Environmental Economics

First Order Estimates of Energy Requirements to Meet Federal Air and Water Pollution Control Standards

This report undertakes to develop an understanding of the energy implications of pollution regulations. It is organized into three major sections and five appendices, as follows:

    • Overview and summary of results
    • Analytical material for first order estimates
    • A systematic approach to measuring abatement energy
    • Appendix A summarizes the major source documents
    • Appendices B through D presents criticisms of the energy consumption estimates made by others for various sectors
    • Appendix E presents a reasonable estimate of the energy requirements associated with air regulations for mobile sources.
    3. Cost and Economic Impacts Analysis
    3. Costs and Economic Impact Analysis - Specific Sectors and Pollutants
    Environmental Media:
    a. Air
    b. Water
    a. Air - Mobile Source
    a. Air - Stationary Source
    b. Water - Surface
    Barker, James
    Francis, Bettie-Anne
    Gorden, Marsha
    Gorden, Morton
    Lovell, Russell
    Porter, James
    Way, Peter
    Westfield, James
    EPA Project Officer/ Manager:
    Plotkin, Steve
    Geographic Area:
    United States
    Study Purpose:
    Data Development
    Inventory Record #: EE-0545
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