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Air Pollution and Health in Washington DC: Some Acute Health Effects of Air Pollution in the Washington Metropolitan Area

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This study has attempted to assess some of the acute health effects of air pollution. Specifically, the investigation has tested the hypothesis that air pollution can aggravate the health status of a population and can result in increased utilization of certain types of medical care services.
The study covered the period 1973-1974 and centered in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Statistical models were formulated, explaining health-care utilization of a group practice medical care plan. Primary interest was focused on the effects of mobile-source air pollutants including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, and photochemical oxidants. Meteorological conditions, as well as other variables thought to influence the consumption of medical services, were included in the models as explanatory variables.
The statistical results indicated that air pollution levels had a very limited effect on the health-care utilization of the group practice.

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Date Linked: 05/28/2009
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You may be able to obtain this report by contacting the National Technical Information Service (NTIS):
By phone: 1-800-553-6847 or 703-605-6000;
By mail: NTIS, Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Rd., Springfield, VA 22161;
By World Wide Web: [http://www.ntis.gov].
You will need the following NTIS report #: PB-273016

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