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Grant Awards Database
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Grant Awards Database

The EPA Grant Awards Database contains a summary record for all non-construction EPA grants awarded in the last 10 years plus grants that were awarded before that time that are still open.

All Grant Awards
A basic one-line listing of all awards in the database in descending order by award date.

All Awards by Recipient & Type
A summary listing of grants in the database grouped by recipient type and recipient organization.

All Awards to Non-Profits
A summary listing of grants to non-profit organizations grouped by recipient organization.

Description of Awards
A multi-line listing of all awards which includes the description of the grant projects.

Recent Grants by Fiscal Year & Quarter
A listing of the most recent grant awards grouped by fiscal year and quarter.

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More detailed information about this database and the information it contains.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all data elements were collected during the earlier years that are covered in this database, so some data fields may contain missing or incomplete values.


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