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Children's Environmental Health Protection Monitoring. Community Health Program: Fruitvale (Oakland), CA

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is conducting special studies to determine whether the current network established to measure air pollution in California adequately reflects the levels of air pollutants that infants and children are breathing.

CARB website for the Fruitdale study:

Fruitvale was chosen as one of the six sites for Children's Environmental Health Protection monitoring because it is impacted by several categories of pollutant emissions and because of the high school-age population in the area. Fruitvale lies between two major East Bay freeways that are a significant source of vehicular emissions. The area is downwind of several industrial operations that are sources of criteria pollutant and air toxic emissions, including potential sources of dioxin. The Oakland International Airport, which is less than five miles from Lockwood Elementary, is a source of aircraft and ground-vehicle emissions.

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