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All Awards to Non-Profits

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Region IV Development Association Inc.ID98064701-4XPSurveys, Studies, Investigations$1,300,000Aimee MunziBryan Yim
NAPERVILLE HERITAGE SOCIETYIL00E00739-0XPNaperville Heritage Society$485,000Bart MosierBarbara Cash
Chester County Economic Development CouncilPA96321401-0XPChester County Economic Development Council-PA$218,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA98380001-4XP3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program$4,981,300Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA97325801-2XP3 RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. 04 & 05$5,636,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA97374101-2XPTHREE RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. PA$2,492,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
Westmoreland County Industrial Development CorpPA96301601-1XPPA-Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation$291,000Baseemah El-AminKoge Suto
Dale Service CorpVA97350601-0XPDale Service Corporation VA ENR Upgrade$721,700Baseemah El-AminDave McAdams
Mid-Atlantic Aerospace ComplexWV97358601-2XPSTORM SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT$1,009,800Baseemah El-AminBruceA Smith
South Central Planning & Dev. CommissionLA97685601-3XPSouth Central Louisiana Clean Water Action Plan$771,400Brian BerryDena Hurst
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA98629901-9XPNorth Shore Wastewater Treatment Program$2,200,000Brian BerryArlene Gaines
SOUTH CENTRAL PLANNING & DEV. COMMISSIONLA96624601-3XPRiver Region Water and Wastewater Improvement Plan$481,100Brian BerryDena Hurst
Boston Groundwater TrustMA97110401-2XPExpansion of Groundwater Observation Well System in Boston, MA$185,307Cheryll ScottDavid Chin
Holland Regional Water SystemIL96534401-1XPHOLLAND REGIONAL WATER SYSTEM - SPECIAL APPROPRIATIONS$433,700Darlene LewisRachel Webb
Council on Best Management PracticesIL96547701-3XPNITROGEN USE EFFICIENCY INITIATIVE FOR WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS$223,500Darlene LewisRachel Webb
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA98348401-3XP3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program$4,845,000Donna ArmstrongKenneth Pantuck
Alabama Center for Rural EnterpriseAL83329401-3XPThe ACRE/Lowndes County, Alabama Decentralized Wastewater Planning Project$571,300Jennifer BrooksEric Governo
The Rensselaerville InstituteNY83150701-6XPRio Grande Valley Cluster Demonstration Project$867,300Jennifer BrooksAlfonso Blanco
North American Development BankTX97697001-1XPConstruction of US/Mexico Border Communities Water and Wastewater Systems$41,914,100Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
North American Development BankTX97634901-1XPUS/Mexico Border Communities; construction of water and wastewater systems$24,693,132Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX97625901-3XPProject Development Assistance Program (PDAP) for the U.S./Mexico Border Projects$5,700,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX98677001-2XPProject Development US/Mexico Border$8,000,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
North American Development BankTX97660201-1XPUS/Mexico Border Communities For Construction: Water & Wastewater Systems$21,624,623Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
North American Development BankTX97668401-1XPUS Mexico Border Communities for Constructing Water/Wastewater Systems$39,815,869Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
North American Development BankTX96664801-6XPU.S./Mexico Border Communities: Constructing Water & Wastewater Systems$48,031,304Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX97685301-4XPBECC: Focal Point For Collaboration On Both Sides OF US/Mexico Border$2,500,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
North American Development BankTX98686601-6XPUS/Mexico Border Communities: for Constructing Water and Waste Water Systems$84,000,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
North American Development BankTX96615601-0XPNADB US/Mexico Border Area Construction of Water/Wastewater Systems$1,000,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96664701-4XPProject Development Assistance Program Grant$6,195,134Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX97656601-3XPProject Development Assistance BECC$2,500,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96627401-0XPProject Development Assistance Program for US/Mexico Border Projects$1,500,000Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96697601-1XPProject Development Assistance Program (PDAP)$4,489,502Jeraldine EnglerthSalvador Gandara
Cooper's Ferry Development AssociationNJ97210211-2XPCooper's Ferry Development Assoc.-FFY11-Sp. Appr.$291,000John CiorciariMichael Hajducek
Chenango County Agricultural SocietyNY97267205-1XPChenango Co. Agricultural Society$96,200John CiorciariJohn Mello
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY97278604-0XPFFY04/05 ONONDAGA LAKE CLEANUP CORP.$6,833,900John CiorciariChristopher Dere
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY98281601-2XPFFY03 APPROPRIATIONS ACT GRANT$2,801,000John CiorciariChristopher Dere
Gowanus Canal ConservancyNY97210410-1XP6th Street Green Corridor$291,000John SvecDenis Durack
The Saratoga HospitalNY97209011-1XPSaratoga Medical Park at Malta$291,000John SvecJohn Mello
Columbus Downtown Development CorporationOH00E00358-0XPSCOITO MILE RIVER LEVEL PARK PROJECT$477,000Madeline RuckerSteffanie Crossland
North American Development BankTX96971301-4XPWATER INFRASTRUCTURE - Construction - U.S. & Mexico Border$114,546,974Martha VillarrealHector Aguirre
RE Water CorporationIL00E00749-1XPExtending potable water lines into rural areas of Richland County$340,000Michelle BeckerBarbara Cash
Huron Regional Water AuthorityMI98578301-6XPPROJECT - HURON REGIONAL WATER AUTHORITY PROJECT FY 2001- SPECIAL APPROPRIATIONS PROJECT$4,822,000Mirchell PhillipsBarbara Cash
Cranbrook Educational CommunityMI96508101-1XPCRANBROOK EDUCATIONAL COMM - KINGWOOD LAKE - FY03$500,000Mirchell PhillipsBarbara Cash
Community Improvement Corp of Springfield Clark County OhioOH00E01211-1XPPRIME OHIO II INDUSTIAL PARK$485,000Mirchell PhillipsSteffanie Crossland
W.E. Skelton 4-H Educ Conf Ctr at Smith Moun LakeVA98374501-5XPSpecial Appropriations Project$629,100Nancy SchrubyDave McAdams
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY98264001-1XPFFY02 APPROPRIATION ACT GRANT$1,740,000Oriana MendezChristopher Dere
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY98239101-2XPFY2000 APPROPRIATIONS ACT GRANT$750,000Oriana MendezChristopher Dere
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY98209101-3XPONONDAGA ENVIRONMENTAL INSTITUTE - FFY98 APPROPRIATIONS ACT GRANT$3,536,000Oriana MendezChristopher Dere
Table Rock Lake Community ServiceMO83093601-1XPTable Rock Lake Water Quality Decentralized Wastewater Demonstration Project$1,940,000Phillip SchindelNorbert Huang
Southern Black Hills Water SystemSD96817701-1XPSpecial Purpose$300,000Sam FernandezGail Franklin
Brown Day Marshall (BDM) Rural Water SystemsSD97874001-2XPSpecial Purpose$894,100Sam FernandezMohammad Razzazian
BDW Water System Inc.ND97864301-5XPSpecial Purpose$915,000Sarah HulsteinBruce Cooper
The Rodale InstitutePA83369301-2XPWetlands Project for the Prevention of On-Lot Systems Pollution$695,450Shana EtheridgeRobert Bastian
The Beacon Institute Inc.NY97270805-1XPTHE BEACON INSTITUTE, INC.$241,100Yvette MarCardonaDenis Durack
Interfaith Sponsoring Committee. BISCOLA96633501-0XJBISCO for Environmental Justice Now$50,000Brian BerryShirley Quinones
Louisiana Environmental Action NetworkLA96637401-0XJLouisiana Environmental Action Network$50,000Brian BerryShirley Quinones
United Houma Nation Inc.LA83485401-0XJThe United Houma Nation$10,000Carl DavisSheila Lewis
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY83416401-0XJAdvancing Climate Change$15,000Carl DavisSheila Lewis
Rockefeller Philanthropy AdvisorsNY83484901-1XJCommunity Outreach Support Ser. for EPA Region 4$30,000Carl DavisSheila Lewis
UPROSE Inc.NY83460501-0XJUPROSE-Youth Summit on Climate Change$15,000Carl DavisSheila Lewis
Galveston-Houston Association for SmogTX00F47401-1XJBeyond Translation Encuentro$11,500Debbie DorseyLinda Falk
Organizing People Activating LeadersOR00J06601-0XJ2010 Census EJ Demographic Mapping Project$5,000Greg LucheySheryl Stohs
North American Indian Center of Boston Inc.MA96192301-0XJReviving Environmental Cultural Values$7,003Jean CrockerJeffrey Norcross
New England Water Works AssociationMA96130301-1XJEnvironmental Placement Partnership Internship Program$15,000Jean CrockerGevon Solomon
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY83376001-0XJBroadening Audience-2008 TRI Natl Tng Conf$15,000Jennifer BrooksKevin-E Donovan
Texas Recyclers Association Inc.TX96634301-0XJEnergy conservation education and interactive activities fo promote safe environmental practices.$50,000Jeraldine EnglerthShirley Quinones
Interfaith Sponsoring Committee. BISCOLA83485101-0XJEducation/Outreach Victims Oil Disaster 2010$10,000Jessica DurandSheila Lewis
Hands On NetworkGA96467707-0XJHands on Gulf Coast- Mold Removal$50,000Kenny RichardsonElvie Barlow
MS Faith Based Coalition for Community Renewal IncMS96465007-0XJSpecial Purpose - Environmental Justice$50,000Kenny RichardsonElvie Barlow
CT Section American Water Works Assoc.CT96151201-2XJWater Boot Camp 2011$5,475MaryEllen StanisGevon Solomon
CT Section American Water Works Assoc.CT96122701-0XJWater Boot Camp 2010$13,500MaryEllen StanisGevon Solomon
EJ Conference IncDC83345801-0XJEJCI - The State of Environmental Justice in America 2007 Conference$15,000Stephanie SaelzlerAyako Sato
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental JusticeCT83487401-0XJCCEJ's 6th Annual Environmental Justice Conference.$7,000ThuyT NguyenTayoka Hall
Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corp.LA83485001-2XJPublic Education Economic Dev. & Job Creation post-Gulf Oil Disaster$10,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Caffee and Associates Public Health Foundation IncMS83263801-1XACaffee and Associates Public Health Foundation Inc$70,000Adriana AlvarezSheila Brown
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium Inc.MD83055901-4XAEmissions Reductions with Geoexchange Technology$750,000Allan ValdesDebra Shepherd
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR98761801-0XAOzarks Smoke-Free Home Pledge Project$15,983Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
American Lung Association of Illinois-IowaIA98762201-0XAEducating Caregivers About Asthma$26,837Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
CAFE Johnson CountyIA98775901-0XAReducing ETS Exposure in JO CO, IA$16,500Annora OgletreeTina Wilkins
American Lung Association of KansasKS98761601-0XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools$35,630Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Missouri Research Corp.MO98761901-0XAIndoor Air Quality Improvement Program$21,640Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98761701-0XAFamily Asthma Management$24,011Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Central Nebraska Community Services Inc.NE98762101-1XACentral NE Smoke-free Homes Initiative$20,000Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
American Lung Association of NENE98747301-2XAOmaha Asthma Alliance$60,000Annora OgletreeLarry Stafford
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD98776001-0XANorthern Plains Smoke-Free Homes Campaign$20,000Annora OgletreeTina Wilkins
American Lung Association of the Central StatesTX98775801-1XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools$34,428Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Winrock InternationalAR83122601-1XAClean Indoor Air Partnership Coordination-$501,856Asher WeinbergBrenda Doroski
NY Public Interest Research Group Fund Inc.NY83158401-1XANew Source Review Public Participation Handbook-$15,000Asher WeinbergPam Long
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83210001-3XAAssisting Local Energy Efficiency Programs to Work Together for Energy Efficiency$1,500,275Barbara ProctorTracy Narel
Children's Mercy HospitalMO83382601-0XAHealthy Indoor Environment Conference$15,000Barbara ProctorAnnette Johnson
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK97669901-2XAImplementing the Regional Haze Rule$1,625,318Belenthia EppsRexene Hanes
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK96649001-3XAFund Multi-State Agency$1,612,459Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Central States Air Resource Agencies AssociationOK00F10001-5XAFund Multi-State Agency$2,954,392Belenthia EppsMariama Mitchell
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK97660301-6XAProvide training and forum for TX, OK, LA, AR, KS, MO, IA, NE, and MN on interstate air issues$649,532Belenthia EppsRexene Hanes
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK97696401-3XAStudying the Causes and Control of Regional Haze in the Central United States$1,813,780Belenthia EppsAunjanee Gautreaux
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK96631001-3XARegional Haze Planning$1,006,523Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK96651601-2XAFunding Multi-State Agency$756,667Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK96608001-2XAInterstate Air: Issues,Training, and Collaboration for Nine States (AR,IA,KS,LA, MN,MO,NE,OK,TX)$998,207Belenthia EppsAunjanee Gautreaux
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK96620901-5XABlue Skyways Collaborative (Special Purpose)$920,042Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83113401-3XAPublic Protection From Radon$369,000Bobak ZarrinnahadSusie Shimek
Halon Alternative Research Corp.VA83109101-3XAStandards Development and Technology Information Exchange for ODS Replacements$225,000Bobak ZarrinnahadBella Maranion
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83122401-2XANational Enviromental Health Assocation- Indoor Air Quality Education and Outreach Program$806,402Brian DrozdLaura Kolb
World Resources InstituteDC83420501-2XATaking Renewable Energy to Scale: An Exploration of Corporate and Policy Opportunities$200,000Brian HublarBlaine Collison
World Resources InstituteDC83268701-3XADesign and Implement GHG Reduction Program in India$400,000Brian HublarBella Tonkonogy
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83366801-2XACoordinate activities of State/Local Air Pollution Control Officials at the national level.$3,154,207Brian HublarWilliam Houck
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83449801-1XANACAA - 2 Year Cooperative Agreement$3,180,596Brian HublarWilliam Houck
National Consortium Grad Eng MinoritiesDC83290802-1XAFellowship support for graduate students in engineering and science.$103,000Brian HublarGreg Janssen
American College of Chest PhysiciansIL83311301-3XAAmerican College of Chest Physicians$200,000Brian HublarTracey Mitchell
American Medical AssociationIL83309301-2XADeveloping a System to Educate Low Income Patients About Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke$450,745Brian HublarSherri White
National Safety CouncilIL83312601-5XAReducing Exposure to Indoor Radon$899,000Brian HublarVictoria Drew
Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD83313901-6XAGreat Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board$400,000Brian HublarChris Griffin
Texas A&M Research FoundationTX83268101-4XATruck Engine Idle Reduction Technology Demonstration Program.$2,960,000Brian HublarVictor McMahan
Texas A&M Research FoundationTX83368501-1XAConverting Landfill Gas/Fueling Trucks in India$100,000Brian HublarRachel Goldstein
Natl Assoc. of State Energy OfficialsVA83269901-4XAState-Based Assistance, Outreach and Policy Development to Clean Energy and Env. State Partners.$140,000Brian HublarJulia Miller
American Assoc. of School Admin.VA83302301-3XASchool System Leadership in Improving the School Environment$900,000Brian HublarMichele Curreri
Association of School Business Officials Int'lVA83309601-3XAIndoor Air Quality Resident Practitioner Project for School Business Officials$819,293Brian HublarLou Witt
Intl Institute for Energy ConservationVA83397801-1XAExpansn AgStar-India-Methne Captre-WineryWaste$100,062Brian HublarKurt Roos
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83311401-4XAStrategies to Avoid Asthma Triggers$481,031Brian HublarTracy Enger
New Buildings Institute Inc.WA83378201-2XABuilding Performance Insights$180,000Brian HublarKaren Butler
Assoc. of State Energy Res. & Tech Transfer Inst.WI83378601-1XAStrategic CHP Deployment Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Facilities$90,000Brian HublarNeeharika Naik-Dhungel
WV University Research CorporationWV83060701-8XAPutting Us On The Road To Clean Air and Energy Independence-$8,694,200Brian HublarJose Solar
Jackson Hole Center for Global AffairsWY83396201-1XAThe Methane Connection: Coal Mining Safety and Clean Power Production in China$171,250Brian HublarFelicia Ruiz
New England Aquarium CorporationMA97172701-1XANew England Aquarium Corporation$15,000Brian TocciHalida Hatic
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA96124801-8XARegional Air Quality Initiatives$3,600,585Brian TocciSandra Brownell
Center for Resource SolutionsCA83294101-5XAThe Power of Certification: Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program$300,000Carl DavisJames Critchfield
Small Business CaliforniaCA83312101-2XAEnergy Efficiency Market Transformation Project-$184,074Carl DavisMaureen McNamara
Institute for Environmental Management Inc.CA83397201-1XAImproving Landfill Methane Energy Recovery from Developing Contries'Landfills.$150,000Carl DavisRachel Goldstein
ICLEI-Local Governments for SustainabilityCA83361501-2XALocal Methane Partnerships for Emissions Reduction$140,000Carl DavisChris Godlove
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83338801-2XAClean Air & Climate Protection Software$299,976Carl DavisDenise Mulholland
Environmental Law InstituteDC83311001-4XAEnvironmental Law Institute$571,500Carl DavisMike Holloway
Natl Assoc of Regulatory Utility CommissionersDC83378701-2XANARUC Energy Resources & Environment Committee Support$299,934Carl DavisStacy Angel
Natl Assoc of Regulatory Utility CommissionersDC83600301-1XANational Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Energy Resources & Environment$240,000Carl DavisJoe Bryson
Natl Environ Education & Training Foundation IncDC83461801-4XAEnvironmental Management Pediatric Asthma-HealthCare$553,700Carl DavisTracy Enger
National Environmental Education & Training FdnDC83311501-5XANational Environmental Education and Training Foundation$640,110Carl DavisTracy Enger
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83553901-1XANational Assoc. of Clean Air Agencies$2,461,794Carl DavisDaniel Hopkins
EnterpriseWorks WorldwideDC83361301-1XAReducing Indoor Air Pollution in Ghana through Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves$250,000Carl DavisBrenda Doroski
H. John Heinz III Ctr for Sci Econ & the EnvDC83238101-2XAIndicators of Ecological Effect of Air Quality$250,000Carl DavisColleen Mason
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83511401-2XAActivities State & Local Air Pollution Control Agencies$2,897,818Carl DavisDaniel Hopkins
International Union of Operating EngineersDC83309101-3XAInternational Union of Operating Engineers$231,601Carl DavisChristopher Patkowski
International City/County Mgmt. Assoc.DC83444401-0XAAdvance Methane Recovery & Use-Clean Energy$99,996Carl DavisRachel Goldstein
Natl Assoc of Regulatory Utility CommissionersDC83378801-2XAThe National Council on Electricity Policy, a collaboration between NARUC, NASEO, NCSL, and NGA.$82,500Carl DavisNikolaas Dietsch
Nat'l Education Assoc Hlth Info NetworkDC83460801-2XAHealthy Air, Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids$250,000Carl DavisSheila Brown
Natl Assoc of Regulatory Utility CommissionersDC83444601-2XANARUC Reg Partnership to Promote LFGE-Brazil$150,029Carl DavisChris Godlove
Research Triangle InstituteNC83396801-2XAAdvance Methne Recovry & Use Clean Air Source$489,251Carl DavisRoger Fernandez
National Tribal Environmental CouncilNM83482001-4XANational Tribal Air Association$577,878Carl DavisPat Childers
National Tribal Environmental CouncilNM83376601-3XAContinued Support-National Tribal Air Association$1,005,000Carl DavisDarrel Harmon
Healthy Schools Network IncNY83310901-6XANational Healthy Schools Day$200,000Carl DavisJennifer Lemon
Natural Resources Defense CouncilNY83600201-2XANon-Construction Market$1,122,675Carl DavisKatharine Kaplan
Environmental Defense Fund Inc.NY83442701-3XAMethane Recovery in Russian Gas Sector$699,839Carl DavisScott Bartos
Advertising CouncilNY83326201-BXAThe National Initiative to Fight Childhood Asthma$2,409,565Carl DavisKristy Miller
Healthy Schools Network IncNY83461001-1XAIAQ Mgmt in Schools Protecting children$75,000Carl DavisJennifer Lemon
Greater New York Automobile Dealers AssociationNY83231501-1XANational Automotive Technology Competition$30,000Carl DavisChristine Mikolajczyk
AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter FoundationOR83280201-3XAClean Diesel for Oregon Bridges$120,000Carl DavisConnie Ruth
Green EmpowermentOR83604401-2XANetwork Biodigesters Latin America & Caribbean$186,502Carl DavisKurt Roos
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK00J02901-0XARural Alaska Community Action Program's Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Project.$34,643Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96060401-0XARurAL CAP Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Project$36,628Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96079901-0XARurAL CAP Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Project$34,494Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
Western United Resource Development IncCA96041401-2XABiomethane for Vehicle Fuel$400,000Cathy ReeseAsia Yeary
Honolulu Clean CitiesHI96042801-1XAFuel crop study to generate crop scenarios for biodiesel production feedstock.$100,000Cathy ReeseAsia Yeary
Honolulu Clean CitiesHI96042801-1XAFuel crop study to generate crop scenarios for biodiesel production feedstock.$100,000Cathy ReeseAsia Yeary
Cascade Sierra SolutionsOR96036101-0XAImplementing SmartWay Solutions on the I-5 Corridor$200,000Cathy ReeseWayne Elson
Oregon Environmental CouncilOR97086601-1XAEPA Air Toxics Community Grants$97,000Cathy ReeseDebbie Kline
Washington Technology CenterWA96013301-0XABio-49 - Bi-National Biodiesel Processing and Energy Utility Vehicle Demonstration$69,777Cathy ReeseWayne Elson
Upper Columbia Resource Conserv & Develop CouncilWA97058401-0XAEastern Washington Farmers Diesel Emissions Reduction Program$100,000Cathy ReeseWayne Elson
Coordinating Research Council Inc.GA83235701-0XAOn-Road Vehicle Emissions Workshop$5,000Cheryl ClarkGreg Janssen
HealthlinkMA98190401-3XANorth Shore Air Inventory$50,000Cheryll ScottMarybeth Smuts
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Inc.MA97172601-0XAThe Northeast Sustainable Energy Association$6,000Cheryll ScottLucy Edmondson
JSI Research and Training InstituteMA97108201-1XAComplaince Assistance for Spanish Auto Body Shop Owners$61,500Cheryll ScottRhona Julien
Southface Energy InstituteGA96479907-1XAHealthy Energy Efficient Homes of the Clean Air Act$55,019Connie RutlandSean Flynn
Southeasten States Air Resources Managers Inc.GA96426305-2XAClean Air Act, Section 103$200,000Connie RutlandMaryP Echols
American Lung Association of GeorgiaGA96494508-0XAAsthma Management Education$48,000Connie RutlandSeema Rao
Southeasten States Air Resource Managers Inc.GA96421405-4XASoutheastern States Air Resource Managment Sec103 Air Quality$619,250Connie RutlandMaryP Echols
Southeasten States Air Resources Managers Inc.GA96464806-3XAGA - Southeastern States Air Resource Managers, Inc.$1,358,940Connie RutlandMaryP Echols
Children's Healthcare of AtlantaGA96431406-0XAAsthma Management Educate the Educators Program$39,900Connie RutlandMaryP Echols
Southface Energy InstituteGA95456910-1XAReducing Public Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants$112,992Connie RutlandShantel Shelmon
Western Riverside Council of Govts FoundationCA00T34601-2XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Indoor Air Tools For Schools$49,420Danielle CarrShelly Rosenblum
Gila Regional Medical CenterNM96618801-0XACreating Healthy Environments for Children$28,042Darlene CoulsonStacy Murphy
Mariposa Community Health CenterAZ00T35001-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Primary Care for Better Air$19,000Darlene FernandezShelly Rosenblum
Mariposa Community Health CenterAZ96991601-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Mariposa$34,796Darlene FernandezShelly Rosenblum
Mariposa Community Health CenterAZ00T03301-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Indoor Environments$27,000Darlene FernandezKathleen Stewart
Yvette A. Flunder FoundationCA00T59901-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Free 2 Breathe$61,727Darlene FernandezShelly Rosenblum
St. Louis Association of Community OrganizationMO98745701-2XAHealthy Air Action for St. Louis$100,000Debbie TitusMarcus Rivas
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98775501-0XAAsthma Management Outreach Project$27,135Debbie TitusTina Wilkins
HELPS INTERNATIONAL INC.TX83169001-1XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Pilot Project$92,080Devon BrownBrenda Doroski
Maine Indoor Air Quality CouncilME96161401-0XATraining Development: Residential Renovations for an Indoor Air Quality Healthy Home$30,000Diane CulhaneEugene Benoit
Cool PlanetNH83115201-2XAAchieving Cost-Effective Greenhouse Gas Reductions within New England Universities$29,787Diane GreeneNikolaas Dietsch
National Tribal Environmental CouncilNM83200101-1XANational Tribal Air Association$701,657Diane GreeneDarrel Harmon
Latin American Montessori Bilingual Pub Char SchDC97332001-0XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools$24,000Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
Children's National Medical CenterDC96320501-0XAEnvironmental Management of Asthma$15,000Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
American Lung Association of DCDC97328901-0XAIn-School Asthma Management Education Project$12,500Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc IncMD97351001-0XAMid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative Project$300,000Donna ArmstrongPaula Krall
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc IncMD97390701-8XARegional Cooperation and Assistance for Clean Air Implementation$2,958,401Donna ArmstrongPaula Krall
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc IncMD97351101-5XARegional Cooperation and Assistance for Clean Air Act Implementation$1,744,572Donna ArmstrongPaula Krall
American Lung Association of the Atlantic CoastMD97352501-3XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program (TfS)$142,980Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
American Lung Association of MDMD97326001-0XAIndoor Air Quality - Tools for Schools$56,195Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc IncMD98386501-5XAMARAMA - Base Grant$1,449,203Donna ArmstrongEdward Cobbs
Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs CoalitionPA98382201-0XAHealthy Hoops$10,000Donna ArmstrongDarice Ellis
University City Science CenterPA98395701-1XATools for Schools Indoor Air Quality Training$61,833Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
Philadelphia Academies IncPA97367501-0XAPhiladelphia Academies, Inc.$15,000Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
Energy Coordinating Agency of PhiladelphiaPA97326101-1XATools for Schools$73,717Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
Energy Coordinating Agency of PhiladelphiaPA98396101-4XATools for Schools$87,429Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
American Lung Assoc of PAPA97328701-0XATools for Schools$12,500Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaPA97391801-0XAReducing Public Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants$100,000Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
American Lung Association of the Mid-AtlanticPA97352401-3XATools for Schools - American Lung Association Mid-Atlantic States$159,000Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
National Nursing Centers ConsortiumPA96300001-0XAAsthma and Environmental Education for Health Professionals$15,000Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
National Nursing Centers ConsortiumPA97328201-1XAAsthma Safe Kids to STEPS Communities$22,500Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
American Lung Association of the Mid-AtlanticPA97390301-3XA2011 Indoor Air Projects$158,000Donna ArmstrongCristina Schulingkamp
Coalition for Environmentally Safe CommunitiesVA97329101-0XAIn-Home Asthma Education$12,500Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
Bon Secours Health Care FoundationVA97328801-0XAIndoor Environmental Assessment and Education$12,183Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
WV University Research CorporationWV97300101-1XAIn-School Environmental Asthma Education$6,937Donna ArmstrongJanice Bolden
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIA97729701-2XAAmerican Lung Association Indoor Air Quality 2011$29,949Donna BloeckerRobert Dye
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIL97720201-2XAEnvironmental Improvements for Children with Asthma in Iowa$29,915Donna BloeckerGregory Crable
The Children's Mercy HospitalMO97729601-2XAChildren's Mercy Hospital Indoor Air Quality 2011$51,708Donna BloeckerGina Grier
Black Health Care Coalition Inc.MO98798601-1XAImproving Asthma Outcomes for Kansas City Kids$15,518Donna BloeckerTina Wilkins
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE97720301-2XAAsthma Safety Net$29,067Donna BloeckerGregory Crable
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL96500801-5XALADCO Member State Technical, programmatic and training support$3,753,384Donna StingleySharleen Phillips
American Lung Association of New York Inc.NY98265201-1XAALA Finger Lakes-Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools implementation in Rochester, NY.$25,000Douglas RobertsJean Feola
Health People Inc.NY98268701-2XADemonstration: Public Housing Linked In-Home Asthma Environmental Assesment and Management$25,000Douglas RobertsAmeesha Mehta-Sampath
American Lung Association of New York Inc.NY98268501-1XACommunity-Based In-Home Asthma Environmental Education and Management$60,000Douglas RobertsAmeesha Mehta-Sampath
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ00T03501-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Outreach Program$18,000Elizabeth ArmourShelly Rosenblum
Pacific Inst for Studies in DevCA97942601-4XACAA 103 - DIESEL POLLUTION STUDY$120,000Elizabeth ArmourRichard Grow
World CareAZ97970401-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Tools for Schools$43,015Fareed AliShelly Rosenblum
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL96586001-4XALADCO- Regional Haze A: 4$3,607,873Frances ShieldsSharleen Phillips
Metropolitan Mayors CaucusIL96517001-4XAClean Air Counts Campaign$3,097,400Frances ShieldsMichael Nishi
Selby General HospitalOH96547101-2XAHomes for Better Air Quality$45,000Frances ShieldsHelen Mollsen
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL97522601-BXAMIDWEST REGIONAL PLANNING ORGANIZATION GRANT FOR REGIONAL HAZE PLANNING$6,859,490Francisca RamosDiane Nelson
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL99509008-8XALADCO Member State Technical and Programmatic Support$1,838,941Francisca RamosJulie Henning
Mobile CARE FoundationIL96552101-1XAFY 2005 - MOBILE CARE FOUNDATION - MOBILE In-HOME ASTHMA ED$60,000Francisca RamosFayette Bright
Asthma Network of West MichiganMI00E13701-2XAASTHMA NETWORK - RADON & ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE ASSESSMENT PROGRAM - (REAP)$30,000Francisca RamosHelen Mollsen
Asthma Network of West MichiganMI00E13801-0XAASTHMA NETWORK OF WEST MICHIGAN$30,000Francisca RamosHelen Mollsen
Great Lakes CommissionMI96517101-2XAGREAT LAKE COMMISSION - GREAT LAKES AIR DEPOSITION PROGRAM$4,155,886Francisca RamosMonika Lacka
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumAK96081201-2XAAlaska Tribal Multi Media Project$661,250Greg LucheySantina Gay
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumAK00J51001-4XAANTHC Community Environmental Demonstration Project$330,401Greg LucheySantina Gay
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK00J27301-1XAAlaska Village Indoor Air Project$76,412Greg LucheyDebbie Kline
Opportunity CouncilWA00J22901-0XAIndoor Air Quality Coalition and Training Project$29,000Greg LucheyDavis Zhen
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA97969601-2XACAA Special Purpose Activities - IQAT for Schools$55,000GwenL BrownShelly Rosenblum
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA97108601-1XAN.E. Diesel Collaborative Reg. Const. Retrofit Pgm.$102,110Janet BartlettCynthia Veit
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA97147601-0XANortheast Diesel Collaborative (NEDC) Project and Policy Development.$209,900Janet BartlettHalida Hatic
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA97142701-0XANortheast Diesel Collaborative Partnership Development$55,000Janet BartlettLucy Edmondson
The Jordan InstituteNH97178201-0XAAir Quality Program$11,000Janet BartlettShubhada Kambli
Partners for a Healthier Community Inc.MA96160701-2XABreathing Easy$50,000Jean CrockerJessica Hing
Health Resources in ActionMA96161601-1XASustainable Payment for Comprehensive Asthma Care$60,550Jean CrockerRhona Julien
Mass Coalition for Occup. Safety and HealthMA96161001-2XAHealthy and Green Learning Environment Initiative$50,000Jean CrockerJessica Hing
JSI Research and Training InstituteMA96161301-2XAReducing Asthma Disparities through Adult Basic Education$70,000Jean CrockerRhona Julien
Consumer Federation of AmericaDC83120102-1XAConsumer Education to Increase Awareness and Use of Energy-Efficient Products and Practices$195,765Jennifer BogusJill Abelson
American College of Chest PhysiciansIL83176501-0XASixth ACCP Community Asthma and COPD Coalition Symposium$40,300Jennifer BogusAlisa Smith
National Safety CouncilIL83141801-3XANSC National Indoor Air Quality Multi-Priority Project$959,125Jennifer BogusGina Bowler
Midwest Energy Efficiency AllianceIL83124101-3XAConduct Educational Outreach About Energy Efficiency$420,000Jennifer BogusKate Lewis
The Children's Mercy HospitalMO98798901-0XAChildcare Asthma Community Health and Environmental Control$16,773Jennifer EricksonTina Wilkins
Missouri Research Corp.MO98786401-0XAPediatric Asthma Program$25,866Jennifer EricksonRobert Dye
Missouri Research CorporationMO98798701-0XACollaborative Regional Pediatric Program$26,865Jennifer EricksonTina Wilkins
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98786601-0XAHead Start In-Home Asthma Management$28,585Jennifer EricksonRobert Dye
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98798501-0XAIn-Home Head Start and Activity Asthma Awareness$29,516Jennifer EricksonTina Wilkins
Western Governors' AssociationCO97665201-2XABorder Energy Project and Mexico Inventory Project$305,000Jeraldine EnglerthAnthony Talton
Thomason General HospitalTX97679701-2XAAsthma Management Program for Pediatric Patients$30,000Jeraldine EnglerthDonnaL Cooper
Driscoll Children's Health PlanTX97679801-4XAIn Home Asthma Environmental Assessment & Case Management For Families$29,974Jeraldine EnglerthDonnaL Cooper
Border Environment Cooperation Comm.TX96666001-0XAAddressing Children's Environmental Health$10,000Jeraldine EnglerthMonica Wilson
Mothers for Clean AirTX97639901-2XAIndoor Air Quality Pilot Project In HISD Schools$16,873Jeraldine EnglerthDonnaL Cooper
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83115901-2XAIAQ Communication, Education, & Outreach in Schools$525,919Jessica DurandMichele Curreri
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ83122701-1XATribal Asthma and Outreach/ Tools for Schools Initiative$250,000Jessica DurandChris Griffin
United Nations FoundationDC83514601-2XACommunication and Outreach Global Alliance from Clean Cookstoves$800,000Jessica DurandJohn Mitchell
World Resources InstituteDC83420601-3XAProduct Lifecycle, Supply Chain Standards & Emissions Management Tools for Climate Protection$440,000Jessica DurandVerena Radulovic
Environmental Law InstituteDC83468301-3XAIAQ Outreach/Education & State IAQ Workshops$550,000Jessica DurandMike Holloway
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83376801-5XAClimate Economic Workshops$489,872Jessica DurandMark DeFigueiredo
International Council on Clean TransportationDC83557801-0XAClimate Change and Clean Air Coalition Global Green Freight Initiative$200,000Jessica DurandFaye Swift
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIL83575301-0XANational Tribal Environmental Action for Children's Health$199,938Jessica DurandSheila Brown
Midwest Energy Efficiency AllianceIL83600101-3XADeveloping HVAC Systems-based Energy Efficiency Programs$150,000Jessica DurandMaureen McNamara
Midwest Energy Efficiency AllianceIL83378301-2XAPromoting market-based energy efficiency programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest$180,000Jessica DurandNikolaas Dietsch
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83461401-4XAAssistance State/Local Governments$607,500Jessica DurandSusie Shimek
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83314001-8XAPublic Protection From Radon$504,000Jessica DurandSusie Shimek
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.MA83343801-2XAState Policy-Based Approaches in the Northeast to Reduce Emissions$120,000Jessica DurandNikolaas Dietsch
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83601001-3XAGreater Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reductions$1,200,000Jessica DurandTracy Narel
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83378401-2XACreating Lasting Market Change by Enhancing Local Efficiency Programs Nationwide$1,380,000Jessica DurandTracy Narel
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.MA83600401-2XAMarket-based and Public Policy$350,000Jessica DurandHewan Tomlinson
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA83378001-2XARegional and Environmental Benefits of Community-level WoodyBiomass CHP Energy$108,000Jessica DurandNeeharika Naik-Dhungel
Nat'l Association of School NursesMD83460901-4XAManaging Asthma Triggers III (MATIII)$510,000Jessica DurandSheila Brown
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of AmericaMD83466801-4XAAAFA's IAQ Asthma Management & Education$484,999Jessica DurandTracey Mitchell
Energy and Environmental Building AssociationMN83310801-3XAEducation and Outreach - Improving Indoor Air Quality in Homes$165,000Jessica DurandDavid Price
American Lung AssociationNY83311901-4XAComprehensive Childhood Asthma Management Program$1,505,205Jessica DurandTracy Enger
Greenhouse Gas Experts Networks Inc.WA83488401-3XANtl Support-Reprtng & Mitigatn-Mandatory GHG Rules$252,191Jessica DurandCarole Cook
WV University Research CorporationWV83538501-1XADeveloping an Inventory of Methane Emission$89,988Jessica DurandChris Godlove
American Lung AssociationNY83113301-3XAAsthma and Indoor Air Quality Outreach and Education Program-$2,077,278Jill ClarkTracy Enger
American Lung Association of New JerseyNJ97256707-1XAALANJ Asthma$90,000John OwenLarainne Koehler
American Transportation Research InstituteVA83268301-0XASmartWay Transport Partnership Demonstration of Integrated Mobile Idle Reduction Solutions$500,000Joselynn FountainMary Walsh
Research Triangle InstituteNC83097001-2XANew and Emerging Air Technologies (NEAT) Web Data Base -$300,000Joyce BlakeBob Blaszczak
Alaska Building Science NetworkAK96045601-0XAPublic Education/Training Campaign to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution$38,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96036001-0XARurAL CAP Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Program$40,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America AlaskaAK96058801-0XALearning Environmental Control of Asthma in Alaska Schools$34,500Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96013001-0XAAlaska Village Indoor Air Quality Program$60,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America AlaskaAK96036701-0XAThe Power of Breathing Clean Indoor Air$35,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
American Lung Association of the NorthwestWA96057201-0XAAsthma Theatre Project - Breath of Life$29,476Julie JodockDavis Zhen
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83157201-1XAStudy on Utility Regulations Regarding CHP$105,000Karen BassKatrina Pielli
America's Health Insurance PlansDC83117601-4XATaking on Asthma: Communication, Education, and Outreach$585,539Karen BassAlisa Smith
American Federation of Teachers Educ. Fond.DC83116001-3XAIndoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools$317,706Karen BassLou Witt
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83110001-3XAMarket Based Approaches to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions$646,600Karen BassCaterina Hatcher
Asthma & Allergy Fdn of America Inc.DC83138701-2XAAAFA's IAQ Communication, Education, and Outreach Program$1,183,622Karen BassTracey Mitchell
Alliance To Save EnergyDC83120201-2XAConsumer Education to Increase Awareness and Use of Energy Efficiency Products and Practices$465,000Karen BassDenise Durrett
Natl Environ Education & Training Foundation IncDC00E92701-3XANATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION$15,000Karen SykesMonica Paguia
American Nonsmokers' Rights FoundationCA83151501-3XANot in Mama's House and Beyond: Promoting Smokefree Environments in Diverse Communities$984,947Kelley BoatwrightSheila Brown
US Green Building CouncilDC83053901-4XALEED for Existing Buildings Rating System$228,424Kenneth SylvesterBill Vonneida
Natl Environ Education & Training Foundation IncDC83270301-0XABusiness Outreach Project on Energy and Climate-$100,000Kenneth SylvesterBlaine Collison
Natl Assoc of Regulatory Utility CommissionsDC83045901-2XANational Council on Competition and the Electric Industry$200,000Kenneth SylvesterJoe Bryson
Natl Assoc of Regulatory Utility CommissionersDC83268601-2XAEmmission Management and Clean Energy Programs-$125,000Kenneth SylvesterJulia Miller
Clean Air CouncilPA83279901-1XAStrategies to Reduce Diesel Pollution$100,000Kenneth SylvesterTrish Koman
Society of Automotive EngineersPA83236601-1XAReduce Vehicle Soak Heat Loads by 30%$190,816Kenneth SylvesterKristen Taddonio
Society of Automotive EngineersPA83238301-3XAImprove HFC-134a Mobile Air Conditioning Systems$383,230Kenneth SylvesterKristen Taddonio
Southwest Pennsylvania Air Quality PartnershipPA83276801-0XAGreater Pittsburgh Area Woodstove Changeout Pilot Study$100,000Kenneth SylvesterGary Blais
Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS)PA83236801-3XAReduce Emissions of HFC-134a, by developing strategies to reduce refrigerant in vehicle.$88,000Kenneth SylvesterKristen Taddonio
Society of Automotive EngineersPA83293501-0XAImprove Mobile Air Conditioning for Greenhouse Gas$48,190Kenneth SylvesterKristen Taddonio
American Respiratory Care FoundationTX83119501-4XANational Asthma Initiative to Educate the Respiratory Therapist on Indoor Asthma Triggers$578,296Kenneth SylvesterTracey Mitchell
Natl Assoc. of State Energy OfficialsVA83052001-5XABroadening Energy Star Market Transformation Efforts$450,042Kenneth SylvesterCaterina Hatcher
Association of Clinicians for the UnderservedVA83118601-5XAPediatric Asthma Indoor Air Quality Imrovement Project$373,793Kenneth SylvesterSheila Brown
Association of School Business Officials Int'lVA83117501-4XAASBO Resident Practitioner in IAQ for Schools$662,091Kenneth SylvesterLou Witt
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83118901-4XAHome, School, and Play (HSP): A Comprehensive Approach to Asthma Management$641,968Kenneth SylvesterTracy Enger
American Assoc. of School Admin.VA83118701-4XAAASA School Health Program$621,256Kenneth SylvesterMichele Curreri
The Nature ConservancyVA83198401-2XAAn Alternative Energy Prog for Indoor Air Qty Improv, Sustain Dev. and Biodiversity Conservation$150,000Kenneth SylvesterJohn Mitchell
Clean Energy Group IncVT83343401-2XAClean Energy Group's Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States' Renewable Portfolio Standard Collaborative -$75,000Kenneth SylvesterNikolaas Dietsch
American Lung Asso of Florida Inc.FL96472107-0XALung Mobile Program: A Lung Health & Environmental Educational Program$11,500Keva LloydSeema Rao
Respiratory Health Association of Metro ChicagoIL00E00584-1XARespiratory Health Assoc. of Metro Chicago$62,390Kimberly Houston-WilliamsHelen Mollsen
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIN00E00650-1XAAmerican Lung Association of the Upper Midwest$49,065Kimberly Houston-WilliamsFayette Bright
Center for Resource SolutionsCA83051801-5XAGreen-e Renewable Electricity Program$500,000Kristen ArelJames Critchfield
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.MA83269701-1XAMarket-based Approaches for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Energy Efficiency$399,085Kristen ArelDale Hoffmeyer
Rand CorporationCA83114201-1XAUpdate of Global SF6 Sales Data and End Use Applications$12,000LaShaun PhillipsJerome Blackman
Nat'l Education Assoc Hlth Info NetworkDC83308901-3XANEA Health Information Network$610,183LaShaun PhillipsSheila Brown
National Association of CountiesDC83119001-4XANational Indoor Air Quality Multi-priority Communication, Education & Outreach for County Officials-$711,000LaShaun PhillipsMike Holloway
National Academy of Science/NRCDC83152301-6XAEffects of Changes in New Source Review Program for Stationary Sources of Air Pollutants-$1,140,000LaShaun PhillipsPam Long
Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards ProgDC83328501-1XADeveloping Standards and Labeling Initiative to Reduce Energy Waste & Greenhouse Gas Emissions$145,000LaShaun PhillipsCarole Cook
Churches' Center for Theology & Public PolicyDC83338701-2XAInterfaith Power and Light$450,000LaShaun PhillipsDenise Durrett
Nat'l Education Assoc Hlth Info NetworkDC83117701-4XANEA Health Information Network (HIN)-$564,875LaShaun PhillipsLou Witt
National Organization of Black County Official Inc.DC83117801-2XANational Public Education and Outreach Project-$300,000LaShaun PhillipsLou Witt
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83265801-2XACoordinate the Activities of State & Local Air Pollution Control Officials$2,464,402LaShaun PhillipsWilliam Houck
Center for Ecological TechnologyMA83311701-3XAHealthy Beginnings: Indoor Air Quality$164,000LaShaun PhillipsSheila Brown
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA83291501-0XACompliance Strategies for Ozone and Fine Particles Attainment$200,000LaShaun PhillipsGene-Hua Sun
National Center for Healthy HousingMD83311101-3XAMinnesota Healthy Indoor Environments Project$232,000LaShaun PhillipsEric Werling
Nat'l Association of School NursesMD83311801-3XANational Association of School Nurses, Inc$698,404LaShaun PhillipsAlisa Smith
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc IncMD83281001-1XAMid-Atlantic Regional Small Business Anti-Idling Initiative.$60,000LaShaun PhillipsMary Walsh
Center for a New American DreamMD83339001-2XACenter for a New American Dream$450,000LaShaun PhillipsDenise Durrett
American Lung Association of MinnesotaMN83309201-2XARadon Consumer-Builder Campaign$161,556LaShaun PhillipsSusie Shimek
American Lung Association of MinnesotaMN83217401-4XAPlan, Develop, and Deliver Hands-On Indoor Air Quality Training to Tribal Air Professionals$249,998LaShaun PhillipsAlejandra Baer
The Regulatory Assistance ProjectVT83298301-1XATechnical Assistance To State Energy Policy Makers -$250,000LaShaun PhillipsKatrina Pielli
Associated General ContractorsKY96470007-0XAKentucky Clean Diesel Construction Program$50,000Laura FowlerSean Flynn
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR97681801-0XATobacco Free Athletes$21,690Linda LyonsDonnaL Cooper
American Lung Association of Southwest Inc.AZ00T98701-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVIES - Open Airways for Schools$51,923Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of ArizonaAZ97972201-5XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Management Education$72,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of Southwest Inc.AZ00T59701-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Open Airways for Schools$28,138Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA98900001-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Open Airways/Imperial County$20,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Breathe California Golden GateCA98925101-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Public Health Partnership$29,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA98900001-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Open Airways/Imperial County$20,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA97971101-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Open Airways$30,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA00T60001-2XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES -Asthma Education Program$65,932Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Prescott Joseph Center for Comm EnhancementCA96946201-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Indoor Air Quality Tools for School$7,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Prescott Joseph Center for Comm EnhancementCA96915701-1XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Open Airways Asthma Management Education in Ten Oakland Schools$15,000Linda StrunaLouise Hill
American Lung Association of CACA98912001-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Alameda County$25,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA00T97301-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Education in Santa Clara County$57,699Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA96958801-2XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Tools for Schools$20,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA00T04501-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Creating Asthma Friendly Schools, Homes, and Child Care Centers$30,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA00T34501-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Indoor Environments: Reducing Public Exposure$41,580Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA00T99201-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - San Diego Schools$61,961Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Children's Environmental Health NetworkDC96683201-1XAHealthy Environments for Child Care and Preschools (NECCP)$50,000Lisa KapshPaula Selzer
Children's Environmental Health NetworkDC00F89701-0XACEHN Eco-Health Child Care$20,000Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
American Lung Association of the SouthwestNM00F59401-1XAOpen Airways for Schools in New Mexico$45,649Lisa KapshMark Berry
American Lung Association of the SouthwestNM00F38901-0XAOpen Airways for Schools in New Mexico Clean Air Act Section 103$45,000Lisa KapshMark Berry
Dallas Builders AssociationTX00F93601-0XAIndoor Air Quality & Water Efficiency Training and Awareness for Residential Home Builders$11,000Lisa KapshMark Berry
American Lung Association of the Central StatesTX96683901-1XAHealthy Indoor Environments$39,829Lisa KapshMikeal Adams
Mothers for Clean AirTX96619601-2XACreating Healthy School Environments for Asthmatics$30,328Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
American Lung Association of the Central StatesTX00F07001-1XAHealthy Indoor Environments$39,990Lisa KapshMark Berry
North Texas Asthma ConsoritumTX00F74601-0XAAsthma Ozone Awareness Outreach$9,810Lisa KapshMark Berry
South Central Area Health Education CenterTX96647401-0XATeach Back, Reach Out, Professionally Trained Environmental Ambassadors$52,527Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
Children's Environmental Health InstituteTX00F66401-0XAHouston Roundtable Discussion-Asthema & Respiratory$15,000Lisa KapshStacy Murphy
Children's Medical Center of DallasTX96647101-2XAChildren's Medical Center of Dallas Asthma Management Program$58,400Lisa KapshPaula Selzer
TX A&M Univ System Hlth Science Ctr Research FdnTX00F07101-1XAManaging Environmental Triggers of Asthma$50,000Lisa KapshMark Berry
American Lung Association of IndianaIN00E42301-0XAAMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVE$50,000Madeline RuckerFayette Bright
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL00E67001-1XAMidwest Rail Study Cooperative Agreement$60,000Marco SantosSharleen Phillips
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIL00E65501-0XAAsthma Educator Institute Grant Program$12,000Marco SantosMegan Gavin
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA99299701-4XAAir Currents Project$466,600Maria FloresTeresa Ippolito
American Lung Association of the Mid-AtlanticNJ97250908-5XAThe Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of New Jersey$321,000Maria FloresLarainne Koehler
Isles IncNJ97221001-2XAISLES, INC.- Indoor Environments$85,570Maria FloresAmeesha Mehta-Sampath
American Lung Association of New JerseyNJ98284401-5XAALANJ Asthma$193,000Maria FloresLarainne Koehler
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Inc.NY96296701-0XAResident education to reduce exposure to indoor pollutants in low-income homes in Buffalo, NY$54,840Maria FloresAmeesha Mehta-Sampath
CEC Stuyvesant Cove/Solar OneNY97244708-0XAA Series of Community Workshops by Solar One$25,000Maria FloresRabi Kieber
American Lung Association of the Mid-AtlanticPA96296601-3XACreating Asthma Friendly Environments in NJ Schools and Child Care Programs$143,050Maria FloresLarainne Koehler
American Lung Assoc. of L.A. CntyCA97969101-2XACAA Sec. 103 - Tools for Schools and Open Airways for Schools$40,000Martha VillarrealLouise Hill
American Lung Association of the Mountain PacificOR97969701-4XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Open Airways for Schools$74,000Martha VillarrealLouise Hill
Hurley FoundationMI96547001-1XAHURLEY FOUNDATION - CHILD ASTHMA$35,000Martice WhiteurstHelen Mollsen
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental JusticeCT96160601-1XAGreen Cleaning Kills CT's Asthma Epidemic$43,000MaryEllen StanisEugene Benoit
Environmental Law InstituteDC83048501-2XAEnvironmental Education/Information Activities$150,839Matthew PetersJason Samenow
Practical ActionFC83398601-1XASustaining Clean & Hlthy Envrnmnt Kitchen-Kenya$149,998Melissa RangasammyJohn Mitchell
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA83218401-0XASouth Bronx New York Diesel Retrofit Technology$136,180Michael LitwackKay Larsen
New England Governors' Conference IncMA83199001-1XA"College and University Partnership" to Support the Climate Change Action Plan$10,000Michael LitwackNikolaas Dietsch
Missouri Research CorporationMO97712601-0XAIn-Home Investigation and Education Program$29,565Michele MillerGregory Crable
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE97712901-0XAKids, Coaches and Asthma Outcomes Pathways$21,186Michele MillerGregory Crable
American Lung Association of the Central StatesTX97713001-1XAControlling Asthma in Northeast Missouri$19,086Michele MillerGregory Crable
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL96500803-6XALake Michigan Air Directors Consortium$2,653,653Michelle BeckerSharleen Phillips
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestIL00E01057-1XAAmerican Lung Association of the Upper Midwest$58,975Michelle BeckerFayette Bright
Lake Michigan Air Directors ConsortiumIL96500802-6XALake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO), State Technical, programmatic and training support.$2,129,304Michelle BeckerSharleen Phillips
Regional Air Quality CouncilCO97817601-2XASurveys Studies Invest. Demon. & Special Purpose Activities Relating to the Clean Air Act Sec. 103$80,000Moye LinMarisa Mcphilliamy
Solar Household Energy IncMD83173601-1XAMexico Solar Cooking Initiative$149,400Nancy KokBrenda Doroski
National Center for Healthy HousingMD83240701-0XADelivery of Radon Education Program through National Healthy Homes Training Center.$51,385Nancy KokJeremy Ames
Natural Resources Defense CouncilNY83222601-3XAMarket-Based Approaches to Reducing Gas Emissions Through Energy Efficiency$1,210,105Nancy KokKatharine Kaplan
Portland Energy Conservation Inc.OR83195401-2XAAdvanced Retrocommissioning Guide$145,080Nancy KokTracy Narel
Global Environment & Technology Fdn.VA83133301-2XAClimate, Clean Air and Energy Network$85,000Nicole RobertsCarole Cook
American Lung Association of MaineME98194901-1XAExpansion of EMS Pilot Into Community Level Model$20,000Paul TrevinoJoan Jouzaitis
World Resources InstituteDC83049701-3XAAssesing Mexico's Interest and Potential for Cap and Trade of Emissions$50,000Phillip SchindelJeremy Schreifels
American Lung Association of MissouriMO83219301-0XAReducing Emission from City of St. Louis Refuse Trucks$124,952Phillip SchindelJennifer Keller
Assoc. of State Energy Res. & Tech Transfer Inst.WI83268801-2XAAdvanced Energy Efficiency Technology Transfer, Integration, and Outreach for Public Schools$40,000Phillip SchindelCaterina Hatcher
Southeasten States Air Resources Managers Inc.GA97476603-3XASoutheastern States Air Resource Managers (SESARM) Administrative cooperative agreement.$775,093Ralph RobinsonMarie Persinger
CA Air Pollution Control Officers AssnCA96910501-2XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Imperial Mexicali AQ Task Force$107,500Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Western Governors' AssociationCO99925501-1XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Mexicali Emissions Inventory$137,047Renee ChanChristine Vineyard
Western Governors' AssociationCO00909001-1XACAA Special Purpose Activities - US-Mexico Border Emissions Inventory$276,000Renee ChanChristine Vineyard
Western Governors' AssociationCO00T82601-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Western Regional Air Partnership and Regional Haze$152,484Renee ChanRoy Ford
Western Governors' AssociationCO96999301-5XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Western Regional Air Partnership and Regional Haze$1,467,328Renee ChanRoy Ford
Western Governors' AssociationCO97950201-4XACAA Special Purpose Activities - U.S.-Mexico Border Project II$1,571,100Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Western Governors' AssociationCO98991301-AXACAA Special Purpose Activities - Western Regional Air Partnership Project$19,056,906Renee ChanRoy Ford
Western States Air Resources CouncilWA00T82602-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Western Regional Air Partnership and Regional Haze$110,802Renee ChanSara Bartholomew
Western States Air Resources CouncilWA96925601-3XAWESTAR Project$1,622,418Renee ChanSara Bartholomew
Western States Air Resources CouncilWA00T68001-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - WESTAR$2,428,647Renee ChanSara Bartholomew
Western States Air Resources CouncilWA00985201-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - WESTAR$2,658,527Renee ChanSara Bartholomew
Western States Air Resources CouncilWA99T15201-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Operations; Training; State Support; WRAP; and Regional Haze$915,738Renee ChanSara Bartholomew
Children's National Medical CenterDC83157401-3XASmoke-Free Homes Champions: Pediatric Clinicians Making Children's Homes Smoke-Free$900,000Robert DenegalAlison Freeman
Environmental Law InstituteDC83113601-4XAIndoor Air Quality Outreach, Information and Technical Assistance$430,000Robert DenegalSusie Shimek
Product Stewardship InstituteMA83045502-2XAProduct Stewardship Stakeholder Dialogue on Industrial Smoke Detectors and Fixed Nuclear Gauges$86,149Robert DenegalSally Hamlin
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium Inc.MD83119901-1XAAchieve Emissions Reductions with Geoexchange Technology by Consumer Awareness$178,800Robert DenegalJane Kurtz
Small Business Association of MichiganMI83245301-2XAMichigan Energy Efficiency Aggregation Program$150,000Robert DenegalJerry Lawson
American Lung Association of MinnesotaMN83240901-0XARadon Communication, Education, Outreach, and Risk Reduction$70,000Robert DenegalLou Witt
Building Performance Institute IncNY83199901-4XANational Certification Program for Whole-House Contractors$1,000,000Robert DenegalChandler VonSchrader
Minnesota Environmental InitiativeMN00E48301-0XAProject Green Fleet's Minnesota Port Operations Clean Diesel Initiative$76,455Ronza JordanMonika Lacka
Minnesota Environmental Initiative Inc.MN00E17301-0XAMN ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVE - CLEAN DIESEL INITIATIVE$49,140Ronza JordanMonika Lacka
Minnesota Environmental Initiative Inc.MN00E41901-1XAMinnesota Environmental Initiative - Clean Diesel Initiative$12,500Ronza JordanMonika Lacka
American Lung Association of the SouthwestCO96825401-3XAAmerican Lung Association of the SW CO$80,000Sarah HulsteinRon Schiller
San Luis Valley Ecosystem CouncilCO96825501-3XARegional Indoor Environments Reducing Public Exposure to Indoor Pollutants$83,400Sarah HulsteinRon Schiller
American Lung Association of the SouthwestCO97886701-2XASurveys Studies Research Invest. Demonst & Special Purpose Activities Relating to Clean Air Act$81,000Sarah HulsteinRon Schiller
Utah Society For Environmental EducationUT96807101-0XASurveys Studies Invest Demonstrations & Special Purpose Activities$15,000Sarah HulsteinRon Schiller
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD97872001-4XAClean Air Act$70,000Sarah SourkRon Schiller
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR96676801-0XACarroll Cty Rsc Council and Prev.Pln. Board$10,000Sharon BeetsStacy Murphy
National Center for Healthy HousingMD96471807-0XANational Center for Healthy Housing$37,000Sharonita JohnsonElisa Roper
Coalition for a Tobacco Free AlabamaAL96438806-0XAAlabama Smoke Free Home Parent Motivation Project$22,600Sherry MilesElisa Roper
Environmental Defense Fund Inc.NC95400708-0XAInvestigation and Establishment of a Carbon Offset Aggregating Entity$70,000Sherry MilesSeema Rao
Mission Healthcare Foundation IncNC00D04512-2XAReducing Asthma Triggers in Western North Carolina$98,563Sherry MilesShantel Shelmon
Mission Healthcare Foundation IncNC96469707-0XANC - Asthma Outreach$35,100Shevella WilsonSeema Rao
American Lung Association of KentuckyKY97485603-1XAALA of KY Proj Breathe Easy II$20,000Stephanie LankfordRussandra Brown
Habitat for Humanity InternationalGA83131901-3XAHabitat For Humanity's Healhy Building Program$95,250Stephanie SaelzlerAlison Freeman
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO97870601-2XAClean Air Act$145,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO97869601-1XAClean Air Act$65,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO97836701-2XAIndoor Air Quality Program.$176,874Tempa GravesRon Schiller
American Lung Association of Northern RockiesMT97869401-0XAIndoor Environments/EnviTobacco Smoke$10,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestSD97872101-2XASurveys, Studies, Investigations, Demonstrations and Special Purpose Activities$33,730Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD97836601-1XAIndoor Air Quality Allocation$70,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD97869201-0XAIndoor Air Quality$35,000Tempa GravesRon Schiller
Winrock InternationalAR83052101-3XABaseline Monitoring Co-Benefits and Guidance for Land-Use and Forestry Carbon Projects-$274,811ThuyT NguyenKen Andrasko
Winrock InternationalAR83514701-2XACap Bldg.&Tech Assist on Clean&Eff Cooking Practices$749,669ThuyT NguyenJohn Mitchell
Winrock InternationalAR83052101-6XABaselines, Monitoring, Co-Benefits, and Guidelines for Land-Use and Forestry Carbon Projects$362,114ThuyT NguyenJared Creason
Winrock InternationalAR83398901-3XAWinrock International Outreach Communications & Education.$1,032,520ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
Winrock InternationalAR83295201-2XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Outreach$415,600ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
Winrock InternationalAR83503201-1XACapacity Building of Dairy Farms in Pakistan$138,150ThuyT NguyenAllison Costa
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83302401-4XABuilding and Maintaining Healthy, High Performing School Facilities$876,797ThuyT NguyenMichele Curreri
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83461101-3XACreating Effective Indoor Air Quality Management Programs.$315,000ThuyT NguyenMichele Curreri
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83115501-2XACities for Climate Change Campaign and Urban Heat Island Mitigation$431,300ThuyT NguyenAndrea Denny
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83115501-2XACities for Climate Change Campaign and Urban Heat Island Mitigation$431,300ThuyT NguyenAndrea Denny
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83461501-3XANEHA Indoor Air Quality Program$851,460ThuyT NguyenLou Witt
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83335301-0XANational Conference of State Legislatures$30,000ThuyT NguyenPaul Bubbosh
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83514401-2XAOutreach to State Legislatures on Radon Hazards$235,292ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83270001-1XAEmissions Reductions Through Clean Energy Programs: Legislative Education and Outreach$70,000ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Energy Efficient Homes of ColoradoCO83241101-3XAReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Energy Efficiency$300,000ThuyT NguyenChandler VonSchrader
Nat'l Association of School NursesCO83113501-2XAManaging Asthma Triggers and Indoor Air Quality$587,636ThuyT NguyenAlisa Smith
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83302201-4XANational Environmental Health Association$1,025,957ThuyT NguyenAnnette Johnson
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83293901-2XASouthwest Energy Efficiency Project$240,000ThuyT NguyenMaureen McNamara
Regional Air Quality CouncilCO83218201-1XADiesel Initiative for Retrofit Technology Program$75,000ThuyT NguyenJennifer Went
Western Governors' AssociationCO83455501-0XAMexico Inventory$199,955ThuyT NguyenJulia Ortiz
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83309401-4XAOutreach to State Legislators on Radon$225,000ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83333001-2XAAssisting Utah to Achieve its Energy Efficiency Goal$120,000ThuyT NguyenDenise Mulholland
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83420801-2XAAdvancing Policies and Programs to Increase Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the Southwest$240,000ThuyT NguyenMaureen McNamara
American Lung AssociationDC83461301-5XAEnvironmental Control Childhood Asthma$504,893ThuyT NguyenSheila Brown
America's Health Insurance PlansDC83319601-6XAEffectiveness of Environmental Asthma Management$331,000ThuyT NguyenAlisa Smith
Aga Khan Foundation USADC83366101-1XAPromotion of Market Based Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency$189,133ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83270101-3XAClearer Skies through Energy Efficiency$289,240ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Children's Environmental Health NetworkDC83309001-1XAChildren's Environmental Health Network$90,000ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
National Academy of Science/NRCDC83371401-0XACore Support - Nuclear & Radiation Studies$15,000ThuyT NguyenMike Boyd
Business Council for Sustainable EnergyDC83374501-0XAClimate is Energy Policy Conference$15,000ThuyT NguyenBella Tonkonogy
Alliance for Healthy HomesDC83243101-2XAAcheiving Radon Risk Reduction in Low-Income Rental Housing$78,807ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
Am. College of Preventive MedicineDC83312701-4XABuilding Health Professional Capacity$600,500ThuyT NguyenSheila Brown
Alliance for Healthy HomesDC83308801-0XAMobilizing Housing and Health Communities to Prevent Radon Exposure$100,000ThuyT NguyenJeremy Ames
Alliance To Save EnergyDC83231601-2XAMarket-Based Approaches to Reducing Gas Emissions$500,000ThuyT NguyenJulia Miller
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83294001-2XAMarket Based Approaches to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions$405,000ThuyT NguyenCaterina Hatcher
Alliance To Save EnergyDC83421001-5XAClean and Efficient Energy Program (CEEP)$325,000ThuyT NguyenStacy Angel
American Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyDC83420901-5XAReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions thru Policy$790,000ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Building Owners & Managers Association FoundationDC83269801-2XAApproaches To Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Energy Efficiency In Homes And Bulldings -$185,000ThuyT NguyenAnna Stark
Southeast Energy Efficiency AllianceGA83380001-3XAApproaches/Reducing Greenhouse Gas in Southeast$150,000ThuyT NguyenStacy Angel
Community Development ResearchGA83505001-0XAEthiopian Landfill Study and Capacity Building Project$80,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
CIFAL Atlanta IncGA83369601-0XABest Practices/Landfill Gas-Energy Projects$175,000ThuyT NguyenRachel Goldstein
American Society of HRAACEIGA83311201-3XAAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-$560,000ThuyT NguyenEric Werling
Community Development ResearchGA83538901-0XAEthiopian Municipalities Solid Waste$80,000ThuyT NguyenSwarupa Ganguli
Community Development ResearchGA83503101-0XAEthiopian Agricultural Methane Capture Improvement$74,624ThuyT NguyenAllison Costa
American Lung Association of HIHI83280101-1XAAmerican Lung Association of Hawaii$135,000ThuyT NguyenRosa Yu
American Medical AssociationIL83059002-1XAEnhancing Health Providers' Ability to Prevent Secondhand Smoke Exposure$429,990ThuyT NguyenSherri White
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