Environmental Economics

Selected Economic Policies for Managing Hazardous Waste in Western Europe

The purpose is identify and summarize the important economic policies used by Western European countries to manage hazardous waste. The questions asked include the following:

  • How do these selected policies shape the incentive structure a typical waste generator faces?
  • Who decides how wastes are to be treated?
  • How does the compliance system work?
The underlying motivation is to see if lessons from the European experiences can be used to devise a system in the United States which raises revenues and cleans up or maintains the environment and which offers waste producers least cost incentives to find acceptable solutions.
  • Keywords

    4. Economic Incentives and Other Innovative Approaches
    4. Economic Incentives and Other Innovative Approaches - Pollution Fees/Charges/Taxes
    4. Economic Incentives and Other Innovative Approaches - Subsidies
    Environmental Media:
    c. Land
    c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
    Brown, Jr., Gardner
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    Europe, Western Europe, Germany, Denmark
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    Data Development, Policy Evaluation
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