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Dockets by Statute UIC

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Complaint DateStatusCase
04/22/2024  Active  (UIC-09-2024-0031) Elk Hills Power, LLC and California Resources Corporation,
08/10/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2023-0036) Seven-Eleven Hawaii, Inc.
07/25/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2023-0032) Extra Space Management, Inc. and Kaloko Storage (18) HI LLC
06/15/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2023-0020) Imperial Irrigation District
05/03/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2023-0006) SC Kona Self Storage, LP
03/13/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2023-0016) EAN Holding, LLC
02/15/2023  Active  (UIC-09-2023-0029) Acton Holding Trust
02/08/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2022-0060) Olegario and Anne Rivera Joint Trust
01/24/2023  Closed  (UIC-09-2023-0002) American Savings Bank
11/09/2022  Closed  (UIC-09-2010-0004) Morton International Inc.
11/09/2022  Closed  (UIC-09-2010-0003) Dugan Production
11/09/2022  Closed  (UIC-09-2010-0002) Johnson Resorts
11/09/2022  Closed  (UIC-09-2010-0001) County of Hawaii
11/09/2022  Closed  (UIC-09-2011-0002) County of Maui, Dept. of Environmental Management
08/02/2022  Active  (UIC-09-2022-0058) NSHE HI Narcissus, LLC
02/16/2022  Closed  (UIC-09-2022-0015) Halona Pacific LLC
02/03/2021  Closed  (UIC-09-2021-0013) Smoky Mountain Helicopters Inc.
09/22/2020  Closed  (UIC-09-2020-0051) SMS Briners
01/15/2020  Closed  (UIC-09-2020-0003) Group Investments
09/20/2019  Closed  (UIC-09-2019-0057) Kamuela Management
09/11/2019  Closed  (UIC-09-2019-0051) Kailua View Estates
08/27/2019  Closed  (UIC-09-2019-0048) Lucky U Enterprises
09/28/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0008) Kamehameha Schools
09/19/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0004) Kloeckner Metals
09/19/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0005) Honolulu dba Hon Realty
09/14/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0006) Smith Waterhouse
09/10/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0007) Hawaii Country Club
06/26/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0003) N.F. Kawakami Store
04/25/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0002) Dole Food Company
01/05/2018  Closed  (UIC-09-2018-0001) Uilani Associates
09/29/2017  Closed  (UIC-09-2017-0004) Fileminders of Hawaii
09/28/2017  Closed  (UIC-09-2017-0003) Maui Varieties Investments
08/17/2017  Closed  (UIC-09-2017-0002) Matheson Tri-Gas
04/04/2017  Closed  (UIC-09-2017-0001) Department of Navy - Hawaii
09/26/2016  Closed  (UIC-09-2016-0002) County of Maui - Hawaii
09/26/2016  Closed  (UIC-09-2016-0004) County of Hawaii (Hilo)
09/26/2016  Closed  (UIC-09-2016-0005) State of Hawaii
08/03/2016  Closed  (UIC-09-2016-0001) U.S. Army Garrison - Hawaii
08/03/2016  Closed  (UIC-09-2016-0003) Aloha Petroleum - Hawaii
09/29/2015  Closed  (UIC-09-2015-0002) Vacation Inns International
09/28/2015  Closed  (UIC-09-2015-0003) Ward, Keith
09/18/2015  Closed  (UIC-09-2015-0001) Heavenly Hana LLC
07/01/2014  Awaiting Payment  (UIC-09-2012-0003) Shaka's Pahoa LLC
05/23/2014  Closed  (UIC-09-2012-0004) Tahiti Nui Enterprises
11/02/2012  Closed  (UIC-09-2012-0002) Lealani Corp and Poipu Inn, Inc.
05/03/2012  Closed  (UIC-09-2011-0003) GLACS, LLC
02/02/2012  Closed  (UIC-09-2012-0001) Hula Daddy Kona Coffee
09/08/2010  Closed  (UIC-09-2010-0006) Jazmin Family Trust
10/13/2009  Closed  (UIC-09-2009-0002) K. Taniguchi, Ltd.
10/13/2009  Closed  (UIC-09-2008-0002) Lion Pacific Investments, LLC
10/13/2009  Closed  (UIC-09-2009-0001) PTC Partners [moot]
09/24/2009  Closed  (UIC-09-2009-0004) Gay & Robinson
09/21/2009  Closed  (UIC-09-2009-0003) Fred R. and Kula Lodge
04/23/2008  Closed  (UIC-09-2008-0003) Mountain States Petroleum Company
09/27/2007  Closed  (UIC-09-2007-0001) Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Co.
09/27/2007  Closed  (UIC-09-2007-0002) PTP, Inc.

(56 entries in this collection)

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