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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 02

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FIFRA-02-2009-5106Samsung Electronics America, Inc.FIFRA
FIFRA-02-2012-5211Nationawide Enviroserve Inc.FIFRA
FIFRA-02-2013-5110Reckitt Benckiser LLCEPCRA
FIFRA-02-2014-5204Pexco Inc.FIFRA
FIFRA-02-2017-5101Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc.FIFRA
RCRA-02-2006-7101L'Henri, Inc., d/b/a One Hour MartinizingRCRA
RCRA-02-2007-7107MOVA Pharmaceutical Corp.RCRA
RCRA-02-2007-7114Niagara Ceramics CorporationRCRA
RCRA-02-2007-7115Lifestyle Footwear, Inc.RCRA
RCRA-02-2008-7106Bristol Myers Squibb Manufacturing CompanyRCRA
RCRA-02-2008-7503Saint Vincent Catholic Medical CentersRCRA
RCRA-02-2012-7101Battery Recycling Company, Inc.RCRA
RCRA-02-2012-7105Black and Decker (U.S.) Inc.RCRA
RCRA-02-2013-7101Supreme Asset Management and Recovery, Inc. a/k/a Supreme Asset Management, Inc.RCRA
RCRA-02-2017-7707New England Motor FreightRCRA
SDWA-02-2013-8143U.S. Department of Intetior, National Park Service, Cinnamon Bay Campground Public Water SystemSDWA
SDWA-02-2014-8902FDD, Inc.SDWA
TSCA-02-2007-9102New Jersey Schools Construction Corp.TSCA
TSCA-02-2007-9106Marisol, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2007-9114ExxonMobil Research and Engineering CompanyTSCA
TSCA-02-2007-9142Shanco International, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2007-9167Nigito Realty Co.TSCA
TSCA-02-2007-9205O'Connell Electric Co., Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2008-9101Carpenter Technology CorporationTSCA
TSCA-02-2008-9102Rentokil Initial Environmental Services, LLCTSCA
TSCA-02-2008-9117Atlantic Richfield, BPTSCA
TSCA-02-2008-9204National Fuel Gas Distribution CorporationTSCA
TSCA-02-2008-9209Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2010-9201The City of New York, New York and The New York City School Construction AuthorityTSCA
TSCA-02-2011-0002Orelia LewisTSCA
TSCA-02-2013-0002Berje, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2016-0802Denka CorporationTSCA
TSCA-02-2016-9167MC Contracting, Paint & Roofing, LLCTSCA
TSCA-02-2016-9268Lead Me Out Environmental Services, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2017-9170Taras Home Designs, LLCTSCA
TSCA-02-2017-9241Marubeni Specialty Chemicals, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2017-9269Bluecrest Construction Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2017-9274Skyline Restoration, Inc.TSCA
TSCA-02-2017-9285Brian A. Nash dba Quality Customs ConstructionTSCA

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