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40 CFR 190 Environmental Radiation Protection Requirements for Normal Operations of Activities in the Uranium Fuel Cycle, Final Environmental Statement., Volume 1.

Volume 1 describes and evaluates new standards to limit radiation doses to the general public and quantities of long lived radioactive materials in the general environmental attibutable to planned releases from operations contributing to the generation of electrical power through the uranium fuel cycle. These standards apply to milling, chemical conversion, isotopic enrichment, fuel fabrication, light-water-cooled reactors, and fuel reprocessing, but exclude mining the transportation of radioactive materials in connection with any of these operations, and waste management operations.

Radiation dosage; Radiation protection; Health physics; Uranium; Nuclear fuel cycles; Krypton 85; Iodine isotopes; Plutonium 239; Alpha decay; Transuranium elements; Environmental impacts; Economic impact; Public health; Regulations; Standards; Evaluation; Humans; Iodine 129; Alpha decay radioisotopes; Environmental health
Reference #:
A.76.5 B
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Radiation Programs
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Criteria and Standards Division
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Rowe, O.D.
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Environmental Impact Statement
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