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Children's Environmental Health Protection Monitoring. Community Health Program: Crockett (Contra Costa), CA

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Children can sometimes be more at risk than adults from the harmful health effects of air pollution. Changes to state law (Senate Bill 25, Escutia 1999) established specific requirements to examine the impacts of air pollution on children's health. CARB is conducting special studies to determine whether the current network established to measure air pollution in California adequately reflects the levels of air pollutants that infants and children are breathing. Senate Bill 25 requires CARB to expand the existing monitoring program in six communities around the state and conduct special monitoring. Crockett was chosen because of its proximity to high-risk facilities, including potential sources of dioxin, and mobile source emissions. Oil refineries and major oil storage facilities are located in the nearby cities of Rodeo, Hercules, Martinez, and Benicia. Crockett is the location of a major food processing operation and a heavy-rail transfer facility. Crockett is home to two schools, John Swett High School and Carquinez Middle School. The student population of John Swett High School is approximately 650. Carquinez Middle School, located directly across Pomona Street from the high school, has a student population of 500. Both schools are located approximately one-half mile from Interstate 80, a major source of vehicle emissions.

CARB website for the Crockett study: http://www.arb.ca.gov/ch/aq_result/crockett/crockett.htm

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