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CARE - Sullivan County, New Hampshire

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Sullivan County is situated in southwest New Hampshire along the Vermont border nestled between the Connecticut River to the west and the Monadnok mountain ridge to the east. The County is comprised of 14 rural towns plus the City of Claremont (population 13,406)-- the economic hub of the region. The remaining 14 towns have a combined population of just over 27,000. Sullivan County is among the poorer regions of New Hampshire with almost 9% of the population at or below the poverty level and a median household income of just under $41,000, while New Hampshire's median household income is $50,000 with 6.5% of the total population at or below the poverty level.

Much of the pollution found in New Hampshire air and water is brought in by the prevailing winds from the west. Sullivan County New Hampshire is a rural county with little heavy industry. Historically, the main employment and industry included tanneries, paper mills, agriculture and foundries. There is currently one small paper mill located in Claremont, the tanneries have all closed, the foundries have become machine shops and the small family farms are primarily located along the Connecticut Rvier. The pollution generated from these sources is closely monitored by NH Department of Environmental Services and the Agricultural Department. All hazardous materials are now tracked from cradle to grave through a manifest system. Modern farming techniques are utilized to minimize run-off from manur pits.


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