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Detroit Air Toxics Initiative

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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) developed this project to assess the local health risks from air toxics in the Detroit area, communicate the resulting information to the local community, and support risk reduction initiatives for the area.

The project includes both a risk assessment and a risk reduction component. The assessment component capitalizes on vast amount of monitoring data that currently exists for the Detroit area. Data from several monitoring studies/projects were utilized to characterize risk, including the Detroit Pilot Project, the National Trend Site, the Michigan Air Toxics Monitoring Program, and the Air Toxics Emission Inventory. The risk characterization was completed in November, 2005, and MDEQ used a multi-stakeholder group to help identify and prioritize risk reduction activities and facilitate communications to the local community. MDEQ is currently working toward diesel reductions in the Detroit area.

Data analysis update is currently underway, that is related to the project. Visit http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0, 1607, 7-135-3310_4105-139044--,00.html

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