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All Awards to Non-Profits

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Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK00J02901-0XARural Alaska Community Action Program's Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Project.$34,643Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
Maniilaq Association Inc.AK00J13001-0NEKobuk School Environmental Lab Learning Project$40,694John SchaubSally Hanft
Anchorage Neighborhood Housing Services IncAK00J18501-0EQFairview Highway Justice Project$25,000Greg LucheyRunning Grass
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK00J27301-1XAAlaska Village Indoor Air Project$76,412Greg LucheyDebbie Kline
Zender Environmental Health and Research GroupAK00J46401-1JTWorkforce Development and Job Training Grant for Zender Environmental Health and Research Group$300,000Joanne BrendleMary Goolie
Zender Environmental Health and Research GroupAK00J46701-0EQAlaska Tribal Environmental Justice Summit on Solid Waste$25,000Greg LucheyRunning Grass
Nushagak-Mulchatna Wood- Tikchik Land TrustAK00J47501-0NEThe Bristol Bay River Academy$19,094John SchaubAlison Burke
Tanana Chiefs ConferenceAK00J50901-0DEDiesel Generator Replacement Project$59,000Cathy ReeseLucita Valiere
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumAK00J51001-4XAANTHC Community Environmental Demonstration Project$330,401Greg LucheySantina Gay
Zender Environmental Health and Research GroupAK00J51101-4X1Zender Environmental Health Group$330,401John SchaubSantina Gay
Alaska Forum Inc.AK00J62001-1NECommunity Environmental Education Stewardship through Youth Involvement$150,000Aimee MunziSally Hanft
Kuskokwim River Watershed CouncilAK00J76701-0EQDeveloping Water Quality Monitoring Standards for Kuskokwim River Tribesl$30,000Greg LucheyCatherine Vila
Zender Environmental Health and Research GroupAK00J80601-0JTZender Environmental Job Training 2013-2016$200,000Joanne BrendleMary Goolie
Tanana Chiefs ConferenceAK00J91501-1RPTanana Chiefs Conference Response Program 2014-15$150,000Joanne BrendleSusan Morales
Alaska Forum Inc.AK00J92701-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development and Job Training Grant for Alaska Forum, Inc$200,000Joanne BrendleMary Goolie
Tanana Chiefs ConferenceAK83032001-2OSTOC Environmental and Natural Resources Network$297,100Jessica DurandBurney Hill
Alaska Community Action on ToxicsAK83104301-3RDEnvironmental Contaminants in Food Stuffs of Siberian Yu'piks from St. Lawrence Island$464,484Jill ClarkCynthia McOliver
Alaska Conservation FoundationAK83309801-0X3Strengthening Our Cities: Mayors Responding to Global Warming$25,000Jessica DurandDevon Payne-Sturges
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumAK83370501-2RDAn Epidemiologic Study of Time Trends and Health Effects of Persistent Organic Pollutants, Mercury.$948,121Joselynn FountainCynthia McOliver
Alaska Forum Inc.AK83395601-0X3Provision Scientific Info-Changing Climate-Alaska$15,000Jay CohenMichael Loughran
Kenai Watershed ForumAK83482601-2AEFunctional Assessment of Peatlands and Role in Ecosystem Services$200,000Matthew BellMary Moffett
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumAK83559701-0RDBuilding Tribal Capacity for Assessment Monitoring$888,282Joselynn FountainCynthia McOliver
Takshanuk Watershed CouncilAK96003701-0NENature Studies Outdoor Education Expansion$9,325Julie JodockSally Hanft
AK Assoc of Conserv DistAK96012401-0CDWetlands Program Development$83,213Evelyn HoltzendorfPhil North
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96013001-0XAAlaska Village Indoor Air Quality Program$60,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Kenai Watershed ForumAK96016301-0XResearch and Related Activities to Support the Mission of the Kenai River Center$1,131,885Evelyn HoltzendorfPhil North
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96017701-2X1Rural Alaska Village Environmental Network Project$655,038John SchaubSantina Gay
Copper Valley Development AssocAK96017801-2X1Car Removal and Cleanup Project$309,182John SchaubSherry Kimmons
Alaska Forum Inc.AK96019001-1X1Rural Alaska Landfill Operator Training$159,096Joanne BrendleJoseph Sarcone
Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed CouncilAK96029401-0NEReduce the Use - A Youth Initiative$17,682Julie JodockAlison Burke
Calypso Farm and Ecology CenterAK96030001-0NESchoolyard Garden Initiative$10,000Julie JodockJudith Lee
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96036001-0XARurAL CAP Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Program$40,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America AlaskaAK96036701-0XAThe Power of Breathing Clean Indoor Air$35,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Green Star IncAK96045401-1X9Greenstar$18,930Paul SteeleCarolyn Gangmark
Alaska Building Science NetworkAK96045601-0XAPublic Education/Training Campaign to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution$38,000Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Alaska Community Action on ToxicsAK96050601-0EQBuilding Collaborative Partnerships$50,000Greg LucheyRunning Grass
Green Star IncAK96055201-0AARegional Geographic Initiative$100,000Greg LucheyCarolyn Gangmark
Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America AlaskaAK96058801-0XALearning Environmental Control of Asthma in Alaska Schools$34,500Julie JodockDavis Zhen
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96060401-0XARurAL CAP Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Project$36,628Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
Green Star IncAK96063901-0X9Greenstar$31,739Paul SteeleCarolyn Gangmark
Prince William Sound Science/Technology InstituteAK96068501-0NEPrince William Sound Science and Technology Institute Cordova Clean Oceans Project$15,000John SchaubDaniel Steinborn
Takshanuk Watershed CouncilAK96068601-0NETakshanuk Watershed Council$11,259John SchaubDaniel Steinborn
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96079901-0XARurAL CAP Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Project$34,494Cathy ReeseDavis Zhen
Southcentral FoundationAK96080501-2X1Southcentral Foundation Medicine Disposal Project For Rural Anchorage Service Unit of Alaska$40,000John SchaubMelissa Winters
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumAK96081201-2XAAlaska Tribal Multi Media Project$661,250Greg LucheySantina Gay
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.AK96083801-3X1Rural Alaska CAP'S Tribal Multimedia Project$661,250John SchaubSantina Gay
Southeast Alaska Land TrustAK96087301-2X7SE Alaska Land Trust Watershed Pilot Project$15,000John SchaubMark Jen
Alaska Bird ObservatoryAK96089801-0NEIncreasing Educational Opportunities at Creamer's Field Waterfowl Migratory Refuge.$31,000John SchaubSally Hanft
Copper River Watershed ProjectAK96089901-0NECopper River Watershed: Watershed Stewardship Campaign$15,000John SchaubJill Fullagar
Kenai Watershed ForumAK97063201-1XKenai Watershed Forum$506,790Evelyn HoltzendorfPhil North
Alaska Natural Resource & Outdoor Education AssnAK97073701-1NEEE Across Alaska$10,530Julie JodockPamela Emerson
Alaska Water Wastewater Management AssociationAK98063601-4XX-980636-01 Surveys/Studies/Investigations$0Kathy Tsing-ChoyBill Gissel
Weeks Bay Foundation Inc.AL00D19414-0MXGulf of Mexico Program$270,566Margaret CroweJerry Binninger
Alabama Clean Water PartnershipAL00D19814-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$171,436William LundyJason McDonald
Southern Research InstituteAL82947801-5ROperation Of The Greenhouse Gas Technology Center$2,804,400Stephanie SaelzlerDavid Kirchgessner
Southern Environmental Enforcement Network Inc.AL83207602-0TInter-Governmental Alliance to Enhance State & Local Enironmental Enforcement Programs.$100,000ThuyT NguyenDebra Ehlert
Friends of Rural Alabama Inc.AL83278401-0CPGIS Systems for Mapping and Analyzing Nutrient Loading in Four Water Resources Regions$99,400Jennifer BogusDanielle Stephan
AL People Against a Littered StateAL83327501-0NEAlabama Clean Campus Program - Promoting A Cleaner and Healthier Environment for Alabama Schools$75,000Cheryl ClarkAlice Chastain
Alabama Center for Rural EnterpriseAL83329401-3XPThe ACRE/Lowndes County, Alabama Decentralized Wastewater Planning Project$571,300Jennifer BrooksEric Governo
Southern Research InstituteAL83398801-4CROpertn-ETV Prgrms Greenhouse Gas Tech Cntr$200,000Ben VauterMike Kosusko
The Martin FoundationAL83410801-1NECommunity Unity/Hlthy Life-The Martin Fdn$121,500Kelley BoatwrightKathy Armstrong
Southern Research InstituteAL83441201-22AEmerging Technologies - Southern Research Institute$1,000,000Kenneth SylvesterJennifer Krueger
Southern Environmental Enforcement Network Inc.AL83450401-2EASkills Training Program-State & Local Environmental Personnel$1,200,000ThuyT NguyenArthur Horowitz
Alabama Coastal Foundation Inc.AL83497101-1EQCitizens Guide/Workshops Understand$23,500ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Alabama Forestry FoundationAL95402808-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$10,700Kenny RichardsonKathy Armstrong
The United Christian Community AssociationAL95470110-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$15,000Kenny RichardsonKedesch Altidor
Mobile Bay Keeper IncAL95486412-1EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Laura FowlerTami Thomas-Burton
AL Mountains Rivers and Valleys RCDCAL95490912-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant Program$74,250William LundyKathy Armstrong
Mobile Bay Keeper IncAL95497412-0EQEnvironmental Justice Small Grants Program for Community Research$25,000Laura FowlerKedesch Altidor
Mobile Bay Watch Inc/ Mobile Bay KeeperAL96422605-0MXHydrological Mods Impact Mobile Bay/Mobile Tensaw Delta$100,000William LundyDiane Altsman
Alabama Coastal Foundation Inc.AL96427205-0NEAL Costal Foundation Inc$12,310Laura FowlerAlice Chastain
Waste Reduction And Technology TransferAL96432505-1X9Source Reduction Assistance$38,000Elaine CurlesBetty Winter
Coalition for a Tobacco Free AlabamaAL96438806-0XAAlabama Smoke Free Home Parent Motivation Project$22,600Sherry MilesElisa Roper
Waste Reduction And Technology TransferAL96453106-0CHRemediation of Contaminants in K-12 School Environments$50,000Elaine CurlesDelores Rodgers-Smith
Camp Fire USA Central Alabama CouncilAL96454106-0NEEnvironmental Education Grant$14,295William LundyKathy Armstrong
Freshwater Land Trust Org.AL96492207-0BFBrownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$200,000Shantel ShelmonNicole Bates
The Nature ConservancyAL97433301-4MXHydrologic Initiative in Coastal Mississippi and Alabama$40,500Keva LloydMelanie Magee
Cahaba River SocietyAL97470803-2XCahaba River Watershed Development Guidelines$5,000Elaine CurlesHudson Slay
THE DOOR II Community CenterAL97479304-0EQAL THEDOORII CommunityCtr EnvJusPgm$16,667Stephanie LankfordElvie Barlow
Calhoun County Community Foundation-VISION 2020AL97492103-2RTVision 2020: An Early Detection & Early Intervention Research Initiative for Children's Health$65,000Elaine CurlesBrian Holtzclaw
McIntosh Environmental Concerns CommitteeAL99431893-51Technical Assistance Grant (Tag)$200,000Sharonita JohnsonRhonda Foucher
Ozark Tracker SocietyAR00F43701-1NEOzark Tracker Society$77,021Sharon BeetsBonita King
Akansas Construction Education Foundation Inc.AR00F61701-0JTAr- Construction Edu.Foun.Env.Job Train. FY12-15$200,000Lisa KapshPaul Johnson
Winrock InternationalAR83052101-3XABaseline Monitoring Co-Benefits and Guidance for Land-Use and Forestry Carbon Projects-$274,811ThuyT NguyenKen Andrasko
Winrock InternationalAR83052101-6XABaselines, Monitoring, Co-Benefits, and Guidelines for Land-Use and Forestry Carbon Projects$362,114ThuyT NguyenJared Creason
Behavioral Toxicology SocietyAR83109401-0X3Developing Zebrafish Models for Neurobehavioral Toxicology-$2,500LaShaun PhillipsEdie Coates
Winrock InternationalAR83122601-1XAClean Indoor Air Partnership Coordination-$501,856Asher WeinbergBrenda Doroski
Watershed Conservation Resource CenterAR83223901-5AWMid-South Watershed Training Program$332,914Adam FettStuart Lehman
Winrock InternationalAR83295201-2XAPartnership for Clean Indoor Air Outreach$415,600ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
Winrock InternationalAR83398901-3XAWinrock International Outreach Communications & Education.$1,032,520ThuyT NguyenBrenda Doroski
Winrock InternationalAR83503201-1XACapacity Building of Dairy Farms in Pakistan$138,150ThuyT NguyenAllison Costa
Winrock InternationalAR83514701-2XACap Bldg.&Tech Assist on Clean&Eff Cooking Practices$749,669ThuyT NguyenJohn Mitchell
Main Street Argenta IncAR96601001-0BFAR Main Street Argenta - Brownfields Hazardous Cleanup$200,000Linda LyonsSamuel Reynolds
Pulaski County Regional Solid Waste Mgmt DistrictAR96625801-0X1Special (3) Day Electronics Collection$13,000Linda LyonsDeanna DeBose
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR96676801-0XACarroll Cty Rsc Council and Prev.Pln. Board$10,000Sharon BeetsStacy Murphy
Arkansas Human Development Corp.AR97641101-1EQAgriculture Workers Environmental Education$10,000Linda LyonsShirley Quinones
Winrock InternationalAR97654701-1WSBayou Bartholomew Watershed$650,000Sharon BeetsDoris White
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR97681801-0XATobacco Free Athletes$21,690Linda LyonsDonnaL Cooper
Audubon ArkansasAR97684801-2WSTargeted Watershed Initiative$1,300,000Sharon BeetsRandall Rush
Carroll County Resource Council and Prev Plan BrdAR98761801-0XAOzarks Smoke-Free Home Pledge Project$15,983Annora OgletreeRobert Dye
American Samoa Resource Conserv & Dev Council Inc.AS96975701-1NEEnvironmental Education - Nu'uuli Polytech High School Conservation Club$13,197Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Mariposa Community Health CenterAZ00T03301-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Indoor Environments$27,000Darlene FernandezKathleen Stewart
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ00T03501-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Outreach Program$18,000Elizabeth ArmourShelly Rosenblum
Forgotten People Community Development CorporationAZ00T04401-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Dine' Without Access to Piped Water$20,000Linda StrunaZoe Heller
Arizona-Sonora Desert MuseumAZ00T25201-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - AZ Sonora Desert Museum "Adapting to Aridity"$22,052Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Mariposa Community Health CenterAZ00T35001-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Primary Care for Better Air$19,000Darlene FernandezShelly Rosenblum
Watershed Management Group IncAZ00T58801-1NEEvironmental Education - Closing the Nutrient Loop$86,920Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Community Coalition of Dewey-HumboldtAZ00T58901-11Superfund Technical Assistance Program - Iron King Mine (Humboldt Smelter Site)$50,000Susan ChiuAmanda Pease
Environmental Community Outreach AssociationAZ00T59201-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Phoenix Goodyear$50,000Susan ChiuAlejandro Diaz
American Lung Association of Southwest Inc.AZ00T59701-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Open Airways for Schools$28,138Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Friends of the Santa Cruz RiverAZ00T77601-1EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Well Water Quality$50,000Darlene FernandezJared Vollmer
Prescott College IncAZ00T87401-0NEEnvironmental Education - Protecting Arizona's Waters$149,644Maria RoversoSharon Jang
American Lung Association of Southwest Inc.AZ00T98701-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVIES - Open Airways for Schools$51,923Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ00T99615-0BGPERFORMANCE PARTNERSHIP GRANT$106,353Fareed AliAllen Demorest
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ82918401-4XTribal Indoor Air/Asthma Risk Reduction Project$285,000Jessica DurandChris Griffin
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83037301-2XNational Guidelines on School Siting$90,000Jessica DurandTim Torma
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83115901-2XAIAQ Communication, Education, & Outreach in Schools$525,919Jessica DurandMichele Curreri
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ83122701-1XATribal Asthma and Outreach/ Tools for Schools Initiative$250,000Jessica DurandChris Griffin
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83302401-4XABuilding and Maintaining Healthy, High Performing School Facilities$876,797ThuyT NguyenMichele Curreri
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ83419401-5LUnderground Storage Tanks Compliance Assistance and Training Support in Indian Country$1,225,000Kenneth SylvesterLela Hagan
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ83449702-0X8Administrative & Logistical Support$108,000Carl DavisMary Powell
Council of Ed. Facility Planners InternationalAZ83461101-3XACreating Effective Indoor Air Quality Management Programs.$315,000ThuyT NguyenMichele Curreri
Watershed Management Group IncAZ83484001-1NECommunity-based Green Streets- Green Neighborhoods Project$75,734Matthew BellKaren Scott
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ83510201-1CHCommunity-Based Healthy Childcare Program$60,000Matthew BellJacquelyn Hayes
Environmental Education ExchangeAZ96616101-0X4Border Environmental Education Web and Grants Database$47,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Southwest Environmental Education ExchangeAZ96658001-0X4Border-Wide EE Coalition: Capacity Building and Training for Environmental Educators$25,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Southwest Environmental Education ExchangeAZ96658101-0X4Air, Awareness and Action: Sustainable Practices for Emission Reduction$30,000Jeraldine EnglerthTerrie Wright
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ96904801-2XRegional Geographic Initiatives (RGI) - The Community Air Toxics Team$50,000Elizabeth ArmourDoug McDaniel
Lindon Park Neighborhood AssociationAZ96919801-31Technical Assistance Grant - Motorola 52nd St., Superfund Site$100,000Veronica AdamsAlejandro Diaz
Arizona Water & Pollution Control AssociationAZ96945201-2TWASTEWATER OPERATOR TRAINING PROGRAM$105,600Fareed AliJoann Cola
Family Counseling Agency of Tucson IncAZ96947001-0X8TSCA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Child Lead Poisoning Education Program$100,000Veronica AdamsDavid Tomsovic
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ96952401-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Reduction of the Public Health Impacts of High Risk Sources$25,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Arizona Water & Pollution Control AssociationAZ96952801-2X4US-Mexico Border Grant - Ejido El desierto de Sonora$45,000Fareed AliLinda Reeves
The Arboretum at FlagstaffAZ96978601-1NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - "Navajo Uses of Native Plants"$19,555Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ96989901-2RECOMMUNITY ACTION FOR A RENEWED ENVIRONMENT (CARE) PROGRAM$297,692Elizabeth ArmourPeriann Wood
Sonora Environmental Research Institute Inc.AZ96989901-2RECOMMUNITY ACTION FOR A RENEWED ENVIRONMENT (CARE) PROGRAM$297,692Elizabeth ArmourPeriann Wood
Mariposa Community Health CenterAZ96991601-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Mariposa$34,796Darlene FernandezShelly Rosenblum
MSWG IncAZ97305701-1XMulti-State Working Group for Environmental Performance$15,612Donna ArmstrongMary Zielinski
Arizona Clean & BeautifulAZ97939001-0X1RCRA 8001 -CAMPUS RECYCLING IN RURAL COMMUNITIES$22,500Judy JohansenTimonie Hood
World CareAZ97970401-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Tools for Schools$43,015Fareed AliShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of ArizonaAZ97972201-5XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Management Education$72,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Tucson Audubon SocietyAZ97981301-2CPWater Quality Cooperative Agreement - Improve Quality of Runoff$57,609Fareed AliMatthew Mitchell
Tucson Audubon SocietyAZ97981601-0XRegional Geographic Initiatives (RGI) - Outreach for Sonoran Desert$15,000Fareed AliDoug McDaniel
Sonora Env Research Institute Inc.AZ97997701-1NEEnvironmental Education - Environmental Education Center for Rillito, Arizona$5,000Elizabeth ArmourBill Jones
Sonoran InstituteAZ98942101-2WSWatershed Initiative Program$858,612Darlene FernandezJared Vollmer
National Association of Minority Contractors of AZAZ99933701-1X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - WASTE REDUCTION$36,000Fareed AliSaskia VanGendt
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc.AZ99T06501-1LLUST Prevention - Tank Inspector Training$65,561Fareed AliChris Prokop
Tolani Lake Enterprises Inc.AZ99T23101-1ECEnvironmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Program$120,000Veronica AdamsLinda Reeves
Agricultural Land-Based Training AssocCA00902001-1X8FOOD QUALITY PROTECTION ACT (AG INIT) - Alternative Pest Management to Reduce High Risk Pesticide$98,000Vernese GholsonCindy Wire
Tuolumne River Preservation TrustCA00905001-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Tuolumne River Education$42,900Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Our City ForestCA00907601-0NEEnvironmental Education-Planet Tree$21,100Darlene FernandezSharon Jang
Collaborative for High Performance Schools Inc.CA00977801-1X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Green Building Rating Program$82,482Elizabeth ArmourWendi Shafir
California Resource Recovery AssociationCA00987601-1X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Training & Certification$50,000Martha VillarrealTimonie Hood
Electric Power Research InstituteCA00E72601-1WSElectric Power Research Institute Inc.$995,225Mirchell PhillipsAlex Schusler
Global Green USACA00F86801-0UWNeighborhood Water Wise$46,884Wendy RossVirginia Vietti
Earth Island InstituteCA00T01501-0NEEnvironmental Education-Safe Bay Food Consumption Project$20,000Kathy GoetzSharon Jang
LTSC Community Development CorporationCA00T01901-0BFBrownfields Cleanup Cooperative Agreement$200,000Darlene FernandezSara Russell
Southwest Wetlands Interpretive AssociationCA00T03701-2WSWATERSHED INITIATIVE PROGRAM - Tijuana River Watershed Project$990,898Linda StrunaDouglas Liden
Agricultural Land-Based Training AssocCA00T03901-1WSTARGETED WATERSHED INITIATIVE$999,962Vernese GholsonMolly Martin
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA00T04501-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Creating Asthma Friendly Schools, Homes, and Child Care Centers$30,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA00T06101-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreement$200,000Veronica AdamsNoemi Emeric-Ford
Asian Health ServicesCA00T07201-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Reducing Chemical Exposure for Nail Salon Workers in CA$30,000Veronica AdamsNova Blazej
Center for Community Action & Env. JusticeCA00T07701-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Breath of Life Asthma Prevention Program$30,000Elizabeth ArmourCarlin Hafiz
The Watershed ProjectCA00T09501-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - WASTE MATTERS$30,000Fareed AliJackie Lane
Rising Sun Energy CenterCA00T11901-0NEEnvironmental Education - California Youth Energy Services$216,000Maria RoversoSharon Jang
India Basin Neighborhood AssociationCA00T15001-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard$162,500Darlene FernandezJackie Lane
Environmental Health CoalitionCA00T17001-0RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE)$300,000Veronica AdamsPeriann Wood
Center for Land-Based LearningCA00T25301-0NEEnvironmental Education$15,000Danielle CarrSharon Jang
Laguna de Santa Rosa FoundationCA00T25501-0NEEnvironmental Education$19,020Danielle CarrSharon Jang
Coastal Watershed CouncilCA00T25601-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Trees to Sea Program$24,855Linda StrunaSharon Jang
Earth TeamCA00T25701-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Earth Team SITA Project$24,563Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper IncCA00T26201-11Superfund Technical Assistance Grant-Halaco Superfund Site$50,000Darlene FernandezAlejandro Diaz
Build It GreenCA00T31101-0X9SOURCE REDUCTION ASSISTANCE - Social Marketing Plan for CA Home Energy Retrofits$70,000Vernese GholsonLeif Magnuson
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA00T31801-02JARRA BROWNFIELDS JOB TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$500,000Susan ChiuNoemi Emeric-Ford
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA00T32001-22JARRA BROWNFIELDS JOB TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$500,000Susan ChiuWallace Woo
LandPaths Land Partners through StewardshipCA00T33901-0NEEnvironmental Education - In Our Own Back Yard$13,040Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Marina in MotionCA00T34301-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Fort Ord$50,000Susan ChiuAnabel Yo-eco
American Lung Association of CACA00T34501-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Indoor Environments: Reducing Public Exposure$41,580Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Western Riverside Council of Govts FoundationCA00T34601-2XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Indoor Air Tools For Schools$49,420Danielle CarrShelly Rosenblum
BASMAACA00T38201-1EMSPECIAL APPROPRIATION - San Francisco Bay Program, Clean Watersheds for a Clean Bay$5,000,000Vernese GholsonErica Yelensky
The Watershed ProjectCA00T41901-0NEEnvironmental Education - Riparian Lab Program$13,819Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Literacy for Environmental JusticeCA00T42001-0NEEnvironmental Education - Training at EcoCenter$29,525Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Cool the Earth Inc.CA00T42301-0NEEnvironmental Education - San Francisco Bay Area Expansion$15,000Danielle CarrSharon Jang
Cycles of ChangeCA00T42401-1NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Bicycles for Environment$21,450Kathy GoetzSharon Jang
Amigos de los RiosCA00T43401-0EQEnvironmental Justice - Emerald Necklace Green Infrastructure$25,000Danielle CarrSharon Lin
The Watershed ProjectCA00T44201-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - The Watershed Project$25,000Maria RoversoSharon Murray
Orange County CoastkeeperCA00T44301-0NEEnvironmental Education - The Newport Bay Eelgrass$15,000Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Plumas Rural ServicesCA00T44401-0NEEnvironmental Education - Experiential Agroecology$22,384Danielle CarrSharon Jang
Marin Community ClinicCA00T46101-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Viviendo Verde Ya! (Live Green Now!)$25,000Veronica AdamsFabiola Estrada
Urban Habitat ProgramCA00T46201-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Community Climate Action Engagement$25,000Maria RoversoLoretta Vanegas
Community Services Unlimited IncCA00T46301-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Safe and Sustainable Home Food Production$25,000Danielle CarrCarlin Hafiz
Rose Foundation for Communities & the EnvironmentCA00T46401-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - New Voices Are Rising$25,000Danielle CarrSharon Murray
Communities for a Better EnvironmentCA00T50901-1EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM-Los Angeles Youth Making the Connection$25,000Darlene FernandezCarlin Hafiz
Northcoast Environmental CenterCA00T52501-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$200,000Elizabeth ArmourGlenn Kistner
Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionCA00T57701-0X9Source Reduction Assistance - Silicon Valley Toxics$21,000Danielle CarrJohn Katz
Union de VecinosCA00T58001-1RECommunity Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE)$100,000Maria RoversoRichard Grow
Amigos de los RiosCA00T58401-0X7CWA Special Purpose Activities - Urban Waters Challenge Grant$10,000Danielle CarrEric Byous
Coalition for Urban Rural Env StewardshipCA00T58701-2CPWater Quality Cooperative Agreement$197,260Danielle CarrValentina Cabrera-Stagno
Yvette A. Flunder FoundationCA00T59901-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Free 2 Breathe$61,727Darlene FernandezShelly Rosenblum
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA00T60001-2XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES -Asthma Education Program$65,932Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
The Bay Foundation of Morro BayCA00T66101-3CENational Estuary Program - Bay Foundation of Morro Bay$2,290,208Danielle CarrSuzanne Marr
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood InnovationCA00T68301-0BFBrownfields Cleanup Cooperative Agreement$200,000Martha VillarrealNoemi Emeric-Ford
Ducks Unlimited IncCA00T70201-0W9SF BAY WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FUND - San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge$1,400,000Vernese GholsonErica Yelensky
The Watershed ProjectCA00T71501-0NEEnvironmental Education - Wild Oysters$20,645Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Santa Monica Bay Restoration FoundCA00T74501-3CENational Estuary Program - Bay Restoration Projects$2,251,333Danielle CarrMolly Martin
Center for Community Action & Env. JusticeCA00T75101-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - Engaging Schools in Addressing Air Pollution from Diesel Sources$25,000Elizabeth ArmourLeana Rosetti
Community Services Unlimited IncCA00T77501-1EQEnvironnmental Justice - Growing Healthy$24,988Danielle CarrCarlin Hafiz
Community Water CenterCA00T77701-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Protecting Groundwater From The Ground Up$25,000Maria RoversoSharon Lin
Greenaction for Health and Environmental JusticeCA00T77801-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Emissions Reduction and Environmental Health Project$25,000Maria RoversoSharon Lin
Greenaction for Health and Environmental JusticeCA00T77801-1EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Emissions Reduction and Environmental Health Project$25,000Maria RoversoDebbie Lowe
Tri-Valley CARESCA00T78401-01Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Site 300$25,000Susan ChiuViola Cooper
The Marine Mammal CenterCA00T79001-0NEEnvironmental Education - The Marine Mammal Center$34,693Danielle CarrSharon Jang
Tri-Valley CARESCA00T79501-01Technical Assistance Program - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Main Site)$25,775Susan ChiuViola Cooper
California ReLeafCA00T80101-0NEEnvironmental Education - California ReLeaf$150,000Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Friends of Marsh Creek WatershedCA00T81801-1UWURBAN WATERS - Improving Water Quality in the Marsh Creek Watershed$60,000Darlene FernandezErica Yelensky
Revive the San JoaquinCA00T81901-1UWURBAN WATERS - Citizen's Water Watch Program$59,660Darlene FernandezValentina Cabrera-Stagno
Council for Watershed HealthCA00T82101-1UWUrban Waters - Indicators of Watershed Health for the Los Angeles River$59,925Martha VillarrealHoward Kahan
East Bay Asian Local Development CorporationCA00T88001-1EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - East Bay Asian Local Development$25,000Elizabeth ArmourNova Blazej
Boat People S.O.S. Inc.CA00T88201-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Community Awareness Campaign$25,000Veronica AdamsCarlin Hafiz
Center on Race Poverty & the EnvironmentCA00T88801-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - San Joaquin Valley$25,000Elizabeth ArmourSara Russell
The Sierra FundCA00T89001-2EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Gold Country Circuit Rider$24,950Veronica AdamsDeirdre Nurre
Clean Water FundCA00T94701-1W9San Francisco Bay Area Water Quality Improvement Fund$257,293Fareed AliErica Yelensky
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA00T95201-0W9SF BAY WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT FUND - Presidio Quartermaster Reach Restoration$1,000,000Vernese GholsonLuisa Valiela
Sonoma Land TrustCA00T95401-0W9San Francisco Bay Area Water Quality Improvement Fund$941,941Fareed AliErica Yelensky
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA00T97301-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Education in Santa Clara County$57,699Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Monterey Bay Aquarium FoundationCA00T98401-0WSTargeted Watershed Initiative - Ocean Plastics Pollution/School Action Projects$50,000Fareed AliErica Yelensky
Fresno Metropolitan MinistryCA00T98601-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Buildiing Community Capacity in Fresno County$24,861Veronica AdamsCharles Swanson
American Lung Association of CACA00T99201-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - San Diego Schools$61,961Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA00T99401-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development and Job Training$199,999Fareed AliNoemi Emeric-Ford
March of DimesCA82829201-5RGene-Environment Interaction and Human Malformations$3,320,425Robert DenegalKathleen Deener
Olive View UCLA Education and Research InstituteCA82899601-2RAssessment of the Potential for the Point-of-Use (POU) & Point-of-Energy (POE) Filters-$375,000Stephanie SaelzlerGerard Stelma
American River Watershed InstituteCA82954001-1RModeling Global Warming Impacts in the Sierra Nevada$99,841Kelley BoatwrightSusan Herrod-Julius
Los Angeles Metropolitan DermatologicalCA82972001-1XSkin Cancer Prevention Video Production for Elementary School Studies$52,000LaShaun PhillipsLinda Rutsch
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83033901-8QSAgency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry-$1,577,753Nancy KokSusan Street
Center for Resource SolutionsCA83051801-5XAGreen-e Renewable Electricity Program$500,000Kristen ArelJames Critchfield
Association of Lighting and Mercury RecyclersCA83062001-1X1Development of a Lamp Recycling Outreach Program$815,583Kelley BoatwrightDenise Roy
Sustainable ConservationCA83111201-1X7Water Quality Project$60,000LaShaun PhillipsGregory Beatty
Rand CorporationCA83114201-1XAUpdate of Global SF6 Sales Data and End Use Applications$12,000LaShaun PhillipsJerome Blackman
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83115501-2XACities for Climate Change Campaign and Urban Heat Island Mitigation$431,300ThuyT NguyenAndrea Denny
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83115501-2XACities for Climate Change Campaign and Urban Heat Island Mitigation$431,300ThuyT NguyenAndrea Denny
Local Government CommissionCA83117401-3PIResponding to Smart Growth Barriers-Combining Smart Growth and Emergency Response$60,000LaShaun PhillipsKevin Nelson
Local Government CommissionCA83119401-6PI6th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference-$407,500David AckKevin Nelson
US China Assoc. for Environ. EducationCA83122201-1X4Educational Tool for Environmental Protection System-Information Package$60,000Kelley BoatwrightDan Thompson
Center for Creative Land RecylclingCA83128401-5TRBrownsfields Training, Research and Technical Assistance$1,078,688Robert DenegalDebi Morey
Tides CenterCA83132101-2TRBrownfields Training Research and Technical Assistance$443,328LaShaun PhillipsJoseph Bruss
Pacific Studies CenterCA83132102-2TRBrownfields Training Research and Technical Assistance-$323,462Phillip SchindelJoseph Bruss
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83133401-JQSEE Program for the Environmental Science Division and Financial Management Center in Las Vegas, NV-$1,871,835Diane GreeneDianeT Johnson
Foundation for Adv. in Science and EducCA83133501-2XFASE Pesticide Project$268,200Robert DenegalStephen Howie
American Nonsmokers' Rights FoundationCA83151501-3XANot in Mama's House and Beyond: Promoting Smokefree Environments in Diverse Communities$984,947Kelley BoatwrightSheila Brown
Pacoima BeautifulCA83155501-2PSPacoima Lead Poisoning Prevention Community Program$100,000LaShaun PhillipsAyako Sato
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83162001-EQClean Air Program$2,642,325Diane GreeneSheila Flack
The Tides CenterCA83167801-1RTImproving Non-Federal Involvement in Hazardous Waste Cleanup$150,000LaShaun PhillipsAimee Storm
Redefining ProgressCA83180001-2NEStrengthening Environmental Education With The Ecological Footprint-$79,030LaShaun PhillipsKathleen MacKinnon
California Urban Water Conservation CouncilCA83191901-0CPDeveloping a Framework for a National Consortium for Water Efficiency$200,000Kelley BoatwrightJohn Flowers
The Asia FoundationCA83217701-3X4Taiwan Environmental Study Tours$315,103Kelley BoatwrightDan Thompson
San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative FundCA83221001-2X3Transforming Office Parks into Transit Villages-$204,571Nicole RobertsDiana Bauer
Pacific Inst for Studies in DevCA83225801-1CHMaking a Difference for the Environment and the Health of Older Adults-$25,000LaShaun PhillipsBill Jones
Trust for Conservation InnovationCA83228801-0X1General Motors and the Lansing Public School District-$75,000LaShaun PhillipsPriscilla Halloran
American Society on AgingCA83229101-1CHSMALL GRANT - New Ventures in Leadership Program$17,980David AckKathy Sykes
California Urban Water Conservation CouncilCA83233901-0CPCalculating Utility Avoided Costs and Environmental Values of Urban Water Use Efficiency Programs$100,000Kelley BoatwrightJohn Flowers
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83281501-SQSenior Environmental Employment Program Support for the Region III Operations$9,636,901Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83282001-1QSFederal Highway Administration$200,000Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
California Urban Water Conservation CouncilCA83285701-3CPCalifornia Urban Water Conservation Council$145,000Kenneth SylvesterJonah Schein
Electric Power Research InstituteCA83293001-2CPEvaluation of the Effectiveness of Strobe Lights for Preventing Impingement Mortality$200,000Kenneth SylvesterBrian Damico
Center for Resource SolutionsCA83294101-5XAThe Power of Certification: Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program$300,000Carl DavisJames Critchfield
California Urban Water Conservation CouncilCA83308301-2CPAlliance for Water Efficiency Activities$335,000Kenneth SylvesterTara OHare
Small Business CaliforniaCA83312101-2XAEnergy Efficiency Market Transformation Project-$184,074Carl DavisMaureen McNamara
National Association for PET Container ResourcesCA83316001-0X1Venue Recycling Project-$108,240Robert DenegalJudy Taylor
Trust for Conservation InnovationCA83323101-2X1Creating a National Model for Safer Schools-$200,000Carl DavisPriscilla Halloran
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83326601-2NELocal Governments for Sustainability-$75,000Stephanie SaelzlerDiane Berger
Intl Council for Local Env InitiativesCA83338801-2XAClean Air & Climate Protection Software$299,976Carl DavisDenise Mulholland
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83341001-6QNational Association for Hispanic Elderly$1,475,987Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83343601-EQNational Association for Hispanic Elderly$4,058,955Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
Pacific Inst for Studies in DevCA83347101-1PSSmall Grant-Healthier Land Use Strategies$100,000Carl DavisLisa Hammond
ICLEI-Local Governments for SustainabilityCA83361501-2XALocal Methane Partnerships for Emissions Reduction$140,000Carl DavisChris Godlove
The Bay Institute of San FranciscoCA83363101-0NEThe Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed$92,882David AckGinger Potter
Lead Remediation Assoc of Am Rhapsody Green CtrCA83363501-3ABSan Francisco Bay Area Lead Safe Work Practices (SFBA-LSWP) Initiative$249,988Kristen ArelPaul Cestone
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83375701-8QSAgency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry$3,246,420Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
Local Government CommissionCA83385201-4PIAnnual New Partners for Smarth Growth Conf$550,000Matthew BellRegina Langton
Center for Creative Land RecyclingCA83389601-7TRTechAsst to Brownfields Communities - Zone 4$1,997,944Kenneth SylvesterDebi Morey
Institute for Environmental Management Inc.CA83397201-1XAImproving Landfill Methane Energy Recovery from Developing Contries'Landfills.$150,000Carl DavisRachel Goldstein
Central Coast Vineyard TeamCA83411501-0X8Rducng Pestcide Risk thru Intgratd Farming Practce$225,000Nicole RobertsTodd Peterson
Pacific Studies CenterCA83415001-8TRAssistance to Communities with Brownfields Cleanup and Development$765,000Kenneth SylvesterJuan Tanon
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83424401-ZQSenior Environmental Employment Program for the Region III Operations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$10,870,740Diane GreeneSheila Flack
Indoor Air InstituteCA83435301-0X3SVOCs in the Residential Environment$5,000Kelley BoatwrightBarbara Blackwell
CA Institute for BiodiversityCA83448601-0NESierra Nevada Climate Change Program$56,000Alison HanlonKaren Scott
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83462101-PQSenior Environmental Employment Program for the Office of Air and Radiation$4,161,237Diane GreeneSheila Flack
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83468701-FQSenior Environmental Employment Program for EPA National Exposure Research Laboratory$2,050,590Diane GreeneSheila Flack
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood InnovationCA83490401-0TRVillage Market Creek Brownfieds$175,000Kenneth SylvesterJeanette Mendes
Communities for a Better EnvironmentCA83492101-2TRBrownfields Area-wide Planning Pilot for Communities for a Better Environment$175,000Kenneth SylvesterJeanette Mendes
San Francisco Parks AllianceCA83492301-1TRSan Francisco Parks Alliance: Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program$175,000Kenneth SylvesterJeanette Mendes
Japanese American Citizens LeagueCA83496801-0EQSoutheast Asian Community Oil Spill Education$30,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Pesticide Action NetworkCA83510701-1CHBldg Community Capacity-CA San Joaquin Valley$98,000Matthew BellDebbie Lowe
Paso PacificoCA83512601-0X4Bldg Awarnss&Chngng Behaviors-Waste Nicaragua$50,000Matthew BellOrlando Gonzalez
Global Footprint NetworkCA83523601-1X3State of New England-Competitive-Constrained$15,000Matthew BellDonna Witherspoon
Cancer Prevention Institute of CaliforniaCA83528601-0AENail Salon Workers' Health - Indoor Air Monitoring$60,000Matthew BellSania Tong-Argao
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Inc.CA83535601-0X4Joint Initiative on Urban Sustainability (JIUS)$15,000Matthew BellOrlando Gonzalez
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83539801-JQSenior Environmental Employment Program for Region III Operations$5,494,522Diane GreeneSheila Flack
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83541801-3QSenior Environmental Employment Program for the Office of Air and Radiation$910,755Diane GreeneSheila Flack
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83542901-1QSSenior Environmental Employment Program for the ATSDR$576,371Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
Local Government CommissionCA83543101-1PILocal Government Commission$208,000Matthew BellBrett VanAkkeren
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83544501-6QSenior Environmental Employment Program with EPA's Las Vegas Operations$477,903Diane GreeneSheila Flack
Center for Creative Land RecyclingCA83545001-2TRTechnical Assistance to Brownfields Communities - USEPA Regions 4, 9 and 10$1,500,000Kenneth SylvesterDebi Morey
San Jose St Univ FoundationCA83554701-0SU3D Printing Sustainable Bld. Components$89,819Karen BassGregory Lank
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research InstituteCA83555201-0RDHuman Stem Cell-Based Platform$800,000Karen BassMitch Lasat
Continuing Challenge Hazardous Materials Committee IncCA83574101-0RTContinuing Challenge Hazmat Emergency Response Conference (2014)$15,000Jacob BurneyCraig Beasley
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83578101-0QSSenior Environmental Employment Program for the Agency for Toxic Substances$337,733Diane GreeneSheila Flack
Global Green USACA83611001-3PIDefining Action to Enable Sustainable Development: The LEED-ND Assessment Tool$511,954Matthew BellLynn Desautels
National Association for Hispanic ElderlyCA83611201-1QSSenior Environmental Employment Program -Administrative Support-Federal Highway Administration$430,542Diane GreeneAngela Hughes
Western United Resource Development IncCA96041401-2XABiomethane for Vehicle Fuel$400,000Cathy ReeseAsia Yeary
ICLEI-Local Governments for SustainabilityCA96055101-2AARegional Geographic Initiative$50,000Greg LucheyJudith Lee
ICLEI-Local Governments for SustainabilityCA96063501-1X9Pollution Prevention$47,500NancyT BrownCarolyn Gangmark
Community Environmental CouncilCA96066401-1SBClean School Bus USA$50,000Joanne BrendleAsia Yeary
CALSTART Inc.CA96085201-0DENational Clean Diesel - CALSTART$895,827Cathy ReeseAsia Yeary
Social and Environmental EntrepreneursCA96147701-0X9Pollution Prevention for Government Buildings$23,500Monique LloydMarge Miranda
Social and Environmental EntrepreneursCA96147701-1X9Pollution Prevention for Government Buildings$23,500Monique LloydMarge Miranda
Social and Environmental EntrepreneursCA96165001-0X9Pollution Prevention in Government Buildings$30,000Monique LloydRobert Guillemin
Center for Creative Land RecyclingCA96291714-1TRCCLR - Technical Assistance to Brownfields Communities$500,000Kevin HurleyLya Theodoratos
Organic Farming Research FoundationCA96562001-3X8ORGANIC FARMING RESEARCH FOUNDATION -$60,000Karen SykesBarbara VanTil
The Trust for Public LandCA96814701-0CDTrust for Public Land FY14 WPDG Story Mill$20,000Angela MendiolaCynthia Gonzales
American Lung Assoc of San Diego & Imperial CO'sCA96903001-0X4US-Mexico Border Grant - Clean Air Initiative$15,000Cynthia LeeSara Bartholomew
Communities for a Better EnvironmentCA96906501-2XRegional Geographic Initiatives - Community Air Toxics Project$44,000Cheryl FilartRichard Grow
San Diego State University FoundationCA96908601-1X4US-Mexico Border - Improve Air Quality in the Imperial-Mexicali Valleys$15,000Renee ChanSara Bartholomew
CA Air Pollution Control Officers AssnCA96910501-2XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Imperial Mexicali AQ Task Force$107,500Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Chartwell SchoolCA96912701-1X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Design for Disassembly Program$29,400Martha VillarrealTimonie Hood
Thimmakka's Resources for Environmental EducationCA96913001-1X9Source Reduction Assistance - Greening Ethnic Restaurants (GER)$50,000Cynthia LeeJohn Katz
Prescott Joseph Center for Comm EnhancementCA96915701-1XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Open Airways Asthma Management Education in Ten Oakland Schools$15,000Linda StrunaLouise Hill
Community Housing Development Corp of N. RichmondCA96917701-2BFBrownfields Cleanup Cooperative Agreements$200,000Veronica AdamsLaurie Amaro
Art From ScrapCA96919101-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Green Schools Teacher Training Workshops$9,249Maria RoversoSharon Jang
Alliance for West Oakland DevelopmentCA96920101-21Superfund Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) - AMCO Chemical Site$100,000Veronica AdamsLeana Rosetti
Global Green USACA96920301-3X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Greening of Affordable Housing in EPA Region 9 Tribal Lands$40,000Elizabeth ArmourCaleb Shaffer
San Jose Children's Discovery MuseumCA96920901-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - BioSITE Program$39,800Kathy GoetzSharon Jang
Frontier Fertilizer Superfund Oversight GroupCA96923301-61Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Frontier Fertilizer Site$113,750Susan ChiuJackie Lane
Public Health InstituteCA96926301-1X4U.S.-Mexico Border Grant - Env-related Disease and Env Exposure in CA/Baja CA$58,040Elizabeth ArmourNorman Calero
San Francisco Estuary InstituteCA96927501-1AWASSESSMENT AND WATERSHED PROTECTION - CA LANDSCAPE DENSITY INDEX$80,000Lisa MeixnerPaul Jones
Local Government CommissionCA96928201-0XRegional Geographic Initiative - Treating Dairy Manure in San Joaquin Valley$10,000Renee ChanJames Liebman
Institute for Research & Technical AssistanceCA96933801-0X9Source Reduction - Safer Alternative Graffiti Removal & Prevention Methods for California$74,500Martha VillarrealJessica Counts-Arnold
Sustainable ConservationCA96935001-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - BIODIESEL$100,000Veronica AdamsRoy Ford
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA96938001-0XSpecial Appropriation - Shoreline and Habitat Restoration$298,200Vernese GholsonSuzanne Marr
Sustainable ConservationCA96940001-3CPWATER QUALITY$125,000Veronica AdamsKate Rao
California State University Fresno FoundationCA96940401-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - DIESEL PUMPING EFFICIENCY PROGRAM$50,000Veronica AdamsRoy Ford
Satellite Housing Inc.CA96941401-0BFBrownfields Cleanup Cooperative Agreement$100,000Maria RoversoDiane Strassmaier
American Lung Association of CACA96942901-1X4US/MX Border Project - Clean Air Initiative (Iniciativa De Aire Limpio)$28,500Linda StrunaSara Bartholomew
Coral Reef AllianceCA96944101-0NEEnvironmental Education - Coral Reef Alliance$20,000Martha VillarrealSharon Jang
Golden Gate Audubon SocietyCA96944301-0NEEnvironmental Education - Eco-Oakland Project$10,000Linda StrunaSharon Jang
Friends of Deer CreekCA96944401-0NEEnvironmental Education - Bug Book: A guide to benthic macro-invertebrate$10,000Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Los Angeles County Education FoundationCA96944501-1NEEnvironmental Education - Pilot New Program "Earth Works - Careers that Serve the Planet"$9,000Linda StrunaSharon Jang
Community Env CouncilCA96944601-0NEEnvironmental Education - Teacher Training Series$8,410Elizabeth ArmourKate Nooney
Friends of Ballona WetlandsCA96944701-0NEEnvironmental Education - WOW Team Programs at the Ballona Wetlands$7,812Linda StrunaSharon Jang
San Diego State University FoundationCA96944901-0X4US-Mexico Border Grant - Infectious Disease Surveillance$30,000Renee ChanNorman Calero
Prescott Joseph Center for Comm EnhancementCA96946201-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Indoor Air Quality Tools for School$7,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Natural Heritage InstituteCA96948301-1WSTargeted Watershed Initiative Program - Sierra Water Trust$304,078Maria RoversoCarolyn Yale
Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkCA96949901-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - Community Health Project$25,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
East Bay Asian Local Development CorporationCA96951101-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$200,000Susan ChiuDiane Strassmaier
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA96951701-0JTBROWNFIELDS TRAINING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS$200,000Veronica AdamsNoemi Emeric-Ford
Council for Watershed HealthCA96952901-2X7CWA Special Purpose Activities - Los Angeles River Watershed$20,000Susan ChiuHoward Kahan
Institute for Research & Technical AssistanceCA96954401-1X9Source Reduction Assistance - Safer Alternatives for Cleaning Applications$34,200Linda StrunaJohn Katz
San Diego CoastkeeperCA96954801-1X4US-Mexico Border Grant - Hands-On Watershed Education & Outreach Project$20,000Renee ChanDouglas Liden
Ecology Action IncCA96954901-2X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Urban Waste to Bio-Diesel Initiative$75,000Renee ChanOlof Hansen
San Francisco Estuary InstituteCA96956001-2CPWATER QUALITY COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT - SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY$104,000Lisa MeixnerCarolyn Yale
American Lung Association of CACA96958801-2XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Tools for Schools$20,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Pacoima BeautifulCA96960301-0RECOMMUNITY ACTION FOR A RENEWED ENVIRONMENT (CARE) PROGRAM$90,000Alba EspitiaKaren Henry
American Lung Association of CACA96960501-2CHChildren's Health Initiative - Air Quality Forecasting Information$49,040Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Friends of the Children's MuseumCA96964301-0NEEnvironmental Education - Clubhouse H2O$20,000Kathy GoetzSharon Jang
Institute for Research & Technical AssistanceCA96969501-1X9Source Reduction Assistance$60,125Linda StrunaAndre Villasenor
Valley Energy Efficiency CorpCA96970601-1X9SOURCE REDUCTION ASSISTANCE - LEED for Homes Pilot$130,000Linda StrunaLeif Magnuson
Santa Monica Bay Restoration FoundCA96971401-5CENational Estuary Program - Santa Monica Bay$2,952,349Danielle CarrEphraim Leon-Guerrero
The Bay Foundation of Morro BayCA96974801-5CENational Estuary Program - Morro Bay$2,902,350Danielle CarrSuzanne Marr
Catholic Charities CYOCA96978001-0NEEnvironmental Education - Developing Youth as Leaders and Stewards$5,000Veronica AdamsSharon Jang
Yolo Basin FoundationCA96978201-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - DISCOVER THE FLYWAY$10,000Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
Youth Employment Partnership IncCA96978401-0NEEnvironmental Education - Team Oakland Enviromental Stewardhip Program$13,550GwenL BrownSharon Jang
Rising Sun Energy CenterCA96978901-0NEEnvironmental Education - Solar Education Workshop$15,000Cheryl FilartSharon Jang
Mono Lake CommitteeCA96979201-0NEEnvironmental Education - Watershed Programs$9,261Linda StrunaSharon Jang
Generation GreenCA96979401-1NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION- Traveling Trash Transformations$4,900Elizabeth StahlSharon Jang
The Watershed ProjectCA96979601-0NEEnvironmental Education - The Watershed Project$6,000Vernese GholsonSharon Jang
STAR Inc.CA96979701-0NEEnvironmental Education - Watershed and Marine Education Outreach$9,938Linda StrunaSharon Jang
Northern CA Society of American ForestersCA96980001-0NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - Forestry Institute for Teachers$10,000Linda StrunaSharon Jang
Big Sur Land TrustCA96981001-2WSWATERSHED INITIATIVE PROGRAM - Lower Carmel River Floodplain Restoration$992,000Linda StrunaSuzanne Marr
San Gabriel Valley Area 3CA96981801-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - San Gabriel Valley Area 3$50,000Susan ChiuAlejandro Diaz
The Reuse People of America Inc.CA96981901-0X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Los Angeles Building Materials Reuse Facility$50,000Vernese GholsonAndre Villasenor
North Fork Community Development Council Inc.CA96982701-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS - North Fork Mill Site$200,000Maria RoversoGlenn Kistner
CA Minor Crops CouncilCA96984001-0X8Food Quality Protection Act - Growing Sustainable Agriculture$35,000GwenL BrownCindy Wire
Aquatic Adventures Science Education FoundationCA96990801-0NEEnvironmental Education - Sea Series Initiative$18,542Darlene FernandezSharon Jang
Local Government CommissionCA96991801-0PIEnvironmental Policy and Innovation Grants - Smart Growth Conference$5,000Renee ChanBrent Maier
Pacific Studies CenterCA96993501-51Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - MEW Superfund Site$75,000Veronica AdamsJackie Lane
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA96994201-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreements$200,000Veronica AdamsNoemi Emeric-Ford
Environmental Health CoalitionCA96994801-0EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - San Diego Clean Ports Plan$50,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Asian Pacific Environmental NetworkCA96994901-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Richmond Community Leadership Project$50,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Thai Health and Information Services Inc.CA96998601-0X8TSCA Special Purpose Activities - Health Information Services Blood Lead Outreach Screening$36,000Veronica AdamsDavid Tomsovic
CALSTART Inc.CA97224601-1DENY/NJ Aerodynamics Pioneers Project$500,576Maria FloresDaniel Birkett
CALSTART Inc.CA97236901-12ACALSTART Consortium Hybrid Truck Emission Reduction Program$1,275,000Maria FloresDaniel Birkett
Rose Foundation for Communities & the EnvironmentCA97290704-2X8Promoting Mercury Reduction in Lighting Equipment$20,000Janeime CastroAlex Peck
Rural Community Assistance Corp.CA97661301-1X6Tribal Community Water$126,880Linda LyonsMichael Vaughan
Organic Farming Research FoundationCA97815401-2X8Surveys, Studies, Investigations$40,000Joyce BrameJaslyn Dobrahner
Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionCA97900501-31SUPERFUND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - MOFFETT NAVAL AIR STATION$50,200Veronica AdamsViola Cooper
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA97912401-0JTBrownfields Job Training Cooperative Agreement$200,000Vernese GholsonWallace Woo
Concord Naval Weapons Station Local Reuse AssocCA97913501-21$F Technical Assistance Grant - Concord NWS$50,000Susan ChiuViola Cooper
San Joaquin Adopt-A-Watershed Sea Scout ShipCA97930201-4NEENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - San Joaquin Adopt-A-Watershed$5,000Veronica AdamsBill Jones
Golden Gate National Parks ConservancyCA97930301-1XSpecial Appropriation - Wetlands Monitoring at Crissy Field$500,000Vernese GholsonSuzanne Marr
Esperanza International IncCA97930501-0XU.S Mexico Border Grant - Esperanza Family Water Safety Project$30,000Martha VillarrealLorena Lopez-Powers
Center for Community Action & Env. JusticeCA97932001-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program - Development of Neighborhood Assessment Teams (A-Teams)$20,000Veronica AdamsFrancisco Donez
Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionCA97937101-3X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - OUTREACH AND MODEL POLICY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE$20,000Veronica AdamsAdrienne Priselac
Industrial Environmental AssociationCA97939101-3X4U.S. MEXICO BORDER GRANT - ISO 14001 WORKSHOP SERIES$49,380Elizabeth StahlTomas Torres
Center for Env Economic DevelopmentCA97940001-2X1SWDA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - ORGANICS RECYCLING BOARD PROJECT$25,000Veronica AdamsAdrienne Priselac
Pacific Inst for Studies in DevCA97942601-4XACAA 103 - DIESEL POLLUTION STUDY$120,000Elizabeth ArmourRichard Grow
Committee for a Better ArvinCA97947001-0EQEnvironmental Justice Program-Arvin Environmental Awareness$20,000Darlene FernandezFrancisco Donez
Pro PeninsulaCA97948101-2XUS-MEXICO BORDER GRANT - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION BORDER 2012$60,000Veronica AdamsLorena Lopez-Powers
Fort Ord Env Justice Network Inc.CA97960201-61Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Fort Ord Superfund Site$250,000Veronica AdamsViola Cooper
CA Air Pollution Control Officers AssnCA97965101-3PMPM 2.5 Monitoring Network$1,092,146Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Institute for Research & Technical AssistanceCA97967301-1X9Source Reduction Assistance - IRTA Case Studies of Perc Dry Cleaner Conversions$49,500Cynthia LeeWendi Shafir
American Lung Assoc. of L.A. CntyCA97969101-2XACAA Sec. 103 - Tools for Schools and Open Airways for Schools$40,000Martha VillarrealLouise Hill
Breathe California of the Bay AreaCA97969601-2XACAA Special Purpose Activities - IQAT for Schools$55,000GwenL BrownShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA97971101-3XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Open Airways$30,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Lula Washington Contemporary Dance FdtnCA97971601-3BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS$200,000Veronica AdamsLaurie Amaro
Sustainable ConservationCA97978801-1CP$74,000Veronica AdamsJohn Ungvarsky
Rural Community Assistance CorporationCA97978901-2X6SDWA-SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES- Tribal Water/Wastewater Technical Assistance$2,400,000Elizabeth StahlHelen McKinley
Community First CoalitionCA97979701-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Hunters Point Ship Yard$50,000Veronica AdamsJackie Lane
Collaborative Research & Designs for AgricultureCA97980301-2XRegional Geographic Initiatives (RGI) - Eco-Labeling Partnerships$175,000Cynthia LeeKaren Heisler
Communities for a Better EnvironmentCA97982701-2EQEnvironmental Justice Progam- Hegenberger Corridor Diesel Truck Project$20,000Darlene FernandezSharon Murray
Santa Monica Bay Restoration FoundCA97983001-3CENATIONAL ESTUARY PROGRAM - SANTA MONICA BAY$633,414Lisa MeixnerDaniel Pingaro
Environmental Ctr of San Luis ObispoCA97984301-2EQENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE PROGRAM - FARMWORKER SAFETY, PHASE II$19,998Veronica AdamsLaurie Amaro
Clear Lake Environmental Action Network Inc.CA97986501-21$F TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - SULPHUR BANK MERCURY MINE SUPERFUND SITE$50,000Veronica AdamsLeana Rosetti
Tri-Valley CARESCA97988201-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Site 300)$88,215Susan ChiuViola Cooper
Inner City Business AssociationCA97996701-1NEEnvironmental Education - Inner City Business Assoc$24,015Cynthia LeeBill Jones
American Lung Association of CACA98900001-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Open Airways/Imperial County$20,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA98900001-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Open Airways/Imperial County$20,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
American Lung Association of CACA98912001-0XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Asthma Alameda County$25,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Tahoe Ctr for a Sustainable FutureCA98912901-4XCWA 104 (B)(3) - Tahoe Environmental Hotline - RA Funds$10,000Renee ChanJane Freeman
CA Air Pollution Control Officers AssnCA98914201-0R9Regional Geographic Initiatives (RGI) - Air Pollution on Communities Conference$5,000Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Pacoima BeautifulCA98916701-0RECOMMUNITY ACTION FOR A RENEWED ENVIRONMENT (CARE)$300,000Veronica AdamsKaren Henry
Breathe California Golden GateCA98925101-1XACAA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - Public Health Partnership$29,000Linda StrunaShelly Rosenblum
Build It GreenCA98951101-1X9Source Reduction Assistance - Build-It-Green (BIG)$118,339Vernese GholsonLeif Magnuson
CA Air Pollution Control Officers AssnCA98953801-CPMPM2.5 Monitoring Network$1,999,909Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Committee for a Better ArvinCA98959301-11Superfund Technical Assistance Grant-Brown and Bryant Superfund Site$50,000Darlene FernandezAlejandro Diaz
National Fish & Wildlife FoundationCA98970101-5X7CWA SPECIAL PURPOSE ACTIVITIES - CALFED WATERSHED STEWARDSHIP PROJECTS$3,021,200Susan ChiuBruce Herbold
Davis S Campus Superfund Oversight ComCA98982301-51Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lab for Energy-Related Health Research (LEHR) Site$126,802Susan ChiuDavid Cooper
The Bay Foundation of Morro BayCA98988601-7CENATIONAL ESTUARY PROGRAM - MORRO BAY$2,204,220Lisa MeixnerCheryl McGovern
Mattole Salmon GroupCA98992501-1WSWATERSHED INITIATIVE PROGRAM$958,431Linda StrunaJanet Parrish
Native American Environmental Prot. CoalitionCA98992901-3GAGENERAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM II$701,580GwenL BrownHillary Hecht
Habitat for Humanity East BayCA99904401-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS$200,000Vernese GholsonDiane Strassmaier
Frontier Fertilizer Superfund Oversight GroupCA99920301-51SUPERFUND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE GRANT - DAVIS, CA$100,000Cheryl FilartDon Hodge
Tri-Valley CARESCA99945101-B1Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Lawrence Livermore National Lab (Main Site)$102,226Susan ChiuDavid Cooper
Taube-Koret Campus for Jewish LifeCA99947601-0BFBROWNFIELDS CLEANUP COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS - Cleanup Taube-Koret Campus$200,000Maria RoversoDiane Strassmaier
Pacific Studies CenterCA99971101-31Superfund Technical Assistance Grant - Moffett Field$100,000Veronica AdamsJackie Lane
Environmental Health CoalitionCA99T01601-0TRBROWNFIELDS AREA-WIDE PLANNING COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT$200,000Fareed AliNoemi Emeric-Ford
CA Air Pollution Control Officers AssnCA99T08601-0PMPM 2.5 Monitoring Network$294,455Renee ChanAngela Latigue
Los Angeles Conservation CorpsCA99T21001-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development and Job Training$200,000Fareed AliNoemi Emeric-Ford
Cypress Mandela Training Center IncCA99T21101-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development and Job Training$200,000Fareed AliNova Blazej
Girls 2000CA99T21601-0JTEnvironmental Workforce Development and Job Training$200,000Fareed AliNova Blazej
Environmental Health CoalitionCA99T22801-0ECENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE COLLABORATIVE-PROBLEM SOLVING PROGRAM$120,000Fareed AliSara Russell
Western Governors' AssociationCO00909001-1XACAA Special Purpose Activities - US-Mexico Border Emissions Inventory$276,000Renee ChanChristine Vineyard
Econservation InstituteCO00E92101-2X1ECONSERVATION INSTITUTE$15,700Karen SykesRita Garner
Earth Force IncCO00F85901-0UWUrban Waters Small Grant$60,000Wendy RossSharon Daugherty
Econservation InstituteCO00T11601-4X1SWDA Special Purpose Activities - Pay-As-You-Throw$49,900Martha VillarrealTimonie Hood
Western Governors' AssociationCO00T82601-0XACAA Special Purpose Activities - Western Regional Air Partnership and Regional Haze$152,484Renee ChanRoy Ford
University Corporation for Atmospheric RschCO82910501-1RAdvancement of Multiscale Meteorological and Air Quality Modeling Capabilities$129,147Brian DrozdKenneth Schere
American Water Works Association Research FdnCO82940901-1RAgreement to Conduct Drinking Water Research$3,891,500ThuyT NguyenGeorge Moore
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO83084601-5CRImmunologic Basis of Environmental Lung Disease-$3,834,100Kristen ArelBarbara Glenn
American Water Works Association Research FdnCO83110401-1CRResearch on Drinking Water$9,689,700Kelley BoatwrightGeorge Moore
Nat'l Association of School NursesCO83113501-2XAManaging Asthma Triggers and Indoor Air Quality$587,636ThuyT NguyenAlisa Smith
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83122401-2XANational Enviromental Health Assocation- Indoor Air Quality Education and Outreach Program$806,402Brian DrozdLaura Kolb
American Water Works AssociationCO83134801-5X6RAM-W, Emergency Response, Security Hardware, Crisis Communication, and First Responder Trainings$1,843,500Adam FettJohn Whitler
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83153101-1CPDevelopment of Onsite Credentials$267,000Brian DrozdGajindar Singh
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO83155401-1PSEJ Collaborative Problem Solving Grant Program$100,000ThuyT NguyenAyako Sato
Bessemer Association for Neighborhood Dev.CO83161001-1PSBessemer/Salt Creek Neighborhoods Environmental Health Initiative$100,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Regional Air Quality CouncilCO83218201-1XADiesel Initiative for Retrofit Technology Program$75,000ThuyT NguyenJennifer Went
American Water Works AssociationCO83228701-0X6AWWA 2005 Source Water Prevention Symposium$20,000Brian DrozdBeth Hall
Meridian InstituteCO83240301-0X7Effluent Dependent/Dominated Waters Drafting Group$50,000Brian DrozdShari Barash
Energy Efficient Homes of ColoradoCO83241101-3XAReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Energy Efficiency$300,000ThuyT NguyenChandler VonSchrader
Engineers Without Borders UCCO83250901-0SUA Green Mind: A Sustainable, Smart Growth Plan for Muramba, Rwanda$9,996ThuyT NguyenCynthia Nolt-Helms
Denver Zoological FoundationCO83268901-0NECommunity Leadership Project$62,545Brian DrozdDiane Berger
Denver Zoological FoundationCO83268901-0NECommunity Leadership Project$62,545Brian DrozdDiane Berger
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83270001-1XAEmissions Reductions Through Clean Energy Programs: Legislative Education and Outreach$70,000ThuyT NguyenNikolaas Dietsch
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83293901-2XASouthwest Energy Efficiency Project$240,000ThuyT NguyenMaureen McNamara
American Water Works Association Research FdnCO83294801-1XAWWARF Research Grant$5,700,000Ben VauterGeorge Moore
National Environmental Health AssociationCO83302201-4XANational Environmental Health Association$1,025,957ThuyT NguyenAnnette Johnson
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83309401-4XAOutreach to State Legislators on Radon$225,000ThuyT NguyenSusie Shimek
American Solar Energy SocietyCO83309701-1X3Solar 2006: Renewable Energy Key to Climate Recovery Conference$5,000ThuyT NguyenLu-Ann Kleibacker
University Corporation for Atmospheric RschCO83327301-1NEProtecting Watersheds by Educating Meteorologists about Smart Growth$75,144Robert DenegalGinger Potter
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83333001-2XAAssisting Utah to Achieve its Energy Efficiency Goal$120,000ThuyT NguyenDenise Mulholland
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83335301-0XANational Conference of State Legislatures$30,000ThuyT NguyenPaul Bubbosh
San Luis Valley Ecosystem CouncilCO83347001-1PSSMALL GRANT- San Luis Valley Health & Natural Resource$100,000ThuyT NguyenSheila Lewis
Groundwork Denver Incorp.CO83405401-0ABOutreach, Training, and Infrastructure Development to Eliminate Lead Poisoning in Denver, CO$228,500Kristen ArelPaul Cestone
Water Research FoundationCO83406801-1EMHelping H2O Utilities Deliver High Quality H2O$3,313,000Ben VauterJeff Adams
Earth ForceCO83408401-1NEEarth Force FY 08-Preparing Pre-Service Educators$90,068Kelley BoatwrightKathleen MacKinnon
Natl Conference of State LegislaturesCO83414801-4X8Outreach-State Legislators-Lead RRP$336,878Ben VauterClarence Lewis
Rocky Mountain Bird ObservatoryCO83418201-0WDAdvancing the Protection of Playa Wetlands Through Effective Buffers$99,564Matthew BellMyra Price
Southwest Energy Efficiency ProjectCO83420801-2XAAdvancing Policies and Programs to Increase Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the Southwest$240,000ThuyT NguyenMaureen McNamara
The Keystone CenterCO83430301-0ITYouth Policy Summit-Greenhouse Gas Reduction$5,000ThuyT NguyenCatrice Jefferson
National Jewish Medical & Research CenterCO83451501-3RDEnviro Determinants of Airway Disease in Children$1,897,209James DaviesRichard Callan
Western Governors' AssociationCO83455501-0XAMexico Inventory$199,955ThuyT NguyenJulia Ortiz
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