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Report Features

Printer-friendly Assessment Lists

This feature allows you to generate and print lists of assessment studies. You may generate a complete list of the assessments or a list of ongoing and complete assessments, or create printer-friendly study abstracts for all or part of each assessment. Options are available on each individual assessment. Click on the Completed Reports link to view and download full study reports in .pdf format.
  • View a printer-friendly complete list of assessments
  • View a printer-friendly list of ongoing assessments
  • View a printer-friendly list of completed assessments

instructions for printing abstracts

1. Open up the database and go to the list feature. Select the project title you are interested in. Then select the printer friendly version of that project.

2. Save the printer friendly version, which is in html format, to your computer.

3. Open the saved file in Word. Then save that file as a Word document. This file is now available for printing and editing.

This can be done successfully in WordPerfect 11 as well. However, this procedure does not work well in older versions of WordPerfect.

NOTE: This exercise provides the printer friendly version of the abstract as it appears on the web. People that need to add information to sections that were previously "empty" can do so under the section heading. However, if they want to see the prompts that describe the type of information we are specifically seeking in that section, they need to refer to the blank abstract report form that is on the website.

Printer-friendly Summary Tables by Region

This feature allows you to view and print keyword summary tables by region. Most studies have keywords associated with the Project Type & Study Design, Risk/Exposure Type & Sources, and Outcomes & Reduction Activity Goals. Click on the section and region links to view and print the tables.

Inactive hide details for Project Type & Study DesignProject Type & Study Design

Inactive hide details for Exposure Type & SourcesExposure Type & Sources

Inactive hide details for Outcomes & Reduction Activity GoalsOutcomes & Reduction Activity Goals

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