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Proceedings of the Colloquium on Economics, Ecology, and Sustainability Policies

This report summarizes proceedings of a Colloquium on economics, ecology, and sustainability policies held in Washington D.C. in 1995. The goal of the Colloquium was to facilitate discussion between economists and ecologists about concepts of sustainability, and to attempt to reach some consensus on the parameters and measurement of sustainability. It was intended that the discussion would provide practical insight and guidance to federal, state and local policy makers on directions for incorporating sustainability concepts into natural resource and environmental management policy making. The report is an edited manuscript of the proceedings. Speakers were David Gardiner, Myrick Freeman, Bryan Norton, Michael Toman, C.S. Holling, Richard Bishop, Stuart Pimm, Thomas Tietenberg, Robert Repetto, Robert Ayres, Raymond Prince, Robert Costanza, and Robert Coppock. Attachment A contains a paper entitled Sustainability: Ecological and Economic Perspectives by Bryan E. Norton and Michael A. Toman that was prepared in conjunction with the Colloquia.

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