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Dockets by EPA Region 09

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ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0010 Nichino America, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0011 Jayone Foods, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0012 Bega Trading Company
ClosedFIFRA-09-2008-0013 Zion Market
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0014 Red Scale Down
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0015 Sierra Chemical Company
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0016 Altawood, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0017 Solitz Corporation of America
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0018 Westbridge Agricultural Products
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0019 Thermwell Products Co. Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0020 Western Farm Services, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0022 Vector Tobacco Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0023 Eqyss International, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0024 Bug Stop Pest Control dba Yourself Pest & Weed Control
ActiveFIFRA-09-2008-0026 Filo America
ClosedFIFRA-09-2009-0001 Nation's AG, L.L.C.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0002 BASF Corporation
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0003 Source Dynamics LLC
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0004 LG International America
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0005 Four Corners Weed Control
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0006 CalAgra Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0007 PDI Pest Control Company
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0008 Altawood Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0009 Linden Tree Nursery
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0010 Genoa Tree Nursery
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0011 Yamada Company
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0012 Dollar Store
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0015 Essential Industries
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0016 Exotic Nutrition Pet Company
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0017 Taft Manufacturing Company
ActiveFIFRA-09-2009-0018 Wilbur-Ellis Company
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0001 Altawood, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0002 MGuard Coatings Technology, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0003 Tanner Flying Services, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0004 Materia, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0005 Kinetic Solutions, Inc. dba Rabbit Air
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0007 Ozotech, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0008 Ladybugs Inc Pest Control
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0009 Severn Trent Water Purification, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0010 Bye Bye Birdie
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0012 Enviro Tech Chemical Services
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0013 Apex Chemical Corporation
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0014 MCV Manufacturing, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0015 Skasol, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0016 Moore Agricultural Products
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0017 U.S. Borax, Inc.
ClosedFIFRA-09-2011-0019 Andrew M. Martin Co. NV, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2011-0023 US Landscape, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2011-0024 Univar USA, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2011-0025 HealthyPets, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2011-0026 NAFTA Distributors, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2012-0001 Pumpkin Patch Fund Raisers, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2012-0003 Brooker Chemical Corporation
ActiveFIFRA-09-2012-0004 Omni Research Corporation d/b/a Bio-Dex Laboratories
ActiveFIFRA-09-2012-0005 CoreTex Products, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2012-0007 Hydrofarm, Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-09-2013-0001 Pittsburg Wholesale Groceries (Pitco)
ActiveFIFRA-09-2013-0002 Rohm and Haas Chemicals, LLC
ActiveFIFRA-09-2013-0003 SMM Distributors d/b/a Biocide Systems
ActiveFIFRA-09-2013-0004 BGK Inc. (d/b/a Bargain King Discount Stores)
ActiveFIFRA-09-2013-0005 Helena Chemical Company
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0001 VSS Emultech
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0002 Ventura Foods
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0003 Flying J
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0004 Burbank Water and Power
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0005 SAVVIS Communication Corporation
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0006 Vintage Production California
ActiveOPA-09-2007-0007 Vintage Production California
ActiveOPA-09-2008-0002 Marathon Packing Corporation
ActiveOPA-09-2012-0001 City of Anaheim
ActiveRCRA-09-2006-0009 JG Sablan Rock Quarry, Inc. and John T. Sablan
ActiveRCRA-09-2006-0018 All Metals Processing Company
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0001 Commonwealth Health
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0003 Sheridan C. Randolph, Harry L. Randolph
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0004 GKN Aerospace Chem-tronics, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0005 Everbright Company, Ltd.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0006 U.S. Foodservice
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0007 Seaside Service Station
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0008 Tony Santillanes dba Santillanes Towing & Salvage
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0009 George Auclair, Jr.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0010 Van Can Company
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0012 RHS Lee, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0013 Barbosa Cabinets, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0015 Jazz Semiconductor, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0016 Amgen, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0017 Scott Lawson
ActiveRCRA-09-2007-0018 Global Communication Semiconductors, Inc.
ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0001 (7003) Sunrise Mountain
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0001 Spectra-Physics Semiconductor Lasers, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0004 Admiral Transportation
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0005 Harvey Duro and Desert Mobilehome Park, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0006 University of Guam
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0007 Pacific Marine and Industrial Corporation
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0008 Greif, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0009 Anaspec, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0011 Robert M. Brown dba Lost Lake Resort
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0012 Aero-Electric Connector, Inc.
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0014 Jet Ocean Technologies
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0015 CommonWealth Ports Authority
ActiveRCRA-09-2008-0016 American Peptide Company, Inc.

(697 entries in this collection)
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