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Newark [Toxic Air] Pollution Prevention Improvement Plan

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This project will work towards voluntarily reducing industrial emissions in the East Ward of Newark, New Jersey. The organization Environmental Justice & Equity with Community-based Teamwork (EJECT) chooses to work in Newark because the affected community has large minority and low-income populations who are experiencing the highest cumulative pollution burdens and environmental respiratory health risks in New Jersey. EJECT plans to collect data about the top hazardous air toxins that are being released by facilities in the Newark area, as well as the cumulative pollution burdens experienced by the community. EJECT will partner with Environmental Occupational Safety & Services (EOSS)* who will utilize specialized environmental software, Lakes Environmental, to analyze data. Cumulative point source air releases/exposure data will be presented to facility representatives and community members in an easy-to-understand format at two environmental forums. Forum participants will then be asked to contribute to the development of a toxic air pollution prevention improvement plan for the East Ward. *During the project, EOSS was replaced by SVMC Consulting, Harper's Center, and LJ Communication Design developed and created environmental education materials.

This project seeks to enhance partnerships between government, facility and community members in Newark, and to develop innovative approaches to reducing pollution.

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1. What types of public outreach will be conducted as part of this project?

Conducted three environmental forums that were called "Urban Environmental Health Fairs" -- one at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and two at churches in Newark. Presented data at these and distributed an environmental health education awareness tool named "The Protectors," developed under this grant to reach pre-school children and their parents.

2. Is the public involved in issue identification?

3. Does the public have a role in the planning the project?

4. Is the public participating in a decision making or advisory capacity?

5. Will the public be involved in gathering some of the data for the project?

Yes, Newark community members, Newark industrial facilities, and Newark small businesses. Held meetings where results were presented.

6. What Stakeholders were involved, including Federal, State, and local agencies?

7. What role did the community or other stakeholders play in the project? Is the public involved in issue identification? Does the public have a role in planning the project? Will the public be involved in gathering some of the data for the project?

EJECT met with community members, health managers, industrial facility representatives, Newark administrators, parent coordinators, East Ward parents at the Newark Preschool Council. The result was for the Plan to focus on Essex County, the location of the City of Newark, as the place of highest asthmatic incidence in New Jersey.

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