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Dockets by Year Filed 2019

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
12/31/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0011  Pro-Ag Farmers Cooperative - ESA- (Parkers Prairie, Minnesota)  Closed
12/31/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0011  CENTRAL GARDEN & PET COMPANY  Closed
12/31/2019  RCRA-05-2020-0003  Semling-Menke Company -ESA- (Merrill, Wisconsin)  Closed
12/30/2019  CWA-03-2020-0003  Storm Oil, LLC, CWA, CAFO, CWA-03-2020-0003  Closed
12/30/2019  RCRA-03-2020-0043  Pocono Gas Stations Inc., RCRA, ESA, RCRA-03-2020-0043  Closed
12/30/2019  CAA-03-2020-0057  Innovative Diesel, LLC, CAA, CAFO, CAA-03-2020-0057  Closed
12/30/2019  CAA-03-2020-0047  Sysco Eastern Maryland, LLC, CAA, CAFO, CAA-03-2020-0047  Closed
12/27/2019  RCRA-04-2019-4008(b)  DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation  Closed
12/23/2019  CAA-02-2019-1205  Saint-Gobain Ceramics Boron Nitride  Closed
12/22/2019  CAA-06-2019-3371  Lucky Diesel Performance  Closed
12/20/2019  CAA-01-2020-0018  City Auto Parts, Inc.  Closed
12/20/2019  CWA-04-2019-4500(b)  Marel, Inc.  Closed
12/20/2019  CWA-05-2020-0003  Lima Refining Company -SPCC ESA- (Lima, Ohio)  Closed
12/20/2019  CWA-07-2020-0012  Broken Bow, Nebraska  Closed
12/20/2019  SDWA-05-2020-0001  Kraft Heinz Foods Company -CAFO- (Holland, Michigan)  Closed
12/20/2019  SDWA-08-2020-0012  GRAND TETON PARK, LLC  Closed
12/20/2019  TSCA-04-2019-9991(b)  Alco Windows & Doors  Closed
12/19/2019  CAA-01-2020-0019  Connecticut Scrap, LLC  Closed
12/19/2019  CAA-01-2020-0021  Nichols Auto Parts, Inc.   Closed
12/19/2019  CAA-01-2020-0022  Ross Recycling, Inc.  Closed
12/19/2019  CAA-01-2020-0023  Yerrington's Auto Salvage, Inc.  Closed
12/19/2019  RCRA-06-2020-0916  Powell Manufacturing Company, Inc.  Closed
12/19/2019  RCRA-09-2020-0008  International Aerospace Coatings  Closed
12/19/2019  RCRA-09-2020-0010  Pacific Resource Recovery Services  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2019-4802  Delek US dba Lion Oil Company  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2019-4803  Delek Logistics Partners, LP  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2019-4804  Delek Logistics Partners, LP Smackover Station  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2019-4805  Delek Logistics Partners, LP ARP Station  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2019-4806  Delek Logistics Partners, LP Nettleton Station  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2019-4807  Delek Refining, LTD Tyler Refinery  Closed
12/18/2019  CWA-06-2020-4807  Delek Refining, Ltd.  Closed
12/18/2019  RCRA-06-2019-0934  Chevron U.S.A. Inc.  Closed
12/18/2019  RCRA-06-2019-0941  Laboratory Corporation of America  Closed
12/18/2019  RCRA-06-2020-0915  KIWO, Inc.  Closed
12/17/2019  RCRA-03-2020-0051  Jay Shree Ganesh LLC, CAFO, RCRA-03-2020-0051  Closed
12/17/2019  FIFRA-03-2020-0018  Mexel USA LLC, FIFRA, CAFO, FIFRA-03-2020-0018  Closed
12/17/2019  TSCA-02-2019-9296  Creative Renovations, LLC  Closed
12/17/2019  FIFRA-04-2019-9961(b)  Meherrin Agriculture & Chemical Company  Closed
12/17/2019  FIFRA-06-2020-0312  Isle of Dogs  Closed
12/17/2019  FIFRA-07-2020-0022  Pool Tron Inc  Closed
12/17/2019  RCRA-04-2019-4001(b)  Patheon API Manufacturing, Inc.  Closed
12/17/2019  SDWA-08-2020-0011  BRYAN'S PLACE PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM  Closed
12/17/2019  TSCA-04-2019-2900(b)  Alabama Power  Closed
12/17/2019  TSCA-09-2020-0009  Home Remodeling Center  Closed
12/16/2019  CAA-01-2020-0020  Exeter Scap Metal, Inc.  Closed
12/16/2019  RCRA-05-2020-0002  Nova-Chrome, Inc. -CAFO- -SEP- -FINAL PYMT DUE 12/6/2021- -2 INSTALLMENTS- (Fran...  Closed
12/15/2019  CAA-04-2019-9958(b)  Martin-Brower Company, LLC  Closed
12/13/2019  CAA-07-2019-0272/EPCRA-07-2019-0273  Able Manufacturing & Assembly LLC  Closed
12/13/2019  EPCRA-04-2019-0602(b)  Vanguard Culinary Group, Ltd.  Closed
12/13/2019  TSCA-07-2020-0008  Growing Days LLC  Closed
12/13/2019  TSCA-07-2020-0015  Cassil Restoration Contractors LLC  Closed
12/12/2019  SDWA-08-2020-0010  TRAVEL CENTERS OF AMERICA, LLC  Closed
12/11/2019  CAA-10-2020-0011  Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC  Closed
12/11/2019  CAA-10-2020-0022  University of Alaska, Fairbanks  Closed
12/11/2019  CAA-10-2020-0020  Ag Link, Inc.  Closed
12/11/2019  CAA-03-2020-0022DA  Covestro LLC, CAA, Administrative Compliance Order on Consent  Closed
12/11/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0009  ACCLAIM HERBICIDE  Closed
12/11/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0010  ACCLAIM HERBICIDE  Closed
12/10/2019  FIFRA-10-2020-0021  Caribou Trail Pest Control, LLC.  Closed
12/10/2019  RCRA-03-2020-0010  Eak Tonakarn and Arissa 2 Inc. dba Hillwood Mart, RCRA, ESA  Closed
12/09/2019  CWA-05-2020-0001  Jackson Oil and Solvents - SPCC ESA- (-R5-CWA-ESA-003-) (Indianapolis, Indiana...  Closed
12/09/2019  RCRA-06-2020-0919  Encore Medical LP  Closed
12/06/2019  CAA-10-2020-0017  Blue Bird, Inc.  Closed
12/06/2019  RCRA-03-2020-0041  Jai Radhey Corporation, RCRA, ESA  Closed
12/06/2019  CWA-06-2019-4811  John W. Stone Oil Distributor, LLC  Closed
12/06/2019  EPCRA-08-2020-0001  BIG WEST OIL, LLC  Closed
12/06/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0009  Gerald Grain Center, Incorporated -ESA- (Napoleon, Ohio)  Closed
12/06/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0010  Morris Cooperative Assocation - ESA- (Morris, Minnesota)  Closed
12/05/2019  CWA-01-2019-0040  Wall Street Development Corp.  Closed
12/04/2019  EPCRA-05-2020-0001  Aalfs Petroleum, Inc. - ESA- (Buchanan, Michigan)  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0008  Miami Products and Chemical Company - CAFO - (Dayton, Ohio)  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0004  COMMAND 360ME  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0005  COMMAND 360ME  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0006  COMMAND 360ME  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0007  PANOFLEX  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0008  COMMAND 360ME  Closed
12/04/2019  FIFRA-09-2020-0006  LGM Pharma  Closed
12/04/2019  TSCA-04-2019-9975(b)  Orso, Inc.  Closed
12/04/2019  TSCA-05-2020-0002  Eagle Construction Services, LLC - ESA- ( Detroit, Michigan)  Closed
12/03/2019  CWA-06-2020-4801  Dow Chemical Company  Closed
12/03/2019  FIFRA-06-2020-0311  American Honey Bee Protection Agency  Closed
11/27/2019  CAA and .....  Pilgrim's Pride Corporation  Closed
11/26/2019  TSCA-10-2020-0006  Rp Remodels  Closed
11/26/2019  CAA-10-2020-0015  JDB, Inc.  Closed
11/25/2019  TSCA-07-2020-0017  Open Door Homes  Closed
11/22/2019  CWA-10-2020-0002  Coleman Oil Company, LLC  Closed
11/22/2019  CWA-10-2020-0003  Coleman Oil Company, LLC  Closed
11/22/2019  CAA-08-2020-0002  MPLX LP (formerly Andeavor Logistics)  Active
11/22/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0005  St. Clair Service Co., Incorporated - ESA - (Belleville, Illinois)  Closed
11/22/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0006  Mueller Sports Medicine, Incorporated - ESA- ( Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin)  Closed
11/22/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0007  Riden Farm Supply, Incporated - ESA - (Good Hope, Illinois)  Closed
11/22/2019  RCRA-05-2020-0001  Friction Products Company, LLC - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Crawfordsvil...  Closed
11/22/2019  RCRA-07-2020-0009  Yingling Aircraft, Inc   Closed
11/21/2019  RCRA-02-2019-7706  8112 Group, LLC  Closed
11/21/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0003  Katadyn North America, Inc. - CAFO - (Plymouth, Minnesota)  Closed
11/21/2019  FIFRA-05-2020-0004  Arrow Chemical Products, Inc. - CAFO - (Detroit, Michigan)  Closed
11/21/2019  SDWA-09-2020-0004  Hopi Cultural Center  Closed
11/20/2019  CAA-06-2019-3512  Chisholm Trail Gas Compalex  Closed
11/20/2019  FIFRA-08-2020-0003  DISTINCT HERBICIDE  Closed
11/20/2019  RCRA-06-2020-0911  ITW Insulation Systems  Closed

(1022 entries in this collection)
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