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Pearl City, Hawaii Air Toxics/Environmental Justice Project

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The purpose of this project is to quantify the ambient air toxic concentrations in the community of Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii. The state of Hawaii, Department of Health (HIDOH) was awarded a Clean Air Act, Section 103, Air Toxics Monitoring grant to conduct the work. The project is to establish a neighborhood scale, air toxics monitoring site and to sample for a duration of 12 months. The results of this project will provide HIDOH/EPA with some indication of air toxic levels in the neighborhood of Pearl City which may also be representative of other similar neighborhoods on Oahu. EPA will work with HIDOH to coordinate the release of the data to the local community and, based on the sample results and community concerns, EPA will work with HIDOH and the community on air toxic emission reduction activities.

The monitor will be placed at the current Pearl City monitoring station at 860 4th St. For aldehydes, HIDOH will purchase an absorbent tube sampler; for VOCs, stainless steel canisters will be used to grab the sample; and for metals, the existing TSP sampler will be used. If additional funds are provided, HIDOH will consider capacity building of its air laboratory in both equipment and personnel training specifically for air toxics. Also, the air toxics monitoring effort could be extended beyond the 12 month period, to include other air toxic pollutants and sampling in other neighborhoods.

The EPA Region 9 role will be to support the following tasks:The Air Division should support the HIDOH air toxics monitoring grant. This would include locating future project funding, involving HIDOH in the development of the project workplan and activities, and providing technical assistance as needed.Assist with public involvement training for HIDOH and the community of Pearl City.Based on the monitoring results, look at potential opportunities to reduce air toxics emissions.

This abstract was prepared using pilot project summary materials provided by Region 9.

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