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Dockets by EPA Region 07

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ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0017 Gil Gerrell
ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0019 Ryan Reinke
ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0020 Matthew Andersen d/b/a Andersen Painting
ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0031 Bisby, Richard
ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0036 Creative Home Builders
ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0037 Matthew Andersen d/b/a Andersen Painting
ActiveTSCA-07-2014-0038 Dynamic Construction and Roofing, LLC
ActiveTSCA-07-2015-0002 Brown Restoration, Inc
ClosedTSCA-07-2015-0007 Matthew Young
05/24/2017ActiveRCRA-07-2017-0121 Super Saver
05/23/2017ActiveRCRA-07-2017-0120 Quick Trip #587
05/22/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0113 Pierce Lumber, Inc
05/22/2017ActiveSDWA-07-2017-0111 City of Beloit, Kansas
05/22/2017ActiveTSCA-07-2017-0122 Mr. Bryan J. Timmermeyer
05/17/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0003 National Cold Storage, Inc
05/17/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0153 PB Leiner USA Corporation
05/16/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0003 Heinen Brothers Agra
05/16/2017ActiveFIFRA-07-2017-0147 ROC Enterprises
05/08/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0007 Rock County Agronomy Services
05/08/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0021 Buckeye South St LouisTerminal, LLC
05/08/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0022 ICM Biofuels, LLC
05/08/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0025 Agriland FS
05/08/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0100 City of Parsons, Kansas
05/03/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0039 Lewis Auto and Truck Parts
05/02/2017ActiveCERCLA-07-2017-0005 Iowa Nebraska Light & Power Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site
05/01/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0027 Gibbon Packing, LLC
04/25/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0017 Accurate Land Company, Inc. – Acadia Subdivision Plat 1 and Plat 2
04/25/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0105 Rubicon Corporation
04/24/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0104 Zipco Contracting, Inc.
04/11/2017ActiveCWA-07-2015-0107 Haag Oil Company, LLC
04/11/2017ActiveCWA-07-2016-0047 City of Troy, Missouri
04/11/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2016-0008 Adams Fertilizer, Inc
04/11/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2016-0011 Midwest Service Company
04/11/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0008 Custom Express Renovations, Inc.
04/10/2017ActiveSDWA-07-2017-0002 City of Chariton, Iowa
04/05/2017ActiveCWA-07-2016-0046 City of Troy
04/05/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0026 Donald R. Purk dba Purk's Auto & Recycling
04/05/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0101 Centric Projects LLC
04/03/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0032 Darnell’s Country Convenience
03/31/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0020 Silver Oak Inc. d/b/a Alice Patricia Homes Residential Development
03/28/2017ActiveCWA-07-2016-0042 Clare-Mar Camp, Inc
03/27/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0001 Farmers Cooperative
03/27/2017ClosedRCRA-07-2017-0003 Red Giant Oil Company a/k/a  Serle Petroleum
03/27/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0011 Morrow Contracting and Construction, LLC.
03/22/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0103 Calico Homes, LLC
03/21/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0023 James Oil Company, LLC
03/21/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0024 Agriland FS
03/16/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0012 Pierce Lumber Inc
03/13/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0002 Poole Chemical Co, Inc
03/13/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0004 Village of Pender, Nebraska Wastewater Treatment Facility
03/13/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0018 M&R Holdings, LLC
03/13/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0029 Natural Biodiesel Plant LLC
03/08/2017ClosedCWA-07-2016-0067 Wiebe Farms, Inc
03/08/2017ActiveRCRA-07-2016-0013 Wichita State University
03/07/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0015 Running Foxes Petroleum, Inc
03/07/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0016 Running Foxes Petroleum, Inc.
03/07/2017ActiveFIFRA-07-2017-0004 and FIFRA-04-2017-3005(b) Drexel Chemical Company
03/07/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0007 Advantes Development LLC
03/01/2017ActiveCWA-07-2013-0023 Dr. Daniel J. McGowan
02/28/2017ActiveCWA-07-2016-0089 Missouri Smelting Technology, Inc
02/28/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0008 Bayer CropScience LP
02/28/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0011 OHP, Inc
02/24/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0028 Ronald Fricke
02/21/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0009 Pender Grain, Inc.
02/21/2017ActiveFIFRA-07-2017-0150 J Oliver Products, LLC
02/16/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0014 City of Parsons, Kansas
02/15/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0009 Pyramid Contractors, Inc.
02/14/2017ClosedCWA-07-2016-0018 Central Missouri Agriservice, LLC
02/13/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0019 City of North Kansas City, Missouri
02/13/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0007 Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc
02/13/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0010 ArborSystems, Inc.
02/08/2017ActiveSDWA-07-2017-0001 Blackbird Bend Casino
02/08/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0003 Urban Improvement Construction, LLC
02/07/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-9001 PSC Metals
02/07/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0001 D. A. Bates Painting, Inc
02/07/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0002 Crestwood Painting, LLC
02/06/2017ActiveRCRA-07-2017-0002 RELCO Locomotives, Inc.
01/25/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0006 K&W Underground, Inc
01/25/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0006 Maria C. Soto Peres
01/24/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2016-0039 America's Choice Construction Inc
01/23/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2016-0022 Complete Xterior
01/18/2017ClosedCAA-07-2016-0040 Frick’s Quality Meats, Inc.
01/18/2017ClosedCWA-07-2016-0058 Heathwood Oil Company, Inc.
01/18/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0010 Severy Coop Bulk Petroleum Facility
01/18/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0011 Global Fuels, LLC
01/18/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0001 Nufarm Americas, Inc.
01/10/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2016-0004 Julie and Alan Sommer
01/10/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0005 Employer Advantage; The, LLC
01/04/2017ActiveCWA-07-2016-0091 Union Pacific Railroad Company
01/03/2017ClosedFIFRA-07-2017-0005 BASF Corporation
01/03/2017ClosedTSCA-07-2017-0004 Steve Rewerts, Doing Businnes as Steve’s Construction
12/27/2016ClosedCWA-07-2016-0033 North Cascade Road Developers, LLC
12/19/2016ActiveRCRA-07-2016-0031 Board of Governors Truman State University
12/13/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0025 Equistar Chemicals, LP
12/07/2016ActiveCERCLA-07-2017-0003 Airosol, Co., Inc.
12/07/2016ClosedCWA-07-2016-0085 Feed Energy Company
12/07/2016ClosedCWA-07-2017-0001 Pacer Energy Marketing
12/07/2016ClosedCWA-07-2017-0002 Laymon Oil II, LLC
12/07/2016ClosedCWA-07-2017-0003 Laymon Oil II, LLC
12/05/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0037 OSI Industries, LLC

(2700 entries in this collection)
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