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CERCLA Section 106(b) Reimbursement Petitions

    NOTE:  On November 10, 2004, the Board issued a Revised Guidance on Procedures for Submission and Review of CERCLA Section 106(b) Reimbursement Petitions [PDF, 31KB, 16 pgs ]. This November 10 guidance document supersedes the Board's Revised Guidance on Procedures for Submitting CERCLA 106(b) Petitions and on EPA Review of Those Petitions published in the Federal Register in 1996 (61 Fed. Reg. 55298, (Oct. 25, 1996)).
    The Guidance contemplates the issuance of a Preliminary Decision and the opportunity for the parties to submit comments prior to the issuance of a Final Decision. These Preliminary Decisions are posted on this page only for informational purposes. They do not constitute binding legal precedent, but only a statement of the Board's thinking at the time the Preliminary Decision was issued. Upon issuance of a Final Decision, the Preliminary Decision will be removed from this page. In those cases where the parties reach a settlement during the pendancy of a Preliminary Decision, and no Final Decision is issued, the Preliminary Decision will continue to be posted on this page for informational purposes only.

Tiger Shipyard, Inc., Tiger Marine Site (PDF. 144KB, 83 pages) CERCLA 106 96-3 04/24/2001 No final decision issued. See Order Granting Withdrawal of Petition Pursuant to Terms of Settlement Agreement.
Titan Tire Corporation and Dico, Inc. (Southern Iowa Mechanical Site) (PDF. 1 mb, 6 pages) CERCLA 106 (b) 10-01 12/10/2010 Order Granting Stay of Proceedings

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