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All Awards to Non-Profits

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Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams Inc.KS98779401-2R7Total Maximum Daily Load Bacteria Education Plan$80,000Aaron CasadyJeannette Kerr
Grace Hill NeighborhoodMO98705501-5MMNorth Side Clean Air Project$155,000Aaron CasadyMarcus Rivas
Watershed Conservation Resource CenterAR83223901-5AWMid-South Watershed Training Program$332,914Adam FettStuart Lehman
American Water Works AssociationCO83134801-5X6RAM-W, Emergency Response, Security Hardware, Crisis Communication, and First Responder Trainings$1,843,500Adam FettJohn Whitler
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83243201-3AWState/EPA Co-regulator TMDL Program Partnership$102,000Adam FettTim Icke
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83278601-0OSEnvironmental Exchange Network Associated Program Support$942,000Adam FettTerry Forrest
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83174001-4CPEnvironmental Accomplishments of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund$165,000Adam FettClifford Yee
Council of Infrastructure Financing AuthoritiesDC83424801-1X7National Training Workshops for Managers of State Revolving Funds$180,000Adam FettClifford Yee
Council of Infrastructure Financing AuthoritiesDC83370201-1X7Natl Tng Workshops/Managers/Revolving Funds$180,000Adam FettClifford Yee
Environmental Law InstituteDC83380701-2WDAssessing Practices/Avoidance & Minimization$39,807Adam FettPalmer Hough
Environmental Law InstituteDC83417901-0WDModel "In-Lieu Fee" Instrument$44,978Adam FettPalmer Hough
Assoc of Metropolitan Water AgenciesDC83319701-5EMOperation of WaterISAC$4,219,553Adam FettJoshua Novikoff
Assoc. St. & Terr Solid Waste Mgmt. Off.DC82981701-6RResearch of Hazardous Substance Detection and State and Territorial CERCLA Program Activities$1,919,828Adam FettTiffany Moreland
Environmental Law InstituteDC83414701-0AWTotal Maximum Daily Load Development Workshop$76,828Adam Fettmenchu-c martinez
Environmental Law InstituteDC83328201-1WDWetlands Training for Land Trusts$148,617Adam FettPalmer Hough
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83151901-6X5TRI National Annual Meetings$452,637Adam FettTonya Richardson
Environmental Law InstituteDC83329501-0WDEnvironmental Law Institute$61,239Adam FettConcepcion Cahanap
The Ocean ConservancyDC83053401-2XNational Marine Debris Monitoring Program$450,000Adam FettKatherine Weiler
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC83163301-4QNational Center for Environmental Research and Quality Assurance$897,664Adam FettDianeT Johnson
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83345601-3OSFY06:EPA/State Info Mgmt Partnership & ENLC Prog Sup$302,147Adam FettTerry Forrest
Environmental Law InstituteDC83328101-1WDAvoiding and Minimizing Impacts to State Waters$40,717Adam FettPalmer Hough
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975201-DQSenior Environmental Employement Program - Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response$585,255Adam FettSusan Street
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975601-gQSenior Environmental Employment Program-Region IV$4,056,591Adam FettSusan Street
Environmental Law InstituteDC83328001-0WDOpportunities for State Wetland Programs to Utilize Wildlife Action Plans$60,083Adam FettMyra Price
Environmental Law InstituteDC83127701-4TRBrownfields Training, Research, and Technical Assistance$362,089Adam FettAnn Carroll
Environmental Law InstituteDC83327901-1WDProtecting Wetlands Through Buffers$35,570Adam FettMyra Price
Nat'l Congress of Amer. IndiansDC83266301-0OSAssistance to Provide Support for Tribal Participation in the Exchange Network$100,000Adam FettJanice Bryant
National Caucus & Center on Black Aged IncDC82975101-EQSenior Environmental Employment Program,OARM/OIRM$1,635,009Adam FettSusan Street
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83245201-3AWTMDL Working Group for Environmental Results and Innovation$185,465Adam FettRosaura Vega
Assoc of State & Interstate Water Poll Cntrl AdminDC83243201-3AWState/EPA Co-regulator TMDL Program Partnership$102,000Adam FettTim Icke
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83345701-1OSNational Environmental Information Exchange Network Program Support$985,000Adam FettTerry Forrest
National Council on AgingDC83165301-4QSenior Environmetal Employment Program at the Office of General Council$146,433Adam FettJim Priestley
Environmental Law InstituteDC83343001-1AWEnvironmental Law Institute$101,018Adam Fettmenchu-c martinez
National Rural Water AssociationOK83444301-1X6Training and Technical Assistance for System Operations & Source Water Planning$11,500,000Adam FettMichael Finn
National Rural Water AssociationOK83388501-1EMTechnical and Managerial Training Program$7,579,880Adam FettMichael Finn
Ground Water Protection Council IncOK83298801-2EMGround Water Protection Council State Involvement and Technical Assistance$1,699,500Adam FettBeth Hall
National Rural Water AssociationOK83236101-2X6Wellhead Protection & Implementation$6,614,498Adam FettClint Lemmons
National Rural Water AssociationOK83379001-0X6Training and Technical Assistance for Rule Implementation, Capacity Dev$4,992,974Adam FettMichael Finn
Juniata Clean Water PartnershipPA83239501-1X7Low Impact Development Workshops$15,000Adam FettRobert Goo
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at UT-AustinTX83342701-1AWSustainable Sites: Using Market Forces toTransform Landscape Design$75,000Adam FettChris Solloway
Caffee and Associates Public Health Foundation IncMS83263801-1XACaffee and Associates Public Health Foundation Inc$70,000Adriana AlvarezSheila Brown
American Association for Aerosol ResearchNJ83313201-0X32006 International Aerosol Conference$23,412Adriana AlvarezMichael Bender
Research Foundation of SUNYNY82959801-2RFDP-Material Selection in Green Design and Environmental Cost Analysis-$325,000Adriana AlvarezBarbara Karn
Interstate Shellfish Sanitation ConfSC83100601-3X7State Shellfish Information Management System Implementation-$50,000Adriana AlvarezHira Biswas
University of South Carolina Research FoundationSC83241901-1RDModel Selection and Multiplicity Adjustment for Benchmark Dose Analysis in Risk Assessment$89,098Adriana AlvarezLinda Bishop
WateReuse FoundationVA83128601-0CPNational Database of Water Reuse Facilities$50,000Adriana AlvarezRobert Bastian
Water Environment FederationVA83111001-2H1Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Plan for Community Water Systems-$849,907Adriana AlvarezCurt Baranowski
Water Environment FederationVA83191301-1XNational Biosolids Partnership$994,100Adriana AlvarezJames Horne
Water Environment Research FoundationVA83112101-2CPAsset Management Research- Condition Assessment Measures, Metrics, and Protocols$200,000Adriana AlvarezSteve Allbee
Water Environment FederationVA83232101-0X3Advancement of Scientific Research Involving Water Issues at the High School Level$15,000Adriana AlvarezMaggie Breville
Society of ToxicologyVA83240401-0X3Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA): Bridging Components Along the Exposure-Dose-Response Continuum$55,000Adriana AlvarezMichael Bender
Water Environment FederationVA83255601-0AWThird Part Total Maximum Daily Load Development: Outreach and Facilitation$71,600Adriana AlvarezValentina Cabrera-Stagno
Inter-American Assoc. of SEESVA83299101-0X3VII Regional Conference: Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Environmental Quality$15,000Adriana AlvarezJill Neal
Water Environment FederationVA83243301-0AWTMDL Technical Conference 2005$25,000Adriana AlvarezTim Icke
Alaska Forum Inc.AK00J62001-1NECommunity Environmental Education Stewardship through Youth Involvement$150,000Aimee MunziSally Hanft
Meridian InstituteCO98099101-5MMBering Sea Summit Conference$115,000Aimee MunziGreg Kellogg
Region IV Development Association Inc.ID98064701-4XPSurveys, Studies, Investigations$1,300,000Aimee MunziBryan Yim
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental InstituteID96049301-1X1Resource Conservation Challenge$15,000Aimee MunziDebbie Kline
Oregon Center for Environmental HealthOR97056801-2X9Northwest H2E Program, Meeting Mercury Free by 2005 MOU Project$98,500Aimee MunziMichael Fagan
Oregon Center for Environmental HealthOR96037301-1X1Biobased Serviceware and Composting Project$29,446Aimee MunziDebbie Kline
Evergreen Rural Water of WashingtonWA97007802-2X6Source Water Protection--Technical Assistance$263,961Aimee MunziJennifer Parker
Pac NW Poll Prev Res CenterWA97098201-0X1Business and Industry Leader's Forum$20,000Aimee MunziDomenic Calabro
Pacoima BeautifulCA96960301-0RECOMMUNITY ACTION FOR A RENEWED ENVIRONMENT (CARE) PROGRAM$90,000Alba EspitiaKaren Henry
America's Clean Water FoundationDC96508601-2XPROJECT - AMERICAN CLEAN WATER - TMDL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO STATES$66,000Alicia WardFelicia Gaines
Delta InstituteIL99599801-3XDELTA INSTITUTE - PUBLICY OWNED TREATMENT WORKS$130,000Alicia WardMarcia Damato
Delta InstituteIL99560903-4XDELTA INSTITUTE LAKE ERIE LAKEWIDE MANAGEMENT PROJECT$185,000Alicia WardMarcia Damato
Delta InstituteIL97540801-5XDELTA INSTITUTE- Cumulative Risk Initiative- FY2004$50,000Alicia WardDennis Wychocki
Conservation Technology Information CenterIN97581001-3XPROJECT - CTIC - WATERSHED MGMT & ASSESSMENT TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT & TRANSFER$153,900Alicia WardFelicia Gaines
Conservation Technology Information CenterIN96526201-1CPINNOVATIVE LIVESTOCK WASTE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY$60,000Alicia WardFelicia Gaines
Center for Watershed Protection Inc.MD96570101-1X7Center for Watershed Protection FY 2005$20,000Alicia WardKristen Faulhaber
Institute for Agriculture & Trade PolicyMN00E01120-1GLUsing "Green Chemistry" Practices to Reduce Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes Region$150,000Alicia WardVergel Santos
The Nature ConservancyNY00E00842-1GLWETLAND MONITORING FOR LAKE ONTARIO ADAPTIVE MANAGEMENT$151,107Alicia WardFrederick Luckey
The Miami Conservancy DistrictOH96511901-3WSPROJECT - MIAMI CONSERVANCY DISTRICT - GREATER MIAMI RIVER WATERSHED$700,000Alicia WardRachel Webb
Renewable Natural Resources FoundationMD83229001-0X3Congress on Building Capacity of Coastal Solutions$15,000Alison BarryJim Power
NatureServeVA83114301-1CDThe Biodiversity Value of Isolated Wetlands in the Coterminous United States$135,000Alison BarryTracie Nadeau
The Nature ConservancyVA82843701-4XNatural Resources Stewardship and the Protection of Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems$263,122Alison BarryJamal Kadri
CA Institute for BiodiversityCA83448601-0NESierra Nevada Climate Change Program$56,000Alison HanlonKaren Scott
Earth ForceCO84338301-0NECommunity Building Initiative$142,455Alison HanlonGinger Potter
Council for Excellence in GovernmentDC83263201-1PIPartnership to Promote Innovation in Environmental Practice$300,000Alison HanlonSandy Germann
Resources for the Future Inc.DC83367501-1RDDifferentiating Passenger Vehicles by Fuel Economy:$80,627Alison HanlonJohn Davidson
American Association Advancement of ScienceDC83459201-AX3Env. Science & Engineering Fellowship Program$11,032,478Alison HanlonJayne Michaud
US Green Building CouncilDC83118401-3PIDevelopment of a National Smart Growth Certification Program$184,963Alison HanlonBrett VanAkkeren
International City/County Mgmt. Assoc.DC83233801-6PIAdvancing the Practice of Smart Growth in Communities$628,973Alison HanlonDanielle Arigoni
Urban Land InstituteDC83231101-7PIRegional Networks for Smart Growth$340,000Alison HanlonMegan Susman
Environmental Council of the StatesDC83227101-AX5ECOS Omnibus Cooperative Agreement$2,026,762Alison HanlonAnthony Raia
Institute of Transportation EngineersDC83381601-2PIProducing-Recommended Practice/Context Sens$50,000Alison HanlonJohn Thomas
Association of Schools of Public HealthDC83388101-AX3ASPH/EPA Environmental Health Fellowships$4,284,350Alison HanlonJayne Michaud
Association of Schools of Public HealthDC83555301-3X3ASPH/EPA Fellowship Program$2,043,394Alison HanlonJayne Michaud
Natl Assoc of Devel Orgs Res. Found.DC83329901-1EMCongressional Earmark - NADO$492,600Alison HanlonAnthony Raia
Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research Inc.GA83438801-2EMConsortium for Plant Biotechnology Research$1,706,000Alison HanlonMitch Lasat
University of Kansas Center for Research IncKS83339901-1RMAssessing the condition of USEPA Region 7's large tributaries of the Missouri Rivers$390,139Alison HanlonJo Thompson
Council of State GovernmentsKY83235601-5X3Outreach Program to Promote Effective and Consistent Environmental Monitoring Among States & Tribes$807,543Alison HanlonSteve Paulsen
Lower Mississippi River Conservation CommitteeLA83450701-0X3Intrnationl Symposm-Ecology & Biodiversity$14,500Alison HanlonGreg Toth
Manomet Center for Conservation SciencesMA83389501-1X3Workshop on Ecological Adaptation to Climate Change in the Northeast$25,000Alison HanlonBritta Bierwagen
National Bureau of Economic ReasearchMA83177701-2RDEnvironmental Liability, Corrective Expenditures, and Redevelopment of Industrial Sites$149,237Alison HanlonWilliam Wheeler
NSF InternationalMI83443501-1X3Laboratory Accreditation Standards Development and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreement$50,000Alison HanlonLara Autry
NSF InternationalMI83251601-3X3Laboratory Accreditation Standards Development$0Alison HanlonLara Autry
NSF InternationalMI83055201-AREstablish and Conduct Activities for the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program$2,887,493Alison HanlonRay Frederick
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer InstituteMI83299701-3EMNational Center for Vermiculite and Asbestos-Related Cancers$967,200Alison HanlonAnnH Williams
Inter-Tribal Council of MichiganMI83373401-0CHAddressing Envrnmntl Health Issues-Pregnancy$117,747Alison HanlonLaVonne Switzer
BlueGreen Alliance FoundationMN83472001-0X52010 Good Jobs-Green Jobs National Conference$35,000Alison HanlonSherri Walker
The Montana Physical Sciences FoundationMT83275501-3XBiodegradable Lubricant And Solvent Production From Waste Grease -$770,500Alison HanlonDiana Bless
The Cleveland Clinic FoundationNA83499201-1RDShort-term Pollution Exposure and Disease$298,857Alison HanlonVito Ilacqua
Research Triangle InstituteNC83322801-1CRClassifying Older Adults Based On Lifestyle Factors That May Affect Their Environmental Exposures -$300,000Alison HanlonNicolle Tulve
Research Triangle InstituteNC83191101-5CRVerification Testing Of Air Pollution Control Technologies -$1,800,000Alison HanlonMike Kosusko
Research Triangle InstituteNC83340001-1RMGeographically Isolated Wetlands in Eastern North Carolina$483,966Alison HanlonRichard Sumner
Foundation for Earth Science Information PartnersNC83476801-0X3Proposal to Support the 2010 Summer Meeting of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners$14,871Alison HanlonMontira Pongsiri
Foundation for Earth Science Information PartnersNC83398401-0X3Proposal to Support the Summer Meeting of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners$14,486Alison HanlonMontira Pongsiri
North Carolina Association for Biomedical ResearchNC83324001-0CRProfessional Development Workshops In Environmental Sciences Research For Teachers Grades 6-12$54,000Alison HanlonVickie Worrell
American Association for Aerosol ResearchNJ83421601-1X32010 AAAR Pollution & Hlth Speclty Confrnce$150,000Alison HanlonPaul Solomon
Environmental DefenseNY83199301-2X4Environmental Capacity Building in Newly Independent States$415,000Alison HanlonTeresa Kuklinski
Wildlife Conservation SocietyNY83447701-1NEOnline Teachers Academy-Environmental Ed$94,963Alison HanlonKathleen MacKinnon
Mill Creek Restoration ProjectOH83448401-1NEMill Creek Green Schls/Infrastructure Program$98,500Alison HanlonKaren Scott
Mill Creek Restoration ProjectOH83448401-1NEMill Creek Green Schls/Infrastructure Program$98,500Alison HanlonKaren Scott
A Nurtured World IncorporatedTX83408501-1NEConsumer Envrnmntl Ed-A Nurtured World Inc$90,935Alison HanlonJavier Araujo
Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific N.W. DivisonWA83516701-0RDScreening Assays for Fish Reproductive System$1,199,908Alison HanlonPasky Pascual
Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific N.W. DivisonWA83386801-2RDUrinary Biomarkers to Quantify BPA Exposure$750,000Alison HanlonPasky Pascual
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium Inc.MD83055901-4XAEmissions Reductions with Geoexchange Technology$750,000Allan ValdesDebra Shepherd
Water Environment FederationVA82887501-3CPNational Biosolids Partnership$2,991,300Allan ValdesJames Horne
Massachusetts General HospitalMA83321601-0X3Enhancing Capacity to Study Gene-Environment Interactions in Complex Traits$10,000Anedia FeasterBrandon Jones
The Trust for Public LandCA96814701-0CDTrust for Public Land FY14 WPDG Story Mill$20,000Angela MendiolaCynthia Gonzales
Clear Creek Watershed FoundationCO97866401-1WSFY06/07 Targeted Watersheds Grant: Clear Creek Watershed Foundation$554,090Angela MendiolaNicole Plescia
Ecological InsightsND96814801-0CDEco Insights 2014 WPDG Prairie Potholes$24,959Angela MendiolaCynthia Gonzales
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR98761801-0XAOzarks Smoke-Free Home Pledge Project$15,983Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Iowa Soybean AssociationIA98738701-2MMIowa Soybean Assoc Evaluating Management Practices$80,000Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
Iowa Conservation Education CouncilIA98757801-0NEMidwest Environmental Educ Conference$9,781Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
American Lung Association of Illinois-IowaIA98762201-0XAEducating Caregivers About Asthma$26,837Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Prairie Winds RC&D Inc.IA98769501-3CPUpper Winnebago River Comprehensive WQ Plan$98,730Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
Rathbun Land and Water AllianceIA98734401-2WSRathbun Lake Watershed Initiative$600,000Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
Limestone Bluffs RC and D Area Inc.IA98738901-6CPUpper North Fork Maquoketa River Comprehensive Planning for Water Quality$98,670Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning CouncilIA98739401-3MMSiouxland Regional Air Quality Monitoring Program$75,000Annora OgletreeGwen Yoshimura
Proteus Inc.IA98759001-1X8Latino Childhood Lead Education Program$100,000Annora OgletreeChristine Dustin
Trees ForeverIA98753801-1CPLID-Stakeholder Outreach$31,728Annora OgletreeJeannette Kerr
CAFE Johnson CountyIA98775901-0XAReducing ETS Exposure in JO CO, IA$16,500Annora OgletreeTina Wilkins
Resource Conservation and Development for Northeast Iowa Inc.IA98751701-1CPNortheast Iowa Comprehensive Watershed Assessment & Management Project$89,000Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
1000 Friends of IowaIA98772801-1R7Smart Growth for Environmental Results$30,000Annora OgletreeDavid Doyle
Kansas Assoc. for Conser. & Envi. Ed.KS98743301-1NESprouting Waterspout Gardens in Kansas$20,190Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
No-Till on the Plains Inc.KS98742901-1NEFriendly Farms$21,878Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Cheney Lake Watershed IncKS98757401-1NENutrient Cycling Decisions for Clean Water$8,023Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
American Lung Association of KansasKS98761601-0XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools$35,630Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Andale Area Chamber of CommerceKS98751901-1CPCowskin Creek Basin Watershed Planning Project$87,375Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
American Lung Association of the Central StatesKS98774301-1NEBeyond Rehab the Lab$44,740Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
El Centro Inc.KS98765301-1EQAdvocates for a Healthy Community$25,000Annora OgletreeDebbie Bishop
Kansas Rural Water AssociationKS98754601-0X6Tribal Water Systems Assistance and Training$65,000Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
Blue River Watershed AssociationKS98751801-3CPBlue River Watershed Project$100,000Annora OgletreeJeannette Kerr
Blue River Watershed AssociationKS98774701-3NEKC Clean Streams$13,937Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Kansas Rural CenterKS98757601-0NECottonwood Farm Educational Center$31,096Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Upper Mississippi River Basin AssnMN98752601-1CPPriority Water Quality Issues$76,700Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
Missouri Research Corp.MO98761901-0XAIndoor Air Quality Improvement Program$21,640Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Top of Ozarks Resource Conservation & DevelopmentMO98751301-2CPJack's Fork Watershed Project$72,221Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
Howardville Community BettermentMO98765601-0EQSafe Drinking Water and Clean Air Project$25,000Annora OgletreeDebbie Bishop
Jasper Co. SPFD Site CoalitionMO00794901-41Technical Assistance At The Jasper County Superfund Site (Oronogo Duenweg Mining Belt)$100,000Annora OgletreeHattie Thomas
Bridging The Gap Inc.MO98739501-2MMBridging The Gap By-Product Synergy$93,495Annora OgletreeChilton McLaughlin
James River Basin PartnershipMO98737901-1MMJames River Basin, Poultry Nutrient Management$100,000Annora OgletreeJames Clemenson
Migrant Farmworkers ProjectMO98774501-0NEProyecto Verde: Growing a Healthy Community$18,599Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
MO River Communities Network Inc.MO98770501-1CPClean Stream Education Initiative$95,900Annora OgletreeSue Belvill
Missouri River Relief Inc.MO98769201-0CPMissouri River Community Cleanup$60,000Annora OgletreeBenita Hamilton
Mid America Regional CouncilMO98751601-1CDIntegrated Watershed Management Project$228,525Annora OgletreeJeannette Kerr
Grace Hill Settlement HouseMO98767301-1REGrace Hill Community Development$332,439Annora OgletreeGwen Yoshimura
Top of Ozarks Resource Conservation & DevelopmentMO98774601-1NEJack Fork River Users: Friends or Foe$11,217Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Mid America Regional CouncilMO98749001-1X92004 Industrial ByProducts Beneficial Use Summit.$30,000Annora OgletreeChilton McLaughlin
Area Resources for Community & Human SvcsMO98757901-0NENatural Intelligence Education Project$50,000Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Metropolitan Community & Economic Dev. Corp.MO98746701-1NEIvanhoe Environmental Education Project$22,320Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Mid America Regional CouncilMO98731901-1X7Mid America Regional Council - Green Infrastructure$625,900Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
Global and Multicultural Education CenterMO98784901-1NECLIMATE CHANGE: Myth or Realty$4,838Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Missouri Pork AssociationMO98756801-3XEnvironmental Management Systems in Agriculture$994,073Annora OgletreeRuben McCullers
Negro Leagues Baseball MuseumMO98766001-2BFNegro Leagues Baseball Museum BF Remediation$165,047Annora OgletreeIna Square
The Green CenterMO98708501-3CPRiver Des Peres Stormwater Managment Project$74,000Annora OgletreeRegina Kidwell
Ivanhoe Neighborhood CouncilMO98765401-1EQIvanhoe Reduction Hazardous Waste/Toxic Substances Project$25,000Annora OgletreeAlthea Moses
Heartland Regional Community FoundationMO98746501-1BFHeartland Foundation Brownfields Cleanup Grant$200,000Annora OgletreeBradley Vann
Father Flanagan's Boy's HomeNE98784301-3X8Physician Lead Screening Improvement$99,244Annora OgletreeCrystal McIntyre
Chicano Awareness CenterNE98752901-1EQOur Children and Lead$24,973Annora OgletreeAlthea Moses
Saint Elizabeth FoundationNE98761701-0XAFamily Asthma Management$24,011Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
The Groundwater FoundationNE98774801-1NEH2O on the Go Train -the-Trainer$14,439Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Nebraska State Recycling Assn.NE98779801-0X1Recycling on the Go: Opportunities to Recycle at Public Events$10,332Annora OgletreeDavid Flora
Nebraska Rural Water AssociationNE98758201-1NESource Water Protection & Education$6,939Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Sisters Together Inc. Omaha ChapterNE98765501-1EQTake It To The Streets$25,000Annora OgletreeAlthea Moses
NE Groundwater FoundationNE98768601-0X62005 Groundwater Foundation Annual Conference$5,000Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
The National Arbor Day FoundationNE98758101-2NEConservation Education Pathway$48,380Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Keep North Platte & Lincoln County BeautifulNE98774901-1NEStorm Water Education Decisions to Protect the Future$13,577Annora OgletreeDenise Morrison
Central Nebraska Community Services Inc.NE98762101-1XACentral NE Smoke-free Homes Initiative$20,000Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
American Lung Association of NENE98747301-2XAOmaha Asthma Alliance$60,000Annora OgletreeLarry Stafford
Native American Water AssociationNV98744701-1X6FY04 Tribal Drinking Water - Tech Assist$64,800Annora OgletreeStephanie Lindberg
Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD98776001-0XANorthern Plains Smoke-Free Homes Campaign$20,000Annora OgletreeTina Wilkins
American Lung Association of the Central StatesTX98775801-1XAIndoor Air Quality Tools for Schools$34,428Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
Passaic River CoalitionNJ97298303-41TAG FOR DIAMOND ALKALI SITE$100,000Arlene ChinDave Kluesner
Ironbound Community CorporationNJ96290813-0EQIronbound - Growing Green for Environmental Justice$30,000Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Edison Wetlands Association Inc.NJ97212111-11EDISON WETLANDS TAG WOODBROOK RD$50,000Arlene ChinPat Seppi
Ironbound Community CorporationNJ97206311-0EQEJ GRANT IRONBOUND GARDENING & GREENING$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
New Jersey Institute for Social JusticeNJ97227910-1JTNJ Institute for Social Justice - Job Training$200,000Arlene ChinSchenine Mitchell
Heart of Camden Inc.NJ97235609-1EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - HEART OF CAMDEN$20,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Atlantic City Historical Waterfront FoundationNJ97231309-0NEAtlantic City Historical Waterfront Fndtn. FFY09-EE$12,797Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
Association of New Jersey Environ. CommissionsNJ97210911-0NEEducation and Training for Vehicle Emissions Reduction$21,000Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
Raritan Baykeeper Inc.NJ96285914-01TAG for Passaic River Superfund Site$50,000Arlene ChinDave Kluesner
Edison Wetlands Association Inc.NJ97212211-11TAG for Ringwood Mines Superfund Site$100,000Arlene ChinPat Seppi
CRISIS INC.NJ00295993-81TAG FOR AMERICAN CYANAMID SITE$300,000Arlene ChinMelissa Dimas
Rocking the Boat Inc.NY96299712-0UWUrban Waters SG - Rocking the Boat$60,000Arlene ChinElizabeth VanRabenswaay
Bronx River Alliance Inc.NY96293712-1X5Citizen Science - Bronx River Alliance$24,952Arlene ChinDavid Bernstein
Sustainable South BronxNY96298412-1X5Citizen Science - Sustainable South Bronx$23,872Arlene ChinDavid Bernstein
Hudson River Sloop ClearwaterNY96297712-1EQEnvironmental Justice - Hudson River Sloop Clearwater$24,487Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
New York Harbor FoundationNY96298212-0X5Harbor SEALS Voluntary Environmental Monitoring Program$24,859Arlene ChinDavid Bernstein
UNCAGEDNY97206211-11Technical Assistance Grant - UNCAGED$50,000Arlene ChinWanda Ayala
Buffalo Niagara RiverkeeperNY97223710-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - BUFFALO RIVERKEEPER$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
West Harlem Environmental Action IncNY97223910-0EQNorthern Manhattan Climate Change, Water Infastructure and Health Readiness$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Onondaga Environmental InstituteNY97203512-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Onondaga Environmental Institute$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Friends and Residents of Greater GowanusNY97206112-01Gowanus Canal Technical Assistance Grant$50,000Arlene ChinNatalie Loney
UPROSE Inc.NY97224010-1EQEnviornmental Justice - UPROSE$22,881Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation IncNY96298512-1X5Cypress Hills Air Quality (CHAQ) Initiative$25,000Arlene ChinDavid Bernstein
South Street Seaport MuseumNY97223310-1EQFish and Water Advisories Community Education Program$0Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Rocking the Boat Inc.NY97230100-0EQRocking the Boat Job Skills Apprenticeship Program$25,000Arlene ChinTerry Wesley
Scuba Dogs Society IncPR96296912-0EQScuba Dogs Society Inc - EJ Program$24,286Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Vieques Conservation and Historical TrustPR96290713-0EQVieques Septic System Project$29,999Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Vieques Conservation and Historical TrustPR97213210-0NEVieques Conservation and Historical Trust-FY10-EE$36,514Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
Leaders for the World Inc.PR96286812-0EQLeaders For the World Inc - EJ Program$25,000Arlene ChinTasha Frazier
Migrant Clinicians Network Inc.TX97231109-0NEMigrant Clinicians Network, Inc. FFY09-EE$24,084Arlene ChinTeresa Ippolito
St. Croix Environmental Association Inc.VI96298112-1X5SEA Vehicular Air Pollution Project$25,000Arlene ChinDavid Bernstein
Winrock InternationalAR83122601-1XAClean Indoor Air Partnership Coordination-$501,856Asher WeinbergBrenda Doroski
Adirondack Lakes Survey CorporationNY82727201-4XPublic Report Describing The Chemical Status Of 52 Representative Adirondack Waters-$75,000Asher WeinbergTamara Saltman
Waterkeeper AllianceNY83112301-1CPCitizens Guide to Alternative Livestock Waste Treatment Technologies-$92,000Asher WeinbergGregory Beatty
Research Foundation of SUNYNY82900701-1RFDP-Occurence And Fate Of Pharmaceuticals And Personal Care Products In Groundwater Environments-$495,956Asher WeinbergAngelaD Page
NY Public Interest Research Group Fund Inc.NY83158401-1XANew Source Review Public Participation Handbook-$15,000Asher WeinbergPam Long
Institute for Market TransformationNY83116701-1X4Implementation of building Energy Codes in Russia-$66,000Asher WeinbergKatherine Buckley
Arnot Ogden Medical CenterNY83053501-3XRecognizing Waterborne Disease and the Health Effects of Water Contamination$1,143,354Asher WeinbergNancy Muzzy
Health Research IncNY83087601-1CRDetection of New Persistent Bioaccumulative Organic Pollutants-$68,000Asher WeinbergBruce Rodan
Groundwork YonkersNY83128701-1CPSuburban Storm Water Monitoring Project-$44,585Asher WeinbergBryan Rittenhouse
Association for State Wetland ManagersNY83110701-1CDFilling the Gaps in Wetland Protection, Conservation and Management-$100,000Asher WeinbergRebecca Dils
The Research Foundation of SUNYNY82890001-1RFDP-An Experimental Study Of Biological Invasions In Forests Of The Eastern United States-$451,553Asher WeinbergGina Perovich
Advertising CouncilNY82820301-5XNational Initiative to Fight Childhood Asthma-$3,370,686Asher WeinbergKristy Miller
The Girl Scouts of the USANY83198901-0X7Linking Girls to the Land Council Grants$15,000Asher WeinbergPatricia Scott
The Environmental Careers OrganizationMA83299201-0RJEnvironmental Professional Research Training Intern Program$144,000Barbara ProctorSheila Lewis
Consortium for Energy Efficiency IncMA83210001-3XAAssisting Local Energy Efficiency Programs to Work Together for Energy Efficiency$1,500,275Barbara ProctorTracy Narel
The Environmental Careers OrganizationMA83299301-0TJEnvironmental Professional Training Program$11,054Barbara ProctorSheila Lewis
Children's Mercy HospitalMO83382601-0XAHealthy Indoor Environment Conference$15,000Barbara ProctorAnnette Johnson
New Jersey Marine Sciences ConsortiumNJ82916501-6RNew Jersey Coastal 2000 Monitoring Program-$507,934Barbara ProctorCharles Strobel
New Jersey Marine Sciences ConsortiumNJ82916601-4RDelaware Coastal 2000 Monitoring Program-$586,014Barbara ProctorNorman Rubinstein
American Lung Association of OhioOH83022801-2XCleveland Integrated Air Toxics Pilot-$524,000Barbara ProctorBill Long
Toxicology Excellence for Risk AssessmentOH82916801-7XPeer Consultation Process-$2,390,000Barbara ProctorJennifer Seed
National Ground Water AssociationOH83101801-2TTechnical Training Support for State Environmental Agency Personnel$100,377Barbara ProctorRichard Steimle
National Ground Water AssociationOH82966001-4TProgram for State Government Environmental Personnel-$287,934Barbara ProctorRichard Steimle
Northeast Recycling Council IncVT83252201-0X9Toxics in Packaging Laws: A Tool to Promote Source Reduction + Environ. Preferrable Purchasing-$28,963Barbara ProctorTerry Grogan
WV University Research CorporationWV82913601-3XPhase 7 of the National Onsite Demonstration Program:$1,247,200Barbara ProctorWilliam Hasselkus
WV University Research CorporationWV83164801-0X7Top Ten List for Waste Water Security and Emergency Response-$64,947Barbara ProctorJohn Whitler
WV University Research CorporationWV82802801-3XNational Onsite Demonstration Project V$1,250,000Barbara ProctorWilliam Hasselkus
WV High Technology Consortium FoundationWV82868802-1XNational Center for Technology Commercialization (NCTC) -$3,208,677Barbara ProctorKathleen Graham
Cumberland River Compact IncTN97487703-1WSTargeted Watershed Initiative$600,000Barbara StrotherMarjan Peltier
Tennessee Benchmark Inc.TN97417801-2X7Water Pollution Control$498,900Barbara StrotherTina Lamar
NAPERVILLE HERITAGE SOCIETYIL00E00739-0XPNaperville Heritage Society$485,000Bart MosierBarbara Cash
Office of Applied InnovationsIL00E97901-1JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreement$200,000Bart MosierLinda Morgan
Metropolitan Mayors CaucusIL00E00319-0DEMetropolitan Mayors Caucus' School Bus Program$500,000Bart MosierRichard Cox
Institute for Local Self-RelianceDC97362501-7X1Solid Waste Management Assistance Grant Program$107,614Baseemah El-AminEvelyn Velazquez
U.S. Composting Council Res. & Ed. FoundationNY97363501-2X1Compost Council Research and Education Foundation$25,134Baseemah El-AminEvelyn Velazquez
Chester County Economic Development CouncilPA96321401-0XPChester County Economic Development Council-PA$218,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA98380001-4XP3 Rivers Wet Weather Demonstration Program$4,981,300Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA97325801-2XP3 RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. 04 & 05$5,636,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc.PA97374101-2XPTHREE RIVERS WET WEATHER INC. PA$2,492,000Baseemah El-AminValerie Breznicky
Westmoreland County Industrial Development CorpPA96301601-1XPPA-Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation$291,000Baseemah El-AminKoge Suto
Dale Service CorpVA97350601-0XPDale Service Corporation VA ENR Upgrade$721,700Baseemah El-AminDave McAdams
Mid-Atlantic Aerospace ComplexWV97358601-2XPSTORM SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT$1,009,800Baseemah El-AminBruceA Smith
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK97669901-2XAImplementing the Regional Haze Rule$1,625,318Belenthia EppsRexene Hanes
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK96649001-3XAFund Multi-State Agency$1,612,459Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Central States Air Resource Agencies AssociationOK00F10001-5XAFund Multi-State Agency$2,954,392Belenthia EppsMariama Mitchell
Latino Community Development AgencyOK96674901-0BFLatino Community - JC Penney Site Clean-up$200,000Belenthia EppsLisa Ruhl
Oklahoma City Medical Business District Inc.OK96696401-1BFBrownfields Cleanup$200,000Belenthia EppsLisa Ruhl
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK97660301-6XAProvide training and forum for TX, OK, LA, AR, KS, MO, IA, NE, and MN on interstate air issues$649,532Belenthia EppsRexene Hanes
Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma Inc.OK97655601-2X7Water Quality - Vermicomposted Poultry Litter$447,100Belenthia EppsTeresita Mendiola
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK97696401-3XAStudying the Causes and Control of Regional Haze in the Central United States$1,813,780Belenthia EppsAunjanee Gautreaux
Kerr Center for Sustainable AgricultureOK96610101-0X8Teaching Pesticide Assessment Techniques to Farmers Market Growers (Special Purpose)$20,705Belenthia EppsEugene Thilsted
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK96631001-3XARegional Haze Planning$1,006,523Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Love Link Ministries IncOK96674501-1BFLove Link@NuWay Cleanup - Brownfields$107,130Belenthia EppsAmber Perry
Indian Nations Council of GovernmentsOK97655501-1X7Northeast Water Consortium Feasibility Study$89,400Belenthia EppsLeslie Lowry
Central Regional Air Planning AssociationOK96651601-2XAFunding Multi-State Agency$756,667Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK96608001-2XAInterstate Air: Issues,Training, and Collaboration for Nine States (AR,IA,KS,LA, MN,MO,NE,OK,TX)$998,207Belenthia EppsAunjanee Gautreaux
Community Development Support Association Inc.OK00F17201-0BFBrownfields Clean Up - Hazardous Substance Contamination in Former Newmans$200,000Belenthia EppsFreda Hardaway
Central States Air Resource AgenciesOK96620901-5XABlue Skyways Collaborative (Special Purpose)$920,042Belenthia EppsMariama Dover
Reuse Development Organization Inc.IN97591201-0X1ReDO's Donations Program - Marketing Program$20,000Belinda MontgomeryPaul Ruesch
Conservation Technology Information CenterIN97562901-5XCTIC - LOCAL WATERSHED MANAGEMENT CAPACITY & PARTNERSHIP BUILDING IN THE GREAT LAKES/BALTIC$94,254Belinda MontgomeryJanette Marsh
Inter-Tribal Council of MichiganMI97522901-4PMPM 2.5 INTER-TRIBAL COUNCIL OF MICHIGAN$888,724Belinda MontgomeryJulie Henning
Southern Research InstituteAL83398801-4CROpertn-ETV Prgrms Greenhouse Gas Tech Cntr$200,000Ben VauterMike Kosusko
American Water Works Association Research FdnCO83294801-1XAWWARF Research Grant$5,700,000Ben VauterGeorge Moore
Earth ForceCO83484701-0NEBridging the Gap$121,850Ben VauterKaren Scott
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83414801-4X8Outreach-State Legislators-Lead RRP$336,878Ben VauterClarence Lewis
Water Research FoundationCO83484801-0EMHelpng H2O Utilities Deliver High Quality H2O$1,657,000Ben VauterJeff Adams
Water Research FoundationCO83406801-1EMHelping H2O Utilities Deliver High Quality H2O$3,313,000Ben VauterJeff Adams
Colorado Alliance for Environmental EducationCO83483701-0NEEnvironmental Education for Everyone7$76,461Ben VauterWendy Dew
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO83573501-0NETake Charge Energy Ambassador National Model$150,000Ben VauterAretha Brockett
Joseph W. Jones for Ecological ResearchGA83544401-0X32013 Coordinated Isolated Wetland Research$14,000Ben VauterGreg Toth
National HQGA83509101-0CHIncrpratng Children's Envirnmntl Health-Boys/Girls Clubs$100,000Ben VauterTheodore Coopwood
Kansas Assoc. for Conser. & Envi. Ed.KS83484601-0NEKS Green Schls:Greening the Curriculum/EE Dvelpmnt$76,915Ben VauterJavier Araujo
National Center for Appropriate TechnologyMT83435201-5PISmart Growth Network Website$454,468Ben VauterLynn Desautels
Research Triangle InstituteNC83522201-1X4Project Mgmnt & TA-Envirnmntl Programs-Morocco$426,861Ben VauterShereen Kandil
Research Triangle InstituteNC83416901-1CREnvironmental Technology Verification Center for Air Pollution Control Technology$50,000Ben VauterMike Kosusko
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of DC Inc.DC97395101-0EQDC Green Training EJSG Project$25,000Bernie McCullaghMatthew Lee
Natl Environ Education & Training Foundation IncDC98393901-1XNEETF TV Watershed Project$17,000Bernie McCullaghNan Ides
Earth Conservation CorpsDC97395201-0EQEarth Conservation Corps EJ Small Grant Project$25,000Bernie McCullaghMatthew Lee
Peoples Settlement AssociationDE97320801-1X5Community-based Environmental Exposure Intervention UHELP$100,000Bernie McCullaghBarbara Latsios
Episcopal Community Services of MarylandMD97374401-1EQCollington Square - Baltimore Environmental Health Issues$20,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Center for Watershed Protection Inc.MD97325901-0X7STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT AND PILOT STUDY$75,000Bernie McCullaghAnn Carkhuff
Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning Inc.MD97328101-0EQNo Lead Baltimore Project$25,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Potomac Conservancy IncMD97321101-2X5Potomac Headwaters Initiative$91,190Bernie McCullaghBarbara Latsios
National Nursing Centers ConsortiumPA97321001-2X5Lead Safe Babies$100,324Bernie McCullaghBarbara Latsios
Northern Liberties Neighbors AssociationPA97352001-1EQNorthern Liberties Neighbors Association Brownfield Project$50,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
The Partnership Transportation Mgmt AssociationPA97315001-1EQSuburban Air Quality$8,844Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Women's Health and Environmental NetworkPA97395001-0EQClimate Change Education for Seniors$24,829Bernie McCullaghMatthew Lee
Neighborhood Interfaith MovementPA97374501-0EQHealthy Homes Outreach Program$20,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Philadelphia Health Mgmt CorpPA98365801-2MMChildren's Health Integrated Project$75,000Bernie McCullaghDarice Ellis
Berks County ConservancyPA97395401-0EQOperation GRUB$25,000Bernie McCullaghRobert Staves
Jastech Development Services IncPA97311201-3XOverbrook Environmental Education Project$248,500Bernie McCullaghSusan McDowell
National Nursing Centers ConsortiumPA97301201-1MMLead Safe DC$100,000Bernie McCullaghPrentiss Ward
Public Interest Law Center of PhiladelphiaPA97394901-0EQHunting Park EJ Project$25,000Bernie McCullaghErinC Sullivan
Penn Soil RC & D CouncilPA98384201-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Fryburg Water Quality Project$15,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Heritage Health Foundation Inc.PA97374301-1EQCarrie Furnace Redevelopment Project$20,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Migrant Clinicians Network Inc.TX97320901-2X5Environmental Risks at Migrant Homes$131,586Bernie McCullaghBarbara Latsios
Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project IncVA97359701-0EQSRCAP / Hopson Village Environmental Justice Program Project$50,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
New River Highlands Resource Cons & Dev AreaVA97320601-1X5RGI New River Highlands R C & D$105,446Bernie McCullaghBarbara Latsios
Black Diamond Res Conservation and Dev Council IncVA98397801-1XEastern Coal Regional Roundtable$6,995Bernie McCullaghMarion White
Greenbrier River Watershed AssocWV98384101-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Greenbrier River Watershed Association$15,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Southern Appalachian Labor SchoolWV97374601-0EQCoalfield Justice Contamination Project$20,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Canaan Valley InstituteWV97339001-1X7CVI Mid Atlantic Highlands Environmental Sustainability$1,970,600Bernie McCullaghDanielle Algazi
WV University Research CorporationWV97320501-1X5WVURC RGI Mine Flooding Inventory$148,868Bernie McCullaghBarbara Latsios
Canaan Valley InstituteWV99368209-1X7CVI 09 -- Mid-Atlantic Highlands Environmental Sustainability$1,984,000Bernie McCullaghDanielle Algazi
Canaan Valley InstituteWV99368208-2X7Mid-Atlantic Highlands Environmental Sustainability$1,988,200Bernie McCullaghJohn Forren
Southern Appalachian Labor SchoolWV97329501-1EQContaminated Housing Project$25,000Bernie McCullaghGarth Connor
Snake River Alliance Education Fund IncID96052501-01Snake River Alliance TAG$25,000Bob PhillipsSally Hanft
Kenton Action PlanOR96050901-21Harbor Oil TAG$50,000Bob PhillipsDan Phalen
Community Partners for Affordable HousingOR96013501-1BFCPAH Brownfields Cleanup$200,000Bob PhillipsVeronica Henzi
Willamette RiverkeeperOR97014201-41Technical Assistance Grant$125,000Bob PhillipsJudy Smith
Coastal Range Food Bank IncOR97094901-2BFCoastal Range Food Bank BF Cleanup$100,000Bob PhillipsBrooks Stanfield
The Salvation ArmyWA96084501-0BFSalvation Army BF Clean Up$117,900Bob PhillipsDeborah Burgess
Waste Action ProjectWA97021001-61Technical Assistance Grant for the Lower Duwamish Waterway$50,000Bob PhillipsCindy Schuster
Southeast Effective DevelopmentWA96046701-2BFSEED Brownfield Cleanup$200,000Bob PhillipsBrooks Stanfield
Association of Bainbridge CommuntiesWA00039302-41ABC TAG$29,000Bob PhillipsDebra Sherbina
Southeast Effective DevelopmentWA96097601-02BSEED ARRA Brownfields Assessment$200,000Bob PhillipsHeather Whitney
Pacific NW Salmon CenterWA97093001-2BFPNW Salmon Ctr. BF Cleanup$123,200Bob PhillipsJoanne Labaw
Conference of Radiation Control Program Dir. Inc.KY83113401-3XAPublic Protection From Radon$369,000Bobak ZarrinnahadSusie Shimek
The Groundwater FoundationNE83263301-1X6Pathogenic Contamination Workshops, Reference Tools, and Methods$74,965Bobak ZarrinnahadKaren Edwards
NE Alliance for Conservation & Environment EducNE83058101-2NEBuilding Capacity for Environmental Education in Nebraska$50,364Bobak ZarrinnahadKathleen MacKinnon
National Rural Water AssociationOK83105601-1H1Assist Small Water Systems in Conducting Security Vulnerability Assessments$1,987,000Bobak ZarrinnahadClint Lemmons
National Rural Water AssociationOK82970201-4XGround Water Source Protection - A Program to Protect Local Ground Water Sources.$14,669,918Bobak ZarrinnahadKen Hay
National Rural Water AssociationOK82867201-5XSource Water Technical Field Assistance Program$9,116,870Bobak ZarrinnahadSteve Ainsworth
Ground Water Protection Council IncOK83140001-1X62003 Assistance to States in Ground Water Protection and Conservation$993,500Bobak ZarrinnahadNhien Pham
Ground Water Protection Council IncOK83184901-1X62004 Assistance to States in Ground Water Protection and Conservation$745,600Bobak ZarrinnahadNhien Pham
National Rural Water AssociationOK83105601-1H1Assist Small Water Systems in Conducting Security Vulnerability Assessments$1,987,000Bobak ZarrinnahadClint Lemmons
Gordon Research ConferencesRI83291101-0X32006 Environmental Endocrine Disruptors Gordon Conference$10,000Bobak ZarrinnahadSusan Laessig
American Indian Higher Education ConsortiumVA82952101-3XProject to Increase the Capacity of Indigenous Peoples to Manage Their Natural Resources$35,000Bobak ZarrinnahadPete Christich
Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers Assoc IncVA82982001-3XAutomotive Recycling Compliance Assistance Center$215,000Bobak ZarrinnahadHans Scheifele
American Society of Civil EngineersVA83109701-4X4Clean Water for Sustainable Cities in China$393,945Bobak ZarrinnahadKelly McAskill
Green Blue InstituteVA83190901-0X1Sustainable Packaging Coalition$50,000Bobak ZarrinnahadAngie Leith
Halon Alternative Research Corp.VA83109101-3XAStandards Development and Technology Information Exchange for ODS Replacements$225,000Bobak ZarrinnahadBella Maranion
Assoc. of Farmworker Opportunity ProgramsVA82851301-7TNational Pesticide Education Program$739,967Bobak ZarrinnahadCarol Parker
Environmental Mutagen SocietyVA83270401-0X3International Conference on Environmental Mutagens/36th Meeting of the Environmental Mutagen Society$42,500Bobak ZarrinnahadMichael Bender
Global Environment & Technology Fdn.VA83109901-2CPNational PEER Center Project$208,000Bobak ZarrinnahadJames Horne
Global Environment & Technology Fdn.VA83280801-1CPNational Public Entity Environmental Management System Center Initiative$200,000Bobak ZarrinnahadJames Horne
American Bird ConservancyVA82908201-4XAvian Incident Monitoring System$286,104Bobak ZarrinnahadNicholas Mastrota
Civic WorksMD96311301-2JTB'More Green Environmental Job Training Program$300,000Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Civic WorksMD97377801-0JTBROWNFIELD JOB TRAINING$200,000Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Civic Works IncMD96328601-0JTJob Training$200,000Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Heritage Community InitiativesPA97366901-2JTBROWNFIELD JOB TRAINING$197,051Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Heritage Community InitiativesPA97397401-0JTBROWNFIELD JOB TRAINING$200,000Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Energy Coordinating Agency of PhiladelphiaPA96328301-0JTJob Training Program$199,205Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Pathways-VA Inc.VA96311701-1JTJob Training Pathways-VA Inc.$300,000Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Pathways-VA Inc.VA96325101-0JTWorkforce Development & Job Training (Pathways-VA, Inc)$200,000Bobbi RobinsonJeff Barnett
Railroad Research FoundationDC96694301-42AClean Diesel Assistance Program - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009$2,927,496Brian BerryAshley Williams
Railroad Research FoundationDC00F42201-0DELocomotive Idle Reduction Project$265,807Brian BerryMariama Mitchell
Teaching Responsible Earth EducationLA97606201-0NEOutdoor Program for low-income and Culturally Diverse Youth$14,650Brian BerryJo Taylor
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA97672401-3X7Lake Potchatrain Basin Foundation$745,600Brian BerryArlene Gaines
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96627601-4EMLake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation$492,600Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F16701-4BRLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program FY09$951,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Interfaith Sponsoring Committee. BISCOLA96633501-0XJBISCO for Environmental Justice Now$50,000Brian BerryShirley Quinones
South Central Planning & Dev. CommissionLA97685601-3XPSouth Central Louisiana Clean Water Action Plan$771,400Brian BerryDena Hurst
Limitless Vistas IncLA00F19401-0JTLimitless Vistas, Inc. Brownfields Job Training Program$200,000Brian BerryMaurice Hill
Progressive ChruchLA96660801-0BFProgressive Church Site Cleanup$200,000Brian BerryKaren Peycke
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA97608901-2XLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$4,000,000Brian BerryDoris White
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA98629901-9XPNorth Shore Wastewater Treatment Program$2,200,000Brian BerryArlene Gaines
Nola Business AllianceLA00F89101-0X9Value NOLA: An E3 Pilot Program$80,520Brian BerryAnnette Smith
OSBR Land LLCLA96687201-0BFUnderground Storage Tanks$200,000Brian BerryFreda Hardaway
SOUTH CENTRAL PLANNING & DEV. COMMISSIONLA96635801-2BFSouth Central Planning & Development Commission Brownfields Assessment - Community-Wide Hazardous$200,000Brian BerrySamuel Reynolds
Saint Matthew School Community Association. INC.LA96665201-0BFSaint Matthew School Community Association. INC.$197,996Brian BerryDavid Reel
Limitless Vistas IncLA00F63301-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development & Job Training$200,000Brian BerryPaul Johnson
Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary Foundation Inc.LA97606301-3XDiversion Public Outreach$24,061Brian BerrySondra McDonald
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F40501-3BRLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration FY11$1,432,200Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96627101-7EMUNOR&TF - Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$1,984,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
The Green Project Inc.LA96606901-0X9Electronic Waste Recovery and Use for Individuals and Small Businesses in Southeast Louisiana.$21,766Brian BerryAnnette Smith
SOUTH CENTRAL PLANNING & DEV. COMMISSIONLA97611501-5BPModel Brownfield Site Assessment and Reuse Planning - Bayou Country Children's Museum$250,000Brian BerryKaren Peycke
Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest LALA96633601-0BFInterTech Science Park Brownfields Property Cleanup - Formerly Wilson Foods$197,718Brian BerryCamisha Scott
New Orleans Regional Business ParkLA96641601-1BFNew Orleans Regional Business Park Brownfields Assess - Community-wide Hazardous$200,000Brian BerryKaren Peycke
Main Street USA. IncLA97699301-0BF1201 Main Street Cleanup Baton Rouge LA$178,000Brian BerryGwen Albert
Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest LALA96633401-0BFInterTech Science Park Brownfields Property Cleanup - Formerly Caddo Parish Health Unit$164,500Brian BerryCamisha Scott
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA97678501-4X7Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$2,440,300Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96664501-4EMLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$1,490,040Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Inc.LA96668201-0JTGoodwill Brownfield Job Training Grant$200,000Brian BerryFreda Hardaway
Biomedical Research Foundation of NW LALA96693201-3BFInterTech Science Park Clean-up$200,000Brian BerryCamisha Scott
North Shreveport Development CorporationLA96600201-1BFGreen Agurs Market Place-Brownfields Grant$150,000Brian BerryCamisha Scott
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96600501-3X7Water Quality Improvement Project$744,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
SOUTH CENTRAL PLANNING & DEV. COMMISSIONLA96624601-3XPRiver Region Water and Wastewater Improvement Plan$481,100Brian BerryDena Hurst
Louisiana Environmental Action NetworkLA96637401-0XJLouisiana Environmental Action Network$50,000Brian BerryShirley Quinones
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96664502-5EMLake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$950,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96644201-5EMUNOR&TF Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$2,119,200Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest LALA96600301-1BFInterTech Science Park Brownfields Property Cleanup$85,955Brian BerryCamisha Scott
Louisiana Bucket BrigadeLA00F38401-1REIstrouma Health Partnership CARE FY2011$100,000Brian BerryHenry Brewer
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F63101-3BRFY12 Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration$1,912,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Louisiana Bucket BrigadeLA00F09001-1X9Refinery Efficiency Initiative$64,500Brian BerryDavid Bond
Alsen St. Irma Lee Community Inc.LA00F14601-11Devils Swamp Lake Site TAG$50,000Brian BerryJanetta Coats
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA96664503-3BRFY10 Lake Pontchartrain Restoration Program$1,122,800Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest LALA97676901-2BFInterTech Science Park Brownfields$100,000Brian BerryCamisha Scott
Univ of New Orleans Research and Tech FoundationLA00F77001-2BRFY13 Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$1,775,500Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
UNO Research & Technology FoundationLA00F92401-0BRFY14 Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program$948,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
LA Acadiana Regional DevelopmentLA96636101-1BFAcadiana Regional Development$200,000Brian BerryCamisha Scott
Arc of Greater New OrleansLA00F47201-0JTLouisiana Green Corps Job Training Program$300,000Brian BerryPaul Johnson
St. Margaret’s FoundationLA00F75901-0BFSt. Margaret's At Mercy Environmental Cleanup$200,000Brian BerryAmber Perry
Louisiana Science Teachers AssociationLA00F00201-0ABLA SC3$15,000Brian BerryStacy Murphy
New Orleans Regional Business ParkLA96641501-1BFNew Orleans Regional Business Park - Brownfields Assess CW Petroleum$200,000Brian BerryKaren Peycke
Alsen Envir. Justice Community OrganizationLA97676201-1EQSociological Needs Assessment Survey$25,000Brian BerryShirley Quinones
Lake Pontchartrain Basin FoundationLA96618701-3WSLake Pontchartrain Targeted Watershed Project$854,000Brian BerrySylvia Ritzky
Denver Zoological FoundationCO83268901-0NECommunity Leadership Project$62,545Brian DrozdDiane Berger
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83122401-2XANational Enviromental Health Assocation- Indoor Air Quality Education and Outreach Program$806,402Brian DrozdLaura Kolb
Denver Zoological FoundationCO83268901-0NECommunity Leadership Project$62,545Brian DrozdDiane Berger
Meridian InstituteCO83240301-0X7Effluent Dependent/Dominated Waters Drafting Group$50,000Brian DrozdShari Barash
American Water Works AssociationCO83228701-0X6AWWA 2005 Source Water Prevention Symposium$20,000Brian DrozdBeth Hall
University Corporation for Atmospheric RschCO82910501-1RAdvancement of Multiscale Meteorological and Air Quality Modeling Capabilities$129,147Brian DrozdKenneth Schere
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83153101-1CPDevelopment of Onsite Credentials$267,000Brian DrozdGajindar Singh
10000 Friends of Pennsylvania Inc.PA82914201-2XSmart Growth Policy for Sewer and Water Infrastructure$85,000Brian DrozdLynn Richards
Amer. Society for Testing & MaterialsPA82949101-1RDevelopment of Standards for Air Pollution Control$159,600Brian DrozdBarbara Blackwell
The Academy of Natural SciencesPA83222201-1RDLinking Impacts of Climate Change$321,922Brian DrozdClaudia Walters
World Resources InstituteDC83420501-2XATaking Renewable Energy to Scale: An Exploration of Corporate and Policy Opportunities$200,000Brian HublarBlaine Collison
World Resources InstituteDC83268701-3XADesign and Implement GHG Reduction Program in India$400,000Brian HublarBella Tonkonogy
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83366801-2XACoordinate activities of State/Local Air Pollution Control Officials at the national level.$3,154,207Brian HublarWilliam Houck
National Association of Clean Air AgenciesDC83449801-1XANACAA - 2 Year Cooperative Agreement$3,180,596Brian HublarWilliam Houck
Northeast-Midwest InstituteDC83270601-3TRBrownfields Assistance for Disadvantaged Communities$300,000Brian HublarAnthony Raia
Northeast-Midwest InstituteDC83129401-6TRBrownfields Training Research and Technical Assistance$1,025,000Brian HublarAnthony Raia
National Consortium Grad Eng MinoritiesDC83290802-1XAFellowship support for graduate students in engineering and science.$103,000Brian HublarGreg Janssen
National Governors' AssociationDC83299901-4RSupport for State Governors on Critical National Issues Related to the Cleanup-$204,803Brian HublarAnneMarie Hoffman
American College of Chest PhysiciansIL83311301-3XAAmerican College of Chest Physicians$200,000Brian HublarTracey Mitchell
American Medical AssociationIL83309301-2XADeveloping a System to Educate Low Income Patients About Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke$450,745Brian HublarSherri White
American Planning AssociationIL83271501-4TRCreating Community-Based Brownfields Redevelopment Strategies$300,000Brian HublarAnn Carroll
National Safety CouncilIL83312601-5XAReducing Exposure to Indoor Radon$899,000Brian HublarVictoria Drew
Midwest Environmental Enforcement Assoc.IL83414501-0EACommunications for Regulatory Inspectors Trng$200,000Brian HublarZena Aldridge
Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health BoardSD83313901-6XAGreat Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board$400,000Brian HublarChris Griffin
Texas A&M Research FoundationTX83268101-4XATruck Engine Idle Reduction Technology Demonstration Program.$2,960,000Brian HublarVictor McMahan
Texas A&M Research FoundationTX83368501-1XAConverting Landfill Gas/Fueling Trucks in India$100,000Brian HublarRachel Goldstein
Natl Assoc. of State Energy OfficialsVA83269901-4XAState-Based Assistance, Outreach and Policy Development to Clean Energy and Env. State Partners.$140,000Brian HublarJulia Miller
American Assoc. of School Admin.VA83302301-3XASchool System Leadership in Improving the School Environment$900,000Brian HublarMichele Curreri
Association of School Business Officials Int'lVA83309601-3XAIndoor Air Quality Resident Practitioner Project for School Business Officials$819,293Brian HublarLou Witt
Intl Institute for Energy ConservationVA83397801-1XAExpansn AgStar-India-Methne Captre-WineryWaste$100,062Brian HublarKurt Roos
Green Blue InstituteVA83313801-2X1Redevelopment of MERGE, A Tool to Assess the Environmental Impacts of Packaging Design and Materials$150,000Brian HublarAngie Leith
Allergy/Asthma Network/Mothers of AsthmaticsVA83311401-4XAStrategies to Avoid Asthma Triggers$481,031Brian HublarTracy Enger
Coalition for Environmentally Safe CommunitiesVA83348001-1PSUsing the Collaborative Problem-Solving Model to Create Partnerships$100,000Brian HublarLisa Hammond
National School Transportation AssociationVA83342401-2SBSubgrant Program to Implement Lessons Learned in 2003 Demonstration Project$152,700Brian HublarTerrie Wright
Northeast Recycling Council IncVT83360701-3X1Creating a National Reuse Marketplace$76,000Brian HublarChristine Beling
Environmental Coalition of South SeattleWA83347201-1PSSmall Grant - Toxic Beauty$100,000Brian HublarJasmin Muriel
Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific N.W. DivisonWA83127001-5CCCompliance Assistance Center for the Chemical Industry$600,000Brian HublarTracy Back
New Buildings Institute Inc.WA83378201-2XABuilding Performance Insights$180,000Brian HublarKaren Butler
Leonardo Academy Inc.WI83511301-0DEET FY11 - Leonardo Academy - Actifilter SG$578,380Brian HublarElizabeth Etchells
Assoc. of State Energy Res. & Tech Transfer Inst.WI83378601-1XAStrategic CHP Deployment Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Facilities$90,000Brian HublarNeeharika Naik-Dhungel
WV University Research CorporationWV83060701-8XAPutting Us On The Road To Clean Air and Energy Independence-$8,694,200Brian HublarJose Solar
Jackson Hole Center for Global AffairsWY83396201-1XAThe Methane Connection: Coal Mining Safety and Clean Power Production in China$171,250Brian HublarFelicia Ruiz
National Fish & Wildlife FoundationDC96184301-0LILong Island Sound Futures Fund Grant Program$1,263,000Brian TocciJoseph Salata
National Fish & Wildlife FoundationDC96175001-0LILong Island Sound Future Funds$1,263,000Brian TocciJoseph Salata
Hitchcock Center for the EnvironmentMA97148101-1NERiverview - A Current Look at the Sawmill River$9,468Brian TocciKristen Conroy
The Food Project Inc.MA97175101-1HCThe Food Project Inc.$35,000Brian TocciSandra Brownell
Boston Medical Center CorporationMA97136201-2HCAsthma and Lead: Targeting High Risk Housing$30,000Brian TocciKristi Rea
Cape Cod Cranberry Growers AssociationMA97120901-1X8Best Management Practices to control dodder infestations in cranberry production.$36,168Brian TocciAndrea Szylvian
New England Aquarium CorporationMA97172701-1XANew England Aquarium Corporation$15,000Brian TocciHalida Hatic
Third Sector New EnglandMA98175701-2MMPilot Project for Community Preparedness$13,750Brian TocciLen Wallace
North and South Rivers Watershed Assoc.MA97138601-2CPRain Garden Demonstration Program$40,000Brian TocciDonna Smith
Organization for the Assabet RiverMA97161101-1NECommunity based Water Wise Workshop$12,502Brian TocciKristen Conroy
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Mgmt.MA96180801-1DEMassachusetts Lobstermen's Association Marine Engine Repower Project$300,000Brian TocciGary Rennie
Red Tomato Inc.MA97165101-0X8Economic Incentives for High Toxicity Pesticide Reduction in Northeast Apples$68,840Brian TocciAndrea Szylvian
Massachusetts Audubon SocietyMA96105501-0NEGreening the Greenway$14,810Brian TocciKristen Conroy
Massachusetts Bays Estuary AssociationMA97102201-3CEMass Bays National Estuary Program Co-Implementation$550,163Brian TocciAustine Frawley
Gloucester Maritime Heritage CenterMA97164601-0NEOcean Explorers Grade Marine Science Program$22,574Brian TocciKristen Conroy
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Inc.MA97142501-2X7Discharge Monitoring Program$15,000Brian TocciMichael Ochs
Hitchcock Center for the EnvironmentMA97148101-1NERiverview - A Current Look at the Sawmill River$9,468Brian TocciKristen Conroy
Marlborough Reg. Chamber of Commerce Inc.MA97139101-1X1Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce$20,000Brian TocciChristine Beling
Appalachian Mountain ClubMA97169201-0NEA Mountain Classroom$15,000Brian TocciKristen Conroy
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use ManagementMA96185601-0DEMarine Engine Repower Project$195,000Brian TocciGary Rennie
New England Vegetable & Berry Growers Assoc.MA97145101-0X8Special project on grower implementation of reduced risk pesticide technology$11,915Brian TocciAndrea Szylvian
The Coalition for Buzzards BayMA97171203-0CEBuzzards Bay Water Quality Monitor/Evaluation$25,000Brian TocciMaryJo Feuerbach
Nuestras RaicesMA97151401-1REPioneer Valley/Hampden County Community Environmental Network$99,848Brian TocciMarybeth Smuts
Silent Spring InstituteMA97168801-0NENovel Web-based Env. Health Mapping Tool$39,075Brian TocciKristen Conroy
Massachusetts Audubon SocietyMA97174501-2HCHealthy Communities Grant Program$35,000Brian TocciTom Faber
The Coalition for Buzzards BayMA97171201-0CEBuzzards Bay Water Quality Monitor/Eval$22,000Brian TocciMaryJo Feuerbach
Essex Historial Soc. and Shipbldg. MuseumMA97139401-2BFCleanup of Contaminated Soil at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum$200,000Brian TocciJames Byrne
Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp.MA97178001-1BFBrownfields Cleanup Bowdoin Geneva Community Center$200,000Brian TocciKathleen Castagna
Nashua River Watershed Association Inc.MA97120401-4WSWatershed Initiative - Nashua River Watershed$770,192Brian TocciTrish Garrigan
Red Tomato Inc.MA97121101-1X8Economic Incentives for High Toxicity Pesticide Reduction in Northeast Apples$49,600Brian TocciAndrea Szylvian
City SproutsMA97157401-0HCEnvironmental Education in Schoolyard Gardens$14,865Brian TocciSandra Brownell
The Consensus Building Institute Inc.MA97174001-1HCCleaning Construction In Boston Area Communities$15,000Brian TocciHalida Hatic
New England Water Works AssociationMA98170001-3XVulnerability Assessments and Emergency Preparedness$142,300Brian TocciEllie Kwong
Massachusetts Bays Estuary AssociationMA97143501-0CPThink Blue MA Bays Stormwater Education Campaign$44,000Brian TocciAustine Frawley
Massachusetts Facilities Admin. Assoc. Inc.MA97140301-1HCFacilities Managers Professional Development of Environmental Health and Safety$30,000Brian TocciJoan Jouzaitis
Comm. for Boston Public Housing Inc.MA97169001-0EQAsthma and Pest Free Public Housing$50,000Brian TocciKwabena Kyei-Aboagye
Planning Office for Urban AffairsMA97195601-0BFHayes Building Cleanup$200,000Brian TocciChris Lombard
JFYNetWorksMA97147401-1JTTraining residents of brownfields impacted communities.$141,764Brian TocciMarcus Holmes
The Coalition for Buzzards BayMA97171202-0CEBuzzards Bay Water Quality Monitor/Eval$25,000Brian TocciMaryJo Feuerbach
Charles River Watershed AssociationMA97167501-1X7Optimizing Site Selection for Stormwater Recharge$20,000Brian TocciMary Garren
Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust Inc.MA97174301-1HCConcord River Greenway, Phase II$13,200Brian TocciRosemary Monahan
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