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All Awards to Non-Profits

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#Can be sorted ascendingRecipientCan be sorted ascendingStateCan be sorted ascendingGrant NumberCan be sorted ascendingPCCan be sorted ascending or descendingProject TitleCan be sorted ascending or descendingCum Dollars AwardedGrant SpecialistSorted descending, can be sorted ascendingProject OfficerCan be sorted ascending or descending
The Beacon Institute Inc.NY97270805-1XPTHE BEACON INSTITUTE, INC.$241,100Yvette MarCardonaDenis Durack
American Farmland TrustDC97086301-6X8Implementing Integrated Pest Management to Address the Food Quality Protection Act$1,244,889Yvette DownsSandra Halstead
Tri-State Water QualityID97009301-6CPPend Oreille Lake Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Project$93,480Yvette DownsMartha Turvey
Tri-State Water Quality CouncilID00J21101-0X7Investigating and Evaluating New Strategies to Implement Nutrient TMDLs$48,960Yvette DownsDon Martin
Idaho Assoc. of Soil Conservation DistrictsID00J07901-0X8Utilizing the OnePlan for Soil Fumigant Management$130,000Yvette DownsCatherine Vila
Tri-State Water Quality CouncilID96056201-5X7Tri-State Water Quality Council X7-96056201-0$15,300Yvette DownsMartha Turvey
Bonneville Environmental FoundationOR96063201-1X9Source Reduction Assistance Program$100,000Yvette DownsCarolyn Gangmark
Oregon Environmental CouncilOR00J20001-0X9Oregon Safer Alternatives Assistance$15,500Yvette DownsCarolyn Gangmark
Salmon SafeOR00J38201-0X8Salmon-Safe Columbia$140,000Yvette DownsMarylou Soscia
Woodland Park Zoological SocietyWA00J50001-0X1Developing a Comprehensive Waste Reduction Materials Management Plan for Woodland Park Zoo$19,950Yvette DownsAlan Lee
The Sustainable Living CenterWA96084401-2X1The Sustainable Living Center: X1-96084401-0$20,000Yvette DownsMelissa Winters
The Lands CouncilWA96050701-0X8Reducing Childhood Lead Poisoning$72,000Yvette DownsKim Farnham
Okanogan County Community Action CouncilWA96050201-0X8Reduce Lead Poisoning$87,500Yvette DownsBarbara Ross
The Sustainable Living CenterWA00J49401-1X1Sustainable Living Center-Sustainable Materials Mgmt$19,735Yvette DownsOfelia Erickson
Okanogan County Community Action CouncilWA96095801-0X1Composting Leads to Environmental and Affordable Recycling (CLEAR)$25,000Yvette DownsOfelia Erickson
Sustainable ConnectionsWA00J49201-1X1Sustainable Connections Toward Zero Waste Initiative$16,500Yvette DownsAlan Lee
Sustainable ConnectionsWA96097101-0X1Towards Zero Waste Initiative and Replication$20,000Yvette DownsMelissa Winters
Cascadia Region Green Bldg CouncilWA00J05101-1X1Materials Conservation: Design, Use, Reuse$0Yvette DownsMelissa Winters
AL Mountains Rivers and Valleys RCDCAL95490912-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$74,250William LundyKathy Armstrong
Mobile Bay Watch Inc/ Mobile Bay KeeperAL96422605-0MXHydrological Mods Impact Mobile Bay/Mobile Tensaw Delta$100,000William LundyDiane Altsman
Camp Fire USA Central Alabama CouncilAL96454106-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$14,295William LundyKathy Armstrong
Alabama Clean Water PartnershipAL00D19814-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$171,436William LundyJason McDonald
Heathcote Botanical Gardens Inc.FL95488911-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$18,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
The Conservancy of Southwest FloridaFL97485103-2MX"Ecological Calibration of Estero Bay Basins"$72,000William LundySharon-E Hayes
The Conservancy of Southwest FloridaFL95402508-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$12,692William LundyKathy Armstrong
Dream in Green IncFL00D09613-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$216,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
The Georgia ConservancyGA00D04012-1X9Source Reduction Assistance$30,000William LundyPamela Swingle
Southern States Energy BoardGA97461602-3X1Promoting Market Development in the Southeast$55,900William LundyPamela Swingle
Center for Transportation & EnvironmentGA95487411-0DENational Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B)$1,445,447William LundyArtra Cooper
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Fund Inc.GA95442510-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program.$25,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
Athens Land TrustGA00D10113-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$29,700William LundyDaphne Wilson
Jekyll Island Foundation Inc.GA95442410-1NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$29,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Fund Inc.GA95491312-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$51,508William LundyKathy Armstrong
METRO 4 Inc.GA97498204-3EACapacity Building Grants and Cooperative Agreements for States & Tribes$150,000William LundyPriscilla Johnson
Southeastern States Air Resource Managers Inc.GA95411009-9XAAdministrative Support for Section 103 Air Quality Control$4,684,750William LundyMaryP Echols
Metro 4GA00D17014-1XAClean Air Act, Section 103$254,137William LundyMaryP Echols
Southface Energy InstituteGA00D21514-0X9Source Reduction Assistance$39,188William LundyPamela Swingle
University of Georgia Research Foundation IncGA95466210-2X8Georgia Master Beekeepers Program$99,824William LundyArtra Cooper
Environmental Community Action Inc.GA00D25314-0UWUrban Waters Small Grants$59,990William LundyKaren Gardner
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Fund Inc.GA00D21814-0UWUrban Waters Small Grants$60,000William LundyKaren Gardner
Metro 4GA96464006-8XAClean Air Act, Sec. 103$893,005William LundyMaryP Echols
Univ of Louisville Res Fdn. Inc.KY96431905-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance$41,225William LundyDelores Rodgers-Smith
Kentucky Association for Environmental EducationKY95494712-1NEEnv Ed KY Association for Env Education$210,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
The Nature ConservancyLA97494603-3MXGulf of Mexico Program$330,000William LundyDiane Altsman
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96400904-1MXLA Lake Pontchartrain Wtr Qual Mon FY2004$79,577William LundyDiane Altsman
Center for Watershed Protection Inc.MD00D21914-0UWUrban Waters Small Grants$59,943William LundyKaren Gardner
The Nature ConservancyMS97485903-1MXMS The Nature Conservancy$36,000William LundyMelanie Magee
NC Rural Communities Assistance Project Inc.NC95442810-0NENC Rural Community Assistance Project Inc$50,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
University of South Carolina Research FoundationSC95476011-0PIEnvironmental Policy and Innovation Grants$28,353William LundyThornell Cheeks
Upstate ForeverSC00D05013-1UWUrban Waters Small Grants$60,000William LundyKaren Gardner
Coastal Discovery MuseumSC95468310-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$36,652William LundyKathy Armstrong
Community Environmental Company LLCSC95483211-0BFBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$600,000William LundyCindyJ Nolan
Community Development & Improvement CorporationSC95463310-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreements$200,000William LundyCindyJ Nolan
Upstate ForeverSC95454910-0XAUpstate Forever - Thinking and Acting Regionally$90,000William LundyMarie Persinger
Upstate ForeverSC96495208-2WSTargeted Watershed Initiative$799,994William LundyJennifer Shadle
Southern Carolina Regional Development AllianceSC95483311-0BFBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$200,000William LundyBrian Gross
Upstate ForeverSC95401208-1X7GIS-Based ID/Development of Protection Strategies for Critical Watershed Areas$70,000William LundyJennifer Shadle
University of South Carolina Research FoundationSC96455606-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant - Lake Lyman Project$17,017William LundyKathy Armstrong
Tennessee AquariumTN96455706-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant - Sturgeon Reintroduction and Education$13,150William LundyKathy Armstrong
Children's Museum Corporation of Rutherford Co.TN95442710-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$13,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
James Agee Film ProjectTN95468510-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$28,110William LundyKathy Armstrong
IJAMS Nature CenterTN96487707-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program - IJAMS Nature Center$20,310William LundyKathy Armstrong
Recycling Marketing Cooperative for TennesseeTN96409204-1X1Recycling Markets Soild Waste$25,000William LundyPamela Swingle
Gulf of Mexico FoundationTX97494703-1MXMS Gulf of Mexico Foundation$90,000William LundyDrew Puffer
Texas State Aquarium AssociationTX96401504-1MXTX Living Shores Gallery$50,000William LundyMarybeth Vanpelt
Galveston Bay FoundationTX96401604-1MXTX Dickinson Bay Islands Restoration Proj FY 2004$202,500William LundyMarybeth Vanpelt
The Nature ConservancyTX96400604-1MXTX Habitat for Migratory Birds$58,453William LundyDiane Altsman
Appalachian Trail ConservancyWV95442310-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$20,000William LundyKathy Armstrong
Citizens for a Healthy BayWA96019401-0CPCitizens for a Healthy Bay CP-96019401-0$62,000Wendy WassonJohn Gabrielson
Global Green USACA00F86801-0UWNeighborhood Water Wise$46,884Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Earth Force IncCO00F85901-0UWUrban Waters Small Grant$60,000Wendy RossSharon Daugherty
Groundwork New Orleans Inc.LA00F50001-0UWUrban Waters - Groundwork NOLA$59,824Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA00F85701-0UWGo Jump in the Lake! Restoring Access to New Orleans Lakefront$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Groundwork New Orleans Inc.LA00F85601-0UWEnhancing the Green Slice$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Bayou Land Resource Conserv & Devlpmnt CouncilLA00F85301-0UWFY2014 Urban Waters Small Grants$59,600Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Public Laboratory for Open Technology and ScienceMA00F86001-0UWCitizen-let Monitoring of Urban Wetland$52,185Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Environmental Education Association of New MexicoNM00F48301-0NEEnv.EDU. Assoc. of New Mexico$150,000Wendy RossBonita King
New Mexico BASS Chapter FederationNM00F50501-0UWUrban Waters - NM BASS Chapter$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Amigos Bravos IncNM00F85501-0UWWater Quality Monitoring at Valle de Oro$59,818Wendy RossSharon Daugherty
Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program-Bosque SchoolNM00F94401-0UWBosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project - Monitoring the Rio Grande$59,921Wendy RossSharon Daugherty
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685807-1CECoastal Bend FY 2008 Estuaries$418,000Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685804-5CEImplement Bays Plan; Develop Partnership Projects with Local, State, and National Governments$506,984Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX00F21401-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries FY2011$815,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685807-1CECoastal Bend FY 2008 Estuaries$418,000Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries ProgramTX98685809-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program Implementation Plans for FY 2010$600,000Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685806-2CEContinued Implementation of Coastal Bend Bays Plan$492,600Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries ProgramTX98685811-0CEFY 2014 Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program$527,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Galveston Bay FoundationTX00F50901-1UWUrban Waters - Galveston Bay$60,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685810-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program-FY2013$597,333Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX00F90501-0CECoastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program FY2015$573,000Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX98685805-3CEContinued implementation of Coastal Bend Bays Plans$511,966Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program Inc.TX00F39301-0CECoastal Bend Bays and Estuaries FY 2012$613,800Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries ProgramTX98685808-1CECoastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program$591,750Wendy RossBetty Ashley
Iowa Consortium for Comprehensive Cancer ControlIA97736701-2EQRadon-Free Homes Intitiative$16,226Virginia WatersKarim Dawani
Highway 63 Gateway Community Development CorporationIA97736501-1EQHighway 63 ReNew Chamberlain Project$25,000Virginia WatersBrendan Corazzin
Sunflower Community Action Inc.KS97742601-1EQEducation and Outreach on Home Energy Efficiency$28,600Virginia WatersBrendan Corazzin
Black Health Care Coalition Inc.MO97742401-0EQKnowledge is Power: Improving Air Quality, Improving Lives.$30,000Virginia WatersAlthea Moses
Nebraska Families CollaborativeNE97736401-2EQNebraska Families Collaborative - Fostering Healthy Homes Project$25,000Virginia WatersKarim Dawani
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE97738001-1XABreathe Easy, Play Healthy$44,989Virginia WatersRobert Dye
Gulf Region Inc.TX97738301-1XAIndoor Air Quality for Asthmatic Children in Kansas$44,780Virginia WatersGina Grier
Land Trust for the MS Coastal PlainMS96417705-1CPWater Quality Cooperative Agreement$144,000Virginia MartinKaren Gardner
Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc.AZ99T23101-1ECEnvironmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Program$120,000Veronica AdamsLinda Reeves
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ96952401-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Reduction of the Public Health Impacts of High Risk Sources$25,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Family Counseling Agency of Tucson IncAZ96947001-0X8TSCA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Child Lead Poisoning Education Program$100,000Veronica AdamsDavid Tomsovic
Lindon Park Neighborhood AssociationAZ96919801-31Technical Assistance Grant - Motorola 52nd St., Superfund Site$100,000Veronica AdamsAlejandro Diaz
Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionCA97937101-3X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - OUTREACH AND MODEL POLICY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE$20,000Veronica AdamsAdrienne Priselac
Alliance for West Oakland DevelopmentCA96920101-21Superfund Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) - AMCO Chemical Site$100,000Veronica AdamsLeana Rosetti
Sustainable ConservationCA97978801-1CP$74,000Veronica AdamsJohn Ungvarsky
Pacific Studies CenterCA96993501-51Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - MEW Superfund Site$75,000Veronica AdamsJackie Lane
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA96994201-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreements$200,000Veronica AdamsNoemi Emeric-Ford
Pacoima BeautifulCA98916701-0RECOMMUNITY ACTION FOR A RENEWED ENVIRONMENT (CARE)$300,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkCA96949901-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Community Health Project$25,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Center for Community Action & Env. JusticeCA97932001-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Development of Neighborhood Assessment Teams (A-Teams)$20,000Veronica AdamsFrancisco Donez
Clear Lake Environmental Action Network Inc.CA97986501-21$F TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - SULPHUR BANK MERCURY MINE SUPERFUND SITE$50,000Veronica AdamsLeana Rosetti
Sustainable ConservationCA96940001-3CPWATER QUALITY$125,000Veronica AdamsKate Rao
Environmental Ctr of San Luis ObispoCA97984301-2EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - FARMWORKER SAFETY, PHASE II$19,998Veronica AdamsLaurie Amaro
Environmental Health CoalitionCA00T17001-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE)$300,000Veronica AdamsPeriann Wood
Pacific Studies CenterCA99971101-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Moffett Field$100,000Veronica AdamsJackie Lane
Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkCA96994901-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Richmond Community Leadership Project$50,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Sustainable ConservationCA96935001-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - BIODIESEL$100,000Veronica AdamsRoy Ford
Fort Ord Env Justice Network Inc.CA97960201-61Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Fort Ord Superfund Site$250,000Veronica AdamsViola Cooper
The Sierra FundCA00T89001-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Gold Country Circuit Rider$24,950Veronica AdamsDeirdre Nurre
Community Housing Development Corp of N. RichmondCA96917701-2BFBrownfields Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$200,000Veronica AdamsLaurie Amaro
Community First CoalitionCA97979701-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Hunters Point Ship Yard$50,000Veronica AdamsJackie Lane
Asian Health ServicesCA00T07201-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Reducing Chemical Exposure for Nail Salon Workers in CA$30,000Veronica AdamsNova Blazej
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA00T06101-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreement$200,000Veronica AdamsNoemi Emeric-Ford
Lula Washington Contemporary Dance FdtnCA97971601-3BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS$200,000Veronica AdamsLaurie Amaro
Environmental Health CoalitionCA96994801-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - San Diego Clean Ports Plan$50,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
San Joaquin Adopt-A-Watershed Sea Scout ShipCA97930201-4NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - San Joaquin Adopt-A-Watershed$5,000Veronica AdamsBill Jones
Catholic Charities CYOCA96978001-0NEEnvironmental Education - Developing Youth as Leaders and Stewards$5,000Veronica AdamsSharon Jang
California State University Fresno FoundationCA96940401-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - DIESEL PUMPING EFFICIENCY PROGRAM$50,000Veronica AdamsRoy Ford
Fresno Metropolitan MinistryCA00T98601-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Buildiing Community Capacity in Fresno County$24,861Veronica AdamsCharles Swanson
Boat People S.O.S. Inc.CA00T88201-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Community Awareness Campaign$25,000Veronica AdamsCarlin Hafiz
Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionCA97900501-31SUPERFUND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - MOFFETT NAVAL AIR STATION$50,200Veronica AdamsViola Cooper
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA96951701-0JTBROWNFIELDS TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS$200,000Veronica AdamsNoemi Emeric-Ford
Pro PeninsulaCA97948101-2XUS-MEXICO BORDER GRANT - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION BORDER 2012$60,000Veronica AdamsLorena Lopez-Powers
Thai Health and Information Services Inc.CA96998601-0X8TSCA Special Purpose Activities - Health Information Services Blood Lead Outreach Screening$36,000Veronica AdamsDavid Tomsovic
Marin Community ClinicCA00T46101-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Viviendo Verde Ya! (Live Green Now!)$25,000Veronica AdamsFabiola Estrada
Center for Env Economic DevelopmentCA97940001-2X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - ORGANICS RECYCLING BOARD PROJECT$25,000Veronica AdamsAdrienne Priselac
Product Stewardship InstituteMA96952201-1X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - NATIONAL PAINT PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP$93,804Veronica AdamsRebecca Smith
National Tribal Environmental CouncilNM97913701-8XACAA Special Purpose Activities - CAA 103 Western Indian Tribe (WRAP)$2,881,380Veronica AdamsRoy Ford
The Rensselaerville InstituteNY97944601-2X4US-Mexico Border Grant- Real Time Community Change- Phase II$50,000Veronica AdamsLorena Lopez-Powers
Arizona-Sonora Desert MuseumAZ00T25201-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - AZ Sonora Desert Museum "Adapting to Aridity"$22,052Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Friends of Deer CreekCA96944401-0NEEnvironmental Education - Bug Book: A guide to benthic macro-invertebrate$10,000Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Build It GreenCA00T31101-0X9SOURCE REDUCTION ASSISTANCE - Social Marketing Plan for CA Home Energy Retrofits$70,000Vernese GholsonLeif Magnuson
Build It GreenCA98951101-1X9Source Reduction Assistance - Build-It-Green (BIG)$118,339Vernese GholsonLeif Magnuson
The Watershed ProjectCA96979601-0NEEnvironmental Education - The Watershed Project$6,000Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA97930301-1XSpecial Appropriation - Wetlands Monitoring at Crissy Field$500,000Vernese GholsonSuzanne Marr
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA97912401-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreement$200,000Vernese GholsonWallace Woo
Earth TeamCA00T25701-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Earth Team SITA Project$24,563Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
The Reuse People of America Inc.CA96981901-0X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Los Angeles Building Materials Reuse Facility$50,000Vernese GholsonAndre Villasenor
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA00T95201-0W9SF BAY WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FUND - Presidio Quartermaster Reach Restoration$1,000,000Vernese GholsonLuisa Valiela
Agricultural Land-Based Training AssocCA00T03901-1WSTARGETED WATERSHED INITIATIVE$999,962Vernese GholsonMolly Martin
Habitat for Humanity East BayCA99904401-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS$200,000Vernese GholsonDiane Strassmaier
BASMAACA00T38201-1EMSPECIAL APPROPRIATION - San Francisco Bay Program, Clean Watersheds for a Clean Bay$5,000,000Vernese GholsonErica Yelensky
Ducks Unlimited IncCA00T70201-0W9SF BAY WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FUND - San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge$1,400,000Vernese GholsonErica Yelensky
Agricultural Land-Based Training AssocCA00902001-1X8FOOD QUALITY PROTECTION ACT (AG INIT) - Alternative Pest Management to Reduce High Risk Pesticide$98,000Vernese GholsonCindy Wire
Yolo Basin FoundationCA96978201-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - DISCOVER THE FLYWAY$10,000Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA96938001-0XSpecial Appropriation - Shoreline and Habitat Restoration$298,200Vernese GholsonSuzanne Marr
Pacific American FoundationHI00T67601-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE)$300,000Vernese GholsonDebbie Lowe
Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family SvcsHI00T78501-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Kokua Kalihi Valley (KKV) Comprehensive Family Services$24,974Vernese GholsonShelly Rosenblum
Malama MaunaluaHI00T82001-0UWURBAN WATERS - MAUNALUA BAY RUNOFF REDUCTION$59,919Vernese GholsonHudson Slay
Hawaii Island Economic Development BoardHI96996601-4EMSPECIAL APPROPRIATION - BIG ISLAND RECYLCING PROJECT$492,600Vernese GholsonTimonie Hood
Honolulu Clean CitiesHI00T37601-2DENATIONAL CLEAN DIESEL PROGRAM - Honolulu Clean Cities$300,000Vernese GholsonAsia Yeary
Pacific American FoundationHI96940301-1RECommunity Action for Renewed Environment (CARE)$93,265Vernese GholsonDebbie Lowe
Malama Learning CenterHI00T43301-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Hawaii Green Collar Institute for Students$25,000Vernese GholsonDebbie Lowe
Tahoe Rim Trail AssociationNV96943801-0NEEnvironmental Education - Community Welcome Packet$4,670Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
National Audubon SocietyNY00T94901-0W9SF BAY WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FUND - Phase 1 Enhancing Sonoma Creek Marsh$235,884Vernese GholsonErica Yelensky
Lower Neuse Basin AssociationNC97466103-1X7Lower Neuse Basin Association$0Tracy ShellhorseForrest Leedy
Smithsonian InstitutionDC96327701-0UWSmithsonian Institution$60,000Tina WithelderCatherine King
The Nature ConservancyGA96498408-1X8ROW CROP FARMING OPERATIONS IN SOUTH GEORGIA$181,028Tina MartinMaryP Echols
The Georgia ConservancyGA95481011-0X9Source Reduction Assistance$15,000Tina MartinSuganthi Simon
SE States Air Resource ManagersGA96431505-5XAAir Quality Control - Regional Haze Project$3,756,887Tina MartinMaryP Echols
Southern Environmental Enforcement Network Inc.AL83207602-0TInter-Governmental Alliance to Enhance State & Local Enironmental Enforcement Programs.$100,000ThuyT NguyenDebra Ehlert
Alabama Coastal Foundation Inc.AL83497101-1EQCitizens Guide/Workshops Understand$23,500ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Southern Environmental Enforcement Network Inc.AL83450401-2EASkills Training Program-State & Local Environmental Personnel$1,200,000ThuyT NguyenArthur Horowitz
Winrock InternationalAR83052101-3XABaseline Monitoring Co-Benefits and Guidance for Land-Use and Forestry Carbon Projects-$274,811ThuyT NguyenKen Andrasko
Winrock InternationalAR83514701-2XACap Bldg.&Tech Assist on Clean&Eff Cooking Practices$749,669ThuyT NguyenJohn Mitchell
Winrock InternationalAR83052101-6XABaselines, Monitoring, Co-Benefits, and Guidelines for Land-Use and Forestry Carbon Projects$362,114ThuyT NguyenJared Creason
Winrock InternationalAR83398901-3XAWinrock International Outreach Communications & Education.$1,032,520ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
Winrock InternationalAR83295201-2XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Outreach$415,600ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
Winrock InternationalAR83503201-1XACapacity Building of Dairy Farms in Pakistan$138,150ThuyT NguyenAllison Costa
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83302401-4XABuilding and Maintaining Healthy, High Performing School Facilities$876,797ThuyT NguyenMichele Curreri
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83461101-3XACreating Effective Indoor Air Quality Management Programs.$315,000ThuyT NguyenMichele Curreri
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83115501-2XACities for Climate Change Campaign and Urban Heat Island Mitigation$431,300ThuyT NguyenAndrea Denny
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83115501-2XACities for Climate Change Campaign and Urban Heat Island Mitigation$431,300ThuyT NguyenAndrea Denny
Japanese American Citizens LeagueCA83496801-0EQSoutheast Asian Community Oil Spill Education$30,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83461501-3XANEHA Indoor Air Quality Program$851,460ThuyT NguyenLou Witt
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83335301-0XANational Conference of State Legislatures$30,000ThuyT NguyenPaul Bubbosh
The Keystone CenterCO83430301-0ITYouth Policy Summit-Greenhouse Gas Reduction$5,000ThuyT NguyenCatrice Jefferson
American Solar Energy SocietyCO83309701-1X3Solar 2006: Renewable Energy Key to Climate Recovery Conference$5,000ThuyT NguyenLu-Ann Kleibacker
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO83155401-1PSEJ Collaborative Problem Solving Grant Program$100,000ThuyT NguyenAyako Sato
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83514401-2XAOutreach to State Legislatures on Radon Hazards$235,292ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83270001-1XAEmissions Reductions Through Clean Energy Programs: Legislative Education and Outreach$70,000ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Energy Efficient Homes of ColoradoCO83241101-3XAReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Energy Efficiency$300,000ThuyT NguyenChandler VonSchrader
The Keystone CenterCO83476701-0ITYouth Policy Summit on Energy Innovation$15,000ThuyT NguyenCatrice Jefferson
Nat'l Association of School NursesCO83113501-2XAManaging Asthma Triggers and Indoor Air Quality$587,636ThuyT NguyenAlisa Smith
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83302201-4XANational Environmental Health Association$1,025,957ThuyT NguyenAnnette Johnson
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83293901-2XASouthwest Energy Efficiency Project$240,000ThuyT NguyenMaureen McNamara
Regional Air Quality CouncilCO83218201-1XADiesel Initiative for Retrofit Technology Program$75,000ThuyT NguyenJennifer Went
San Luis Valley Ecosystem CouncilCO83347001-1PSSMALL GRANT- San Luis Valley Health & Natural Resource$100,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Bessemer Association for Neighborhood Dev.CO83161001-1PSBessemer/Salt Creek Neighborhoods Environmental Health Initiative$100,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Western Governors' AssociationCO83455501-0XAMexico Inventory$199,955ThuyT NguyenJulia Ortiz
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83309401-4XAOutreach to State Legislators on Radon$225,000ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
Engineers Without Borders UCCO83250901-0SUA Green Mind: A Sustainable, Smart Growth Plan for Muramba, Rwanda$9,996ThuyT NguyenCynthia Nolt-Helms
American Water Works Association Research FdnCO82940901-1RAgreement to Conduct Drinking Water Research$3,891,500ThuyT NguyenGeorge Moore
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83333001-2XAAssisting Utah to Achieve its Energy Efficiency Goal$120,000ThuyT NguyenDenise Mulholland
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83420801-2XAAdvancing Policies and Programs to Increase Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the Southwest$240,000ThuyT NguyenMaureen McNamara
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental JusticeCT83487401-0XJCCEJ's 6th Annual Environmental Justice Conference.$7,000ThuyT NguyenTayoka Hall
Community Develop. Transport. Lend. Services Inc.DC83469201-0DESmartWay 09/10: CDTLS Revolving Loan$2,600,000ThuyT NguyenTyler Cooley
American Lung AssociationDC83461301-5XAEnvironmental Control Childhood Asthma$504,893ThuyT NguyenSheila Brown
America's Health Insurance PlansDC83319601-6XAEffectiveness of Environmental Asthma Management$331,000ThuyT NguyenAlisa Smith
Aga Khan Foundation USADC83366101-1XAPromotion of Market Based Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency$189,133ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83270101-3XAClearer Skies through Energy Efficiency$289,240ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Community Develop. Transport. Lend. Services Inc.DC83412501-2DENational Low-Interest Revolving Loan Fund$1,130,000ThuyT NguyenTyler Cooley
Children's Environmental Health NetworkDC83309001-1XAChildren's Environmental Health Network$90,000ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
National Academy of Science/NRCDC83371401-0XACore Support - Nuclear & Radiation Studies$15,000ThuyT NguyenMike Boyd
Business Council for Sustainable EnergyDC83374501-0XAClimate is Energy Policy Conference$15,000ThuyT NguyenBella Tonkonogy
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83371001-0CCSMALL GRANT- National Water Enforcement & Compliance SRF Assessment Project$15,000ThuyT NguyenDavid Piantanida
Alliance for Healthy HomesDC83243101-2XAAcheiving Radon Risk Reduction in Low-Income Rental Housing$78,807ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
Am. College of Preventive MedicineDC83312701-4XABuilding Health Professional Capacity$600,500ThuyT NguyenSheila Brown
Assoc. St. & Terr Solid Waste Mgmt. Off.DC83198501-6USState/Territorial UST Programs$928,372ThuyT NguyenLynn DePont
Alliance for Healthy HomesDC83308801-0XAMobilizing Housing and Health Communities to Prevent Radon Exposure$100,000ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
Assoc. St. & Terr Solid Waste Mgmt. Off.DC83177901-9X1Support Activities for RCRA Development and Implementation$6,062,430ThuyT NguyenAllen Pearce
Alliance To Save EnergyDC83231601-2XAMarket-Based Approaches to Reducing Gas Emissions$500,000ThuyT NguyenJulia Miller
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83294001-2XAMarket Based Approaches to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions$405,000ThuyT NguyenCaterina Hatcher
Alliance To Save EnergyDC83421001-5XAClean and Efficient Energy Program (CEEP)$325,000ThuyT NguyenStacy Angel
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83420901-5XAReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions thru Policy$790,000ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Building Owners & Managers Association FoundationDC83269801-2XAApproaches To Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Energy Efficiency In Homes And Bulldings -$185,000ThuyT NguyenAnna Stark
Citizens Against Toxic ExposureFL83497001-0EQEnivironmental Health Project$30,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Southeast Energy Efficiency AllianceGA83380001-3XAApproaches/Reducing Greenhouse Gas in Southeast$150,000ThuyT NguyenStacy Angel
Community Development ResearchGA83505001-0XAEthiopian Landfill Study and Capacity Building Project$80,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
CIFAL Atlanta IncGA83369601-0XABest Practices/Landfill Gas-Energy Projects$175,000ThuyT NguyenRachel Goldstein
Center for Transportation & EnvironmentGA83421801-1DENational Clean Diesel Emerging Technologies Program; Caterpillar Truck Retrofits$300,000ThuyT NguyenKuang Wei
American Society of HRAACEIGA83311201-3XAAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-$560,000ThuyT NguyenEric Werling
Community Development ResearchGA83538901-0XAEthiopian Municipalities Solid Waste$80,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
Community Development ResearchGA83503101-0XAEthiopian Agricultural Methane Capture Improvement$74,624ThuyT NguyenAllison Costa
American Lung Association of HIHI83280101-1XAAmerican Lung Association of Hawaii$135,000ThuyT NguyenRosa Yu
Midwest Environmental Enforcement Assoc.IL83207701-5TState, Tribal and Local Environmental Enforcement Training$606,250ThuyT NguyenDebra Ehlert
American Medical AssociationIL83059002-1XAEnhancing Health Providers' Ability to Prevent Secondhand Smoke Exposure$429,990ThuyT NguyenSherri White
National Brownfield AssociationIL83132901-5TRBrownfield Workshop for Communities$916,025Thuyt NguyenSven-Erik Kaiser
Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corp.LA83485001-2XJPublic Education Economic Dev. & Job Creation post-Gulf Oil Disaster$10,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Ceres Inc.MA83270201-2XADriving Voluntary Reductions and Better Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by U.S. Companies$200,000ThuyT NguyenBlaine Collison
Asthma & Allergy Fdn of America Inc.MD83309501-5XAReduce Public Exposure to Indoor Pollutants$800,000ThuyT NguyenTracey Mitchell
Houston Advanced Research CenterTX83441801-02AARRA ET-HARC/Cat 3500 Emissions Upgrade Kit$1,556,733ThuyT NguyenMichael Geller
Houston Advanced Research CenterTX83442001-22AARRA ET - HARC/Multiple Technologies$2,362,843ThuyT NguyenMichael Geller
Natl Assoc. of State Energy OfficialsVA83380101-2XAApproaches/Integrate Energy Efficiency Prgrmng$300,000ThuyT NguyenCaterina Hatcher
Association of School Business Officials Int'lVA83469001-1XAASBO Inter for IEQ Group for School$250,000ThuyT NguyenLou Witt
Association of Clinicians for the UnderservedVA83461201-4XAComprehensive Asthma Care: Health Professionals - Environmental Trigger Management$495,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Brown
Natl Assoc. of State Energy OfficialsVA83600501-2XAState Combined Heat & Power Analysis, Investment, and Education Program$80,000ThuyT NguyenGary McNeil
Automotive Recyclers AssociationVA83288301-5CCEnvironmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers Center$300,000ThuyT NguyenTracy Back
Automotive Recyclers AssociationVA83512401-1CCDevelopment & Maintenance-Automotive Recycler's ECAR$55,000ThuyT NguyenTracy Back
Intl Institute for Energy ConservationVA83371801-1XAProductive Use of Methane/Indian Dairy Industry$99,000ThuyT NguyenKurt Roos
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83466701-3XAIndoor AIRepair for Healthy Communities$210,000ThuyT NguyenTracey Mitchell
American Assoc. of School Admin.VA83461601-1XAIAQ 2.0: Leadership to Achieve & Sustain Healthy School Enivronments$282,588ThuyT NguyenJennifer Lemon
Upper Arkansas Area Council of GovernmentsCO97839701-3X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach$46,195Tempa GravesTeri Bahrych
Greenway FoundationCO97864001-0X7Surveys Studies Investigations Demonstrations & Trng Grants - Sect 1442 of Safe Drinking Water Act$14,386Tempa GravesStacey Eriksen
Mountain Studies InstituteCO97823601-1SGRegional Geographic Initiatives.$77,027Tempa GravesMarisa Mcphilliamy
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO97873301-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grant Program$20,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO97887101-1X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training, Demonstrations & Education Outreach$96,752Tempa GravesMichelle Reichmuth
Colorado Rural Water Assoc.CO97884701-1X7Surveys Studies Investigations Demonstrations & Trning Grants-Section 1442 Safe Drinking Water Act$13,000Tempa GravesDarcy Campbell
The Endocrine Disruption Exchange Inc. (TEDX)CO97838701-0EQEndocrine Disruption Exchange/FY07EJ$50,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
Front Range Earth ForceCO97853701-3TIFront Range Earth Force$12,500Tempa GravesBarbara Conklin
Trees Water & PeopleCO97873001-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program$20,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO97870601-2XAClean Air Act$145,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
San Juan Resource ConservationCO97836901-2CPWater Quality Cooperative Agreements$39,000Tempa GravesMarcella Hutchinson
Front Range Earth ForceCO97885601-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program.$6,701Tempa GravesNancy Reish
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO97869601-1XAClean Air Act$65,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Big Thompson Watershed ForumCO97801601-1CPBig Thompson Watershed Management Plan$53,760Tempa GravesMarcella Hutchinson
American Lung Association of ColoradoCO97802301-1XAmerican Lung Assoc. of Colo/FY04 Indoor Air$10,000Tempa GravesErin Collard
Citizen's for San LuisValley WaterCO97873201-1EQOffice of Environmental Justice, Small Grants Program$20,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO97839301-1X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations, Training Demonstrations and Educational Outreach$55,849Tempa GravesTeri Bahrych
CO Legal ServicesCO97837301-0X8FIFRA Special Project Grant, Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Program$23,334Tempa GravesJean Belille
Northeast Denver Housing Center IncCO97835101-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program$25,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO97836701-2XAIndoor Air Quality Program.$176,874Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Land Stewardship ProjectMN97875501-0X8Surveys of Demonstrations, Educational Outreach and Special Projects$35,000Tempa GravesPeg Perreault
American Lung Association of Northern RockiesMT97833201-0SGRegional Geographic Initiative$25,000Tempa GravesMarisa Mcphilliamy
Home ResourceMT97836401-0X9Source Reduction Assistance Program$35,000Tempa GravesLinda Walters
American Lung Association of Northern RockiesMT97869401-0XAIndoor Environments/EnviTobacco Smoke$10,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Sun River Watershed GroupMT97868801-1SGRegional Geographic Initiative Program$68,674Tempa GravesCynthia Gonzales
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestSD97872101-2XASurveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations and Special Purpose Activities$33,730Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD97836601-1XAIndoor Air Quality Allocation$70,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD97869201-0XAIndoor Air Quality$35,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Great Plains Restoration CouncilTX98892201-1EQWhite Horse Creek Clean-Up$15,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
Plateau Restoration Inc.UT97838601-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants$50,000Tempa GravesNancy Reish
Institute for Local Self-RelianceDC97314101-2X1SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT - DECONSTRUCTION FOR URBAN REVITALIZATION$73,600Tanya ThomasMike Giuranna
Institute for Local Self-RelianceDC98384801-3X1SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE - MACREDO$30,000Tanya ThomasMike Giuranna
Destiny Community Development CorpDE97371401-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP - WILEY CORK MANUFACTURING$200,000Tanya ThomasStepan Nevshehirlian
Washington CollegeMD97397201-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (FORMER CROP PRODUCTION SERVICES)$200,000Tanya ThomasSherry Gallagher
Civic WorksMD97332401-0JTBROWNFIELD JOB TRAINING$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Civic WorksMD97351401-0JTBROWNFIELD JOB TRAINING$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Herring Run Watershed AssocMD98379101-11TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - 68TH STREET LANDFILL$1,235Tanya ThomasAmelia Libertz
Washington CollegeMD97397301-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (FORMER ALGER OIL PROPERTY)$200,000Tanya ThomasSherry Gallagher
Center for Aquatic Life and ConservationMD97368101-3BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP - MIDDLE BRANCH$200,000Tanya ThomasStepan Nevshehirlian
Earth ConservancyPA98394301-4BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (CONCRETE CITY)$200,000Tanya ThomasSherry Gallagher
Goodwill Industries of the Conemaugh Valley IncPA97336501-3JTBROWNFIELD JOB TRAINING$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Alliance for a Clean EnvironmentPA98337201-41TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL SUPERFUND SITE$170,000Tanya ThomasZeradian Kelly-Abrams
Darby Creek Valley AssociationPA97318001-81TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - LOWER DARBY CREEK SUPERFUND SITE$100,000Tanya ThomasRuth Wuenschel
Earth ConservancyPA97396301-1BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (HANOVER 9 PARCEL D)$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Lackawanna Valley Conservancy Inc.PA97396001-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (7.8-ACRE FORMER MINE SITE)$200,000Tanya ThomasMichael Taurino
Earth ConservancyPA97396201-1BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (HANOVER 9 PARCEL B)$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Earth ConservancyPA97378301-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP- ESPY RUN WETLANDS (HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES)$200,000Tanya ThomasSherry Gallagher
Earth ConservancyPA96329101-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (WARRIOR RUN) HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Earth ConservancyPA97382101-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP - HANOVER 9, PHASE I (HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES)$200,000Tanya ThomasSherry Gallagher
Earth ConservancyPA97331001-3BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (FRANKLIN COAL BANK SITE)$200,000Tanya ThomasSherry Gallagher
Earth ConservancyPA97396101-1BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (HANOVER 9 PARCEL C)$200,000Tanya ThomasJeff Barnett
Business Development Corporation of the Northern PanhandleWV96320601-0BFBROWNFIELD CLEANUP (FORMER TAYLOR, SMITH AND TAYLOR POTTERY SITE) HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES$200,000Tanya ThomasJoseph Nowak
Community Coalition of Dewey-HumboldtAZ00T58901-11Superfund Technical Assistance Program - Iron King Mine (Humboldt Smelter Site)$50,000Susan ChiuAmanda Pease
Environmental Community Outreach AssociationAZ00T59201-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Phoenix Goodyear$50,000Susan ChiuAlejandro Diaz
Tri-Valley CARESCA97988201-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Site 300)$88,215Susan ChiuViola Cooper
East Bay Asian Local Development CorporationCA96951101-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$200,000Susan ChiuDiane Strassmaier
Concord Naval Weapons Station Local Reuse AssocCA97913501-21$F Technical Assistance Grant - Concord NWS$50,000Susan ChiuViola Cooper
San Gabriel Valley Area 3CA96981801-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - San Gabriel Valley Area 3$50,000Susan ChiuAlejandro Diaz
Frontier Fertilizer Superfund Oversight GroupCA96923301-61Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Frontier Fertilizer Site$113,750Susan ChiuJackie Lane
Marina in MotionCA00T34301-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Fort Ord$50,000Susan ChiuAnabel Yo-eco
Tri-Valley CARESCA00T78401-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Site 300$25,000Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Council for Watershed HealthCA96952901-2X7CWA Special Purpose Activities - Los Angeles River Watershed$20,000Susan ChiuHoward Kahan
Tri-Valley CARESCA00T79501-01Technical Assistance Program - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Main Site)$25,775Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA00T31801-02JARRA BROWNFIELDS JOB TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$500,000Susan ChiuNoemi Emeric-Ford
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA00T32001-22JARRA BROWNFIELDS JOB TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$500,000Susan ChiuWallace Woo
Tri-Valley CARESCA99945101-B1Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Main Site)$102,226Susan ChiuDavid Cooper
Davis S Campus Superfund Oversight ComCA98982301-51Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lab for Energy-Related Health Research (LEHR) Site$126,802Susan ChiuDavid Cooper
National Fish & Wildlife FoundationCA98970101-5X7CWA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - CALFED WATERSHED STEWARDSHIP PROJECTS$3,021,200Susan ChiuBruce Herbold
International Sustainable Development FoundationOR96961801-4X9SOURCE REDUCTION ASSISTANCE - EPEAT HOST ORGANIZATION$420,000Susan ChiuJohn Katz
Southern Research InstituteAL82947801-5ROperation Of The Greenhouse Gas Technology Center$2,804,400Stephanie SaelzlerDavid Kirchgessner
Olive View UCLA Education and Research InstituteCA82899601-2RAssessment of the Potential for the Point-of-Use (POU) & Point-of-Energy (POE) Filters-$375,000Stephanie SaelzlerGerard Stelma
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83326601-2NELocal Governments for Sustainability-$75,000Stephanie SaelzlerDiane Berger
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83146601-4EAECOS - State/Federal Enforcement and Compliance Issues$174,228Stephanie SaelzlerDavid Piantanida
Institute for Governance and Sustainable DevelopDC83114601-5XSecretariat Services for International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE)$400,000Stephanie SaelzlerDavis Jones
EJ Conference IncDC83345801-0XJEJCI - The State of Environmental Justice in America 2007 Conference$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerAyako Sato
American Chemical SocietyDC83485201-1X314th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conf$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerDonna Witherspoon
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83291901-2OSInformation Management Work Group Program Support$258,000Stephanie SaelzlerTerry Forrest
The Ocean ConservancyDC83053601-2XReporting on Marine Debris Program$350,000Stephanie SaelzlerKatherine Weiler
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83375601-2X3State/USEPA Water Quality Partnership Project$50,500Stephanie SaelzlerGeorge Moore
National Forensic Science Technology IncFL83271101-4X3Program Administrator for a National Environmental Labratory Accreditation Cooperative Agreement$700,000Stephanie SaelzlerLara Autry
Habitat for Humanity InternationalGA83131901-3XAHabitat For Humanity's Healhy Building Program$95,250Stephanie SaelzlerAlison Freeman
Georgia Tech Research CorporationGA83411801-0CREval-Cmputatnl Fluid Dynamics-GA Tech Res Corp$14,043Stephanie SaelzlerMichael Elovitz
Soil and Water Conservation SocietyIA83330101-0X3Managing Agriculture's Impact on Water Resources$25,000Stephanie SaelzlerMichael Bender
Purdue UniversityIN82877001-7RMidwest Hazardous Substance Research Center -$0Stephanie SaelzlerMitch Lasat
Purdue Research FoundationIN82948101-6RMidwest Hazardous Substance Research Center/Collateral Grant -$935,890Stephanie SaelzlerMitch Lasat
Kansas Assoc. for Conser. & Envi. Ed.KS83408701-0NEKS Assoc-KACEE-Capacity Bldg/Regional Level$80,500Stephanie SaelzlerDenise Morrison
International Society of Exposure AnalysisMA83468801-0X32010 Joint Annual Confrnces of Internatnl SES & SEE$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerRebecca Clausen
Lawrence Communty WorksMA83231301-0PIReviviendo Gateway Initiative$50,000Stephanie SaelzlerMatthew Dalbey
National Bureau of Economic ReasearchMA83229501-2PIEnvironmental Education Workshops$143,985Stephanie SaelzlerCarl Pasurka
Greater Boston Physicians Social ResponsibilityMA83265301-2CHPediatric Environmental Health Toolkit Training Program$149,862Stephanie SaelzlerElizabeth Blackburn
National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Assoc Inc.MD83284501-1CPPerformance Code Education Program$75,000Stephanie SaelzlerRobert Goo
Gulf of Maine InstituteME83408801-1NEGulf of ME Institute-Teacher Training Initiative$106,433Stephanie SaelzlerKristen Conroy
NSF InternationalMI82833301-8REnvironmental Verification Technology Drinking Water Systems Center$3,262,000Stephanie SaelzlerJeff Adams
Area Resources for Community & Human SvcsMO83335901-0CHPrudent Disposal of Unwanted Medications$150,570Stephanie SaelzlerKathy Sykes
Land-of-Sky Regional CouncilNC83231401-0PIStimulating Infill And Brownfield Development In The Land-Of-Sky Region$49,970Stephanie SaelzlerMatthew Dalbey
The Groundwater FoundationNE83267301-1NEAwesome Aquifers for Science Olympiad$62,318Stephanie SaelzlerGinger Potter
Local Initiatives Support CorporationNY83240001-1PINational Vacant Properties Campaign: Sharing Lessons and Replicating Successful Strategies$90,000Stephanie SaelzlerCarlton Eley
Save the Bay Inc.RI83233701-0PIRedeveloping the Providence Industrial Waterfront$50,000Stephanie SaelzlerMatthew Dalbey
Gordon Research ConferencesRI83468101-0X32010 Green Chemistry Gordon Research Confernces$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerDonna Witherspoon
The NELAC instituteTX83270901-3X3Laboratory Accreditation Standards Development and Technical Support$300,000Stephanie SaelzlerLara Autry
The NELAC instituteTX83417401-0X3Lab Accredtatn Standrds Devlpmnt & Tech Spprt$100,000Stephanie SaelzlerLara Autry
The NELAC instituteTX83294601-4X3National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC)$300,000Stephanie SaelzlerRobin Clarke
Global Environment & Technology Fdn.VA83419701-1X3I2S2 Program Maintenance$14,999Stephanie SaelzlerDonna Witherspoon
Water Environment Research FoundationVA83085101-3XDecentralized Systems Research$7,712,000Stephanie SaelzlerDonald Brown
Water Environment Research FoundationVA83155901-3CRWater Quality Research Grant #6$14,405,800Stephanie SaelzlerDonald Brown
Seattle Bio-Medical Research InstituteWA83303001-1CRSeattle Biomedical Research Institute$442,021Stephanie SaelzlerGerard Stelma
Seattle Bio-Medical Research InstituteWA83303001-1CRSeattle Biomedical Research Institute$442,021Stephanie SaelzlerGerard Stelma
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA97256807-2RECamden Waterfront South Community Collaborative to Reduce Particulate Matter$250,000Stephanie MontralloLorne LaMonica
Ironbound Community CorporationNJ96298912-0UWUrban Waters Small Grant - Ironbound Community Corporation$60,000Stephanie MontralloCyndy Kopitsky
Groundwork ElizabethNJ96283701-0UWNext Steps for a Healthy Elizabeth River Community$59,820Stephanie MontralloCyndy Kopitsky
Ironbound Community CorporationNJ97233101-0REIronbound CARE Cumulative Impacts Project$100,000Stephanie MontralloNikolaus Wirth
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY97248307-0REThe Northern Manhattan CARE Collaborative$100,000Stephanie MontralloDerval Thomas
West Harlem Environmental Action Inc.NY97214701-0REThe Northern Manhattan CARE Collaboarative$300,000Stephanie MontralloDerval Thomas
Groundwork Hudson ValleyNY96299812-0UWUrban Waters Small Grant - Groundwork Hudson Valley$51,401Stephanie MontralloCyndy Kopitsky
UPROSE Inc.NY97212801-0RESunset Park Renews its Industrial Neighborhood to Green (SPRING) CARE Grant$100,000Stephanie MontralloJames Sullivan
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY96292001-0UWGreen Infrastructure Training Workshop: Training EJ communities in the restoration of Onondaga Lake$60,000Stephanie MontralloChristopher Dere
Hudson River Sloop ClearwaterNY96299912-0UWUrban Waters Small Grant - Hudson River Sloop Clearwater$59,855Stephanie MontralloRobert Nyman
Clean Air Coalition of Western New York Inc.NY97206601-0RETonawanda CARE Partnership$100,000Stephanie MontralloCharles Harewood
Coral Bay Community CouncilVI97239508-0REMinimizing Environmental Toxics In Coral Bay Watershed$300,000Stephanie MontralloJim Casey
THE DOOR II Community CenterAL97479304-0EQAL THEDOORII CommunityCtr EnvJusPgm$16,667Stephanie LankfordElvie Barlow
Glynn Environmental Coalition Inc.GA97478904-1EQGA GlynnEnvCoalitionIncEnvJusPgm$16,666Stephanie LankfordElvie Barlow
Kentucky Waterways Alliance Inc.KY97469903-2XBeargrass Creek Watershed Action Plan$40,000Stephanie LankfordBridget Crawford
Kentucky Waterways Alliance Inc.KY97471503-1CPCWA Section 104(b)(3) - Water Quality Program$117,260Stephanie LankfordGlenda Miller
W. Jefferson Co. Community Task ForceKY96410304-1EQResidential Health Data Base Development$25,000Stephanie LankfordElvie Barlow
American Lung Association of KentuckyKY97485603-1XAALA of KY Proj Breathe Easy II$20,000Stephanie LankfordRussandra Brown
Florida Stormwater Assoc. Educational FoundationFL96459206-0X7Survey of Stormwater Utilities in the Southeast US$14,940Shirley GrayerConstance Alexander
NC Rural Economic Development Center Inc.NC96418405-2EMCongressionally Mandated Projects$1,192,500Shirley GrayerArthur Buff
Resource Depot IncFL96454406-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program - Assisting Communities to Thrive$4,258Shevella WilsonKathy Armstrong
Medlock Elementary PTAGA96454706-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant -Georgia Native Plants Initiative$4,000Shevella WilsonKathy Armstrong
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIL95425909-52ANational Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B)$1,136,373Shevella WilsonSeema Rao
Lincoln Resource Conservation & Dev. Area IncKY96454906-1NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$7,760Shevella WilsonKathy Armstrong
Associated General ContractorsKY95426009-22ANational Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B)$2,000,000Shevella WilsonMarie Persinger
Caffee Caffee and Associates Public Health Foundation IncMS95487012-1RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$100,000Shevella WilsonWilliam McBride
Center for Environmental & Economic JusticeMS95467610-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program$100,000Shevella WilsonWilliam McBride
Legacy Village Inc.MS95497612-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Shevella WilsonKedesch Altidor
Mission Healthcare Foundation IncNC96469707-0XANC - Asthma Outreach$35,100Shevella WilsonSeema Rao
MountainKeepersNC96483107-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program - Mountain Keepers$11,622Shevella WilsonKathy Armstrong
East Tennessee Clean Fuels CoalitionTN95426209-42ANational Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program (B)$581,849Shevella WilsonGwendolyn Graf
Coalition for a Tobacco Free AlabamaAL96438806-0XAAlabama Smoke Free Home Parent Motivation Project$22,600Sherry MilesElisa Roper
Southern Waste Information Exchange Inc.FL96440206-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance$31,473Sherry MilesKaren Bandhauer
Southern Waste Information Exchange Inc.FL96403704-2MMSolid Waste Management Assistance Grant$74,000Sherry MilesDavid Langston
Habitat for Humanity LexingtonKY96477507-1X1Solid Waste Management Assistance$23,604Sherry MilesSteveD Smith
Toxic Free NCNC95497312-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$23,947Sherry MilesElvie Barlow
Environmental Defense Fund Inc.NC95400708-0XAInvestigation and Establishment of a Carbon Offset Aggregating Entity$70,000Sherry MilesSeema Rao
Carolina Recycling AssociationNC96435705-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance - Yes, You CAN*! (*Compost and Naturescape)$31,470Sherry MilesThornell Cheeks
North Carolina Coastal FederationNC00D05012-0AZSoutheastern U.S. Regional Targeted Watershed Initiative$55,000Sherry MilesTina Lamar
Ellerbe Creek Watershed AssociationNC95496412-1UWUrban Waters Small Grants$59,927Sherry MilesKaren Gardner
Rural Enpowerment Asso for Community Help (REACH)NC95486812-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$50,000Sherry MilesElvie Barlow
Clean Energy of DurhamNC00D09913-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$29,818Sherry MilesDaphne Wilson
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense LeagueNC95490412-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Sherry MilesKedesch Altidor
Mission Healthcare Foundation IncNC00D04512-2XAReducing Asthma Triggers in Western North Carolina$98,563Sherry MilesShantel Shelmon
Cape Fear River Watch Inc.NC95497512-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$23,500Sherry MilesElvie Barlow
Greensboro Housing Coalition Inc.NC00D22014-0ECEnvironmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Grants Program$120,000Sherry MilesDeborah Carter
A Place for HopeSC95416309-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$20,000Sherry MilesSheryl Good
Keep Knoxville BeautifulTN96477107-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance$14,896Sherry MilesAudrey Baker
Recycling Marketing Cooperative for TennesseeTN96477007-0X1Solid Waste Management Assistance (SWMA)$25,000Sherry MilesAudrey Baker
Colorado Watershed AssemblyCO98887001-2X7Colorado Watershed Assembly$15,000Sherron HollowayKaren Hamilton
Gore Range Natural Science SchoolCO98898401-1NESOAR$3,882Sherron HollowayNancy Reish
Mountain Studies InstituteCO98887901-2X7Mountain Studies Institute$30,000Sherron HollowayJohn Giedt
River KeepersND98887301-2X7River Keepers$30,000Sherron HollowayStacey Eriksen
National Audubon SocietyND98866601-4MMNational Audubon Society/Greenway on the Red$29,500Sherron HollowayStacey Eriksen
Teton Science SchoolWY98887501-2X7Teton Science School$30,000Sherron HollowayPeter Ismert
Conservation Technology Information CenterIN96565901-0XPROJECT - CTIC - NPS PROGRAM EVALUATION CAPACITY MONITORING$25,000Sheila ClarkFelicia Gaines
WSOS Community Action Commission Inc.OH96542301-1X6PROJECT - WSOS CAC -TRIBAL CIRCUIT RIDER/TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE$372,149Sheila ClarkIrene Cook
Midwest Biodiversity Institute Inc.OH97542701-4XPROJECT - MBI, INC. - DEVLP & IMPLEMENTATION OF BIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENTS - FY00$355,000Sheila ClarkLula Spruill
Center for Applied Bioassessment and BiocriteriaOH97580701-7XPROJECT - CABB - TEMPERATURE CRITERIA DEVELOPMENT (LOWER DES PLAINES RIVER)$180,000Sheila ClarkLula Spruill
McIntosh Environmental Concerns CommitteeAL99431893-51Technical Assistance Grant (Tag)$200,000Sharonita JohnsonRhonda Foucher
Suwannee River Area Health Education Center Inc.FL95486612-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Sharonita JohnsonElvie Barlow
Eastside Environmental CouncilFL95477111-2EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$15,000Sharonita JohnsonTami Thomas-Burton
Fort Lauderdale Community Development CorporationFL99480301-71Superfund Technical Assistance Grants$100,000Sharonita JohnsonChi Williams
Museum of Science Inc.FL95497212-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$24,767Sharonita JohnsonDaphne Wilson
Protect Gainesville's Citizens IncFL95486912-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$50,000Sharonita JohnsonDaphne Wilson
FL Certified Organic Growers & Consumers Inc (FOG)FL96498708-1X8Operation Transition: The Evolution of Large-Scale Conventional Producers of Food Crops in Florida$168,287Sharonita JohnsonMarie Persinger
Refrigeration and A/C Contractors Asso.FL95456010-0DENational Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program$1,675,467Sharonita JohnsonGwendolyn Graf
Citizens Against Toxic ExposureFL99466601-51Technical Assistance Grant - Superfund$165,820Sharonita JohnsonDenise Bland
The Farmworker Association of Florida IncFL96478907-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$50,000Sharonita JohnsonSheryl Good
The Farmworker Association of Florida IncFL95497712-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Sharonita JohnsonDaphne Wilson
Mote Marine LaboratoryFL00D03812-1X7Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Water Quality Protection$147,522Sharonita JohnsonJennifer Shadle
Peachtree Woodall Whetstone Watershed AllianceGA96435805-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program$25,000Sharonita JohnsonElvie Barlow
METRO 4 Inc.GA98493500-7XSoutheasteastern States Air Resources Managers VISTAS$6,221,865Sharonita JohnsonMarie Persinger
Hyde & Aragon Park Improvement Committee Inc.GA96478807-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$50,000Sharonita JohnsonElvie Barlow
Glynn Environmental Coalition Inc.GA99405092-41Technical Assistance Grant$123,000Sharonita JohnsonRhonda Foucher
National Center for Healthy HousingMD96471807-0XANational Center for Healthy Housing$37,000Sharonita JohnsonElisa Roper
MS Coastal Plains RCDMS96420705-1X8Adventure Garden$10,000Sharonita JohnsonKenny Richardson
NC Environmental Justice NetworkNC95416109-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program$20,000Sharonita JohnsonElvie Barlow
Concurrent Technologies CorporationPA96431605-0JTPA ConcurrentTechnologiesCorp Brownfields$200,000Sharonita JohnsonKathleen Curry
Earth Force IncSC95403008-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$14,795Sharonita JohnsonKathy Armstrong
Gibson-Carroll Environmental Restoration Assoc.TN98468299-31Technical Assistance Grant$28,320Sharonita JohnsonJackie Dendy
Old Dominion University Research FoundationVA00D26814-0X7Old Dominion University Research Foundation Geographic Program: South Florida$73,000Sharonita JohnsonJennifer Shadle
Audubon ArkansasAR97684801-2WSTargeted Watershed Initiative$1,300,000Sharon BeetsRandall Rush
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR96676801-0XACarroll Cty Rsc Council and Prev.Pln. Board$10,000Sharon BeetsStacy Murphy
Winrock InternationalAR97654701-1WSBayou Bartholomew Watershed$650,000Sharon BeetsDoris White
Ozark Tracker SocietyAR00F43701-1NEOzark Tracker Society$77,021Sharon BeetsBonita King
The Nature ConservancyLA96692901-1NELA The Nature Conservancy$24,491Sharon BeetsLance Nixon
Lake Pontchatrain Basin Museum & Research CenterLA96614001-1NEPlayful Learning Using Robots$30,000Sharon BeetsBonita King
Teaching Responsible Earth EducationLA96677501-0NETeaching Resp.Earth Edu. (T.R.E.E)$46,984Sharon BeetsLance Nixon
Parents as Teachers National Center Inc.MO96673101-0NEParents as Teachers Nat. CTR.-for ARK$9,738Sharon BeetsBonita King
Parents as Teachers National Center Inc.MO96672701-0NEParents as Teachers National Center- Texas$22,403Sharon BeetsAshley Williams
Hawks Alot Inc.NM96640601-0NEHawks Aloft, INC.$15,212Sharon BeetsBonita King
Keep New Mexico Beautiful IncNM96692201-0NEKeep New Mexico Beautiful (KNMB) Dusty Roadrunner's Program$24,072Sharon BeetsCynthia Fanning
The Volunteer Center of Grant CountyNM96605301-0NEGila Volunteer Educator Project$10,000Sharon BeetsJavier Balli
Heritage Ranch InstituteNM96605201-0NEYoung Environment Stewards, Corona, NM$12,533Sharon BeetsJavier Balli
Chihuahuan Desert Nature ParkNM96637601-0NEDesert Teachers and Learners Project$10,000Sharon BeetsBonita King
Asombro Institute for Science EducationNM96672601-0NEAsombro Institute for Science Education$20,000Sharon BeetsCynthia Fanning
New Mexico Museum of Natural History & ScienceNM96642001-0NEStudent Ecology Research Project$16,665Sharon BeetsBonita King
Gila Conservation Education CenterNM96675701-1NEGila Cons.Education SanVicente Creek-side Classroom$25,648Sharon BeetsCynthia Fanning
Hawks Aloft IncNM96677101-0NEBuilding a Future for Communities and Wildlife$15,902Sharon BeetsCynthia Fanning
School Zone InstituteNM00F14101-0NEE* Stewards of Albuquerque$44,191Sharon BeetsBonita King
Asombro Institute for Science EducationNM00F47601-0NEAsmbro Institute for Science- Stepping Out$25,000Sharon BeetsBonita King
Red StarOK96692701-0NETrain, Teach, and Track Project$44,351Sharon BeetsSuea Davis
Up With TreesOK00F43001-0NEYouth Citizen Forester Program.$23,666Sharon BeetsBonita King
Mothers for Clean AirTX96611501-0NEOzone Theater: Using Theater to Teach Children About Air Pollution$9,967Sharon BeetsBonita King
Texas Discovery GardensTX96677001-0NETexas Discovery Gardens: After-School Environmental Education Program.$15,000Sharon BeetsLance Nixon
National Wildlife FederationTX97669401-1NEEarth Tomorrow: An Interdisciiplinary After-School And Summer Program$17,000Sharon BeetsBonita King
Mothers for Clean AirTX96677901-0NESetting the Stage for Air Pollution$12,133Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
Galveston Bay FoundationTX96692501-0NEGalveston Bay Foundation-Get Hip to Habitat$20,000Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
The Upper Texas Coast Water-Borne Education Ctr.TX96640301-0NEPublic Relations & Outreach Director$6,634Sharon BeetsBonita King
Texas Discovery GardensTX96613001-0NETexas Disc. Gardens' Terrarium World Elementary Aged Environmental Education$10,000Sharon BeetsJavier Balli
Martinez Street Women's CenterTX96677301-0NEMartinez Street Women's Center$30,433Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
Heard Nature Science Museum & Wildlife SanctuaryTX00F22801-0NEHeard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary$34,379Sharon BeetsBonita King
Botanical Research Institute of TexasTX96612101-0NEEnvironmental Science Youth Mentoring Program$8,543Sharon BeetsBonita King
The Artist Boat IncTX96648401-1NEEco-Art Adventure via Kayak Program$50,000Sharon BeetsBonita King
Camp Fire USA Balcones CouncilTX96692801-0NETX-Camp Fire USA Balcones Council$24,400Sharon BeetsBonita King
S Central RegionVA00F16801-0NEEnvironmental Education Capacity Building in Texas$40,721Sharon BeetsZakiya Davis
Earth Conservation CorpsDC97325101-0NEThe Saturday Environmental Academy$19,560Shareef PraterThomas Uybarreta
Environmental Literacy CouncilDC97348401-0NEReview of Energy Literacy$15,000Shareef PraterGhassan Khaled
National Environmental Education & Training FdnDC97329701-0NEWashington, DC EnvironMentors Academic Preparation Program$22,700Shareef PraterKathleen Kirkland
Delaware Center for Horticulture IncDE97323401-0NEStrong Roots to Strong Shoots Program$9,267Shareef PraterBrenda Kidd
National Aquarium in BaltimoreMD97323601-0NEMinority Student Conservation Work-Study Program$40,000Shareef PraterKathleen Kirkland
Audubon SocietyMD97348801-0NEWomen in Science Institute$6,388Shareef PraterKathleen Kirkland
GreenTreks Network Inc.PA97324101-0NEThe Protecting Our Children's Health in Philadelphia Campaign$15,000Shareef PraterKathleen Kirkland
Pennsylvania Resources Council IncPA97340801-1NEAFRICAN-AMERICAN CULTURAL HERITAGE GARDEN AND LIVING LABORATORY$10,000Shareef PraterLaRonda Koffi
The Village of Arts and HumanitiesPA97324201-0NEThe Plot to Planet Environmental Footprint Project$8,240Shareef PraterRoberta Riccio
Blue Ridge Center for Environmental StewardshipVA97346401-0NEBlue Ridge Birds of a Feather$15,000Shareef PraterBruce Beach
Newton Marasco FoundationVA97328601-1NEField It: Bringing Environmental Science from the Classroom to the Field$9,688Shareef PraterAlizabeth Olhasso
Earth ForceVA97323301-0NEVirginia GREEN: A Watershed Studies Program for Science Educators$23,200Shareef PraterLarry Brown
Friends of the Cheat IncWV97323201-0NEStructuring Friends of the Cheat's Education Initiatives$5,175Shareef PraterDavid Rider
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