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Active Dockets by EPA Region: 05

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04/24/2018CWA-05-2018-0007Ridge Prairie Farms, Inc. - CAFO- (Caseyville, Illinois)CWA
05/03/2018FIFRA-05-2018-0026Cater Chemicals Corporation - CAFO- (Roselle, Illinois)FIFRA
05/24/2018FIFRA-05-2018-0031Form-A-Feed, Incorporated -ESA- (Stewart, Minnesota)FIFRA
05/24/2018FIFRA-05-2018-0033Diversified Manufacturing Corporation - ESA- (Prescott, Wisconsin)FIFRA
05/24/2018TSCA-05-2018-0005Karl Wyant and Darford LLC -CAFO- (Duluth, Minnesota)TSCA
05/25/2018RCRA-05-2018-0010Environmental Geo-Technologies, Inc. - CAFO - (Romulus, Michigan)RCRA
06/07/2018FIFRA-05-2018-0035Chandler Co-op -ESA- (Chandler, Minnesota)FIFRA
06/07/2018TSCA-05-2018-0006Jack's Wholesale Windows and Design of Schoolcraft, Inc. -CAFO- (Schoolcraft, Michigan)TSCA
06/12/2018FIFRA-05-2018-0036Coltene/Whaledent, Inc. -ESA- (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)FIFRA
06/12/2018RCRA-05-2018-0012DAP Products, Inc. - ESA- (Tipp City, Ohio) RCRA
06/12/2018RCRA-05-2018-0013Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corporation - CAFO - (Elmhurst, Illinois)RCRA
06/12/2018TSCA-05-2018-0007Leonard Oaks, LLC - CAFO - (Grand Rapids, Michigan)TSCA
06/13/2018CERCLA-05-2018-0005Birds Eye Food, LLC - - (Waseca, Minnesota)CERCLA
06/13/2018CERCLA-05-2018-0006Central Transport, Inc.. Central Transport LLC, And Crown Enterprises, Inc. - CERCLA SECTION 122(h)(1) SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT FOR RECOVERY OF PAST RESPONSE COSTS- (Romulus, Michigan)CERCLA
06/13/2018EPCRA-05-2018-0009Birds Eye Foods,. LLC - - (Waseca, Minnesota)EPCRA
06/13/2018MM-05-2018-0002Birds Eyes Foods, LLC -CAFO- (Waseca, Minnesota)MM
06/21/2018CAA-05-2018-0011Pacific Ethanol Pekin, Inc. -CAFO- - SEP- (Pekin, Illinois)CAA
06/21/2018CERCLA-05-2018-0007Federal-Mogul LLC -CAFO- (Greenville, Michigan)CERCLA
06/21/2018RCRA-05-2018-0014Sun Steel Treating -CAFO- (South Lyon, Michigan)RCRA
06/21/2018TSCA-05-2018-0008Northern Trends Building & Designs, Inc. -ESA- (Duluth, Minnesota)TSCA
06/21/2018TSCA-05-2018-0009Posh Nest, 505, LLC -CAFO- (Cincinnati, Ohio)TSCA

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