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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 03

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09/27/2017RCRA-03-2017-0184AAI Corporation, RCRA, SCAFORCRA
09/28/2017FIFRA-03-2017-0168Spray Products CorpFIFRA
09/29/2017CWA-03-2017-0174West Virginia Oil Gathering, LLC, Enlink Midstream Operating, LP, SCAFOCWA
10/18/2017RCRA-03-2018-0004Milford Mobil Corporation, SCAFORCRA
10/18/2017TSCA-03-2018-0018Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.TSCA
11/07/2017CWA-03-2018-0007Borough of Camp Hill, SCAFOCWA
11/21/2017CWA-03-2018-0005Williams Ohio Valley Midstream, LLCCWA
CAA-03-2017-0099DanChem Technologies, Inc., CAA, Exp. Penalty SCAFOCAA
CWA-03-2011-0225Swatara Township (CWA) (NPDES) SCAFOCWA
CWA-03-2012-0036Roy Yoho, CWA, SCAFO, 301,CWA
CWA-03-2018-0001C & M Industries, Inc., SCAFOCWA
CWA-03-2018-0003Keywell Metal, LLCCWA
CWA-03-2018-0008DNBorough of Camp Hill, AOCCWA
CWA-03-2018-0009CWCompass Energy, Inc., AOCCWA
EPCRA-03-2011ABB Inc., 171 Industry Drive, EPCRA--03-2011-0237 (SCAFO)EPCRA
FIFRA-03-2018-0025Solenis LLC, FIFRA, SCAFOFIFRA
FIFRA-03-2018-0030Baker Petrolite, LLC, SCAFOFIFRA
RCRA-03-2002-0123 CAFO Addendum VI for In re: U.S. Department of the Army, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Forest Glen Annex. (CAFO)RCRA
RCRA-03-2002-0123United States Department of the Army, RCRA, Remittance Upon Satisfaction of Setlement ConditionsRCRA
RCRA-03-2009-081FCNational Capitol Parks - Brentwood FacilityRCRA
RCRA-03-2010-0326General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Inc., (RCRA) SCAFORCRA
RCRA-03-2011--0157 Brook Express Mart, (Facility), NMP Associates, Inc., Ambica Investments, LLC, (Respondents) (SCAFO) RCRARCRA
RCRA-03-2011-0112Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Inc., RCRA Complainant's Respone to the Presiding Officers's RCRA
RCRA-03-2013-0034,Clipper Food Mart #3, RCRA, Status reportRCRA
RCRA,CAA,CWA,03-2010-0287Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, CAA,RCRA C, RCRA I, CWA (SCAFO)MM
SDWA-03-2014-0089Dalel Daniel Kyser, SDWA, ComplaintSDWA
TSCA-03-2008-0366Flaw, Inc., Recycle Oil CompanyTSCA
TSCA-03-2018-0015Willard D. Zirkle, Lori H. Zirkle, TSCA, SCAFOTSCA

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