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New Haven Air Toxics Study and Community Clean Air Initiative, Phase II

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The New Haven Air Toxics Project is a pilot project of EPA's Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy. The Strategy is intended to address the public health risk posed by toxic air pollutants in urban areas. In New Haven, the Health Department and the City Plan Department are working with EPA to characterize the local air toxics problem and to take action to reduce the threat to public health.

In the summer of 2002, New Haven will assess the emissions databases and assemble a focus group of city aldermen, environmental health council and community members, and businesses. After the toxics data are collected, the City will meet with the focus group to discuss a plan for reducing toxic emissions. The main goal of phase II of the New Haven Community Clean Air Initiative is for the community to use the air toxics inventory developed in phase I of the project to identify air toxics risks and begin reducing emissions. The City will develop a comprehensive strategy to engage community members and businesses and inform city planning efforts. Phase II of the project will raise community awareness of air toxics risks and promote activities to improve air quality.

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