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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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Complaint DateStatusCase
11/20/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2009-0006) Advanced Resource Recovery, L.L.C. (Inkster, Michigan)
11/18/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2009-0003) Jackson-Jennings Co-op (North Vernon, Indiana)
11/18/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2009-0004) Hinsdale Farms, Ltd. (Bristol, Indiana)
11/17/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2009-0002) National Lime and Stone Company (Findlay, Ohio)
11/05/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2009-0002) TDY Industries, Inc. former Teledyne Monarch Rubber Plant 1, ADMINSTRATIVE ORDER...
11/03/2008  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2009-0002) ABITEC Corporation (Janesville, Wisconsin)
10/29/2008  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2009-0001) Pennant Foods Company ( Northlake, Illinois)
10/29/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2009-0004) LAD Technology, Inc. (Mayfield Village, Ohio)
10/29/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2009-0005) Pennant Foods Company ( Northlake, Illinois)
10/29/2008  Closed  (MM-05-2009-0002) Pennant Foods Company -CAFO- ( Northlake Illinois)
10/24/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2009-0001) Domtar A.W. Corporation (Port Edward, Wisconsin)
10/22/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2009-0001) Brandenburg Industrial Service Company (Chicago, Illinois)
10/15/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2009-0003) Danco Anodizing (Warsaw, Illinois)
10/09/2008  Closed  (CWA-05-2009-0001) Wolverine Oil and Supply Company (Dearborn, MI)
10/09/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2009-0002) Wolverine Oil and Supply Company (Dearborn, MI)
10/09/2008  Closed  (MM-05-2009-0001) Wolverine Oil and Supply Company -CAFO- (Dearborn, MI)
10/09/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2009-0001) Wolverine Oil and Supply Company (Dearborn, MI)
10/06/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2009-0001) Kester, Inc. (Des Plaines, IL)
10/06/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2009-0001) Bonita L. Sisto (Superior, Wisconsin)
09/30/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0027) Clean the Uniform Company Highland (St. Louis, MO)
09/30/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0015) CFC International, Inc. (Chicago Heights, IL)
09/30/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0016) Mueller Brass Company (Port Huron, MI)
09/26/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0040) Vesuvius USA Corporation (Charleston, IL)
09/22/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0037) Wisconsin Plating Works of Racine, Inc. (Racine, WI)
09/22/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0038) Wisconsin Veneer and Plywood, Inc. (Mattoon, WI)
09/19/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0039) Country Fresh, LLC (Livonia, MI)
09/19/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0026) Vets Plus, Inc. (Knapp, Wisconsin)
09/18/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0021) Hill Avenue Marathon ( Aurora, IL)
09/18/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0022) Gas Depot/Valero (Morton Grove, IL)
09/16/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0026) R.A. Miller Industries, Inc. ( Grand Haven, MI)
09/15/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0035) Radiac Abrasives, Inc. (Salem, IL)
09/15/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0036) Aurora Circuits LLC, (Aurora, Illinois)
09/15/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0014) Phibro-Tech, Inc. (Joliet, IL)
09/08/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0013) Illinois Department of Central Management Service (Springfield, IL)
09/04/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0023) Joseph A. Miklos (Youngstown, OH)
09/02/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0020) Geneva Mini Mart (Geneva, IL)
08/28/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0012) Lighting Resources, LLC (Greenwood, Indiana)
08/25/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0034) Chicago Hospitality (Chicago, IL)
08/25/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0025) Rose Acre Farms (Seymour, Indiana)
08/25/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0025) Solon Veterinary Clinic, Inc., (Solon, Ohio)
08/25/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0022) Simmons Rental Properties, Inc. (Southfield, Michigan)
08/22/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0033) Barron County Waste to Energy Facility (Almena, WI)
08/13/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0019) Sinhas Gas Mart Inc. Facility (Aurora, Illinois)
08/12/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0021) David Cohen & Harry Cohen Company, Inc. ( Commerce Township, MI)
08/11/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0017) Prime Time Citgo Facility (Aurora, Illinois)
08/11/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0018) McLean Gas (Clark), Elgin, IL
08/08/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0023) JFC, Inc., d/b/a Gold'n Plump Farms Limited Partnership, LLP (Minneapolis, MN)
08/08/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0024) Pork King Packing, Inc., (Marengo, Illinois)
08/08/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0023) NuFarm Americas, Inc. (Burr Ridge, Illinois)
08/08/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0024) MEY Corporation (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
08/06/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0022) Paragon Firstronic, (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
08/06/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0011) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base -SEP- ( Wright-Patterson AFB, OH)
08/06/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0016) Clark #1304 Gas Station (Valparaiso, IN)
08/04/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0019) Mardaph II, LLC; Mardaph III; and Vinnie Wilson (Cincinnati, Ohio)
08/04/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0020) 10 South Mason, LLC (Chicago, Illinois)
07/31/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0030) G. S. Robins and Company (Decatur, IL)
07/31/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0031) G. S. Robins and Company (Quincy, IL)
07/31/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0032) Republic Engineered Products, Inc. (Lorain, OH)
07/31/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0015) Kwik Fuel (New Berlin, WI)
07/30/2008  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2008-0010) Birdseye Foods (Waseca, Minnesota)
07/30/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0021) Birdseye Foods (Waseca, MN)
07/30/2008  Closed  (MM-05-2008-0005) Birdseye Foods -CAFO- (Waseca, MN)
07/29/2008  Closed  (CWA-05-2008-0006) White Sanitation Service, Inc. (Staunton, IL)
07/28/2008  Closed  (CWA-05-2008-0005) Duininck Brothers, Inc. (Prinsburg, MN)
07/28/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0020) RILCO, Inc. (Rock Island, IL)
07/28/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0016) Neil R. Kennedy (Boardman, Ohio)
07/28/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0017) Kent and Amy Ellett (Speedway, Indiana)
07/28/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0018) Wesley Realty Group (Evanston, IL)
07/23/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0029) Wolf Paving Company (Oconomowoc, WI)
07/23/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0019) Ossola Industrials, Inc. (Granite City, IL)
07/22/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0018) Duke Energy (Plainfield, IN)
07/22/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0022) Moeller Services, LLC (Cincinnati, Ohio)
07/21/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0028) Journal Holdings, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
07/17/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0015) Michael Cannon (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
07/09/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0027) Genencor International, Inc. (Beloit, WI)
07/09/2008  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2008-0009) Duke Energy (Plainfield, Indiana)
07/09/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0017) Duke Energy (Plainfield, IN)
07/09/2008  Closed  (MM-05-2008-0004) Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. -CAFO- (Plainfield, Indiana)
07/08/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0026) Lambent Technology Corporation (Gurnee, Illinois)
07/07/2008  Closed  (RCRA-05-2008-0010) DuPont Toledo Plant (Toledo, OH)
07/07/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0014) Jack Schroeter (Centralia, Illinois)
07/03/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0019) Family Dollar Services (Itasca, Illinois)
07/02/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0024) Hercules Incorporated (Milwaukee, WI)
07/02/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0025) Perham Resource Recovery Facility (Perham, MN)
07/01/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0016) Keystone RV Company (Goshen, IN)
07/01/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0020) Hapak Enterprises aka Current Technologies, Inc. (Crawfordsville, Indiana)
07/01/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0021) Lindhaus USA, Inc. (Burnsville, Minnesota)
06/30/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0015) Electro-Max, Inc. (Hampshire, IL)
06/26/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0013) Lester Sykes -- WITHDRAWAL -- (Chicago, IL)
06/24/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0022) MacDermid, Inc. (Ferndale, MI)
06/24/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0023) Boar's Head Provisions Company (Holland, MI)
06/23/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0012) One Management, Inc., L&J Investment, Inc., and One Management Investment Group ...
06/17/2008  Closed  (TSCA-05-2008-0011) Dow Corning Corporation (Midland, MI)
06/12/2008  Closed  (CAA-05-2008-0021) Lehigh Cement Company (Mitchell, IN)
06/12/2008  Closed  (CWA-05-2008-0004) Michael Aukerman d/b/a Michael Aukerman Excavating (McComb, OH)
06/12/2008  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2008-0014) Electronic Interconnect Corporation (Elk Grove Village, IL)
06/12/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0018) Hercules, Incorporated (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
06/05/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0016) The Schawbel Corporation (Bedford, Massachusetts)
06/05/2008  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2008-0017) BMT Commodity Corporation (New York, New York)
06/05/2008  Closed  (RUST-05-2008-0014) Citgo Gas & Mini Mart (Chicago, IL)

(3020 entries in this collection)
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