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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 03

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09/22/2015RCRA-03-2015-0174Bishop's Convenience Store, RCRA, Complaint and Compliance OrderRCRA
09/24/2015FIFRA-03-2015-0248FMC Corporation, FIFRA, Adm. ComplaintFIFRA
09/29/2015CWA-03-2015-0037Ft. Lincoln Retail, LLC, SCAFO, CWACWA
09/29/2015FIFRA-03-2015-0259Shore Corp., FIFRA, SCAFOFIFRA
09/29/2015FIFRA-03-2015-0260AgroChem, Inc., and ChemGro Fertilizer Co., Inc., FIFRA, SCAFOFIFRA
09/29/2015RCRA-03-2015-0221US Air Force, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, SCAFO, RCRARCRA
09/30/2015RCRA-03-2015-0233Government of the Dstrict of Columbia Depart of General Services, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, SCAFO, RCRARCRA
09/30/2015TSCA-03-2015-0242Only Bathrooms, LLC, Exp. CAFO, TSCATSCA
09/30/2015TSCA-03-2015-0258Boston Design & Construction Co., Inc., TSCA, ComplaintTSCA
11/04/2015CWA-03-2016-0024Borough of Clarks Summit, CWA, SCAFOCWA
11/12/2015RCRA-03-2016-0010Citgo Norview Gas Station, (Swami, LLC),(Tanay, LLC) Administrative Complaint, RCRARCRA
11/30/2015CAA-03-2016-0031Westrock CP, LLC, CAA, SCAFOCAA
12/22/2015RCRA-03-2016-0006Chem-Solv, Inc., RCRA, SCAFORCRA
12/23/2015RCRA-03-2016-0010Virginia State Police Division 7 Headquarters, RCRA-03-2016-0052 (corrected).RCRA
01/05/2016CAA-03-2016-0034Sweet Street Desserts, CAA, SCAFOCAA
01/07/2016CERC/EPC-03-2016-0008JBS Souderton, Inc., CERC/EPC, SCAFOMM
01/11/2016CWA-03-2016-0040Recycled Aggregates, LLC, and John Driggs Company, CWA ComplaintCWA
02/02/2016RCRA/CAA-03-2016-0019Navel Support Activity Bethesda, RCRA/CAA, SCAFOMM
02/18/2016TSCA-03-2016-0044Maryland Cleaning and Abatement Services Corp., Target Housing, TSCA, ComplaintTSCA
02/24/2016CWA-03-2016-0045Williams Ohio Valley Midstream, LLC, CWA, SCAFOCWA
02/29/2016TSCA-03-2016-0057Gunton Corp., TSCA, Administrative Complaint, (8) FacilitiesTSCA
02/29/2016TSCA-03-2016-0057Gunton Corporation, TSCA, CAFOTSCA
03/08/2016EPCRA-03-2016-0025Malmark Bellcraftsmen, Inc., EPCRA, SCAFOEPCRA
03/22/2016EPCRA-03-2016-0047Colonial Metals, Inc., EPCRA, SCAFOEPCRA
03/30/2016CWA-03-2016-0089Coen Transport, LLC, CWA, 311, SCAFOCWA
03/30/2016EPC-CAA-03-2016-0099Blue Ridge Solvents and Coatings, Inc., EPC/CAA. SCAFOMM
03/31/2016CAA-03-2016-0092Dietz and Watson, Inc., CAA, SCAFO, Exp.CAA
04/07/2016FIFRA-03-2016-0098NuChem Corp., FIFRA, Complaint, FIFRA
04/20/2016CAA-03-2016-0023Dyno Nobel Inc., CAA, SCAFO.CAA
04/21/2016EPC/CERC-03-2016-0091Ice Zone, Inc. (d.b.a. Prince William Ice Center), EPCRA-CERC.MM
04/25/2016CWA-03-2016-0079Purvis Brothers, Inc., CWA, SCAFOCWA
04/26/2016CAA-03-2016-0124Williams Ohio Valley Midstream LLC, CAA, SCAFOCAA
04/26/2016CWA-03-2016-0100Virginia Electric and Power Co., CWA, SCAFO, 311 CWA
05/10/2016TSCA-03-2016-0105Nemacolin Country Club, SCAFO, TSCAlTSCA
05/11/2016TSCA-03-2016-0097James Williamson, TSCA, SCAFO,TSCA
05/13/2016CAA-03-2016-0033Fresh Express Harrisburg, CAA, Expedited PenaltyCAA
05/20/2016CWA-03-2016-0096Town of Bridgeville, CWA, SCAFOCWA
05/24/2016TSCA-03-2016-0029FCC Environmental, LLC, known as HCC Corp., TSCA, SCAFOTSCA
05/25/2016CWA-03-2016-0121Santilli Oil, CWA, CAFO Expedited PanaltyCWA
06/02/2016CERC, EPC,CAA,03-2016-0125Sunshine Pride Dairy, Inc., CERC-EPCR-CAA, SCAFO,MM
06/02/2016TSCA-03-2016-0130A&A Painting and Restoration Co., Inc., SCAFO, TSCA.TSCA
06/09/2016CWA-03-2016-0082Berks Products Corporation, CWA, CAFO, ESACWA
06/27/2016CWA-03-2016-0109March Mountain Properties,LLC, Old Trail Village, CWA, SCAFOCWA
06/28/2016EPCR-03-2016-0134General Dynamic - OTS Pennsylvania, Inc., EPCRA, SCAFOEPCRA
07/06/2016RCRA-03-2016-0113Galvco Maryland, LLC, d/b/a Baltimore Galvanizing Co., Inc., RCRA, SCAFORCRA
07/13/2016CERC/EPCRA-03-2016-0153Hanover Foods Corp., CERC/EPCRA, SCAFOMM
07/14/2016CAA-03-2016-0127Fritz Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, CAA, Exped., CAFO, PenaltyCAA
CWA-03-2011-0225Swatara Township (CWA) (NPDES) SCAFOCWA
CWA-03-2012-0036Roy Yoho, CWA, SCAFO, 301,CWA
EPCRA-03-2011ABB Inc., 171 Industry Drive, EPCRA--03-2011-0237 (SCAFO)EPCRA
RCRA-03-2002-0123 CAFO Addendum VI for In re: U.S. Department of the Army, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Forest Glen Annex. (CAFO)RCRA
RCRA-03-2002-0123United States Department of the Army, RCRA, Remittance Upon Satisfaction of Setlement ConditionsRCRA
RCRA-03-2009-081FCNational Capitol Parks - Brentwood FacilityRCRA
RCRA-03-2010-0326General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Inc., (RCRA) SCAFORCRA
RCRA-03-2011--0157 Brook Express Mart, (Facility), NMP Associates, Inc., Ambica Investments, LLC, (Respondents) (SCAFO) RCRARCRA
RCRA-03-2011-0112Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Inc., RCRA Complainant's Respone to the Presiding Officers's RCRA
RCRA-03-2013-0034,Clipper Food Mart #3, RCRA, Status reportRCRA
RCRA,CAA,CWA,03-2010-0287Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, CAA,RCRA C, RCRA I, CWA (SCAFO)MM
SDWA-03-2014-0089Dalel Daniel Kyser, SDWA, ComplaintSDWA
TSCA-03-2008-0366Flaw, Inc., Recycle Oil CompanyTSCA

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