0NEEcology Project International$32,200Matthew NullWendy Dew
Rim Country Land InstituteMT97828701-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$10,000Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Institutes for Journalism & Nat ResourcesMT97829001-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$12,000Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Montana Outdoor Science SchoolMT97862001-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$21,543Moye LinWendy Dew
North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling AssociationND97829601-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$13,375Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Wildlife Conservation SocietyNY97818601-0NEEnvironmental Education Program$14,260Moye LinWendy Dew
South Dakota Discovery Center & AquariumSD97899101-1NEEnvironmental Education Grants$36,021Matthew NullWendy Dew
South Dakota Discovery Center & AquariumSD97862501-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$24,971Moye LinWendy Dew
Tutuaca Mountain CenterSD97860301-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$48,572Moye LinWendy Dew
Utah Society For Environmental EducationUT97862201-0NERegion 8 Environmental Education Conference$32,750Moye LinWendy Dew
Four Corners School of Outdoor EducationUT97899001-1NEEnvironmental Education Regional Grants$36,427Matthew NullWendy Dew
Utah Society For Environmental EducationUT97899601-0NEUtah Society for Environmental Education$150,000Matthew NullWendy Dew
Plateau Restoration Inc.UT97829801-0NEPlateau Restoration, Inc.$13,500Carol OdonnellWendy Dew
Grand Staircase Escalante PartnersUT97862301-0NEEnvironmental Education Grants$20,116Matthew NullWendy Dew
Friends of the Cheyenne Botanic Garden FoundationWY97861801-1NEChildren's Village for Sustainable Living, Green Frontier Education Program$30,743Matthew NullWendy Dew
Yellowstone Teton Clean Energy CoalitionWY96801201-1NEYellwostone EE FY 13$55,468Matthew NullWendy Dew
Wyoming Association for Environmental EducationWY97898001-1NEDeveloping an Environmental Literacy Plan for Wyoming$47,079Matthew NullWendy Dew
Collaborative for High Performance Schools Inc.CA00977801-1X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Green Building Rating Program$82,482Elizabeth ArmourWendi Shafir
Institute for Research & Technical AssistanceCA97967301-1X9Source Reduction Assistance - IRTA Case Studies of Perc Dry Cleaner Conversions$49,500Cynthia LeeWendi Shafir
Cascade Sierra SolutionsOR96036101-0XAImplementing SmartWay Solutions on the I-5 Corridor$200,000Cathy ReeseWayne Elson
Washington Technology CenterWA96013301-0XABio-49 - Bi-National Biodiesel Processing and Energy Utility Vehicle Demonstration$69,777Cathy ReeseWayne Elson
Upper Columbia Resource Conserv & Develop CouncilWA97058401-0XAEastern Washington Farmers Diesel Emissions Reduction Program$100,000Cathy ReeseWayne Elson
Coastal America FoundationMA98178201-1X7The Coastal America National$7,500Cheryll ScottWarren Howard
New Jersey Academy for Aquatic SciencesNJ96291913-0NENew Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences-FFY12-EE$199,821John CiorciariWanda Ayala
UNCAGEDNY97206211-11Technical Assistance Grant - UNCAGED$50,000Arlene ChinWanda Ayala
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY96282914-0NEOnondaga Environmental Institute, Inc.-FFY14-EE$134,392John CiorciariWanda Ayala
City Parks FoundationNY97240208-0NESeeds to Trees$34,200John CiorciariWanda Ayala
Beyond Benign- a Warner Babcock FoundationMA96296312-1X9Green Chemistry Workshop for Universities$48,727Janeime CastroWalter Schoepf
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk CountyNY83281701-1CREffects of Habitat on the Survival of Free-Planted Bay Scallops$75,000Robert DenegalWalter Berry
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA97912401-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreement$200,000Vernese GholsonWallace Woo
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA00T32001-22JARRA BROWNFIELDS JOB TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$500,000Susan ChiuWallace Woo
The Cleveland Clinic FoundationNA83499201-1RDShort-term Pollution Exposure and Disease$298,857Alison HanlonVito Ilacqua
Global Green USACA00F86801-0UWNeighborhood Water Wise$46,884Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Groundwork New Orleans Inc.LA00F50001-0UWUrban Waters - Groundwork NOLA$59,824Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA00F85701-0UWGo Jump in the Lake! Restoring Access to New Orleans Lakefront$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Groundwork New Orleans Inc.LA00F85601-0UWEnhancing the Green Slice$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Bayou Land Resource Conserv & Devlpmnt CouncilLA00F85301-0UWFY2014 Urban Waters Small Grants$59,600Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Public Laboratory for Open Technology and ScienceMA00F86001-0UWCitizen-let Monitoring of Urban Wetland$52,185Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
New Mexico BASS Chapter FederationNM00F50501-0UWUrban Waters - NM BASS Chapter$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX00F21401-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries FY2011$815,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries ProgramTX98685811-0CEFY 2014 Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program$527,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Galveston Bay FoundationTX00F50901-1UWUrban Waters - Galveston Bay$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685810-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program-FY2013$597,333Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX00F90501-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program FY2015$573,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX00F39301-0CECoastal Bend Bays and Estuaries FY 2012$613,800Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Women's Health and Environmental NetworkPA97361401-0X9Women's Health & Env. Network$12,000Eleanor SullivanVirginia Thompson
Conservation Technology Information CenterIN83224001-2CPInformation and Education Outreach Project$97,449Phillip SchindelVirginia Kibler
Assoc. St. & Terr Solid Waste Mgmt. Off.DC83117201-6X1State Response Program Implementation Task Force$236,574Karen BassVirginia Fornillo
Tri-Valley CARESCA97988201-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Site 300)$88,215Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Concord Naval Weapons Station Local Reuse AssocCA97913501-21$F Technical Assistance Grant - Concord NWS$50,000Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Tri-Valley CARESCA00T78401-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Site 300$25,000Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Fort Ord Env Justice Network Inc.CA97960201-61Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Fort Ord Superfund Site$250,000Veronica AdamsViola Cooper
Tri-Valley CARESCA00T79501-01Technical Assistance Program - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Main Site)$25,775Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionCA97900501-31SUPERFUND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - MOFFETT NAVAL AIR STATION$50,200Veronica AdamsViola Cooper
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX82881201-3XBorder Needs Assessment$50,000Devon BrownVinh Nguyen
Environmental Law InstituteDC83300001-1TJEnvironmental Law Institute$999,500Carl DavisVictoria Robinson
LA Env. Justice Community Organization CoalitionLA83346901-0PSWater, Air, Soil (WAS) Campaigns Air Phase$100,000LaShaun PhillipsVictoria Robinson
National Safety CouncilIL83312601-5XAReducing Exposure to Indoor Radon$899,000Brian HublarVictoria Drew
Texas A&M Research FoundationTX83268101-4XATruck Engine Idle Reduction Technology Demonstration Program.$2,960,000Brian HublarVictor McMahan
Pan American Health OrganizationDC83179501-3CREnvironmental Health in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)$515,204David AckVickie Worrell
North Carolina Association for Biomedical ResearchNC83213801-0TTeacher Professional Development Workshop For Teachers Grades 6-12$18,000Joyce BlakeVickie Worrell
North Carolina Association for Biomedical ResearchNC83324001-0CRProfessional Development Workshops In Environmental Sciences Research For Teachers Grades 6-12$54,000Alison HanlonVickie Worrell
International Sustainable Development FoundationOR83361001-0PIClosing the E-Design$78,115Jessica DurandViccy Salazar
International Sustainable Development FoundationOR97045701-5X1Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool$283,490Michael AdlerViccy Salazar
National Fish & Wildlife FoundationDC97326901-0WSTargeted Watershed Pilot$7,936,000Julie DietrichVeronica Kuczynski
National Fish & Wildlife FoundationDC97346001-2WSFY 06 Chesapeake Bay Targeted Watershed Program$7,561,700Julie DietrichVeronica Kuczynski
Community Partners for Affordable HousingOR96013501-1BFCPAH Brownfields Cleanup$200,000Bob PhillipsVeronica Henzi
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA98136901-1EAEnforcement Data Project$250,000Janet BartlettVeronica Harrington
Toxicology Excellence for Risk AssessmentOH83385101-0X3Perchlorate Exposure, Iodine Modulation of Effect$5,000Kelley BoatwrightVerla Sutton-Busby
Center for Transformation of Waste TechnologyIL00E00665-0GLHammond Indiana Water Reuse Project$320,000Elizabeth MazrekuVergel Santos
Product Stewardship Institute Inc.MA96595301-1GLPRODUCT STEWARDSHIP INSTITUTE INCORPORATED.$50,000Prentiss DixonVergel Santos
Institute for Agriculture & Trade PolicyMN00E01120-1GLUsing "Green Chemistry" Practices to Reduce Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes Region$150,000Alicia WardVergel Santos
World Resources InstituteDC83420601-3XAProduct Lifecycle, Supply Chain Standards & Emissions Management Tools for Climate Protection$440,000Jessica DurandVerena Radulovic
Chester County Economic Development CouncilPA96321401-0XPChester County Economic Development Council-PA$218,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA98380001-4XP3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program$4,981,300Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA97325801-2XP3 RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. 04 & 05$5,636,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA97374101-2XPTHREE RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. PA$2,492,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
Revive the San JoaquinCA00T81901-1UWURBAN WATERS - Citizen's Water Watch Program$59,660Darlene FernandezValentina Cabrera-Stagno
Coalition for Urban Rural Env StewardshipCA00T58701-2CPWater Quality Cooperative Agreement$197,260Danielle CarrValentina Cabrera-Stagno
Water Environment FederationVA83255601-0AWThird Part Total Maximum Daily Load Development: Outreach and Facilitation$71,600Adriana AlvarezValentina Cabrera-Stagno
Community Develop. Transport. Lend. Services Inc.DC83469201-0DESmartWay 09/10: CDTLS Revolving Loan$2,600,000ThuyT NguyenTyler Cooley
Community Develop. Transport. Lend. Services Inc.DC83412501-2DENational Low-Interest Revolving Loan Fund$1,130,000ThuyT NguyenTyler Cooley
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc IncMD83477601-0DESmartWay 09/10: MARAMA Lease/Loan Project$3,918,398Jessica DurandTyler Cooley
Cascade Sierra SolutionsOR83440701-52ANatl SmartWay Finance Program-OR/Cascade Sierra$9,000,000Jessica DurandTyler Cooley
Cascade Sierra SolutionsOR83469401-3DESmartWay 09/10 - Cascade Revolving Loan$603,604Carl DavisTyler Cooley
Southern Alliance for Clean EnergyTN83472201-2DESmartWay 09/10: SACE Loan Guarantee$50,402Carl DavisTyler Cooley
Nat. Asoc. for Equal Opp. in High EdMD82891501-MTEPA/OW and NAFEO Faculty Development Program and Intern Program$1,481,324LaShaun PhillipsTroy Rutkofske
Conservation Technology Information CenterIN96447206-4MXGulf of Mexico Program$284,285Margaret CroweTroy Pierce
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA95458810-2MXGulf of Mexico Program$303,431Margaret CroweTroy Pierce
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96448606-2MXGulf of Mexico Program$127,430Margaret CroweTroy Pierce
Clean Air CouncilPA83279901-1XAStrategies to Reduce Diesel Pollution$100,000Kenneth SylvesterTrish Koman
Nashua River Watershed Association Inc.MA97120401-4WSWatershed Initiative - Nashua River Watershed$770,192Brian TocciTrish Garrigan
Groundwork New Orleans Inc.LA00F94201-0ECGWNO Community Stormwater Management & Revitalization Program$120,000Mary SimmonsTressa Tillman
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83601001-3XAGreater Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reductions$1,200,000Jessica DurandTracy Narel
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83378401-2XACreating Lasting Market Change by Enhancing Local Efficiency Programs Nationwide$1,380,000Jessica DurandTracy Narel
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83210001-3XAAssisting Local Energy Efficiency Programs to Work Together for Energy Efficiency$1,500,275Barbara ProctorTracy Narel
Portland Energy Conservation Inc.OR83195401-2XAAdvanced Retrocommissioning Guide$145,080Nancy KokTracy Narel
Natl Environ Education & Training Foundation IncDC83461801-4XAEnvironmental Management Pediatric Asthma-HealthCare$553,700Carl DavisTracy Enger
National Environmental Education & Training FdnDC83311501-5XANational Environmental Education and Training Foundation$640,110Carl DavisTracy Enger
American Lung AssociationNY83311901-4XAComprehensive Childhood Asthma Management Program$1,505,205Jessica DurandTracy Enger
American Lung AssociationNY83113301-3XAAsthma and Indoor Air Quality Outreach and Education Program-$2,077,278Jill ClarkTracy Enger
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83118901-4XAHome, School, and Play (HSP): A Comprehensive Approach to Asthma Management$641,968Kenneth SylvesterTracy Enger
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83311401-4XAStrategies to Avoid Asthma Triggers$481,031Brian HublarTracy Enger
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental InstituteID96029501-1NEBuilding a Water-Conscious Moscow$14,805Julie JodockTracy Chellis
Bonneville County Historical SocietyID96004301-0NERocky Mountain Adventure$9,800Julie JodockTracy Chellis
Cascadia Region Green Bldg CouncilOR96004101-1NEHigh Performance Green Building$20,000Julie JodockTracy Chellis
International City/County Mgmt. Assoc.DC83476001-5CCDevlpmnt & Maintnce Local Gvrnmnt EAN$220,000Carl DavisTracy Back
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Inc.MI83126901-6CCContinued operation of National Metal Finishing Resource Center, P&C PWB & Terrachord.$1,172,000LaShaun PhillipsTracy Back
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Inc.MI83467601-6CCDevelopment/ Maintenance-Compliance Assessment Center Platform-$915,400Jessica DurandTracy Back
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Inc.MI83141701-6CCContinued operation of the construction compliance assistance Center (CICA)$285,000LaShaun PhillipsTracy Back
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Inc.MI83214601-6CCContinued Operation of the Compliance Assistance Center Platform$1,295,000LaShaun PhillipsTracy Back
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Inc.MI83477701-5CCCompliance Assistance Centers-Metals,Paints and Coating and Transportation Sectors-$749,674Jessica DurandTracy Back
Automotive Recyclers AssociationVA83288301-5CCEnvironmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers Center$300,000ThuyT NguyenTracy Back
Automotive Recyclers AssociationVA83512401-1CCDevelopment & Maintenance-Automotive Recycler's ECAR$55,000ThuyT NguyenTracy Back
Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific N.W. DivisonWA83127001-5CCCompliance Assistance Center for the Chemical Industry$600,000Brian HublarTracy Back
Southeast Watershed Forum Inc.MD83123501-2WSTraining and Education for Watershed Organizations$552,500Nancy KokTracie Nadeau
NatureServeVA83114301-1CDThe Biodiversity Value of Isolated Wetlands in the Coterminous United States$135,000Alison BarryTracie Nadeau
Asthma & Allergy Fdn of America Inc.DC83138701-2XAAAFA's IAQ Communication, Education, and Outreach Program$1,183,622Karen BassTracey Mitchell
American College of Chest PhysiciansIL83311301-3XAAmerican College of Chest Physicians$200,000Brian HublarTracey Mitchell
Asthma & Allergy Fdn of America Inc.MD83309501-5XAReduce Public Exposure to Indoor Pollutants$800,000ThuyT NguyenTracey Mitchell
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of AmericaMD83466801-4XAAAFA's IAQ Asthma Management & Education$484,999Jessica DurandTracey Mitchell
American Respiratory Care FoundationTX83119501-4XANational Asthma Initiative to Educate the Respiratory Therapist on Indoor Asthma Triggers$578,296Kenneth SylvesterTracey Mitchell
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83466701-3XAIndoor AIRepair for Healthy Communities$210,000ThuyT NguyenTracey Mitchell
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83151901-6X5TRI National Annual Meetings$452,637Adam FettTonya Richardson
Industrial Environmental AssociationCA97939101-3X4U.S. MEXICO BORDER GRANT - ISO 14001 WORKSHOP SERIES$49,380Elizabeth StahlTomas Torres
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay IncMD97383604-2CBACB- Multi-media Communication$231,200Julie DietrichTom Wenz
National Governors' AssociationDC82586001-7RProposal To Increase The Cost Effectiveness Of Federal/ State Efforts In The Superfund Program$1,114,310Gary CarrozzaTom Rinehart
Massachusetts Audubon SocietyMA97174501-2HCHealthy Communities Grant Program$35,000Brian TocciTom Faber
Neponset River Watershed AssociationMA97136401-1HCUrban Neponset River Water Testing and Source Identification$26,100Cheryll ScottTom Faber
Central Coast Vineyard TeamCA83411501-0X8Rducng Pestcide Risk thru Intgratd Farming Practce$225,000Nicole RobertsTodd Peterson
CAFE Johnson CountyIA98775901-0XAReducing ETS Exposure in JO CO, IA$16,500Annora OgletreeTina Wilkins
The Children's Mercy HospitalMO98798901-0XAChildcare Asthma Community Health and Environmental Control$16,773Jennifer EricksonTina Wilkins
Missouri Research CorporationMO98798701-0XACollaborative Regional Pediatric Program$26,865Jennifer EricksonTina Wilkins
Black Health Care Coalition Inc.MO98798601-1XAImproving Asthma Outcomes for Kansas City Kids$15,518Donna BloeckerTina Wilkins
Missouri Pork AssociationMO98760101-3XMissouri Pork Association Swine Waste Project$992,000Debbie TitusTina Wilkins
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98798501-0XAIn-Home Head Start and Activity Asthma Awareness$29,516Jennifer EricksonTina Wilkins
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98775501-0XAAsthma Management Outreach Project$27,135Debbie TitusTina Wilkins
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD98776001-0XANorthern Plains Smoke-Free Homes Campaign$20,000Annora OgletreeTina Wilkins
North Carolina Coastal FederationNC00D05012-0AZSoutheastern U.S. Regional Targeted Watershed Initiative$55,000Sherry MilesTina Lamar
Tennessee Benchmark Inc.TN97417801-2X7Water Pollution Control$498,900Barbara StrotherTina Lamar
Delta InstituteIL00E00802-1GLToxics Reduction via E-Waste Management$151,000Michelle BeckerTina Davis
Save The Dunes Conservation Fund Inc.IN00E00479-1GLHobart Marsh Restoration Project$200,000Karen SykesTina Davis
Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council IncWI00E01154-1GLInvasive Species Control on Tribal Lands in Wisconsin$399,978Robert FieldsTina Davis
Arizona Clean & BeautifulAZ97939001-0X1RCRA 8001 -CAMPUS RECYCLING IN RURAL COMMUNITIES$22,500Judy JohansenTimonie Hood
Chartwell SchoolCA96912701-1X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Design for Disassembly Program$29,400Martha VillarrealTimonie Hood
California Resource Recovery AssociationCA00987601-1X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Training & Certification$50,000Martha VillarrealTimonie Hood
Econservation InstituteCO00T11601-4X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Pay-As-You-Throw$49,900Martha VillarrealTimonie Hood
Hawaii Island Economic Development BoardHI96996601-4EMSPECIAL APPROPRIATION - BIG ISLAND RECYLCING PROJECT$492,600Vernese GholsonTimonie Hood
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83037301-2XNational Guidelines on School Siting$90,000Jessica DurandTim Torma
Charles River Watershed AssociationMA83414601-3AWFinancing StormH2O Projects-Online Trading System$39,476Matthew BellTim Jones
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83164601-0X7Nonpoint Source Implementation Forums$206,892Karen BassTim Icke
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83243201-3AWState/EPA Co-regulator TMDL Program Partnership$102,000Adam FettTim Icke
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83173901-2X7Total Maximum Daily Load$448,804Karen BassTim Icke
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83105101-1X7Supporting the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program$360,000Karen BassTim Icke
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83106901-1CPState/USEPA Innovations in Watershed Management$200,000Karen BassTim Icke
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83243201-3AWState/EPA Co-regulator TMDL Program Partnership$102,000Adam FettTim Icke
Center for Watershed Protection Inc.MD83153601-1X7Complete Project on Smart Watershed Benchmarking$80,000Nancy KokTim Icke
Water Environment FederationVA83243301-0AWTMDL Technical Conference 2005$25,000Adriana AlvarezTim Icke
Rimini Community IncorporatedMT97830601-A1Technical Assistance Grant$240,000Danette QuickTillman McAdams
Center for Health & Human Services Inc.MA97135701-0HCSmoke Free Homes Campaign New Bedford and Fall River, MA$30,000Cheryll ScottTillie Luzzo
Assoc. St. & Terr Solid Waste Mgmt. Off.DC82981701-6RResearch of Hazardous Substance Detection and State and Territorial CERCLA Program Activities$1,919,828Adam FettTiffany Moreland
Wilderness InquiryMN96327401-0UWWilderness inquiry, Inc. - Urban Waters$59,333Lorraine FleuryTiana Blount
Greater Southeast Development CorporationVA96308901-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$100,000Donna ArmstrongTiana Blount
First American Land-Grant College Org NetworkMO83334101-0X3The Tribal Colleges and Universities Environmental Research Conference$25,000Karen BassTia Rush
Carolina Recycling AssociationNC96435705-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance - Yes, You CAN*! (*Compost and Naturescape)$31,470Sherry MilesThornell Cheeks
University of South Carolina Research FoundationSC95476011-0PIEnvironmental Policy and Innovation Grants$28,353William LundyThornell Cheeks
Green Blue InstituteVA00D06613-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance$45,000Laura FowlerThornell Cheeks
Earth Conservation CorpsDC97325101-0NEThe Saturday Environmental Academy$19,560Shareef PraterThomas Uybarreta
Oglebay InstituteWV97309001-0NEMission Ground Truth - Enhancing Teaching Through Technology and Field Experiences$9,910Shareef PraterThomas Uybarreta
Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy IncorporatedKY96459806-1X7Surveys-Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants$545,600Kenny RichardsonThomas Cooney
Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy IncorporatedKY96459606-1X7Surveys-Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants$992,000Kenny RichardsonThomas Cooney
Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy IncorporatedKY96459706-1X7Surveys-Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations, and Training Grants$496,000Kenny RichardsonThomas Cooney
International City/County Mgmt. Assoc.DC98343003-1CBChesapeake Bay Local Government Information Network$38,291Elizabeth JanuaryTheresa Martella
International City/County Mgmt. Assoc.DC98382101-1CBLocal Government Advisory Committee$126,893Elizabeth JanuaryTheresa Martella
International City/County Mgmt. Assoc.DC98354801-3CBChesapeake Bay Program$30,902Elizabeth JanuaryTheresa Martella
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/Tech AdvisoryWA00J91901-0ECDuwamish Community Action for Clean Air$119,984Greg LucheyTheogene Mbabaliye
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/Tech AdvisoryWA96026701-D1Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition TAG$200,000Greg LucheyTheogene Mbabaliye
Citizens for a Healthy BayWA00062206-E1CHB TAG - Amendment D$260,000Greg LucheyTheogene Mbabaliye
National HQGA83509101-0CHIncrpratng Children's Envirnmntl Health-Boys/Girls Clubs$100,000Ben VauterTheodore Coopwood
Citizen Policy & Education Fund of NJNJ98277601-0EQCitizen Policy & Ed Fund of NJ -EJ$20,000Mahmoud FlearyTerry Wesley
Camden Community Recovery CoalitionNJ98294101-0EQCamden Community Recovery Lead & Environmental Justice Project$15,000Douglas RobertsTerry Wesley
Ironbound Community CorporationNJ97206311-0EQEJ GRANT IRONBOUND GARDENING & GREENING$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Lazos America Unida Inc.NJ97221610-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Lazos America$24,947John SvecTerry Wesley
Camden Community Recovery CoalitionNJ98294101-0EQCamden Community Recovery Lead & Environmental Justice Project$15,000Douglas RobertsTerry Wesley
Heart of Camden Inc.NJ97235609-1EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - HEART OF CAMDEN$20,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
GreenFaithNJ97235509-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Greenfaith$20,000Frank BaroneTerry Wesley
Comite De Apoyo A Los Trabajadores Agricolas CATANJ97204412-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Improved Environmental Protections for Indigenous Farmworkers$25,000John SvecTerry Wesley
Make the Road New YorkNY97235709-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING, INC.$20,000Frank BaroneTerry Wesley
Make the Road New YorkNY97235709-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING, INC.$20,000Frank BaroneTerry Wesley
Northern Manhattan Improvement CorporationNY97223410-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Northern Manhattan$25,000Kevin HurleyTerry Wesley
Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation IncNY97230000-0EQRetrofit, Weatherization and Street Trees Project$25,000John SvecTerry Wesley
Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Inc.NY97202912-0EQRockaway Youth Marine Conservation Corps$25,000John SvecTerry Wesley
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY97254607-0EQNorthern Manhattan Garbage, Pests and Pesticides Campaign$50,000Frank BaroneTerry Wesley
Buffalo Niagara RiverkeeperNY97223710-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - BUFFALO RIVERKEEPER$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment Inc.NY97255007-0EQWilliamsburg-Greenpoint Environmental Youth Consortium$50,000Frank BaroneTerry Wesley
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY97223910-0EQNorthern Manhattan Climate Change, Water Infastructure and Health Readiness$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY97203512-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Onondaga Environmental Institute$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Citizens Environmental CoalitionNY97223810-1EQEnvironmental Justice - Citizens Environment Coalition$25,000John SvecTerry Wesley
Healthy Schools Network IncNY97235809-0EQEnvironmental Justice / Healthy Schools Network$20,000Frank BaroneTerry Wesley
South Street Seaport MuseumNY97223310-1EQFish and Water Advisories Community Education Program$0Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Bronx Overall Economic Development CorporationNY97274805-0EQMonitoring of Demonstration Green Roof$25,000Cynthia PabonTerry Wesley
Rocking the Boat Inc.NY97230100-0EQRocking the Boat Job Skills Apprenticeship Program$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Hudson River Sloop ClearwaterNY97229900-0EQPromoting Climate Justice in Four Hudson River Cities$25,000John SvecTerry Wesley
Apoyo Empresarial para la Península de CanteraPR98294201-0EQHealth Promotion & Family Alternative Intiative$15,000Douglas RobertsTerry Wesley
National Pollution Prevention RoundtableDC83209101-1X9P2 Results Data Management System-$146,000Joselynn FountainTerry Grogan
Northeast Recycling Council IncVT83252201-0X9Toxics in Packaging Laws: A Tool to Promote Source Reduction + Environ. Preferrable Purchasing-$28,963Barbara ProctorTerry Grogan
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83278601-0OSEnvironmental Exchange Network Associated Program Support$942,000Adam FettTerry Forrest
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83291901-2OSInformation Management Work Group Program Support$258,000Stephanie SaelzlerTerry Forrest
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83345601-3OSFY06:EPA/State Info Mgmt Partnership & ENLC Prog Sup$302,147Adam FettTerry Forrest
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83179101-1XStates Working in Partnership on the Management of Environmental Information$264,078Matthew PetersTerry Forrest
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83345701-1OSNational Environmental Information Exchange Network Program Support$985,000Adam FettTerry Forrest
Southwest Environmental Education ExchangeAZ96658001-0X4Border-Wide EE Coalition: Capacity Building and Training for Environmental Educators$25,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Southwest Environmental Education ExchangeAZ96658101-0X4Air, Awareness and Action: Sustainable Practices for Emission Reduction$30,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Environmental Education ExchangeAZ96616101-0X4Border Environmental Education Web and Grants Database$47,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Inc.MI97698701-0X4Establish Promote Measure Impact of Treatment Storage Disposal Facility$50,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Board of Regents Nevada System of Higher EducationNV96658701-0X4Unpaved Roads Study$75,000Laverne BakerTerrie Wright
El Paso Hispanic Chamber of CommerceTX96622201-1X4International Small Business Education & Voluntary Compliance Program$75,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96669301-3X4US-Mexico Border Grant - Implementation of 2012 Plan$1,005,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96613101-3X4Development & Establishment of Air & Water Environment Public Health Indicators$85,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
FEMAP FoundationTX96605001-0X4Bio-Diesel: Feasibility of Developing a Market for Waste Grease As A Diesel Fuel Alternative$50,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96630701-4X4Logistical Support for Border 2012 Programs$386,473Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
National School Transportation AssociationVA83342401-2SBSubgrant Program to Implement Lessons Learned in 2003 Demonstration Project$152,700Brian HublarTerrie Wright
Wildlife Conservation SocietyNY83538101-0UWCommunity Engagement Forum$14,750Jacob BurneyTerri Johnson
Groundwork USANY83538301-0UWUrban Waters Outreach & Training$14,500Jacob BurneyTerri Johnson
Oregon Tradeswomen Inc.OR96088201-1JTBrownfields Job Training Grant for Women$198,300Kathy Tsing-ChoyTerri Griffith
Oregon Tradeswomen Inc.OR96048801-0JTBrownfields Job Training for Women$198,322Kathy Tsing-ChoyTerri Griffith
Battelle Memorial InstituteOH83405601-3CRETV Materials Management$168,770Matthew BellTeri Richardson
Upper Arkansas Area Council of GovernmentsCO97839701-3X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach$46,195Tempa GravesTeri Bahrych
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO97839301-1X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach$55,849Tempa GravesTeri Bahrych
Caribbean Environment and Development InstPR99206906-3CESan Juan Bay Estuary Program$330,000Maria FloresTeresita Rodriguez
Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma Inc.OK97655601-2X7Water Quality - Vermicomposted Poultry Litter$447,100Belenthia EppsTeresita Mendiola
Teratology SocietyVA83553701-0X3Teratology Society$15,000Kristen ArelTeresa Wall
Environmental DefenseNY83199301-2X4Environmental Capacity Building in Newly Independent States$415,000Alison HanlonTeresa Kuklinski
Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryWA83527901-0X4Arctic Black Carbon: Reduction of Black Carbon Emissions from Diesel Sources$1,000,000Matthew BellTeresa Kuklinski
Tillamook Estuaries PartnershipOR97032301-7CETillamook Bay National Estuary Program Implementation 2005/06$2,035,661Deborah LarsenTeresa Kubo
Lower Columbia River Estuary PartnershipOR97064701-1WSLower Columbia River Estuary Partnership$700,000Michael AdlerTeresa Kubo
Society for the Cons. and Study of Caribbean BirdsMA97275605-1NECommunity Wetlands Education$40,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Society for the Cons. and Study of Caribbean BirdsMA97275605-1NECommunity Wetlands Education$40,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA99299701-4XAAir Currents Project$466,600Maria FloresTeresa Ippolito
Collier Services IncNJ97262306-0NEEnvironmental Career Odyssey$7,174John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
New Jersey Marine Sciences ConsortiumNJ97274005-1NEBiology of the Hudson Raritan Estuary$9,306John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
North Jersey Resource Conservation & Dev. CouncilNJ98294903-1NEEnvironmental Education Program$5,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Pequannock River CoalitionNJ97262406-0NERiver in the classroom and watershed detectives$7,390John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Atlantic City Historical Waterfront FoundationNJ97231309-0NEAtlantic City Historical Waterfront Fndtn. FFY09-EE$12,797Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
Hopeworks 'N CamdenNJ97275205-0NEHopeworks GIS Summer 2005 City Green Survey$10,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Rocky Springs Rehabilitation Center Inc.NJ97286804-1NEOur Wildlife Neighbors$2,250Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Friends of Palmyra Cove Inc.NJ97286904-1NEFriends of Palmyra Cove -Wetlands Education Program$21,014John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
North Jersey Resource Conservation & Dev. CouncilNJ98295003-1NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$5,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Association of New Jersey Environ. CommissionsNJ97210911-0NEEducation and Training for Vehicle Emissions Reduction$21,000Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
Camp Vacamas Association Inc.NJ97286304-0NEEnvironmental Awareness Project$5,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
New Jersey Audubon SocietyNJ97241201-1X7Audubon on Call - Environmental Expression through the Arts$29,793Maria FloresTeresa Ippolito
South Branch Watershed Assoc.NJ98295403-1NESouth Branch Watershed Ed Grant$6,225Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
American Littoral SocietyNJ97231809-0NEAmerican Littoral Society FFY09-EE$40,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Bronx River Alliance Inc.NY97254301-0NEBronx River Classroom$19,875John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Capital District YMCANY97276201-2NEEnvironmental Education Program - Source Reduction and Composting$5,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Buffalo Society of Natural ScienceNY97294101-0NEAuthentic Learning Communities$20,796Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Beczak Environmental Education CenterNY97213510-0NEBeczak Environmental Education Center FFY10-EE$14,648John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Wyckoff House & AssociationNY97294401-0NEWyckoff Farmhouse Community Demonstration Garden$12,095Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY97276501-1NETesting the Water$9,995John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Trout UnlimitedNY97262801-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$15,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Prospect Park Alliance Inc.NY97293901-0NEMidwood Green Team Project$5,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Clinton CountyNY97231209-1NECornell Cooperative Extension Clinton County FFY09-EE$14,200John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Immaculate Conception Environmental ClubNY98240301-1NEImmaculate Conception Outdoor Environmental Laboratory$3,840Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Friends of Crotona ParkNY98296030-1NEEnvironmental Education Program$10,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Groundwork Hudson ValleyNY97212910-0NEGroundwork Hudson Valley FFY10-EE$23,746John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Brooklyn Botanic GardenNY97293401-0NEThe Water Conservation Initiative$5,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Hudson River Park TrustNY97227309-0NEHudson River Park Trust FFY09-EE$12,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
The Point Community Development CorporationNY97240108-0NEThe Jackie and the Beanstalk Project$15,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Clearpool Inc.NY97254101-0NEDual-campus Resource Investigation for NYC KIds Program.$15,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Rocking the Boat Inc.NY97262901-0NEEnvironmental Education Program$35,000Janeime CastroTeresa Ippolito
Workforce Invst Bd of Herkimer Madison Oneida CtyNY97274001-1NEScience and Technology Education Partnership$0Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
New York Restoration ProjectNY97231609-0NENew York Restoration Project FF09-EE$45,500John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Friends of Van Cortlandt ParkNY97240508-0NESummer Environmental Internship$15,000John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Friends of the High School for Environ. StudiesNY97293501-0NEEnvironmental Science Literacy Training Project$4,600Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
American Littoral SocietyNY97293301-0NEJunior Bay Ranger Program$5,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Tompkins County Soil & Water Conservation DistrictNY98265402-1NEEnvironmental Education Program$2,516Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
The River Project Inc.NY97231709-0NENew York Harbor Underwater Exploration DVD$10,552John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Groundwork YonkersNY97254202-1NEGroundwork Yonkers EE$17,878John CiorciariTeresa Ippolito
Long Island Envirothon Ltd.NY97263101-0NEEnvironmental Education Program$8,801Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
The Horticultural Society of New YorkNY97293701-0NEGreenHouse/GreenTeam$5,000Cynthia PabonTeresa Ippolito
Vieques Conservation and Historical TrustPR97213210-0NEVieques Conservation and Historical Trust-FY10-EE$36,514Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
Migrant Clinicians Network Inc.TX97231109-0NEMigrant Clinicians Network, Inc. FFY09-EE$24,084Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
New England Water Works AssociationMA97109101-3X6Business Security & Sampling$115,000Jean CrockerTed Lavery
American Ground Water TrustNH97172801-0X6Private Well Training for Realtors$4,980Janet BartlettTed Lavery
Snowy Mountain Development CorporationMT96809001-0BFSnowy Mountain Development Coporation$1,567,428Sarah HulsteinTed Lanzano
Great Northern Development Corporation Inc.MT96828001-0BFGreat Northern Development Corporation$600,000Sarah HulsteinTed Lanzano
Great Falls Development Authority Inc.MT97813001-3BLBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$1,500,000Sarah HulsteinTed Lanzano
Great Northern Development CorporationMT96808701-1BFBrownfields Assessment Grants$749,999Sarah HulsteinTed Lanzano
Great Northern Development Corporation Inc.MT96806801-0BFAssessment, Cleanup and Revolving Loan Fund Grants$1,500,000Sarah HulsteinTed Lanzano
Northern Rocky Mountain RC&DMT97862901-0BFBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreement$1,600,000Sarah HulsteinTed Lanzano
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental JusticeCT83487401-0XJCCEJ's 6th Annual Environmental Justice Conference.$7,000ThuyT NguyenTayoka Hall
Ironbound Community CorporationNJ96290813-0EQIronbound - Growing Green for Environmental Justice$30,000Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Clean Air Coalition of Western New York Inc.NY96297612-0EQEJ - Clean Air Coalition of Western New York$24,319John SvecTasha Frazier
Green GuerillasNY96289613-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Green Guerillas$30,000John SvecTasha Frazier
Hudson River Sloop ClearwaterNY96297712-1EQEnvironmental Justice - Hudson River Sloop Clearwater$24,487Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
UPROSE Inc.NY97224010-1EQEnviornmental Justice - UPROSE$22,881Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY96298712-0EQEJ - Onondaga Environmental Institute$24,503John SvecTasha Frazier
Health Research Inc.NY83536701-0BCEnvir Health Program in NY State Schools$150,000Kristen ArelTasha Frazier
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY97206011-0EQWEACT Reduce Lead Poisoning Hazards$50,000John SvecTasha Frazier
Scuba Dogs Society IncPR96296912-0EQScuba Dogs Society Inc - EJ Program$24,286Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Vieques Conservation and Historical TrustPR96290713-0EQVieques Septic System Project$29,999Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Desarrollo Integral del Sur Inc.PR96281814-0ECReduce Exposure to Airborne Contaminants in Tallaboa-Encarnacion$120,000John SvecTasha Frazier
Leaders for the World Inc.PR96286812-0EQLeaders For the World Inc - EJ Program$25,000Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
California Urban Water Conservation CouncilCA83308301-2CPAlliance for Water Efficiency Activities$335,000Kenneth SylvesterTara OHare
Association of Boards of CertificationIA83137701-1XWater and Wastewater Certification Questions$24,397Devon BrownTara Johnson
Water Environment FederationVA83043901-4TWastewater Infrastructure Security - Continued Development of an Integrated Training Program$2,855,392Jennifer BrooksTara Johnson
Mobile Bay Keeper IncAL95486412-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Laura FowlerTami Thomas-Burton
Eastside Environmental CouncilFL95477111-2EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$15,000Sharonita JohnsonTami Thomas-Burton
Adirondack Lakes Survey CorporationNY82727201-4XPublic Report Describing The Chemical Status Of 52 Representative Adirondack Waters-$75,000Asher WeinbergTamara Saltman
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96627601-4EMLake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation$492,600Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F16701-4BRLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program FY09$951,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F40501-3BRLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration FY11$1,432,200Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96627101-7EMUNOR&TF - Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$1,984,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA97678501-4X7Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$2,440,300Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96664501-4EMLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$1,490,040Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96600501-3X7Water Quality Improvement Project$744,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96664502-5EMLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$950,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96644201-5EMUNOR&TF Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$2,119,200Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F63101-3BRFY12 Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$1,912,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96664503-3BRFY10 Lake Pontchartrain Restoration Program$1,122,800Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F77001-2BRFY13 Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$1,775,500Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
UNO Research & Technology FoundationLA00F92401-0BRFY14 Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$948,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96618701-3WSLake Pontchartrain Targeted Watershed Project$854,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
River Legacy FoundationTX97696001-0X7Solid Waste Reduction-Innovative Education For All Ages$5,000Jeraldine EnglerthSylvia Ritzky
Trust for Public LandDC83338001-4X6Integrating Clean Water, Drinking Water and Land Use Planning Efforts$364,500Kenneth SylvesterSylvia Malm
Smart Growth AmericaDC83338101-5X6Integrating Clean Water, Drinking Water and Land Use Planning Efforts$260,500Kenneth SylvesterSylvia Malm
Community Development ResearchGA83505001-0XAEthiopian Landfill Study and Capacity Building Project$80,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
Community Development ResearchGA83538901-0XAEthiopian Municipalities Solid Waste$80,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
Natl Assoc of Devel Orgs Res. Found.DC83133101-6TRBrownfield Training Research and Technical Assistance$475,000LaShaun PhillipsSven-Erik Kaiser
National Brownfield AssociationIL83132901-5TRBrownfield Workshop for Communities$916,025Thuyt NguyenSven-Erik Kaiser
Anacostia Watershed Society Inc.MD97352701-2WSANACOSTIA RIVER URBAN WATERSHED PARTNERSHIP$405,000Julie DietrichSuzanne Trevena
The Bay Foundation of Morro BayCA96974801-5CENational Estuary Program - Morro Bay$2,902,350Danielle CarrSuzanne Marr
The Bay Foundation of Morro BayCA00T66101-3CENational Estuary Program - Bay Foundation of Morro Bay$2,290,208Danielle CarrSuzanne Marr
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA97930301-1XSpecial Appropriation - Wetlands Monitoring at Crissy Field$500,000Vernese GholsonSuzanne Marr
Big Sur Land TrustCA96981001-2WSWATERSHED INITIATIVE PROGRAM - Lower Carmel River Floodplain Restoration$992,000Linda StrunaSuzanne Marr
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA96938001-0XSpecial Appropriation - Shoreline and Habitat Restoration$298,200Vernese GholsonSuzanne Marr
Center for the Inland BaysDE99399006-2CEDE Center for the Inland Bays$502,436LaRonda KoffiSuzanne Hall
Center for the Inland BaysDE99399007-2CEFY2005 Delaware Center for the Inland Bays National Estuary Program.$588,352Lorraine FleurySuzanne Hall
Milwaukee Community Service Corps IncWI96554501-1JTFY 2005 - MILWAUKEE COMMUNITY SERVICE CORPS - BROWNFIELDS JOB TRAINING$150,000Francisca RamosSuzanne Coll
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83514401-2XAOutreach to State Legislatures on Radon Hazards$235,292ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83309401-4XAOutreach to State Legislators on Radon$225,000ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
Environmental Law InstituteDC83113601-4XAIndoor Air Quality Outreach, Information and Technical Assistance$430,000Robert DenegalSusie Shimek
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY82839101-4XPUBLIC PROTECTION FROM RADON$307,000Cheryl ClarkSusie Shimek
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83461401-4XAAssistance State/Local Governments$607,500Jessica DurandSusie Shimek
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83314001-8XAPublic Protection From Radon$504,000Jessica DurandSusie Shimek
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83113401-3XAPublic Protection From Radon$369,000Bobak ZarrinnahadSusie Shimek
American Lung Association of MinnesotaMN83309201-2XARadon Consumer-Builder Campaign$161,556LaShaun PhillipsSusie Shimek
Border Environmental Health Coalition Inc.NM97675201-1X4Prevention of Groundwater Contamination$30,000Darlene CoulsonSusanne Mann
The Rensselaerville InstituteNY97657801-4X7Youth And The Environment "Adopt-A-Ditch"$14,700Jeraldine EnglerthSusanne Mann
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83033901-8QSAgency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry-$1,577,753Nancy KokSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975301-8QSenior Environmental Employment Program-OAQPS$2,797,200Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC83097801-5QSenior Environmental Employment Program$1,060,975Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975701-LQSenior Environmental Employment Program$2,537,254Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82888501-7QSenior Environmental Employment Program - NCER$1,170,798Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC83098001-AQGround Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division$1,134,551Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82889001-BQSenior Enviornmental Employment Program, NCER, NRMRL$813,842Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975501-BQSenior Environmental Employment Program$856,700Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975201-DQSenior Environmental Employement Program - Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response$585,255Adam FettSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975601-gQSenior Environmental Employment Program-Region IV$4,056,591Adam FettSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82889101-QQSenior Environmental Employment Program, Office of Enforcement & Compliance Assurance$2,511,674Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC83094001-7QSenior Environmental Employment Program$253,905Connie MilesSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975101-EQSenior Environmental Employment Program,OARM/OIRM$1,635,009Adam FettSusan Street
Senior Service America Inc.MD83040601-SQNational Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory at Ann Arbor$5,950,598Goshu WoldeSusan Street
Senior Service America Inc.MD83038301-NQSenior Environmental Employment Program (SEE) Supporting Region II Operations -$4,542,394Goshu WoldeSusan Street
Senior Service America Inc.MD82813901-4QSSenior Environmental Employment Program (SEE)-U.S. Army, Ctr. for Health Promotion and Prevention$67,486Rahsaan TabbSusan Street
Natl Asian Pacific Center on AgingWA83149901-PQSenior Environmental Employment Program - Region X$3,445,921Diane GreeneSusan Street
Natl Asian Pacific Center on AgingWA83080401-MQSenior Environmental Employment Program - Office of Environmental Information$2,545,301Diane GreeneSusan Street
Natl Asian Pacific Center on AgingWA82876001-dQSenior Environmental Employment Program - Region V$10,826,853Diane GreeneSusan Street
Hawaii Nature CenterHI96957501-2EMSpecial Appropriation - East Kauai Watershed Improvement Project$248,000Martha VillarrealSusan Polanco
Tanana Chiefs ConferenceAK00J91501-1RPTanana Chiefs Conference Response Program 2014-15$150,000Joanne BrendleSusan Morales
Foundry Industry Recycling Starts TodayMA96518101-2X1Foundry sand workshops$20,500Karen SykesSusan Mooney
Great Lakes By Products Management Assoc.OH96580901-1X1GREAT LAKES BY-PRODUCT MGMT ASSOC - Solid Waste$19,000Frances ShieldsSusan Mooney
Center for the Inland BaysDE99399009-2CEImplementation of Delaware Inland Bays CCMP (FY08/09)$1,009,750Lorraine FleurySusan McDowell
Center for the Inland BaysDE99399008-1CECenter for the Inland Bays National Estuary Program$1,004,566Lorraine FleurySusan McDowell
DE Center for the Inland BaysDE99399010-2CENational Estuary - CIB (FY 2010/2011)$1,420,000Lorraine FleurySusan McDowell
Jastech Development Services IncPA97311201-3XOverbrook Environmental Education Project$248,500Bernie McCullaghSusan McDowell
Pennsylvania Environmental CouncilPA97343601-0CPWissahickon Stormwater Trading$150,000Douglas RobertsSusan McDowell
Society of Environmental Toxicology and ChemistryFL83291201-0X3Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry$14,400Kenneth SylvesterSusan Laessig
Harvard Pilgrim Health CareMA83277001-0X33rd International Congress on the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease$9,963Robert DenegalSusan Laessig
Gordon Research ConferencesRI83291101-0X32006 Environmental Endocrine Disruptors Gordon Conference$10,000Bobak ZarrinnahadSusan Laessig
University of Kansas Center for Research IncKS83177001-1X7Demonstration of Randomized-design for Assessment of Wadeable Streams$451,912Joyce BlakeSusan Holdsworth
American River Watershed InstituteCA82954001-1RModeling Global Warming Impacts in the Sierra Nevada$99,841Kelley BoatwrightSusan Herrod-Julius
Health Choice Network Inc.FL83079101-1XUsing Lay Health Educators for In-home Asthma Environmental Education$151,215Kenneth SylvesterSusan Conrath
The Georgia ConservancyGA95481011-0X9Source Reduction Assistance$15,000Tina MartinSuganthi Simon
Univ of Louisville Res Fdn. Inc.KY95401608-3X9Source Reduction Assistance$90,000Kenny RichardsonSuganthi Simon
Red StarOK96692701-0NETrain, Teach, and Track Project$44,351Sharon BeetsSuea Davis
Iowa Soybean AssociationIA98738701-2MMIowa Soybean Assoc Evaluating Management Practices$80,000Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
Prairie Winds RC&D Inc.IA98769501-3CPUpper Winnebago River Comprehensive WQ Plan$98,730Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
MO River Communities Network Inc.MO98770501-1CPClean Stream Education Initiative$95,900Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
Watershed Conservation Resource CenterAR83223901-5AWMid-South Watershed Training Program$332,914Adam FettStuart Lehman
Northeast-Midwest InstituteDC82848001-3XUST-Field Cleanup and Redevlopment$355,000LaShaun PhillipsSteven Mcneely
The Nature ConservancyGA97406800-2XThreats to Aquatic Biota of the Altamaha River Watershed$40,000Connie RutlandSteven Blackburn
Habitat for Humanity LexingtonKY96477507-1X1Solid Waste Management Assistance$23,604Sherry MilesSteveD Smith
Southeast Watershed Forum Inc.TN95470911-0PIEnvironmental Policy and Innovation Grants$40,950Marsha HumphriesSteveD Smith
State Rev. of Oil & Natl Gas Env. Reg.UT83245601-0X1Stakeholder Review of State Oil and Gas Environmental Regulatory Programs$297,600Robert DenegalSteve Souders
The River InstituteOH83340801-1AWValidating Best Management Practices for Restoring Nutrient Reduction$77,252Phillip SchindelSteve Settle
Council of State GovernmentsKY83235601-5X3Outreach Program to Promote Effective and Consistent Environmental Monitoring Among States & Tribes$807,543Alison HanlonSteve Paulsen
Water System CouncilDC83331201-1EMThe Wellcare program$985,200Phillip SchindelSteve Clark
Water System CouncilDC83256101-0XThe Wellcare Program$992,000Joselynn FountainSteve Clark
Buried Asset Management II IncGA83282901-2CPEstablishing a Pathway for Achieving Water Utility Infrastructure Management Excellence$164,000Matthew BellSteve Allbee
Water Environment Research FoundationVA83112101-2CPAsset Management Research- Condition Assessment Measures, Metrics, and Protocols$200,000Adriana AlvarezSteve Allbee
Water System CouncilDC83446101-1EMWellcare Program-Trng,TA & Ed Relatd to CleanH2O$700,000Jessica DurandSteve Ainsworth
Water System CouncilDC83478301-1EMWater Systems Council wellcare Project$700,000Kenneth SylvesterSteve Ainsworth
Water System CouncilDC83399801-1EMWellcare Program$689,090Kenneth SylvesterSteve Ainsworth
National Rural Water AssociationOK83284401-1XSource Water Protection Technical Field Assistance Program$1,487,570Nicole RobertsSteve Ainsworth
National Rural Water AssociationOK82867201-5XSource Water Technical Field Assistance Program$9,116,870Bobak ZarrinnahadSteve Ainsworth
WV University Research CorporationWV83379201-1X6Source Water & Well Head Protection: The SMART About Water Program$3,000,000Kenneth SylvesterSteve Ainsworth
Connections Inc.NM00F09101-1RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$288,898Laverne BakerStephen Sturdivant
American Water Resources AssociationVA83387701-0X3Riparian Ecosystems & Buffers:Water's Edge$10,000David AckStephen Kovash
Foundation for Adv. in Science and EducCA83133501-2XFASE Pesticide Project$268,200Robert DenegalStephen Howie
Rural Community Assistance Partnership IncDC83560701-0X6Training/Techinical Assistance to Improve Water Quality$4,500,000Kenneth SylvesterStephen Hogye
Rural Community Assistance Partnership IncDC83469501-1EMDrinking Water Technical Assistance and Training Program$1,250,000Kenneth SylvesterStephen Hogye
Rural Community Assistance Partnership IncDC83445001-1EMRCAP Drinking Water Technical Assistance and Training Program$1,250,000Jessica DurandStephen Hogye
New York Rural Water AssociationNY97266400-1X7Tax Maps as a Source Water Protection Tool$50,000Maria FloresStephen Gould
New York Rural Water AssociationNY98289503-1X6Local Source Water Protection$27,631John OwenStephen Gould
Walker Lake Working GroupNV96906001-3XSpecial Appropriation - Walker Lake Conservation Plan$842,100Renee ChanStephanie Wilson
Wilson International Center for ScholarsDC83217301-1X7Support the Explorationand Application of New Technologies to Water Policy$25,000Phillip SchindelStephanie Thornton
Alamosa County Economic DevelopmentCO96826301-0BFBrownfields Assessment Grant$200,000Sarah HulsteinStephanie Metz
Bear Paw Development CorporationMT96808501-0BFBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$400,000Sarah HulsteinStephanie Metz
Bear Paw Development CorporationMT97880501-32BStimulus Brownfields Petroleum Assessment Grant$200,000Danette QuickStephanie Metz
Bear Paw Development CorporationMT96808601-0BFBrownfields Revolving Loan Fund$1,000,000Sarah HulsteinStephanie Metz
Bear Paw Development CorporationMT96828501-0BFBear Paw Development Corporation$400,000Sarah HulsteinStephanie Metz
Bear Paw Development CorporationMT97880601-32BStimulus Brownfields Haz Sub Assessment Grant$200,000Danette QuickStephanie Metz
Kansas Rural Water AssociationKS98754601-0X6Tribal Water Systems Assistance and Training$65,000Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
NE Groundwater FoundationNE98768601-0X62005 Groundwater Foundation Annual Conference$5,000Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
Native American Water AssociationNV98744701-1X6FY04 Tribal Drinking Water - Tech Assist$64,800Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
Mid-Atlantic Technology Research & Innovation CtrWV97367901-0REProject to conduct a multi-media environmental risk reduction.$92,650Donna ArmstrongStephanie Branche
BioDiversity Research InstituteME83574601-0X4ASGM national action plans support materials$20,000Matthew BellStephanie Adrian
Destiny Community Development CorpDE97371401-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP - WILEY CORK MANUFACTURING$200,000Tanya ThomasStepan Nevshehirlian
Center for Aquatic Life and ConservationMD97368101-3BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP - MIDDLE BRANCH$200,000Tanya ThomasStepan Nevshehirlian
Community Improvement Corp of Springfield Clark County OhioOH00E01211-1XPPRIME OHIO II INDUSTIAL PARK$485,000Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
Columbus Downtown Development CorporationOH00E00358-0XPSCOITO MILE RIVER LEVEL PARK PROJECT$477,000Madeline RuckerSteffanie Crossland
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR96676801-0XACarroll Cty Rsc Council and Prev.Pln. Board$10,000Sharon BeetsStacy Murphy
Children's Environmental Health NetworkDC00F89701-0XACEHN Eco-Health Child Care$20,000Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
Louisiana Science Teachers AssociationLA00F00201-0ABLA SC3$15,000Brian BerryStacy Murphy
Gila Regional Medical CenterNM96618801-0XACreating Healthy Environments for Children$28,042Darlene CoulsonStacy Murphy
Mothers for Clean AirTX96619601-2XACreating Healthy School Environments for Asthmatics$30,328Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
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