Environmental Economics

Marine and Sport Fisheries Economic Valuation and Management

Papers presented at a two-day workshop organized by the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists in Seattle, Washington on June 23 and 24, 1988. The papers were divided into four sessions, as follows:
Session I--Fishery Management Conflicts: Recreation versus Commercial

  • Robert Buerger and James R. Kahn, State University of New York, Binghamton, "The Conflict between Commercial and Recreational Fishing.
  • Robert Roseman, Washington State university, "The Commercial Costs of Recreational Fishing: An Empirical Analysis of Atlantic Mackerel."
  • James E. Easley, Jr., North Carolina State University, "Toward a Model for Allocation of Fishery Harvest."
Session II--Measuring the Demand for and Valuation of Recreational Fishing
  • Daniel D. Huppert, University of Washington, "Two Empirical Issues in Recreational Fishery Economics: Mail Survey Self-Selection Bias and Divergence between WTP and WTA."
  • Karl C. Samples and Donald M. Schug, University of Hawaii, "The Value of Increased marlin and Mahimahi Catch Rates for Charter Fishing Patrons in Hawaii: An Application of Contingent Raking Analysis."
  • Olvar Bergland and William G. Brown, Oregon State University, "Multiple Site Travel-cost models and Consumer Surplus: Valuation of Oregon Sport-Caught Salmon."
Session III--Issues in Managing Marine Fishery Resources
  • Frederick W. Bell, Florida State University, "The Economic Valuation of Saltwater marsh Supporting Marine Recreational Fishing in the Southeastern United States."
  • James J. Opaluch, University of Rhode Island, "Modeling Response of Recreational Fishermen within the CERCLA Type A Damage Assessment Model."
Session IV--Modeling Recreational Decisions
  • Trudy Ann Cameron, University of California at Los Angeles, "The Determinants of Value for a Marine Estuarine Sportfishery: The Effects of Water Quality in Texas Bays."
  • N. E. Bockstael, K. E. McConnnell, and I. E. Strand, University of Maryland, "A Random Utility Model for the Middle and South Atlantic Sportfishery; Preliminary Results."
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