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About the EPA Grant Awards Database

Release 2 - February 2005


The EPA Grant Awards Database contains a summary record for all non-construction EPA grants awarded in the last 10 years plus grants that were awarded before that time that are still open. PLEASE NOTE: Not all data elements were collected during the earlier years that are covered in this database, so some data fields may contain missing or incomplete values.

The Database Form
The information about each award is displayed on the form displayed below. Text displayed in italicized red describes the information that is found in each of the fields on the form.

EPA Grant Awards

Project Title: Grant Project Title - A descriptive title for the grant.

Hide details for Grant InformationGrant Information
Grant ID Number:The identification number by which EPA refers to the grant.
EPA Region:The EPA Region which awarded the grant. Regions are 1-10 & HQ.AAShip:The major EPA organization responsible for the grant.
Division/Office:The mid-level EPA organization responsible for the grant. Lab/Office:A lower level EPA organization responsible for the grant, if any.
CFDA:The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number that identifies the grant program.Media:The environmental program affected by the grant, i.e., 'Water' , 'Air', etc.
Grant Program: The CFDA and descriptive title of the grant program for this award.
Authority: The law or statute which authorizes this grant.
Recipient Name: The name of the organization receiving this grant.
City:The recipient's cityRecipient Type:The organization type for this recipient, i.e., 'Not for Profit', 'State', etc.
State:The recipient's stateCong District:The recipient's Congressional district
DUNS:The Dun & Bradstreet identification number for this organization.
Competition Status:The type of competition for this grant.
Award Date:The date the grant was awarded.Cum Award:The total amount of EPA funds awarded under this grant.
Project Start:The date when work began on this grantProject End:The date when work ended on this grant
Hide details for Project Title & DescriptionProject Title & Description

The title and description of the grant project.

NOTE: The information in this section is available only for awards made after January 15, 2005. It reflects how the work performed under this grant supports the goals, objectives and subobjectives that have been laid out in EPA's Strategic Plan.

This project supports the following Goals, Objectives, and Sub-Objectives.

How the Program/Project fits within the Agency's Strategic Plan/GPRA architecture.


Hide details for Contact InformationContact Information
Project Officer The grants Project Officer managing this grant.
Approval Official The EPA Program Office official who approved this grant.
Grant Specialist The EPA Grant Specialist who reviewed the grant and prepared it for award.
Award Official The EPA Award Official who signed the grant award on behalf of EPA.


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