Environmental Economics

A Comparative Analysis of Macro Epidemiological Studies

The purposes of this study are:

    • To specify the optimal procedures for estimation of health effects using both aggregate and disaggregate epidemiological data
    • To critically review the dose-response epidemiological data
    • To apply optimal tests of hypothesis to examine the appropriateness of the assumptions used in estimating the data sets employed in both the Lave-Seskin and Crocker studies, and
    • to draw conclusions about the appropriateness of the results of both studies.

    1. Benefits Analysis
    1. Benefits Analysis - Quantification without Monetization
    Environmental Media:
    a. Air
    a. Air - Tropospheric
    Atkinson, Scott E.
    EPA Project Officer/ Manager:
    Carlin, Alan
    Geographic Area:
    United States
    Study Purpose:
    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation
    Inventory Record #: EE-0555
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