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A Comparison of Alternative Approaches for Estimating Recreation and Related Benefits of Water Quality Improvements

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This Research Triangle Institute (RTI) report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compares alternative approaches for estimation the recreation and related benefits of water quality improvements. The results provide information on the performance of various ways to estimate the benefits of environmental quality improvements, so EPA can use such methods in preparing the regulatory impact analyses required by Executive Order 12291 and in evaluating other regulatory proposals. This report is also relevant to the proposed revision of the Federal water quality standards regulations, which recommends that States consider incremental benefits and costs in setting their water quality standards. Site-specific water quality standards are likely to play an important role in future water policy issues because they bring together the crucial elements of appropriate stream uses and advanced treatment requirements for municipalities and industries. Benefit-cost assessments can yield valuable information for these decisions.
The report is available in this database, and contains the following sections:

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Date Linked: 05/28/2009

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