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Superfund Cost Analysis: The Cost of the the Superfund Program and the Projected Impacts of the 1994 Administration Reauthorization Proposal

The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed description of the model developed by EPA, and the analytical results of the modeling exercise. Because the model was revised slightly between February and May 1994 (in part to provide estimates of cost impacts of several proposed legislative amendments), the model and results described in this paper are not 100% consistent with the 2/94 OMB summary. Although others might find it useful or informative, this paper is written primarily for government policy analysts who wish to replicate all or part of the Superfund cost analysis conducted by EPA in 1993-1994.

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    3. Cost and Economic Impacts Analysis
    3. Costs and Economic Impact Analysis - Specific Sectors and Pollutants
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    c. Land
    c. Land - Superfund/CERCLA
    Gillis, Tom
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    Data Development
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