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Dockets by EPA Region 09

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ActiveSPCC-09-2008-0022 Novato Community Hospital
ActiveSPCC-09-2008-0023 Cagwin and Darwood Landscaping Contractors
ActiveSPCC-09-2008-0024 North Marin Water District
ActiveSPCC-09-2009-0001 MGM Enterprises, Inc.
ActiveSPCC-09-2009-0002 Feather River Diesel
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0001 Big Island Energy, Inc.
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0002 Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0003 Hawaii Fueling Network
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0004 Reno Drain Oil Service
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0008 June Mountain Ski Area
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0009 Cal Trans - McGee Creek Maintenance Facility
ClosedSPCC-09-2011-0011 Valley Pacific Petroleum Services, Inc.
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0001 Toro Petroleum
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0002 V.T. Petroluem
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0003 Saint Mary's College
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0004 Love's Bakery
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0005 CalTrans
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0006 Kauai Petroleum
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0007 World Resort Saipan
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0008 Saipan Airport Incinerator
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0009 Asphalt Products Oil Corp
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0010 Lunday-Thagard Refinery
ActiveSPCC-09-2012-0011 Petrolex International
ActiveSPCC-09-2013-0001 Western Saw
ActiveSPCC-09-2013-0002 Silvas Oil Company
ActiveSPCC-09-2013-0003 Gold Coast Recycling
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0001 2892 W. Seventh Street Apartments, Ltd.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0002 Tucson Youth Development, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0003 Aprender Tucson
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0004 Calli Ollin Academy, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0005 Pima Prevention Partnership, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0006 Tucson Urban League, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0007 TLC Charter Schools, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0008 Tucson Small School Project, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2007-0009 Pima County Board of Supervisors
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0002 Cesar Chavez Learning Community, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0004 Portable Practical Educational Preparation, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0005 Exxon Mobil Corporation
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0006 Challenge School, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0007 Horizon Community Learning Center, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0008 Valley Academy, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0009 Edu-Prize, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0010 Happy Valley School, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0011 Paragon Management, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2008-0012 Joseph Lueras
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0002 Noah Webster Basic School
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0003 Bell Charter Schools
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0004 P.L.C. Charter Schools
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0005 Tucson Preparatory Partnership
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0006 Phoenix Advantage Charter School
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0007 Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0008 Pointe Educational Services
ActiveTSCA-09-2009-0009 Charter Foundation Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2010-0001 Williams Trust
ClosedTSCA-09-2011-0001 Chemical Waste Management
ClosedTSCA-09-2011-0002 Rainbow Dreams Academy Charter School
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0003 Silver State Charter Schools
ClosedTSCA-09-2011-0004 Bailey Charter Elementary School
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0005 I Can Do Anything Charter High School
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0006 Nevada State High School
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0007 Carson Montessori School
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0008 Alpine Academy
ClosedTSCA-09-2011-0009 Nevada Connections Academy
ClosedTSCA-09-2011-0012 Imagine School In The Valle
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0013 Earth Protection Services, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0014 Fluoresco Lighting and Signs
ActiveTSCA-09-2011-0015 JD Home Rentals
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0001 Coral Academy of Science
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0002 Florence Unified School District
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0003 Apache Junction Unified School District
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0004 BEKS Group LLC
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0004 BEKS Group, et al.
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0005 Mariposa Academy of Language and Learning
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0007 West County Community High School
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0008 St. Johns Unified School District
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0010 Vernon Elementary School District
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0011 Belfor Environmental
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0012 Esco Marine, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2012-0013 Lighting Resources, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0001 Spring Hill Elementary School
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0002 Round Valley Unified School District
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0003 US Dept of the Interior - Bureau of Indian Education
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0005 Sierra Charter School
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0006 Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0007 Valley Arts & Science Academy
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0008 Fresno County Economic Opportunity Commission
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0009 AGAPE Corporation
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0011 Asarco, LLC
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0012 Big Picture School California, Inc.
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0013 Culver City Unified School District
ActiveTSCA-09-2013-0015 Ross Valley Sanitary District
ActiveUIC-09-2008-0002 Lion Pacific Investments, LLC
ActiveUIC-09-2009-0001 PTC Partners
ActiveUIC-09-2009-0002 K. Taniguchi, Ltd.
ActiveUIC-09-2011-0003 GLACS, LLC
ActiveUIC-09-2012-0002 Lealani Corp and Poipu Inn, Inc.
04/24/2017ActiveOPA-09-2017-0002 ASIG at LA/Ontario Int'l Airport
12/14/2016ActiveFIFRA-09-2017-0001 Syngenta Seeds LLC
09/30/2016ActiveCAA(112R)-09-2016-0006 Tanimura and Antle - Spreckles
09/18/2015ClosedFIFRA-09-2015-0010 Compton AG Services

(697 entries in this collection)
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