Environmental Economics

The Value of Natural Science Information in Economic Assessments of Pollution Control: A Methodology with Applications

This paper attempts to answer the question of how much agricultural yield response uncertainty to regulations might be reduced prior to actual regulatory decisions. To answer this question, the authors would like to know the extent to which improved yield response information would affect estimates of net economic benefit. They try to answer this question for ambient ozone exposures of four major agricultural commodities: Corn, cotton, soybeans, and wheat. Their discussion is limited to statistical uncertainty, where this kind of uncertainty is interpreted as imprecision in biological estimates of yield response and model uncertainty as reflected int the effects of alternative functional forms on estimates of yield response and hence economic benefit measurements.

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    1. Benefits Analysis
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation
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    Adams, R. M.
    Crocker, T. D.
    Katz, R. W.
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    Carlin, Alan
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    Methodology Development & Evaluation
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