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Indiana Harbor and Canal Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) - supplemental risk assessment work

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This assessment is in support of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) navigational dredging project for several miles of the Indiana Harbor and Canal, last dredged in 1972. Indiana Harbor is one of 42 Great Lakes Areas of Concern as identified by the International Joint Commission. The area of NW Indiana has been heavily industrialized since the early 1900s (e.g. steel mills, POTWs, chemical manufacturing, lead processing, oil refineries, metal finishers). Discharge permits were first issued in the 1970s and violations are still occurring. Dredged, contaminated sediments are to be placed in a confined disposal facility (CDF) in East Chicago, IN. A 1995 risk assessment that estimated inhalation exposure and risk from contaminated sediments placed in the CDF was produced by USEPA Region 5 as part of a final 1999 environmental impact statement. Ongoing community concerns regarding the 1995 assessment resulted in USACE and USEPA agreeing to do supplemental work to address several issues (e.g. ingestion and dermal exposures as well as inhalation; potential emissions and exposure from dredging and transport of contaminated sediments as well as sediments placed in the CDF; children's health considerations). Long term air monitoring in several locations is part of the project.

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