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Dockets by EPA Region 06

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04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3563 NOCS West Gulf, Inc.
04/13/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4330 Marine Quest
04/12/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4321 Belle Star Marina
04/12/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4329 Marine Quest
04/12/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4331 Marine Quest
04/12/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4336 Remco Services, Inc.
04/09/2010ActiveEPCRA 06-2010-0505 GCC RIO GRANDE, INC.
04/08/2010ActiveFIFRA-06-2010-0303 Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc.
04/07/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-2712 Pointe-aux-Chenes Marina
04/01/2010ClosedClass II -CWA 06-2010-2710 TGG Pipeline, Ltd.,
03/31/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4332 Citation Oil and Gas Corporation
03/25/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3515 Berwick/Bayou Vista Joint Waterworks
03/25/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3515 CAA-06-2010-3515
03/23/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3549 City of Mabank WTP
03/23/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3552 JW Operating Company, Highway 5 Facility
03/23/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3553 JW Operating Company, Caddo Port Dehy Facility
03/23/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3554 JW Operating Company, Red Chute JT
03/23/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3555 Kahuna Operating - Coalgate Gas Processing Plant
03/22/2010ClosedCWA 06-2010-4324 Ronald R. Duncan dba RLD Energy Company
03/17/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4327 Doris Tank Battery
03/17/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4328 O. D. McGee Battery
03/11/2010ActiveEPCRA-06-2010-0504 Advanced Food Co., Inc.
03/11/2010ClosedEPCRA 06-2010-0504 Advanced Food Co., Inc.
03/10/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4319 Duchees Creek Marina
03/09/2010ActiveCWA-06-2009-1816 Plaza Rio LLC
03/09/2010ActiveCWA 06-2009-1816 Plaza Rio LLC
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4313 Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4314 Thunder Bay Marina
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4315 Snake Creek Marina
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4320 J A Marrs Oil Company
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4325 Chapman Ranch Water Station
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4326 Link Oil Company
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4503 Meridian Resources
03/08/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4504 Enbridge Texas Gathering Pipeline
03/08/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4803 New Dominion, L.L.C.
03/08/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-4803 New Dominion, L.L.C.
03/05/2010ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2010-1719 Holloway Construction Company
03/05/2010ClosedCWA-06-2010-1719 Holloway Construction Company
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3511 Lone Star Bakery, Plant No. 2
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3536 Targa Resources, Inc., Gillis Gas Plant
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3538 City of Dallas Elm Fork WTP
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3540 City of Broken Arrow WTP
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3543 Enterprise Products Propylene Splitter III
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3545 Global Supply Chain
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3546 City of Cleburne Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/02/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4310 Marine Quest
02/23/2010ActiveCWA-06-2009-2721 Meadow Lake Holdings, LLC, Louisiana
02/22/2010ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2010-4311 Dolberry Energy Resource Corp.
02/18/2010ActiveCWA 06-06-10 Superior Crude Gathering, Inc.
02/17/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4317 No. 9 Marina
02/17/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4318 Coles Evergreen Marina
02/16/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4323 Paradise Cove Marina
02/05/2010ClosedEPCRA-06-2010-0500 Berryman Products
02/04/2010ClosedCWA-06-2009-1799 DIVI, LLC
02/04/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4308 Harbor Bay Marina
02/04/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4312 Joe Freeman Lease
02/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3516 Iberia Parish Sewerage District #1
02/03/2010ActiveCAA-06-2010-3521 Harris County WCID #1 Wastewater Plant
02/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3537 Targa Downstream LP, Hackberry Storage
01/28/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4306 Cushing Bulk Storage Terminal
01/25/2010ClosedEPCRA 06-2010-0503 Diboll Building Products Complex
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2009-3630 Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipline LP
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3509 Greenville Tube Company
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3519 Therchem Corp.
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3523 City of Jacinto City
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3527 Ashland Distribution Company
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3528 Hunter Panels LLC
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3529 Ben E. Keith Company
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3530 Sigma Processed Meats
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3531 City of Del City Water Treatment Plant
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3535 Versacold
01/22/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3539 O. K. Foods, Inc.
01/22/2010ActiveCWA-06-2010-4802 Roberson Oil Company, Inc.
01/15/2010ActiveClass I - CWA 06-2009-2752 DeSoto Holdings, LP
01/07/2010ActiveCWA 06-2010-4502 Sheridan Production Company
01/06/2010ActiveCWA-06-2009-1705 First Texas Homes
01/05/2010ActiveFIFRA-06-2010-0302 Control Solutions, Inc.
12/23/2009ClosedCAA 06-2009-3628 Kemin Industries, Inc. - Port of Houston Facility
12/23/2009ClosedCAA 06-2010-3510 Pioneer Frozen Foods
12/23/2009ClosedCAA 06-2010-3513 AGE Refining, Inc.
12/17/2009ClosedCAA 06-2009-3381 Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Inc.
12/17/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4301 Mertz 12-34 & 13-34 and Linda H 5 Battery
12/17/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4302 Demco Oil & Gas Company
12/17/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4303 Demco Oil & Gs Company
12/17/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4304 AEXCO Petroleium, Inc.
12/17/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4305 Pressure Pumping, LLC
12/17/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4501 Linn Energy
12/07/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4307 Pilgreen Fuel & Farm Supply
12/03/2009ActiveCWA-06-2009-2748 Perryville Gas Storage, LLC
12/03/2009ActiveFIFRA-06-2010-0301 Axss USA, LLC.
11/23/2009ClosedEPCRA-06-2010-0501 National Oilwell Varco, L.P. - Houston, Texas
11/23/2009ClosedEPCRA-06-2010-0502 National Oilwell Varco, L.P. NOV TUBOSCOPE NAVASPTA
11/20/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-1873 Lockwood Construction Company
11/18/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3611 City of Lubbock Water Treatment Plant
11/18/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3623 SYSCO Food Services of Arkansas
11/18/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3631 Lower Neches Valley Authority
11/17/2009ActiveSDWA-06-2009-1249 College Villa Mobile Home Park
11/05/2009ActiveCWA-06-2010-4801 TE Produce Pipeline Company, LLC
10/28/2009ActiveCWA-06-2009-1739 GRAND HOMES 2008, L.P., a Texas Partnership

(1758 entries in this collection)
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